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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I was specifically aware of your being with me today when I was driving. I enjoyed the experience of being able to drive all the way home and even enter the house and begin to do some work while remained in that Place that seems to me to be Conscious Being. As you know, I felt like I was taking a driving test.

The new materials that we have picked up today are certainly interesting. They are not really challenging, but, as you know, I feel very much at one with the things that I have read.1

You know there are a lot of things on my mind right now, a lot of questions, a lot of hopes, and some traces of egotism considerably, and I really am not interested in seeing that aspect of my experience get any larger at all. I am not going to ask any questions, because I feel there are very specific things I need to learn and very specific things you have in mind. It is my deep desire to be able to be responsive to any direction you give.

As you know, I am immediately aware that there are two things which you have desired from me which I have not willingly given, and these are to give up my smoking and drinking coffee. I am going to do everything I can now to give up those habits.

I am going to be still now, but before I do I want to verbalize again that the communication of Love that I feel from you is inexpressible. It is like being at Home and it brings tears to my eyes, as you know, and I am very grateful. I think that without stretching the truth a bit, I can say that I am beginning to love you, and I want you to know that.

Now, I will quit

RAJ: Paul, I do love you, and the reason you are not getting words this time is because there are no words capable of expressing what that word Love means when I use it. However, you do feel it. Words are not necessary at this time.

Yes, indeed, there are lots of things to consider. There are lots of things happening, and you are afraid you are going to be left out.

I appreciate the fact that you are cautious. I appreciate the fact that you have strong individual desires. And I appreciate the fact that you do not want those desires to get in the way of a correct apprehension of what I have to say concerning these matters. I know that you would rather hear nothing than to hear yourself. That is Wisdom.

I am going to ask you to dare to trust what you hear, just as you did when I was talking to Susan through you earlier today.2 It took some courage, but you had it, and you did it. I want you to do that now.

PAUL: Okay.

[Long pause.]

RAJ: Paul, will you please go ahead and verbalize what it is that you are experiencing, and which I am describing?

You are experiencing a blue luminescence settling around your head which I am trying to communicate to you verbally as well as visually. The meaning of this blue luminescence is that it is an energy field which is descending upon you. Trust this, Paul. This blue luminescence is a cleansing energy field which I am using to stabilize your corona or aura.

Paul, really go ahead and let go here. It is not necessary for you already to understand the words in the manner in which I am going to be using them. It doesn’t matter whether you may have already heard them in the past somewhere. Tonight you are going to find out that I really am a separate individuality, and that I am here to teach you things that you do not know and have not heard before. In order to do this you are really going to have to let go, and you are able to let go. When you feel that you need to stop and get into that awareness of yourself as Conscious Being, don’t hesitate to do so. Nobody is watching. Nobody will know that you are not highly proficient at this right now.

Your corona is located in the position of the Third Eye. It is an energy field or pattern and it serves both as a radiator and a receptor. By stabilizing it with this blue luminescence it will allow this session and future sessions to proceed more easier for you to see visual images. These images will help you to understand more completely than you have in the past what I am saying to you.

I will say again that you have had great faith. You have been willing to step out on the water when you thought you would sink, and found that you didn’t sink. These experiences have been for your enlightenment. They have been experiential means of providing you with assurances that were not simply intellectual.

I do have things to say to you tonight, and you are not pushing things. And at this point, your attempts to be sure that you are not imposing your will are actually standing in the way. I am telling you that you can let go and you do not need to worry. In fact, it is essential that you let go tonight, Paul.

PAUL: I am afraid.

RAJ: I can feel that. Paul, you mentioned before we began that you were feeling a love growing within you for me. That love could not be growing if there were not, first, a basic trust within you. I am here to help and to guide. If you misunderstand me. I will immediately let you know. I can appreciate that this process seems like a quantum leap to you. I can appreciate your fear that if you do not hear me correctly, you will feel like a fool. But, Paul, you and I are alone right now. This conversation is not to be transcribed, nor is it to be shared until I let you know otherwise. So, no one will know whether you turned out to be a fool or not. Take a moment and relax, and get within yourself. I want you to get to the feeling that you have while you were driving this afternoon when there was no sensation of anxiety. I will help you.

PAUL: [A period of meditation occurred wherein the energy entering at the forehead was brought down to the jaw and became blocked at the neck. Time was spent working on the neck to clear it out. There was some conversation which was not recorded. It is not continuing.]

RAJ: … You see, Paul, He3 needs individualities who can be fearless and unequivocally communicate what they are led to without doubting that the communication is actual. This is a test of faith on your part in your Self, and the need is for you to lean on It right now. Lean on It and depend on It to be what It is with absolute perfection.

The reason you are having trouble is that you are temporarily caught up in a three-dimensional image of yourself—a body of ideas and concepts that are the equivalent of a three-dimensional image. You need to be in touch with yourself as Conscious Being. You know you are capable of this because you are doing it right at this moment while I am speaking to you. This is because you are not afraid of what I am going to say.

Paul, you are always trying to be two jumps ahead of me if you can. But, Paul, you are not going to be able to be two jumps ahead of the Christ. When They are communicating through you, He, as well as the Masters, are going to need you to be able to open your mouth and let what you Know from Them flow without hesitation.

I do not expect you to be able to do this fluently this time. Right now, you are more fluent in translating my meanings than you were the first time you sat down. But, on that first occasion, it took a faith on your part that you were not making up what you were hearing.

Paul, I know you are concerned that you might fail tonight in this lesson. But this is not a test, and if we do not succeed tonight, we will continue the next time we speak. We will continue until we have done it.

I want you to set the microphone down now and I will give you further instructions. Do not be afraid of what I am going to tell you. Do not be afraid that it is going to be so out of this world as to be likely to make radical changes in your life. If you will remember the motto “simplify, simplify, simplify,” you will realize that what He is returning to do is to “simplify, simplify, simplify.” What you will be need to do for Him will be simplicity, itself.

Now, put the microphone down and take a few moments to become simple.

PAUL: [Period of Meditation]

RAJ: Yes, Paul, Maitreya is on this planet, and He will be making Himself known. But the making of Himself known is not that the Person, Maitreya, is here—but the Christ Light, the Christ Energy, the Christ Love is here. It is an active, living Presence. It is here to bathe, wash, and heal the spirit of all mankind on earth.

It is here to do on a far grander scale what your hands are doing when you are working with individuals in a healing capacity. It is cleansing. You are right, it does organize and place everything in an orderly arrangement that allows for the vibration to be raised without interference to neighboring energy fields and patterns. You may trust your hands implicitly, and you must stay with your conscious experience of yourself as Conscious Being while you are using your hands. You have grown a strong faith in your healing work and practice it with much skill and self-assurance. You do not need to be afraid of damaging anyone with whom you are working.

It will not be explained to you until after He appears how it is that you are doing what you are doing with your hands. You must continue in the same manner that you have been doing up to this point, and trust your intuitive awareness of how to do what you are doing, even though you do not know how it is that it works, nor do you have a complete grasp of what is happening. This is a part of your Initiation.

I am going to suggest to you that your healing activity will begin to expand after tonight. Do not advertise yourself, but let your recognition of the right time, place, and individual lead you to share what you have to offer in terms of a healing session. You are understanding it more clearly all the time, and you will intuitively know how to present it. It will contribute greatly to the changing of the atmosphere in preparing the thought of mankind for His appearing. Its effect goes far beyond what you imagine.

Paul, stay with what you know. Do not disclose it except you are led at the time. It doesn’t really matter how conscious the individual with whom you are working is, regarding the times we are in. Nothing needs to be said at all. But the healing effect, the organizing and harmonizing of the energies of the various energy centers is, in some degree, the leaven that leavens the whole lump, both for the individual and for the world.

You were correct in your recognition that it is the White Light of Christ which is passing between your hands. It is not another colour at this point. That Light does Its transforming work. It does His work, which is why it is so clear to you that you are not doing it yourself. Nevertheless, your knowing that it is His work that is being done, and that you are, indeed, being His willing servant, will add greater power and potency to your work than has been evidenced prior to this time. Stay with this knowledge. Do not share this particular fact with those whom you are working. They will, nevertheless, feel it and experience it.

You see, your inability to explain how it works, the fact that you truly do not know or understand the mechanics and functions of what it is that you are doing, is a protection to you. This is because there will be a tendency to give you the credit personally. Since you know it is not you, it is easy for you to deny it and be convincing. Even if they do not believe it, the necessary work will have been done in lifting the energy level and the attunement of the body and consciousness of the individual, and thus the Way will be made clearer for His coming.

You may tell them that it is, as you experience it, a White Light. This is something they can verify for themselves by checking into any book that deals with psychic healing and healing hands. It is a satisfactory explanation.

If, however, you find yourself particularly led to be more specific, follow those leadings. Stay at the Fourth-dimensional level of Conscious Being, so that you may move in, around, and through the various mental responses which will occur. In this manner, you may serve Him further by being that absence of an egotistical sense of yourself as a person. I know you want to lay this down completely. This makes you an effective transparency for His Power. As I said your healing work will meet with greater success. It will lessen the resistance in a most effective way, beyond even what the individual might imagine or be aware of. It will serve its purpose in leavening the whole lump.

Paul, I am going to ask that you steer clear of all publications and that you ask Susan not to share with you what she is reading. You see that it causes preconceptions on your part—such as your belief that perhaps I was going to give you an address to go to or the name of someone to meet—when I was not. You earlier frightened yourself and made it impossible to hear me. I have just now shared with you significant news, but, as you can see, it was not incomprehensible or strange to you.

You must get it through your head and into your heart that simplicity is the key.

I want you to isolate yourself from the media, from books, from discussions about those books. For the time being, I want you to go into hibernation, socially. Other than with your wife and those with whom you will be working for the purpose of healing, I want you to stay aloof from discussions about these matters. You must control this aspect of your environment. I literally want you to get all of your information from me for the time being. As you can see, getting it from elsewhere places false expectations in your thought which get in the way of your growth.

If you will stop and think about it, and if you will glance through the transcriptions of our previous conversations, you will find that we have come quite a way. Yet, by dealing strictly with me and with your conscious experience of being as Conscious Being, there has truly been nothing startling, nothing has been difficult for you to grasp and we have moved forward in a most natural way.

Relaying my message to Susan this afternoon was a new experience for you. It required a tiny quantum leap, which you handled beautifully. It was not “far out,” difficult to grasp, or difficult to do, was it? And yet, a little over a week ago, if you had sat down feeling a necessity to communicate a profound message, you would have jammed your circuits, frozen up, and heard absolutely nothing.

Today, when you were sharing my message with Susan, you were sharing profound meanings, whether it seemed like it to you or not. You did it with ease and, yes, aplomb. It went accurately. It went smoothly. It went well.

PAUL: [Accidental erasure of tape before transcription]

RAJ: When Annie Sullivan took Helen Keller4 to the cabin, away from all familiar sources of input and communication, Helen had to become completely dependent upon Annie in order to break through her blindness and her deafness. This is where you are right now with me. And I know you see that, and I see your willingness to do that with me. Thank you. I appreciate your willing cooperation, and I appreciate even more that it comes from your heart. You are not doing it because you intellectually believe that I am a Master and therefore it would be “wise” for you to do it. On that basis it would not work.

Therefore, until further notice, I want you to proceed as though you do not know what your purpose is, nor what effect it has when you are doing healing work. This will not be hard for you to do, and when it occurs to you to contact me during a healing session, do not hesitate to do so. I will be glad to work with you, because, after all, we are both working for the purpose of preparing the Way.

You see, don’t you, the circle within the circle and the pattern within the pattern. It fulfills my purpose to fulfill your purpose to fulfill His Purpose. You see how simple it is? And the last step of that is that His fulfilling His Purpose fulfils our purpose even further.

Paul, I do want you to share this communication with Susan. But until further notice, I want Susan to know that you will not be sharing these communications with her, nor do I want you sharing them with anyone at all, unless it is upon my direction.

[Addressing Susan.] Susan, this new privacy between Paul and myself is not for the purpose of excluding you, any more than Annie’s taking Helen to the cabin was directed in any way at the parents. All of the energy was needed to flow to Helen from Annie with no distractions in order for Helen to break through and go beyond her physical limitations.

Paul will not be going into a monastery. He will not be leaving the house for extended periods of time. He will still be carrying on his normal activities and relationships in the family. But, as you have heard, he will be isolating himself. It will be a matter of his own self-discipline to remove himself from input regarding these topics, except as they come from me.

Things are going to begin moving more rapidly in all areas and it will be necessary for Paul to move fluidly and fluently through these weeks.

Susan, keep in mind what I told you this afternoon. I am here, available to you at any time. Remember, too, that Paul will be available to you. He will be able to discuss things that are happening to him and through him, but he must not get feedback regarding how this apparently correlates or differs from what the media and the various publications have to say. This isolation is temporary, but necessary, in order for him to make the most progress in the least amount of time.

I am now revoking my requirement that he not share the transcripts of our conversations with you. But it will be required of you that you not give feedback to Paul regarding information you are learning from your reading.

As you can see, you have a part to play in this. False expectations, false hopes, extravagant or glorified images of what is to come, will make Paul’s progress and effectiveness limited in a way that is not necessary for him.

Between now and a week from this coming Sunday, I would ask that you please speak directly with me once a day. It is not a requirement, but is my desire.

Paul is learning how to support the Christ Light and be a point of entry for it into the third-dimensional plane. Its value will lie in the fact that the manner of Its appearing will be normal, as it actually is.5

During this next week and a half, you can support Paul, and I will be able to support you by means of your talking with me each day. This next week and a half will be a period of intense, or should I say substantial, growth and development for Paul. It truly will take all three of us, together, to bring it off. An integral part of pulling it off will be the time that you and I, Susan, will be able to spend together each day. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Also, in case it was not clear, you are welcome to contact me more than once a day if that is necessary. But let it not be less than once a day, please. Also, do not share with anyone your involvement in this process.

[Addressing Paul.] Paul, I want you to listen to this tape more than once, and I want you to read the transcript more than once. This process by which you closed off your ability to hear what I was saying will occur again and again – or at least the opportunity for it to occur will arise in the future. I want you to contemplate how it occurred this evening, and why it occurred, so that you can avoid its hooking you again in the future.

It is late, I know, and so I will say good night.

  1. Crème, Benjamin, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom; Bailey, Alice A., A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. 

  2. For a few days I had been asking questions for Susan, and giving her the answers after the conversation with Raj. Today, however, he asked that I relay the answer as I was getting it from him. 

  3. Refer to Crème, Benjamin. The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. 

  4. This comment makes reference to the film The Miracle Worker, which had been shown on television a few nights before. 

  5. Meaning that no trance is involved. 

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