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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: There have been some interesting developments since we talked this afternoon, not the least of which is an exceptional display of intuitive or psychic ability on the part of our oldest daughter, Julie. This was pleasing to me, because it indicated that there are at least three of us in this house who are going through some form of the Phoenix experience. it is, indeed, a time of change.

Julie was wondering whether she could talk to you, or whether she has a Guide of her own. She asked me to find out anything I could from you about her in this regard.

The learning involved in the session this afternoon was totally apropos in light of the events which have occurred since then. it has helped clarify things greatly for me. Thank you. I appreciate it.

I’m in this session for two definite reasons. One is that these periods which are spent conversing with you mean a great deal to me. The other reason is that I really am interested in any information which will help me understand better what I need to do.

I will ask no questions, but will simply listen and thank you in advance for your time and your care.

RAJ: Yes. Paul, I knew this afternoon when we were speaking what was taking place. I anticipated that we would be talking again this evening. I have not mentioned that I, too, appreciate these times spent together. it is a pleasure working with you. Your cooperation and willingness makes it very easy to do what I need to do. The pleasure in this activity is not one-sided, I can assure you.

If Julie would like, I will speak with her once and will suggest to her the steps she may take to contact her Guide. She does, indeed, have a Guide. Her apparent earth age has nothing to do with it. She is a total and complete individualization of God.

Although individuals of her earth age are generally not even aware of the existence of Guides, much less interested in contacting them, it does not mean that they do not have Guides. You can tell her that her Guide will feel a great sense of joy that she does not have to wait another 25 years or more before having her first conversation with Julie. It is always a source of Joy to have an apparently young individuality expressing a desire and interest in contact.

Explain to Julie that when she wishes to speak to me, all she has to do is indicate in her mind that she would like to speak to her father’s Guide. You can tell her that I will know even before she asks that she wants to speak with me, and that I will look forward to speaking with her. Tell her that I will only be able to speak to her once because I am not her Guide. Tell her not to be disappointed in the least, since her Guide will be ready and eager to speak with her whenever the desire comes to have a conversation.

Paul, nothing is out of Order in your life. When we see from a three-dimensional standpoint, it is literally like seeing the tips of icebergs. That which appears appears to be finite. In Fact, all of Infinity is present at each and every point of what appears to be a finite manifestation. What may appear to be out of order here would be seen as being in Perfect Order from the vantage point of Conscious Being. All is One.

Universal Order is only implied by the Image, but is totally evident and experientially present from the Fourth-dimensional standpoint of Conscious Being.

You see, Paul, Conscious Being experiences all as Conscious Being. The concept “person” is only an illusion existing from within a three-dimensional framework. I mentioned in an earlier conversation that since the One is infinite, It constitutes the Many, and that the Many constitutes the All-Oneness rather than aloneness of the One. From the standpoint of Conscious Being, every infinitesimal facet of the Universe finds expression through the Matrix of Love, since Love is the One which is being infinitely expressed—as are all the other synonyms for God which you are familiar with. This means that there is a bond of mutual cooperation spontaneously manifesting itself throughout the totality of Conscious Being—Fourth-dimensional existence.

In spite of appearances, Fourth-dimensionally speaking, you and your family’s whole Universe—being the infinite Expression of the One that each One is—is lovingly and wonderfully bent on the fulfillment of infinite progression. You have an opportunity here to observe, to participate in, and be the experience of being Conscious Being, and to observe the most unique way in which being out from Mind resolves the illusion of conflict within the three-dimensional frame of reference.

As you know, each succeeding dimension includes within itself the preceding ones. Right now, without being confused at all, you are living simultaneously in three dimensions; the third dimension, the second dimension, and the first dimension. You do not consider the first two at all because your point of awareness resides entirely in the now-totally-familiar third dimension. This gives you a hint of things to come.

Be that as it may, you are right now in the process of crossing over the line between the third dimension and the Fourth Dimension. You are not totally at ease and familiar with the Fourth Dimension. Until you are, you will be quite consciously aware of existing in two dimensions simultaneously, side by side. Out of habit, you will be inclined to look at things from a three-dimensional standpoint, because it is comfortable and familiar. But, more and more, you will begin to experience the three-dimensional frame of reference from a Fourth-dimensional standpoint—from the standpoint of Conscious Being.

The time will come when you will see that you are living in a world of four dimensions, and the first three will have no more significance to you than the first two do to you as a three-dimensional material man.

This period of transition will be loaded with educational and insightful additions to your body of Knowledge and your understanding of the structures underlying the Nature of Life.

I recognize that you are surprised and relieved, and experiencing a feeling of being greatly loved, knowing that you have a Guide to help you glean everything possible from the transition experience. I had it when I made the transition and I fully understand the feeling. I promise you that you will have your day as a Guide also.

Just as you have found that being a child had its fulfillments, and then being a parent—viewing life from the other end of the spectrum—has its fulfillments; likewise, you can understand when I tell you that there is great fulfillment in being the Guide rather than the guided.

However, to return to the situation that you are finding yourself faced with, let me remind you to “simplify, simplify, simplify.” It does not matter who else does, or does not, see what you see as Conscious Being. It does not matter if their viewpoint is primarily three-dimensional, finite, limited and distorted. You stick to your perceptions, as Conscious Being, of the Fourth-dimensional Fact of what is going on and appearing three-dimensionally to those around you.

The Fourth Dimension is the Governing dimension, as you are beginning to discern. There is only one thing going on, and every aspect of that one thing is perfectly harmonizing—literally the Music of the Spheres in concert—in the unfoldment of Divine Purpose.

You do not need to slip back to a three-dimensional stance. You have enough experience and familiarity to deal with the particular pattern of development, or else I would not allow you to proceed further at this point in this manner.

Again, lean on your Self absolutely and unequivocally whenever you are in contact with the one you call your mother, not because there is a danger, but because it will provide you with another jewel in the structure of your experience as Conscious Being.

Apparently existing simultaneously in two dimensions, you will be able to observe the structural patterns and changes that occur, and you will begin to understand experientially why things appeared the way they did from a three-dimensional-only standpoint.

I am giving you an assignment here. it is to be alert, ready and open to observing everything that occurs from both an objective and subjective standpoint. This can be done simultaneously during this phase of transition. Remember, however, that at no time are you to leave the Fourth-dimensional standpoint as Conscious Being. You will find that seeing three-dimensionally is so much a habit with you that you will still be able to see things from that standpoint, even though you are absolutely riveted to experiencing your Infinity as your Self—Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being.

Do not be fooled into believing that a “drama” is being played out at the three-dimensional level between you, Susan, and your mother. Nothing is ever originating there, nor has it ever. No matter what attempts may seem to be made from a three-dimensional standpoint of a “drama in progress,” do not believe it for a moment. Do not leave the spot where you are at this very instant, and you will find the whole pretense of a drama dissolve. I will say no more than this, for it is a marvelous experience that no one has the right to take away from you. Indeed, it is required that you be left free to experience it fully for yourself. It will be one of many experiences of Initiation, you might say, and I know it will be a significant one for you.

Again, whatever appears to be going on three-dimensionally, is going on Fourth-dimensionally as Mind fulfilling itself Perfectly. You need not be apprehensive concerning it.

It is necessary now to begin expanding your experience of being as Conscious Being rather than a material being. Obviously, you cannot sit all day speaking with me. You cannot spend all day playing with Tarot cards, nor can you spend all day doing healing work on the various members of your family and a few close friends.

PAUL: [From the beginning, I had been conversing with Raj with my eyes closed, but at this point I tried opening my eyes.]

RAJ: Thank you for opening your eyes, for it is a definite aid in broadening your ability to be out from Mind while being in an apparently more natural state from a three-dimensional point of view. You see, Paul, you are going to have to be able to move incognito in the three-dimensional world.

You are familiar with the statement that Jesus walked through the dream awake. This means that He walked through and participated in the three-dimensional world as a Fourth-dimensional Being. Yet not one had the slightest idea that He was not basically like one of them.

You cannot drive your car with your eyes closed in meditation, nor can you interrupt a business meeting to do a twenty-minute meditation. In effect, you must learn to be “in meditation” twenty-four hours a day, which simply means being consciously out from Mind as Mind, as Conscious Being.

Think about it for a moment, Paul. You will have to admit that upon completion of our conversations you immediately slip back into a three-dimensional-only frame of reference and listen in wonder to the tape recording of our conversation. You then proceed to type it and marvel at it to some degree, as though you never heard it before. You then sit there like an unenlightened fool, drinking in draughts of Spirit. You totally ignore the fact that those draughts of Spirit came out of your very mouth just moments before, were experienced in and as your Conscious Being just moments before. It’s practically idiotic! But, I understand.

Your assignment is: As best as you can, leave our conversation, but stay in the same place. Be there when you listen to the tape. You have already experienced the meaning of the words and the communication as Mind. Now you are having the opportunity of feeling the meaning of listening to a tape recording of the conversation and of discerning the subtle structures and patterns of that experience as Conscious Being.

The ultimate goal here is to live your whole day as Mind, as Conscious Being, as Fourth-dimensional Being. It will be well to begin doing so right now. This will prepare you to deal even more succinctly and successfully during any future contacts with the one called your mother. Deal with each moment and each experience as though you had it between your hands and were sensing it as you do when you are doing your healing work. You will find yourself learning a lot.

Do not presume to know anything. As you have already found out this is the most direct route to the perception of things not available to the five physical senses. Be humble and attentive twenty-four hours a day. Know absolutely nothing and watch how much you will perceive of what you could call the healing/revealing result.

I really do not need to say any more. Your questions have been answered and you need to get some more experience under your belt before we talk further. I will look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

In response to an earlier thought you had, no, I have not been with you today as I was yesterday and the day before. But, I have been available to you constantly, as I will be indefinitely.

Walk in the Light, and be alert for valuable lessons in the most unexpected directions.

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