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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Whenever I begin a session like this I am sort of at a loss because I have a lot of questions, sometimes. Then, by the same token, in looking back at previous conversations, I find that when I have not had a whole lot of questions, you have covered things that are actually more meaningful or more to the point than the questions I would have asked.

Should we have some sort of format? Is there a style of conversing that you would like me to follow in these conversations?

RAJ: I think we can follow whatever you’re led to do. Why don’t you tell me what you would like to do today?

PAUL: I think that I would like to be still and listen.

RAJ: Very well.

PAUL [Nothing heard for a little while.]

RAJ: Let’s talk about he fact that you’re having difficulty hearing what I’m saying, and why it is that you are having difficulty. You feel as though you are listening and yet you’re hearing nothing. Partly, this is because this is the very beginning of our conversation today, and partly it is not.

If you will take a look at it, you will find that when you are not hearing me, it is because you are expecting something you cannot hear. The moment you stop listening for something hard to hear, assuming that I am going to say something simpler, you immediately begin to hear me.

Contemplate that Paul, because it accounts for difficulties that you have in your everyday life. When you feel that you are about to be faced with something that you cannot comprehend, when you feel that you are faced with a solution that is beyond you, you see no solution.

To repeat, the previous message, Paul: “Simplify, simplify, simplify.” It is truly the nature of the Universe and the manner in which It functions. Simplicity should be your byword. Discovering this will relieve a great deal of anxiety on your part. The sign of greatness is the ability to deal with life simply and effectively.

By aspiring to greatness, by having grandiose goals, we implicate ourselves.

[There you go again, Paul, making things complex when they’re not. We “implicate” ourselves, huh?]

What we do is stifle ourselves by expecting something that we, at the same time, know we can’t perceive. We immobilize ourselves by getting as far away from simplicity as we seem to be able to.

Perhaps the simplest form of simplicity in life is withdrawing from outer activity, going within ourselves, to find our answers and our directions. But, as you have found out, even in ourselves, when we are attempting to be complex, when we are attempting to be very specific—in fact, when we are attempting anything at all within ourselves—we close ourselves off to the intuitive function of our Being, and we frustrate ourselves just as we did when we were attempting to work “out there.“

When we go within and are silent, as you are doing each time we talk, we find the natural efficiency, the natural brilliance, the unbelievable perspicacity—that was a good one, Paul—that constitutes our very nature. Silence is as simple as we can get, and it is the cornerstone of Wisdom.

I see that you are experimenting. That is fine. You are attempting to find out whether we can communicate when you have your eyes open and are receiving stimuli from your world. As you can see, it works. You are able to. This is a progressive step, and indicates, as I have said before, your growing familiarity with being as Conscious Being. As you do this you can see the trees, the drapes, the window, and the things in the room, but they are not depriving you of directly perceiving that which is going on within your consciousness, and perceiving it well.

In the long run, it would be impractical for you to have to go into a restroom or some private place where you could unobtrusively meditate in order to have spontaneous answers as they are needed.

Again, all of you is always present, no matter what level of consciousness you are apparently operating from at any given moment. And you are learning this.

I have been amused that when you’re driving in the car and have thought about talking with me, you have been apprehensive. I know that you have wanted to have our conversations recorded so that they could be transcribed. At the same time, there has been a feeling that the communication could not be as valid or as valuable while driving down the middle of a freeway as it would be in the quiet sanctuary that you have for yourself at home.

Such a sanctuary is in some ways a satisfying experience, but you can’t pull a sanctuary behind your car with you everywhere you go, or pull it into a building on a wagon just so your place of living as Conscious Being can always be with you.

If that is the only means one has, then one must work with what one has, but it is most certainly limited. I am glad to see that you are discovering that you can function intuitively out from Mind as Conscious Being. This indicates a rapid integration of being consciously aware of Who You Are, What You Are, and that You Are Where It’s All Happening.

I can appreciate the fact that you felt awed by the depth and fullness of yesterday’s conversation. I can understand that it might be easy to feel that it implies an activity of great Holy Purpose, but let’s not lose our equilibrium.

Being is Infinity. It far exceeds your wildest imaginations. As you let go, as you lean on and trust your Self more and more implicitly, and as you find that your Self is, indeed trustworthy, you will experience more of that infinitude. Keep in mind, however, that the more of yourself which you are experiencing is not more of yourself than was always present. It is a phase of egotism which would like to make more out of what is normal than what normal is.

As you know, the word, “holy” comes from the same root word as the word “whole”. The only reason the word “holy” was created was because wholeness was not available as a Self-experience, and so there must be a way to account for the Wholeness of Being. There must be a way of satisfying the intuitive perceptions that Being is Whole. So, the word “holy” was created to identify that part of our Wholeness which was not available to us consciously. The fact is that everything holy is absolutely normal, as normal as apple pie, when it is totally available to us as our Conscious Being.

I cannot make myself any clearer than to say: Paul, do not waste your time with heady trips of greatness, of holiness, of grand purpose, of fulfilling a Divine Purpose in the universal scheme of things that is outside or other than “simply existing.“

Existence is all of those things, but it is nothing “special.“

It is only by comparison with ignorance that that which is “normal” can seem special, and you will weaken yourself greatly if you indulge in such nonsense! This had better be a fundamental point in your awareness of what is happening here, or you will lose the Value.

As I said yesterday, it is perfectly all right for you to share these conversations with your wife and your mother. But let a word to the wise be sufficient, Paul. You have already seen in their reaction not only an understanding of the Wisdom involved in these conversations and the value of their even taking place in the first place—you have also seen how easy it is for the human mind to give marvelous meaning to what is absolutely normal. This is why you must keep these conversations to yourself—other than sharing them with your wife and your mother—because people will place values on them that are based entirely upon their blindness, and not on their insight or understanding.

Their emotional enthusiasm, generated by their intuitive recognition of Themselves in the things that we are talking about, will cause them to glorify what should not be glorified. They will do this only because they are unable to own their own Universe as Themselves. Their response will get in the way, drawing your attention back out from the Center of your Being into the “outer world,” and will make it difficult for you to be subjective about the issues.

I see you caught the meaning when I used the word, “subjective” there. You are learning to value that which is subjective in the way you used to value that which was objective. You have known that it is practical to be objective about things. Now you are learning that it is practical to be subjective about things, and it would be well for you to replace the word “objective” in your thought and your reasoning and thinking with the word “subjective.“

You must learn to be extremely subjective about things, because when you are being subjective about them you are able to experience their meanings, and not what they appear to be. Experiencing their meanings will allow you to respond appropriately, to perceive appropriately, and to conduct yourself in a way that is harmonious with the totality of your Self. “Subjective” means to be Truly Aware, not to be unaware.

I notice some shade of disappointment in you in the realization that what you are learning here will not lead you to greatness, or to some fulfillment of purpose which will give you great satisfaction, because it will glorify God or manifest the true nature of Being. But realize this, Paul: That greatness which you conceive is based upon having one’s awareness objectively placed in the three-dimensional world. Ask yourself, “Great in whose eyes?”

Those only to whom you can appear great are those of your own infinitude whom you have not been able to own as You. As you already know, you will not have the strength to maintain the image of greatness when your attention is on others “out there.” You must give this up—every last trace of it!

You are recognizing that this means that all of this is just for you, and you are having some difficulty understanding for what purpose one would do this if it is only for oneself.

The answer is simply that one’s Self is the Universal All, the One is the Many. If you do not do it for yourself only, if you are not willing to be alone, then you will not have the experience of owning all of yourself as You. You will walk as three-dimensional man, as a material man, bumping into himself, stubbing his toe on himself, running his car into himself, beating himself up by his own hand, and wondering why in the hell he’s suffering! That is sufficient reason.

To be perfectly blunt with you, you can’t afford to have anyone else be aware of what you’re doing and what is unfolding within you unless it is done most carefully, and until you know how to do it and not evoke a negative response. And don’t forget that a positive response, founded on ignorance, is a negative response.

When I say you cannot afford to tell anyone what you are doing, I am making reference to our conversations. I am also making reference to the inner awakening to yourself as the One that is All, the One that is Many. The lessons that we are discussing here are entirely for you, period.

The healing work, the Tarot cards, the counseling, whatever else you may find unfolding in your experience, are perfectly all right. But do not flaunt your growth unless you want your “others” to flaunt their jealousy.

You see, Paul until you truly understand that the “others” with whom you would share these events, are your Self, you will be approaching them ignorantly, and they will respond to you ignorantly.

On the other hand, if you do recognize them as your own infinitude, you won’t care about recognition from them because you will be recognizing them as You. You will not need further input. The Self-recognition experienced as Conscious Being is Satisfaction. Being from the point obviates any necessity of looking for recognition of greatness from those “out there.“

This may seem like a simple point, but when you observe your inner response upon finding out that what seems so marvelous to you is absolutely normal, you will see that this simple point can become quite complex. It could conceivably be used as the basis for not proceeding any further.

It is amazing that one can be tempted to forfeit experiencing the Oneness of Being in order to play the chancy game of “look How Great I am,” knowing full well that he could just as easily be the one who is the least. It is, indeed, a game of chance.

Do not misunderstand me. To know Who You Are, What You Are, and that You Are Where It’s All Happening is, indeed, Divine Fulfillment of Purpose. It is to be One with God. It is to flow with the Divine Energies. It is to be One and in Harmony with the Great Works of Divine Intelligence. BUT, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL!

Existing as a material being in a three-dimensional environment is exciting, challenging, scary, but never Satisfying because it is literally to live as though One is out of One’s Mind. It is not the ultimate purpose of Man, or Being.

To live as Conscious Being is inconceivable to the three-dimensional frame of reference or mentality. But as Conscious Being, it is absolutely normal.

Making the transition from a three-dimensional to a Fourth-dimensional frame of reference, and appearing to coexist in both dimensions at the same time with full communication in both dimensions, makes demands that require a fine attunement to Fourth-dimensional space. Those words are absurd, but you understand what I mean. Let us maintain good perspective right from the start. You will need a stability that can withstand the misperceptions of those looking with three-dimensional sight only.

Seeing Fourth-dimensionally, you will handle the demands with ease. But, if you prematurely expose your new position you will unnecessarily jeopardize yourself. Until you know how to do it as Conscious Being, you will be wise to keep your mouth shut. This is why I am here. Your path does not need to be rough, and I know it is your desire for it to be smooth.

You are moving into what is, for you, uncharted territory, and I am a Guide. You will have to do the walking, but I can show you the well-worn trails—smooth, without unnecessary obstructions.

I am not distressed with you. It is simply time for this perspective to be provided to you so that you will keep your feet on the ground and your head not too far away. I say it with utmost Love.

I can see that it is very likely that we will be speaking again later today. I will say good-bye for now, and let you experience the meanings of what we have just discussed.

Go in Light.

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