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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Today I won’t go through the procedure of asking you questions, since from what you told Susan, you are waiting for me, and you already know—well, I’m assuming. Do you already know what I’m interested in learning?

RAJ: Yes.

PAUL: Okay. Then I’m going to not mess around today and simply let you tell me what you know I need to know, unless you want me to do it some other way.

RAJ: No, I didn’t want you to do it some other way.

PAUL: I’m quite excited today, and it’s getting in the way, or at least it seems like it is to me. I’m going to take a minute to relax.

RAJ: You don’t need to relax. You don’t really have to go into a special state in order to communicate with me. In fact, it’s essential for you to discover that the Whole Spectrum, from gross to subtle, is always present all the time, no matter what level of consciousness you seem to be operating from.

It’s time for you to become aware that All of You is present at all times, both in the sense of all levels of consciousness being available at all times, and in the sense that all dimensions—infinity and eternity—are always present all the time. It does not matter where you seem to be coming from three-dimensionally.

You have noticed that I am with you whenever it occurs to you to think about me. All of you is always present, whether you are consciously focusing your attention on it or not. There’s a lesson in that one sentence for you, Paul.

I know you are excited about what all of this is going to mean for you. This exhibits a readiness on your part, a point of development reached, which is enabling you to move into it.

Sometimes, Paul, you have a tendency to make things more complex than they are, and as it happens, the message of “Simplify, simplify, simplify,” is apropos for you. Don’t quibble over words, even though you may include in your vocabulary words that express higher degrees of refinement and greater subtleties of expression.

Right now, these times we spend together are for you, and their purpose is not for publication, although it is perfectly alright for you to share them with your wife and your mother. Since they are not for publication, it is not necessary for you to search for exactly the right word, since you are experiencing the finer textures and subtleties of the meaning as we talk.

I really want your attention to be on your conscious experience, your experience of being conscious. And, I don’t want your attention on how these things are going to be heard by others, since that is not their intent or purpose. If you are going to fully benefit, you must devote yourself to your Self completely, devotedly.

Do not get hung up on words. As you have discovered, you are having to find words to express the meaning, because you have the meaning; whereas in the past, you have started with the words and had to put the meaning into them. You knew no other way to do it, but that is not the case any more. So, I want you to give your full attention to the depth, the breadth, the harmonies, the textures, the colours, the full spectrum of the meanings I am communicating to you. It is this Self experience which is essential in order for you to move forward as the butterfly.1

It is time for you to move forward being consciously and completely aware of your Self as Conscious Being, no longer a “material being.” I say that for you, because you understand that I am not speaking about being a mortal. It is a matter of the focal point.

You are at a point of, let’s say, shifting gears, no longer to move around in the world of three dimensions as shape, an identity, a body, an organism making its way in the three-dimensional world where the environment can be either friend or foe, pleasant or difficult. That is what I meant when I said a “material being.“

As Conscious Being, you are going to move around in an environment of ideas, of activities, of functions that are totally mental, and you will learn to do this while apparently living three-dimensionally, as a “material being.“

You are presently practicing and experiencing and discovering to some small degree your new territory by means of our very conversations.

You know that as we communicate you are able to feel, sense, and experience the meaning of ideas. You are grasping that they have texture and substance which is completely tangible at the level of consciousness.

[Again, Paul this is a note to you. Quit trying so hard to have the right words. Flow with it.

In other words, you are discovering that there is structure, that there is the equivalent of shape, outline, form, colour to the processes, as well as the “inhabitants” of Consciousness. you are finding that Consciousness is just as infinite as the three-dimensional universe you looked at and saw and experienced with your five senses.

It is not necessary for you to go into a trance or a deep mental state in order to experience this, although it may help initially. However, you can see that today you are not in a deep meditation, and yet we are quite as capable of conversing as we were yesterday when you went into a very deep meditative state. This indicates a growing proficiency and familiarity with your mental Universe.

Each time we are together, you will be gaining more experience and familiarity, you will discover more fullness, more satisfaction—”satisfaction” in the sense of Self-recognition.

What gives substance to your experience as Conscious Being is that it is your Self that you are experiencing—the depth, breadth, and infinitude of your Being—so that the more you become aware of, the more you are aware that It is You. In other words, conscious experience is a Self substantiating experience. This is why it is satisfying. This is what I meant by the use of the word “satisfaction.“

I am going to mention again that I would like you to make, in effect, a conscientious effort to stop smoking and stop drinking coffee. I do not mean “conscientious” in the sense of effort expended, but a total willingness to let them go.

As you sit there thinking, “This is going to be difficult,” remember that there is only one thing going on, no matter how infinitely seen, and that one thing is You. Therefore, when you desire a thing and that thing is in harmony with your Being, then the infinitude that you see embraces and supports that desire. The cigarettes and coffee will be more than happy to let you go and will love doing it. But you must be willing.

I know that you know what I shared with Susan. I know that you have recognized some trace of egotism still present in your experience, but do not make a big thing out of it—the egotistical sense, that is. Don’t make a big thing out of it, don’t make a little out of it. The more practice you get at moving as Your World, as Conscious Being, the more you find yourself recognizing your Self as All, what traces of egotism remain will dwindle spontaneously for lack of nourishment.

Egotism is what we do when we are not able to recognize our Self as the world we’re walking through, when we do not find substantiation of our Self in our experience. When we find the Soul-satisfying experience of knowing ourselves in every function and activity of our experience, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that finite perceptions of ourselves—the ego and its satisfactions—are but pitiful efforts that we no longer desire to indulge in, because we know what Satisfaction is.

Right now, you are unable to see the connection between the things I am telling you (and which you are experiencing) and the three-dimensional frame of reference where you appear to eat, sleep, work, play (ha ha), and live your life. That is all right. We have time.

I know you are wanting to spend more time than you have been able to in the last two days with the Tarot cards and with your healing activities. I would suggest that you do take time to utilize these avenues of Self-discovery. These allow you to bring the experience of your Self as Conscious Being into your daily experience. They will help increase your ability to discover in what ways being as Conscious Being can occur and be relative to what appears to be you being as “material being” or three-dimensional being. These are valid and valuable tools for your growth at this point, and I know you are seeing that.

In the past, the metaphysical and healing work you did had as its focal point the individuality you were working with, and not your Self. This is why it did not work out.

When your attention is removed from your Self—and that means your experience of your Self as all that is being experienced—and you have your attention external to It, it is like depriving your Self of oxygen; and the activity will not support itself. This is why your practice did not succeed.

All activity is Self-activity. All activity is the Activity of the One and Only thing going on, which you experience as your Self.

You’re learning intuitively with your healing work and with your work with the Tarot cards to remain at the conscious level, even though you are handling cards and bodies. You are not giving your attention to the cards, nor are you giving your attention to the individualities with whom you are working. You are not unaware of them, but your focus of attention remains at the point of your Consciousness. This is why you are finding yourself successful.

As the days go on, I want you to take some time to stand back, as you did yesterday. Take an objective look at what is happening to you. “Objective” is not a good word. I want you to take an overall look.

I want you to take a look at your experience when we are speaking together. I want you to take a look at what is happening in your work with the Tarot cards. And I want you to take a look at your experience when you are doing the healing work. You will find that these cover three distinctly different types of activity.

This contemplative view of the larger picture of your activity, of experience which occurs at the level of Conscious Being, as Conscious Being, will help you in being able to broaden your ability to live your three-dimensional life as a Fourth-dimensional Being, never leaving the standpoint of Consciousness as the environment in which you live.

You have a familiarity with the phrase, “Be out from Mind.” This is what you are doing when you are working with the Tarot cards. This is what you are doing when you are doing the healing work. And this is what you are doing right now while we’re speaking together.

You can hear the kids going in and out of the doors. You can feel the microphone in your hand. You can hear everything that is going on. You are even working the microphone. Yet you are not for a moment experiencing any of it as though you were in it. Your attention, your awareness, is residing at the point of being the experiencing of the conscious experience called microphone, couch, traffic, sound, activity in the house, et cetera.

As far as you are concerned, I’m going to be with you for quite awhile because it is time. You are ready, and you want it. It is true, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.“

You are concerned about whether I really am a separate individual, but there is something more important going on here, something that is important for you. You have recognized it, but you do not understand it; nevertheless you are willing to accept it.

You don’t know if I am real or not, or a figment of your imagination, or a higher “self,” et cetera. But, you have been willing to totally commit yourself to an unequivocal trust and not give a damn about whether I’m real or not. You recognize this willingness to trust as being important for you right now, and you are right. This willingness and humble trust must continue for what is called “a period of time,” for it is essential to your success. When it has fulfilled its purpose, we will talk about whether I am real or not.

Tell Susan that when and if she gets panicky about the circumstances, that I am always equally available to her directly, even though our relationship is entirely different from my relationship to you. I will be available to her because you are a team, and she needs not to be in the dark about what is going on. I am not here for the purpose of guiding or teaching her. Still it is necessary for her to understand certain things at certain times when she becomes concerned or afraid.

There is no particular procedure for contacting me, as you well know. It will seem to her as though I am always present and always available if she needs clarification. Let her know that.

As I said yesterday, lean on your Self. Depend on It. Trust It. Demand the answers from It rather than what appear to be “others.” Remember that whether I truly am a separate individual or not, I am Your Conscious Experience when we are together. This is imperative and it is a key to further unfoldment. I know that you grasp this from an experiential standpoint and that this is not just a “head trip.“

Do not lean on yourself with a vengeance, just do it totally. Intellectually you know that what the ego wants and what the ego gets is not worth the powder to blow it to kingdom come. You have arrived at the point where you truly do not want what your thinking mind can give you. You have developed a natural repulsion to it and have been willing to put it down. You have allowed yourself to move out of the three-dimensional frame of reference as a “material being” into the Fourth-dimensional experience of Conscious Being.

It’s true. The Way is straight and narrow, and few there be that enter. There truly is no other way, and it truly requires a heartfelt desire to not have your own will be done.

There is more than enough here for you to think about, and so I will stop.

There is no reason for us to talk only once a day. We may talk more than that if you like, but knowing your present point of growth or development, I would suggest that we not talk less than once a day.

I will respond to the thought that you were just thinking. The concept which has occurred to you—that the “natural” selection by which we are working together is based on a harmonic matching—is a satisfactory concept. The fact is, that we will work together until you have grown to the point where the harmonics no longer complement each other, and our relationship will apparently change. At that point, it will not be experienced with any sense of loss by you.

I will be with you.

  1. This makes reference to the transformational process a caterpillar goes through, finally emerging as a butterfly—at a new level of life experience. 

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