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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I need to talk to you about some specifics. Are you there?

RAJ: Yes.

PAUL: Things are at a standstill and I am trying to go through the motions of normalcy as you suggested. Am I to ignore my family’s problems, even though I don’t know what step to take?

I am really cautious at this point because I do not want what I have figured out is “right.” What I want is an understanding of the dynamics at play here and how each activity serves the Whole Activity. I want to be sure that the steps we take are in harmony with the Divine Purpose.

RAJ: The Divine Purpose is the DNA code of your Being. You can’t get outside of it except in your imagination.

PAUL: Yes, but aren’t there things going on a larger scale than my “personal” life that my family must coordinate with?

RAJ: At the present time, the whole of the Family of Man is going through a change of the sort we talked about last night in your individual case. That is a fact.

PAUL: Well, I want to be where the Divine Will can best be served or expressed for and as each member of my immediate family. Right now it seems to them that it isn’t, and it seems to me that it Truly Is, but it’s not apparent at the moment.

RAJ: They are responsible for how they experience their world, just as you are. The World, however, is an integral part of the Whole of You and Susan and Julie1, and everyone. The I is Us and the Us is I, as you discerned yesterday.

You must grasp that every specific aspect of the Universe is the individualization of God without any diminution of God. Three-dimensionally, it appears to be finite, but Fourth-dimensionally, every individuation of God is all of God, all of the Life/Principle, all of the Love, all of the All. Therefore, the One being Many, you could say the One is not alone.

Love, in Its infinite Self-expression, finds Itself infinitely loved—”loved” by the Love that It is, “supported” by the Life that It is, “strengthened” by the Principle that It is. It finds the I/Us forever developing and being seen as the intercommingling of Its infinitude in harmonies upon harmonies, circles within circles, ages within ages, patterns within patterns, ad infinitum.

Be conscious, open yourself up to the fact that not only are you faced with Your Self seen infinitely as your World, but catch the sense of the loving cooperation that your World is incapable of withholding from you.

The interplay of the Many is based in the Love that constitutes Its entire Substance. The One, being infinitely expressed, constitutes Love so powerful that it is Omnipotence.

All of your Being constitutes such Love that for you to overlook Its total loving-kindness towards you would be a pity.

PAUL: So what do I do? I can feel what you are talking about, and it’s very comprehensible. Do I need to do more than I am doing right now in talking with you? Do I need to meditate? Do I need to physically get off my duff and go out and find a job, a house, a school?

[Going a little deeper into meditation.]2

RAJ: That’s it. Go deeper into yourself.

You saw the mouse carry the pencil to the fuzzy slipper. It seems meaningless. Go deeper. Lean on yourself as we do this, not on your understanding or thinking. Trust your Self!

The world you walk through is the Mind that you Are. You Know what you need to know. Don’t give up.

That’s right. You (ego) don’t know. And you know that that realization is the foundation for what You (Mind) know to come into view. Stick with it.

You’re right. The Phoenix is flying. Go with it.

You’ve already done it. Go ahead and move through the immovable again. It’s Your Being that is being the transformation.

PAUL: I feel like I’m being forced to grow.

RAJ: What you are calling “being forced” is the pressure to be what You Are. Evolution of Your Being is the Activity. The feeling of “pressure” is because you are boxing yourself in with “I don’t know how,” “I can’t see.” Being is not squashing Itself, but unfolding Itself, You. Let go.

PAUL: Should I have a purpose or intent while I’m going deeper?

RAJ: No. Your Being is intent on being Itself and knows how to be Itself perfectly. When you have experienced this, you will be able to trust your Self implicitly.

PAUL: [Period of deep meditation.]

RAJ: Welcome back.

PAUL: It doesn’t seem to have done any good. I will say that I felt like a radiation center of some kind. I still don’t know what steps to take.

RAJ: Don’t force it. Your Being is Total, Entire. All of It is present as You. You say you don’t know, but you were willing to admit the possibility that you do Know. Admitting that, you will be able to see the Phoenix rise, and the transformation occur.

As you know, the Phoenix rises out of the ashes of dissolving self. The old dissolving is the new coming into view. This isn’t something happening to you, remember. It is You.

You can’t get outside of your Self; therefore, you aren’t outside of your Self. This means that the devolution and Evolution that you are experiencing is in total consonance with You. What is threatening you (Being) is what is moving you to the point of not being threatened again.

The five of you in your house must be in a very tight knit harmony if you are all experiencing devolution/Evolution simultaneously, especially at this point in the larger patterns of Being. No one is going through it because of “another” one.

In your meditation, or periods of contemplation, include this awareness of the harmony that Exists and which is evidenced by the simultaneity of your Evolution. Remain with the fact that your “others” (Really, and not in belief) are your Self, and that in this closely harmonized set of patterns you are each playing integral parts as aspects of the individual transformations that reflect the Transformation Universal.

Remember that your Being is the I that is the Us, the One that is the Many. The total Absolute Fact of Being is being you Totally. It is Perfect. Do not try to force answers. Being reveals Itself Perfectly, both specifically and infinitely.

“The place whereon you stand is Holy ground”3 means that with or without answers you are perfectly being. Within the patterns-within-patterns, it fulfills the unfolding of Reality to “have” and “not have” answers.

The moment it fulfills the Law for the answer to be known, at that moment All of YOU, the One and the Many, will be bound in a new pattern of intercooperation based on Love. The patterns of cooperation will move together in a manner of “brotherly love” (that’s the best way for you to grasp the larger meaning) and Self-recognition, and there will be no penalty.

Just as the unfolding of your Being has drawn you to the point where I can be drawn to you, even so, every member of your family is being drawn to the point where their fulfillment can be drawn to them—not in the old way, but in a transformed way, at a new “level,” as it were.

Think about it. Contemplate it. And quit trying to force the infinite designs out of their Self-fulfilling purposes (appointed rounds).

We will talk again.

  1. Susan is my wife, and Julie is my oldest daughter. 

  2. At this point I was somewhat unsettled, and took a moment to go further into meditation. 

  3. Exod.3:5 

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