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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Thank you very much for what you shared with me last night. I did, indeed, feel like you were with me today, throughout the day. The feeling I am getting—since it isn’t coming to me in words—is that this infinite Substance is a flowing or moving thing, and that what is necessary for me to do is to first of all be aware that it does constitute the warp and woof of my conscious being, and then to flow with it—Substance. Is that right?

RAJ: You have listened well today.

I would like you to stop smoking, since it creates a tension and anxiety level in your body which is mechanically caused by the substances in the smoke. You will find that this feeling of anxiety, once gone, will leave you freer to reach the finer planes or more subtle levels of consciousness.

Whether you do or not is up to you, but if you truly want to experience an “expanded” consciousness, a more living awareness of Reality, you are going to have to do it. It will make my part in this easier, and your part will become more satisfying. Of course, coffee also induces an artificial change in your body which, if you were not drinking it, would also leave you clearer.

Knowing your desire for clearer perception, which will result in a clearer experience, I would suggest that you will be more than satisfied with no partaking of coffee and cigarettes.

There are a number of things which have unfolded to you today and I am not going to comment on them at this point, because there is still more for you to realize before I talk with you about them. I am not here to do your thinking or growing for you, but I am able to facilitate the process of realization.

You must become aware that the Enlightenment you experience is a process inherent in Your Being. It is part of the dynamics—the “stuff”—of You. As long as you are able to think that your discovery of the finer levels of Reality is coming from “out there,” you will not have the necessary strength to support the actual finer levels of consciousness which you want to experience.

You see, it is a primary function of Being—and that means You—to evolve Itself out of Itself. It is just like your stomach’s function is to digest food. You know it does it. You have experienced it doing it. And you know that if you put in more food it will do it again.

Likewise, if you don’t know that it is the function of Your Being to evolve Itself out of Itself, making Itself new, if you haven’t experienced It doing it, if you don’t know that It does it, then you will misperceive the “new” and will lose the Value of it.

Growth, unfoldment, Evolution—whatever you want to call it—is what constitutes your Being. You need to experience that activity or function as yours. You are ready to be consciously aware that it is occurring, rather than just observing that it has occurred because you recognize you are in a new place. It is a process that is just as consciously tangible as digestion is physically tangible to you.

It is time to become aware of the “physiology” or anatomy of your mentality. Be attentive to the process of what you call inspiration, intuition, psychic awareness, enlightenment. It is not something happening to you at all. Rather, it is You happening as You.

You may call it the New Physiology if you understand that your consciousness is the Body of your Being, and not the form that has two arms, two legs, a head, and so forth.

Where you have properly not studied the physiology of your human body, I want you to begin an extremely thorough study of the functions of your Mental Body. Dissect it. Look at it. Don’t be afraid to delve into every nook and cranny you find. It is you, and yet it is the infinite Reality you have been looking for in all your studying and listening for the Truth.

I will reiterate that it will be made much easier for you to do this if you will stop smoking and drinking coffee.

As we go along and you have become conscious of the Body of Consciousness through observation, through your method of meditation, and through your healing work, your Self-awareness will allow me to speak about further things. Discussing them with you will not weaken you in the direction of that Self-discovery.

I think, as you go over what I have just said, you will find that the questions you still have about Substance and Supply have been answered. But, it will be necessary for you to allow your Being to define Itself to you (and now you will be able to see that It is) as you.

I will continue to be with you tomorrow as I was today, and then we will be able to rejoice together, instead of you rejoicing because I told it to you.

PAUL: How is it I have learned to do this healing or whatever it is? Is it healing?

RAJ: I know you are wondering if I have helped you in your discovery of this healing effect. But, the fact is that this is an example of the Phoenix1 rising out of its own ashes, the new level of consciousness rising out of the old, that I was telling you to observe.

I heard your requests when you made them, before you discovered this healing ability or method, but I did not give you instruction. You might say that what I did was to clear out some of the cobwebs, or dust, or superfluous energies, which were impeding your growth.

I want you to continue to rely on the inherent Intelligence of Your Being to reveal Itself in clearer and clearer evidence; AND I WANT YOU TO BE AWARE THAT IT IS YOUR BEING “DOING ITS OWN THING” that you are observing.

You have been terribly weakened by your belief that your Good has ever come from anywhere else but You, and I will probably harp on this again and again, until it is supremely clear to you. The inner strength gained by the specific awareness of Who You Are, What You Are, and that You Are Where It’s All Happening, is the only way for you to move forward at the new level that you are entering into. Dig into it, man! It’s more than you’ve dreamed of.

Remember the coffee and cigarettes!

PAUL: What do I need in order to see Reality evidenced in my daily life?

RAJ: Again, I’ve got to come back to this thing of observing the Physiology or Anatomy of the Consciousness that You Are. Your daily experience images and reflects these processes. You are already learning things—correspondences between what occurs in your healing work and how to live in your world, apparently “out there.“

In the past you have, in effect been trying to manipulate the image in the mirror because you can touch, feel, and see it. It seems more real to you because of its tangibility. Not having realized that what you call “body” is Image, and not Body, and not having realized that Body is Consciousness, You, you have ignored the lesson about the Reality (Source) of the Image that can only be learned by understanding the True Body.

By “understanding” I mean real, actual felt, experiential awareness of the Physiology of that Body. You will never control your environment if you think the environment is the Image which you call the three-dimensional world. The three-dimensional world is Pure Image. The distortions you see in it are not in it. They are caused by your ignorance of the workings of the Source, of which the Image is just an image.

The Source is Mind, Consciousness. The distortions you see and call “lack,” “failure,” et cetera, attest to the weakness I spoke of earlier—the weakness caused by your not perceiving the Anatomy and Functioning of your Being. Ignorant of the Wholeness of Your Being, and of the Self-revealing Birthing that It is forever giving to Itself, you have not the Strength to support a clear, undistorted comprehension of the Image, which you refer to as your daily life—or at least the place where your daily life occurs. That also is a misconception, which I see you have just caught.

This strengthening that I am talking about can be described as the integrating of “What You Are” with “Your Consciousness Of What You Are” AS YOU. The bifurcation of your Self into a “self” and “an awareness of that self” is what causes all distortion in your perception of the Image. Your Self and what you call your perception of your Self are one and the same Life function.

Ponder this for awhile.

Next question?

PAUL: I have worked hard for the last two and half years, and it looks like it was for nothing. Everything is disintegrating around me. Why?

RAJ: I know it’s intriguing to think that it may be because of the signs of the times, the dark forces, and what-have-you, but the simple fact is that your Being Evolves whether you’re “with it” or not. The Phoenix forever rises out of its ashes. That is Life. Your Evolution went beyond what you were able to support. The necessary integration—experiential Oneness of your Being as your Being—needed to occur.

The Phoenix must fly! And so, it flew! And you said, “My God, what’s happening? Everything is falling apart. What am I going to do? I can’t do anything! My God, I’d better do something! What can I do? I can’t do anything, I’ve got to do something.“

Finally, in the frustration of it all you reached through and beyond your inability to do anything. You stepped through from the sheer force of your Being, being You as a new creature and you found your hands getting hot, you found yourself working with Tarot cards, et cetera. My God, Paul! You’ve just experienced the Fundamental of Reality.

Everything fell apart because you couldn’t support it or correctly perceive it without transforming Yourself. The image reflected the Dying, that is the Birthing, that is the unbroken Eternal Constant called Existence.

I know you have questions about the Second Coming of Christ, but I’m not going to answer them now. It’s too easy for you to find “importance” and “value” out there, and you need to pay the utmost attention to the marvelous work of God’s Hands, You, and find out how His Work works!

Whatever is going to happen will happen. Whatever is going to happen will appear in the Image. And if it is appearing in the Image, where is it Really occurring?

Man! If you don’t perceive that it’s All You—well, I see you’ve got the point.

If you want to follow the Master, then do what the Master did! What He did is what you’re learning right now. The only way I am able to share these things with you now is because you have already begun to see these things that are happening as you—not the “ego,” but as the “I” that is Nothing, and which, by virtue of being Nothing, can experience Its Somethingness. That’s Fact for you now. You’ve experienced it. Embroidering what you know will not weaken you or deprive you of a thing, and that’s why we’re talking now.

I’m not going to answer any other questions now because they have already been answered. Think about what I’ve said. Go over your questions on your own. Then, get out of the way like you have been doing and observe Your Self and Its Image Function!

Good night. (I notice you didn’t have any trouble with it this time.)

  1. A mythical bird fabled to burn itself on a funeral pyre, and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth. 

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