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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I want to talk to my Guide. I need help, understanding, comprehension of the situation I appear to be caught in, and I would be very grateful to make contact and learn what it is in my experience that needs to be seen in order to resolve some things.

Would you please identify yourself to me?

RAJ: My name is Rajpur. I have been waiting for your desire to speak, have been aware of your requests in the recent past, but have had to await the proper timing before making myself known to you.

PAUL: Am I making you up? Am I making up the words?

RAJ: Yes and no. I am not speaking directly with you. I am, you might say, speaking to you in meanings without language. If I were to communicate with someone in India they would hear me in their language, and yet I would not be speaking to them in any language at all, just meanings.

The more you become integrated with your experience through the technique you are now using, the more accurate will be your “translation” and the more easily it will flow. Right now, my meanings are flowing fluidly, but the fact that your typewriter is stuttering is due to your awkwardness and lack of experience in communication on this level of consciousness.

You are also going to have to do this as often as you can in order to be comfortable with it, and in order to give yourself a chance to overcome your doubt that you are communicating with me and not making this up out of whole cloth yourself.

PAUL: Are you available at all times?

RAJ: Yes and no. Time does not function in the limited way in which you conceive it. I will go into that at another time. Suffice it to say that although you will perceive the communication as occurring simultaneously with your end of the conversation, my end of the conversation takes place when it is convenient for me. It is then slotted into your time reference at the appropriate moments.

PAUL: Are you assigned to me or something?

RAJ: It is a Self-appointed task or endeavor, which is borne out of my need to further my own eternal development. We have been matched “naturally” by virtue of the way in which our energy patterns complement each other. Where you are weak I am strong, and your weakness brings into play in me a broadening and refining of my strength in textures and patterns and tones and colours which you will come to understand as your own consciousness becomes refined.

My relationship with you is evolved out of Love in Its broadest sense or meanings. You must be aware that the words which you apply to the meanings I am communicating are inherently incapable of capturing the nondimensional nature of what I am saying. I will do my best to help bring out the breadth and depth of what they imply, but you must remember that there will be two reasons ever present in our communications for incorrect translation of my meanings—the size of your vocabulary and the degree to which you have refined your energies.

Inaccuracies in your perception of my meanings will become apparent to me as we communicate. I will work with you to bring out their higher meanings as we go along.

PAUL: I am in the midst of a financial problem

RAJ: I know.

PAUL: Do you understand everything about it?

RAJ: Yes.

PAUL: Do you know everything about me?

RAJ: It is within my province to do so, but I am not interested. There are many things to be done where I am, so I do not clutter myself up with irrelevancies. When you bring up a subject of concern to you, I immediately understand everything about the way it is appearing to you as well as everything about the way it truly is. However there is no stuttering as there is with you.

In regard to your financial situation, I must point out that it is not as complex as it appears to you.

PAUL: (Nothing heard)

RAJ: Your typewriter has stopped not because what I am communicating to you is difficult to understand, nor are the meanings too deep or so intrinsically subtle that you cannot catch them. You have what I can best describe as an energy field which is scrambling your perceptions concerning your understanding of the Nature of Substance. We will come to it through the back door so as not to arouse the resistance or confusing nature of this energy field. I am not limited by time and space, so therefore the term “back door” is nonsensical for me, but it does convey to you the fact that the problem can be dealt with in a nondimensional way.

You need to make a call, I know. So I would suggest you do that and then get back with me. To you it will seem as though I am always here, although to me it may seem as though a period of time of longer duration will occur between our visits.

PAUL: (Not understood)

RAJ: Hell, Paul, don’t fret over the precise words. Just put down “good-bye” even though you know there’s more to the meaning. It will become clearer as we go along.

PAUL: I’m back. I want to find out if the energy field you referred to is an irregularity in my energy field whether it is an extraneous energy field (since Susan, my wife, was doing metaphysical work at that time), or whether it is the “dark forces,” as I have heard them referred to?

RAJ: No, it wasn’t your wife’s metaphysical work. And what I’m referring to are not the dark forces. Rather, I am referring to some internal programmed and accepted resister-type energy barriers which cause you to feel tense and disconnected when it comes to dealing with the flowing Substance that you call money.

I know you are sitting there thinking of a dozen other questions that you really want to ask, but let’s stay with this one since you are going to have to deal with it tomorrow. The other things can wait.

First of all, in spite of the events which you are aware are going to take place in your near future, and the fact that you are aware that you may not be doing what you are doing right now for much longer, it is well for you not to change the pattern of living that you are currently engaged in. Change is all around you—change that you have no say-so in, change that is going to have tremendous impact far beyond even your clearest comprehension of things.

Keep the home front on an even keel, and even though you know it is a “vain repetition” that is superfluous, it will be meaningful for the time and place you find yourself in. The changes will become obviously clear to you shortly. In the meantime, it is right to go through the motions of normalcy, as it is defined generally today.

PAUL: I’m stuck. I am not hearing anything about the money problem and what to do.

RAJ: Paul, when that happens just sit still, get further into your meditative state, and feel the feeling of opening up—whatever that feels like to you. That should do the trick.

PAUL: Okay. I will.

RAJ: Yes, I am here. Go further.

The tube of paper you see is symbolic of the continuity or fabric of Supply. It is, as it were, a fabric. Unlike the tube of paper you see, you must imagine that the paper is one infinite, connected loop of fabric like a Moebius Strip. Be careful of the fact that we are trying to describe a Fourth-dimensional or non-dimensional reality in the language of three dimensions, but it has to do for now.

The fact that there appear to be two sides to the fabric is an illusion, as the Moebius Strip implies. There is only one amount of Substance and that is infinite. It is also continuous in a “woven” sense. It is as though you skate on the surface of the flow of Supply. It is supporting you always; it is present always; and it is all of it that you are skating on at all times. You never get it in bits and pieces; it is never divided up. Everyone is always skating on all of it.

You can see that the “availability” of Supply is a ridiculous misconception. We all always have all of it. It constitutes the continuum of Being, Itself. “Available” and “unavailable” “present” and “absent” cannot apply to or relate to Substance or Supply.

Of course, you are asking why it seems to be absent, and I will tell you that it is because you have not challenged the other side of the concept—that it can be “present.“

Existence is the Presence that you call Supply and mean “money”. You really limit yourself by seeing Supply as “money” when you need to be seeing Supply as Supply.

In other words, when you see Supply as “money”, you are seeing it through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars making it appear to diminish and get smaller. To say that you should see Supply as Supply means to lift it out of the range of optics, out of the range of visibility, into the perception that Simply is the omnipresent Substance that constitutes the warp and woof of Consciousness. It is the “stuff” of Existence.

This is not the only way to state this, but it is a way that you can understand and, as you can see, we haven’t run into the resistance-loaded field of energy.

Don’t even bother to type your question.

Tomorrow you need to contemplate what I have just told you, with no expenditure of energy. Don’t allow anyone to interfere or influence you about this. Discourage any fears by either not telling anyone what you are doing, or, as in the case of your wife, let her know what you are doing and ask her to be patient for a day and leave you alone with this. I will be supporting you as these ideas unfold, making it easier for them to take new form in your thought.

Go about your regular work in the best fashion you can, but let these things linger in the background. From your standpoint I will be with you all day, clearing the way. Since I know that you will let your wife read this, I will ask her not to share what I know she knows about it, since this is your work to do for yourself.

[Addressing Susan.] I know you know that, but you will be inclined to help, and knowing Paul, it will get in the way. Thanks Susan.

Next question?

PAUL: I am loaded with questions, but this can go on and on. I’m going to go to bed and talk with you in the morning. I am going to have to read over what you’ve said. I hope you can feel my appreciation. Good night.

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