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Good evening. And welcome to everyone who’s joining us on the Internet.

I’d mentioned before on more than one occasion that during the quiet time before a gathering, Paul engages in the two-step. He engaged in it before his very first conversation with me, not knowing that it could be described as a two-step. And this is it: He says,

“I allow only for that which expresses the Christ consciousness and only that which is in harmony with the purpose of Being” (meaning the Father’s Will). “In other words, Thy will not mine be done. Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me and rule out of me all self-will. And may Thy word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them.”

“Let the reign of divine Truth … divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me.” Now, the fact is that the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love is established in everyone single one of you already. And the words say “LET it be.” In other words, don’t resist it! Don’t object to it! Don’t distract yourself from the experience of it by engaging in your own private imaginations and theories and concepts.

“Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me and … what? … rule out of me”… not leave any room for … “all self-will”—all my individual, private, personal, wonderful, powerful thoughts. “And may Thy word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them.” This is a prayer.

“And may Thy word …”

The Bible says that the Word of God is quick and powerful and mightier than the two edged sword … two edged sword. The two edged sword is that which divides between Real and unreal, Truth and error, Reality and imagination. It’s the “yes” and the “no.”

Now, the word of God it says, is mightier than that. It’s mightier than the overcoming of opposites because when one relaxes, becomes still, abandons his own personality and personal wishes, the experience is an experience of unity, of indivisibility, not polarized opposites. And so “yes” and “no” disappears in the face of fulfillment that is a forever movement of Being called Creation—the conscious experience of Being.

Now, the “yes” and “no” part has to be dealt with if one is going to move into the experience of unity in which the conflict of “yes” and “no” disappears. The prayer says, “And may Thy word enrich the affections of all mankind and govern them.” That is not the prevailing teaching going on in the world today. That is not the desire behind actions that are occurring on your globe. It is not the enrichment of the affections of all mankind that is meant to govern mankind in the harmony of unity.

What is being promoted is the enrichment of one’s bank account, the enrichment of fortunes, the enrichment of the one percent—not all mankind. It’s absolutely and totally selfish. And it’s being promoted as the means of blessing the other ninety-nine percent with fulfillment and the absence of distress and poverty. It’s a lie. It is not what is being promoted. And yet, it is not being objected to.

There is sloppy thinking going on. There are sloppy morals being indulged in. Truth and error are not clear cut. Right and wrong are not clear cut. “It’s true today, but it’s not true tomorrow.” “Well, it’s a little bit true, but there’s a little bit of error thrown in because it is beneficial at the moment to get things done—to get things done that anybody would agree are important. And so, we can fudge and combine truth and error temporarily for the good of everyone.” That is a lie. It doesn’t work that way. The result of combining truth and error is always chaos—another word for it is “hell.”

Again, the combination of truth and error, the absence of clarity about the difference between truth and error is confusion, conflict. It’s the experience of hell, not Heaven.

One studies the truth, one is religious, one engages in spiritual pursuits. Why? To enrich his experience. To be inspired in the manner that lifts one beyond his doubts and fears. But you must be careful. We must all be careful not to want inspiring thoughts to be wonderful but non-committal, wonderful but not overtly challenging to that which is wrong. “Let’s have a Pollyanna spirituality, a cotton-candy spirituality that makes me feel like everything’s alright when everything isn’t alright and distracts me from behaving in a way that corrects the situation.”

You know what? When the majority of people around your globe, when the majority of the Brotherhood around your globe—not the one percent, or the ninety-nine percent, or the well-educated, or the poorly educated, or this race, or that race, or this religion, or that religion—but, when the majority of the Brotherhood, mankind, wakes up in the morning, opening his or her eyes to look to see, first of all, whether enrichment has occurred or whether something else has been taken away—because every day is filled with news of something being taken away from the Brotherhood, something not enriching humanity but depleting it and dividing it and causing distrust—when the majority wake up and this is the fixation, this is the concern [chuckling] something is wrong. And it needs to be called for what it is, SOMETHING WRONG, something calling for correction.

And it is foolish to be fooled into believing that, in spite of your innate concern, you’re not really understanding a “transition,” an expansive “transition” that’s occurring that will bring everything to a new level … and that it’s just something you’re not familiar with yet … and that’s why you’re uncomfortable … but that if you will trust, you will see that the words of THOSE IN CHARGE will be true—NOT the Father’s word that everyone would ask, “to have enriched the affections of everyone of all mankind and govern them.” No!

The word is, “Let me be your voice. Let me be your voice Mr. Paul, Mr. John, Miss Mary. Trust me. Don’t bother to say, ‘Thy Will, Father, not mine be done and not the one whose telling me to trust him and let him speak for me. Let his words govern me.’ Don’t do that, Trust me.” And in that, the words mean “abandon your anchor in Reality, abandon your anchor in Truth. Let Truth be whatever serves the purpose of enriching the wealth, enriching the wealthy, which we promise you, will bless you.”

Everyone knows that is not true.

You must trust your Knowing. You must trust the Knowing that comes before your reaction.

You know what? If you got on a bus, and there was the driver and forty people on the bus, and the bus pulled away from the curb and started driving at eighty miles an hour through the city streets, going through red lights occasionally, and, fortunately, not hitting anything but nevertheless exhibiting the fact that the driver is either not aware of the rules of the road, or he is in some sort of reverie and unconscious of his responsibility to the people on his bus and to everyone else on the road … if that happens, do we need someone to say, “We need to pray for him.” Or do we need someone to say, “Oh, the Holy Spirit will turn this to our advantage. That’s what the Holy Spirit does.” No, you stop the bus driver from driving the bus. You don’t put someone in charge of your welfare or well-being who is not taking your welfare into consideration as he or she fulfills his or her fantasy that has nothing to do with why he’s behind or she’s behind the wheel of the bus.

And so, your practical spirituality is a matter of paying attention to the Truth you Know before you’ve had a chance to think about it at all and have an unreasonable explanation of what’s going on that doesn’t resolve the situation. And you act from that place of Knowing that says, “NO!”—unequivocally says, “NO!”—and is backed up by the act of stopping the activity of insanity, the activity of confusion, the activity of a lack of mental clarity.

Everyone around your globe who wakes up concerned needs to be inspired, yes, but not into flowery spiritual concepts. You need to wake up inspired to act. The two-step involves becoming still and listening. Why? So that separate and apart from any of your learning, any of your best judgments, any of your present limitations, you can hear from God, because that is, at the bottom line, what you’re reaching out to.

This amounts to the “shutting up” part—is becoming still and listening. Listening is the first part of the triad. The second part is learning. That’s what results when you hear. And the third is do. “Listen, learn and do.” Don’t listen, learn and sit there in a reverie yourself.

It’s very simple. A child, we’ll say, who doesn’t yet know what works and what doesn’t work, who doesn’t know, we’ll say, the difference between truth and error, mistakes or correct responses … you say “No” to what doesn’t work, you say “No” to what is misunderstood, and you stop the behavior. And then, you don’t leave it there, you educate!

“May Thy word enrich the affections”—the the heart, soul and mind, not the bank account—“of all mankind,” of your child or of anyone who is confused.

You say “No.” You stop the behavior that doesn’t work. And then, you do what it takes to illuminate the reason for doing what is true, that which works—and there is nothing fuzzy about it! And it is my intent, in sharing this, to inspire everyone who seems to feel at a loss, here, because the enrichment of the affections of mankind seems to be being destroyed and you don’t have anything you can do about it. That’s not true! You can become unequivocally clear so that “Yes” is “Yes” and “No” is “No,” and they never commingle.

You know what? Error cannot undo Truth because Truth is God Being. Truth is God Expressed. Truth is Reality. Error cannot change It. It can seem to obscure It and create the confused insanity that doesn’t know what Truth is. But you know what? Truth can destroy, annihilate, undo error, because error is nothing but a superficial imagination superimposed upon the experience of Reality.

So, there’s absolute unequivocality between Truth and error. And everyone can dare to get up each morning ready to be unequivocal, knowing that in so doing it will govern your actions in a way that will not allow for the continuation of that which undermines everyone’s Birthright to experience his Brotherhood with all mankind.

One needs to wake up inspired to embrace all of mankind in an attitude which is attentive to whatever it takes to further manifest harmony and to undo conditioned distrust that causes one’s behavior toward his fellowman to be mean-spirited, demeaning, destructive, disintegrating.

The word of God is in you. “Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in you.” Let it be. It is. Let it be! And let it be the only thing present. That’s your Birthright. That’s the Birthright every single manifestation of the Father shares equally.

What is presently going on is destructive. Let your religiosity, let your spirituality include the capacity to recognize the difference between Truth and error, Love or a call for Love. There is a difference and the response is different.

“Oh, we’ll just love the driver. We don’t need to say a word to him. And you know what? The Holy Spirit will turn this to our advantage.”


If you want the Holy Spirit to turn it to your advantage, you will have to suffer through the process of becoming aware that you are being very impractical and not bringing into play the Will of the Father—the clarity regarding Reality that will correct the problem—so that you can go through whatever it takes to change your mind and let something else in that will enrich your mind, changing you so that you do not tolerate the intolerable, so that you do not allow abuse for a moment, not even if it would seem, in the short term, to benefit you in some way, because in so doing you establish a precedent for ongoing calls for correction.

“Listen, learn and do.” The learning involved in “the Holy Spirit turning something to your advantage” is sometimes comfortable and graceful. But when the call for correction involves recognizing the difference between apparent good and evil, and the call for evil to be cast down, it calls for a commitment on your part to act in harmony with the Father’s Will and reinstate, in whatever way it takes, the willingness for the affections of all mankind to be enriched because you are engaged in enriching them and not adding to the theft of your Brothers’ enriched affections by being unclear and being immoral, in the sense of not saying “Yes” to Truth and “No” to error, but allowing … just allowing “whatever” to occur.

Your job is to make a difference. Your spirituality is meant to change the experience of mankind from a misperception of itself as a bunch of egos, to the remembrance of Itself as the Brotherhood of Man, the holy Sons and Daughters of God.

Right now the most obtuse manifestations of the theft of the “enrichment of the affections of all mankind” are calling for unequivocal objection and for all of the governed—in other words, all of those on the bus—to bring the careening vehicle to a halt.

Wake up tomorrow morning … [chuckling] … wake up as many times during the day as is necessary to get you out of the doldrums of your depression and fear so that you can remember the inspiration that you are able to say no, and it is your task to listen, learn and do. And then DO.

Now, this disregard of human dignity, this disregard for what is at the bottom line the divinity of every single Individuality, this disregard has its effect. The effect must be stopped. It can’t be overcome by everyone using human will to make it stop. The only thing that will stop it is embodied in the prayer that Paul begins every meeting with. So, listen to it again. Let it be your prayer.

“Thy Will not mine be done.”

You see, that sets the tone, sets the stage. That’s premise—not my will, but Thine be done. Letting the Father’s Will be the will that is done is what has the power of the Word that is quick and mightier than a two-edged sword. “Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me. I yield.” Let out a sigh.

You’re frustrated and fearful because you think you have to be able to object and make these things stop through your own force of will, which you know is too puny and ineffective to accomplish anything except maybe through force. Let out a sigh. [Deep sigh]

“Let, let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love, which is already established in me … let it be established in me. I’ll let it be. And I will let it rule out of me all of my inclination and conditioning to practice self-will.” That’s the way you allow for your affections be enriched. It is what allows you then to grasp the meaning of the rest of the prayer: “And may Thy word” … you see, this is a wish based upon what you have found happens to you in your enrichment … “and may Thy word enrich the affection of all mankind” … just like me … “and govern them, just like I’m willing to let it govern me.”

And so, you make the gift of being that which inspires and enriches the mind, heart and soul of all of your Brothers. And you know what? It ends up being expressed in action.

Now, there is no need to let things get to the place where the Holy Spirit turns all of this to your advantage, which can be very laborious for you if there is a great deal of willfulness being consciously employed on purpose, because the relinquishment of it, the yielding to the Father’s Will, feels like a war within you as you fight to escape from the habit, the addiction to personal willfulness and the attainment of power. “Turning it to your advantage” changes the way you Be.

The call is for change now. The call is for clear distinction being allowed in your mind of the difference between right and wrong, truth and error, and the unwillingness to let the opposites commingle or become unclear, undefined and then thinking that this is in some way “the giving up of free will that somehow constitutes union with the Father.” It doesn’t. It just amounts to being an independent rudderless presence of mental illness—something which your ever present Birthright as the expression of the divine Mind of God will ultimately correct and release you from.

Correction is relatively easy to … I’m going to use the word “achieve” or “bring forth” at this point. But it’s going to require the black-and-white clarity, the truth-and-error clarity, the distinction between opposites, to be allowed as part of your spirituality, and consciously and as greatfully as possible brought into play, abandoning any self-righteous anger you might have at being put in this position.

If you’re angry about distinguishing between truth and error and saying “No” to error, your position is erroneous, and it will not correct a thing. What is in front of you to correct is what is in front of you to correct, and, as the holy Son or Daughter of God, you are what it takes to correct it, and you can be joyous about it.

You can be sober and unmoved to negativity as you engage in that which enriches the affections of all mankind, uncovering the Brotherhood, which I will tell you now, is the promise of the correction of the current disturbances going on on your globe in many different forms.

But you know what? Just as there is an imbalance of enrichment, and the 1% seem to be the ones with the power, the Brotherhood is not entirely deluded and, therefore, the 1% where correction is called for—the attitude of the 1%, the change of the attitude of the 1% that is called for—is minuscule by comparison with the 99%, who are in touch with their affections, who are in touch with the need for their affections to be enriched, and whose affections are sufficient to cause them to care enough about all of the Brotherhood to do what it takes to bring about the enrichment.

Those of you who feel at a disadvantage are the majority. You see? Fill it! Fill your place. Do it gladly. Do it without conflict. Do it without hate. Do it without regret. The need is not for everything to revolve around money. Corporations are not people; countries are not businesses. The world is the presence of mankind, the Brotherhood, and all of the manifestation of Creation that is God’s presence in Himself.

I love you, and I want you to not spend another moment engaged in distress because this puny number of egos, by comparison with 99% who are not lost, does not constitute a formidable foe.

Be the presence of enrichment. Care about your brothers and sisters. It is the Golden Rule. And the Golden Rule blesses everyone. But what’s the keyword? THINK about others as you would have them THINK about you? No. Do unto others as you would have them Do unto you.

Let your divinity be embodied in your doing.

I look forward to being with you next time

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