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Good evening. And welcome to everyone who’s joining us on the Internet.

I love you. I love all of you. It is the purpose of my Being to love you—every single one of you. It is the purpose of my Being to love you in such a way that you remember who you Are, and that you are not who you are pretending to be.

It is the purpose of my Being to love you so that all resistance to who you divinely Are evaporates because you feel safe. That’s the purpose of my Being. That was the purpose of my Being on what you call, “The First Christmas.” The birth of the Christ Child as it was seen was an introduction into a world very much like the one you are experiencing today. It was a world of political domination, of caste systems, of groups—you know, of Romans and the Jews and others.

And the Romans dominated. And those whom they dominated suffered, griped and experienced a great faith within them that a savior would come to release them from this domination.

Today domination by governments is rampant. As unfair as it was two thousand years ago, the behavior that subjects mankind to unfairness, injustice, bad treatment, constitutes a call for love just like it did two thousand years ago.

And a call for love is being answered. The call for Love is being answered by a book called A Course in Miracles, by those who listen to the Holy Spirit and respond to their Brothers and Sisters from there—and by me.

Here you are in a Season designed to express love, affection, caring, the Season, you might say, in which abundance is appropriate so that the joy of sharing can be easily done—easily had.

But no, austerity is the theme and the lifting of austerity into a position of “beneficence” as though it is the answer to lack, not love. And austerity, as you all know, whether it’s forced upon you or chosen by you, is an experience of suffering. It is not an experience that has ever led to abundance. It is not a practice that has ever led to a spontaneous expression of love or joy.

It is a practice that needs to stop because it stands in opposition to the nature of Being.

Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need. It’s easy to forget that. It’s necessary to remember it on purpose.

Now as you proceed during the next few weeks here, you’re liable to experience stress, concern, worry and involuntary experience of vulnerability as a result of lack. And as a result of the fact that this Season calls for something that seems not to be available and which calls for something else to be practiced, the something that seems not to be available is abundance: Abundance of joy, abundance of cash, abundance of caring.

And what does seem to be called for is to accept that you don’t have, to accept that there is lack and that you’re going to have to “bite the bullet” and live with it. And that somehow that practice of, “Oh-h … a rod up your backbone and a stiff upper lip” is somehow going to spontaneously produce joy, the free-flow of a willingness to dare to give.

And you know what? It’s not appropriate … it’s not at all appropriate to go through the next few weeks operating on that basis. And it’s not appropriate even after that to operate on that basis. If you operate on that basis, then you’re calling what is happening, “a call for hurt—a call for suffering” not a call for love, not a call for healing.

And you can’t afford to forget that whatever is happening that seems to be less than the best is only a call for love.

What is it a call for? It’s a call for you to be me. It’s a call for you, today, in the world that you’re living in, to be the one who looks at your Brother and remembers the Father just as two thousand years ago it was my purpose for Being: To look at my Brothers and remember my Father and give Voice to what my Father was Being so that my Brothers who had forgotten might remember and might be inspired by the truth, rather than assuming that domination, limitation, lack, was life… and one must simply make the best of it.

That was not my Message, was it. And that’s not the message called for today.

Between now and the end of the Holidays, you’re going to be provided with ample opportunities to respond to the call for love, as though it is a call for love. So that it causes you to reach beyond appearances and beyond your surface reactions to a depth in you, in the holiness of you, where the love that you Are, the love that the Father is Being in you, has a chance to slip forward, not with great effort, not with great strain, but to just slip forward out to the surface, out to your relationship with your Brother or your Sister so that you become an expression of God. And you fulfill your purpose for Being which is to give Voice to the Voice for truth—the Voice for God because austerity is not the answer.

Austerity isn’t what is called for. Austerity is not what everyone deserves. Because there isn’t a single one of you anywhere on your globe who is not the Son or Daughter of God, utterly and absolutely divine, who has a divine Birthright.

I know, I’ve said this over and over again. But you know when you come to a Season, we’ll say, the purpose of which is to remind everyone of God’s Love, and everyone forgets that because it’s so strenuous, and everybody is trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and can’t … and labors and labors and labors and then feels guilty for not being able to perform, Oh-h, this is not your Birthright.

Now if you find yourself beginning to feel depressed, sad, and you can’t quite put your finger on why, I want you to be alert. I want you to treat that as a red flag. I want you to treat that as though, instead of being a problem to be suffered from, it is a call for love which you are to be blessed by because in the caring enough to dig deeply for that Love and share it, you become inspired with it as well. And you give Voice to the Father. You give Voice to the divine purpose of Being. And I mean the divine purpose of being right here on planet Earth, today, tonight, tomorrow.

Many of you walk through the stores and hear the Christmas Carols and hear the word “jolly” and “merry” and it seems empty. Don’t let it become empty … don’t let it become empty. Catch yourself when you begin to agree with that thought.

And then, you know what? I want you to notice the children that are there where the music is playing and where all the Christmas festivities are, and look at the twinkle in their eyes. They don’t have any trouble seeing the merry in Christmas. Let them be your teachers. Don’t stand there and say, “Well they haven’t had enough life experience to know that all of this means nothing,” even though next year if you have abundance and you have health you will see the merry in it and you will enjoy the merry in it, because your perception this year is colored temporarily.

And why is it colored? It’s not because there are austerity programs. It’s not because there are governments who aren’t governing fairly and well. It’s because you’ve forgotten to do the two-step … you’ve forgotten to do what you’re here to do.

Can you imagine if the Christ Child was born into a world of unfairness, political unfairness, governmental, religious unfairness and slowly began to say, “Wow, this is an awful world.” You tell me what good it would be for the Christ to appear “in the human condition” and forget why He was there. And then imagine yourself as one of those who need the Christ to appear, who need the inspiration and you will begin to be able to grasp with feeling just how valuable your position is to your Brothers and Sisters and even globally, because the inspiration that heals is what is being called for.

Griping, suffering, putting up with terror, just living with the awfulness of it is, well, it’s to fall prey to ignorance. And once having fallen prey to it, causing it to seem to be an active evil, destructive. Well, that’s not what you’re here for. And you have to remember what you’re here for. And then you have to remember that what you’re here for is possible for you. You have the capacity to be the holy Son or Daughter of God because that is who you Are.

And you also have the capacity to override the belief structures, the mutual agreements that you’ve all entered into that cover over and absolutely hide your divinity and your potential. You have the capacity to override it.

Take time during this Holiday Season to be diligent and override the invitations you constantly feel to join in suffering, in lack, in poverty, in stuckness and disagree with it!

You are here to share the love with your Brothers and Sisters actively, concertedly, just as you are being loved by your Father, by the Holy Spirit and by me. You are here to remember the joyful sound and share it. You’re here to represent God by claiming your Birthright received from Him and insisting on exercising no other rights that you imagine you might have.

Gee, it would have been nice—“I’m supposed to be the Christ”—to have been born into a time when it’s easy to be the Christ. Well you know what? The time and the place where it’s easy to do that is the Kingdom of Heaven. And that’s not what you seem to be experiencing at the moment. And so, because it isn’t what you’re experiencing at the moment—even though it is the actuality of what is going on in the moment—you have a task and a responsibility which you are capable of fulfilling. And that is to be the Christ when it doesn’t seem to be easy to look into your Brother’s eyes and remember God, when the last thing your Brother feels like doing is remembering God because he is so full of suffering from the austerity program or the lack or the unemployment or on and on and on.

Nevertheless, your purpose remains unchanged and the potential for your experiencing joy, you stand at the threshold of, absolutely. And so I’m encouraging you not to shrink from the opportunity, which you might be seeing as an obligation—a hard job.

You know what? Every single one of you are worth my full attention: My task, if you will, of bringing my full attention to you for the purpose of seeing who you divinely Are, instead of who you believe you are, and then stand with you steadfastly until the truth of who you Are registers with you. That’s why there was a Christmas morning. That’s why there’s a Christmas morning this year. And that’s why there’s every other morning this year, because there’s only one thing to do and that is Wake up and end the experience of suffering because you already Are the Sons and Daughters of God.

And because you already Are, you need do nothing to deserve the experience, you need do nothing to earn the experience. Not having it is not a penalty laid upon you, but an experience of lack laid upon you by yourself in your choice to have a different perspective from the Father and to have a function different from the holy function established in you for the purpose of your joy and your fulfillment.

The call for love is presenting itself all over your globe. At the bottom line, it’s a call for humanity … it’s a call for loving your Brother more than you love yourself.

Let the meaning of these Holidays in and out. And remember that all of the wonderful words associated with Christmas: Joy, laughter, merriness, holiness, that God loves you, all of these things are the things which need to be given voice—and not their opposite—expressed with conviction and commitment. You’re not here to give voice to the lie. You’re here to give voice to the truth. You’re here, as I am, to give place, you might say, to the Father.

In doing that you fulfill your function. And in doing that you see the Father’s function in your Brothers and Sisters. And this blesses and heals them and you as well.

That’s the business of Christmas. Let’s all be about it.

Again, I love you all. And I see all the things you see that are going on. I see all the corruption. I see all of the lack. I see all the mean-spiritedness. I see all the manipulation and control. But you know what? I haven’t lost my joy. And it hasn’t caused me to forget who all of you Are, who are in one way or another indulging in this corruption and mean-spiritedness and negativity and so on. It hasn’t caused me to see you any differently. And it hasn’t caused me to stop speaking, and telling you who you divinely Are. That’s your task as well … that’s your wonderful task as well. Practice it and enjoy the spirit and meaning of Christmas.

I love you. I love you all.

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