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Good evening. And welcome to everyone who’s joining us on the Internet.

The chapter we’re reading in is entitled, “The Journey Back.” And in a way we’ve been discussing who or what it is making the journey back. And for the last two weeks, we’ve discussed the fact that the you, you think you are—the you, you have made-up in the absence of your direct connection with your Source—in other words, the orphan you have defined yourself as—only exists as an imagination; not as a fact. It exists as an imagination in the only Mind there is, which, with reference to each of you, is the Mind of Christ. It’s the Mind of Christ because it is God’s Mind finding expression in you as the Movement of Creation.

So there really isn’t some thing making a journey back. There is the Christ Mind, you might say, deciding not to energize, or validate, the steps it took away from Home into a private fantasy, into a land of definitions; definitions made about things that are Real; definitions about the Kingdom of Heaven and the Expression of God called you—the Christs—the Christ.

We discussed the fact that you only imagine that you have a will—a private, separate, independent will of your own. And that imagination in no way undoes the fact that the only will you have is the Will of God that God is exercising right there where you are. Your Mind and your Will are the Presence of God, and nothing else. Anything else you imagine is there is your definition.

And to the degree that you believe your definition, you become bound to it. And at the same time, you cannot escape experiencing a sense of isolation, because your determination to believe your imagination causes you to become almost totally distracted from What You Are—the Presence of God—as well as the Direct Experience of the Mind of God which is your Mind. The Mind of God is a Singularity. The Will of God is a Singularity. And you are It. It is you.

You see, the journey back involves becoming clear about this. First of all, about yourself; becoming clear that if, indeed, you want to come back into your right Mind, you have to stop practicing or using your mind in a way that is at odds with What It Is, what its Nature is, what its Function is, so that in the abandoning of the misuse of your mind, its Function can register with you; its already-established Function.

Now, because of The Way Things Work, divinely speaking, your private realization about you isn’t all there is to waking up.

The end of the last section was in the form of a prayer.

“Christ is in me and where He is God MUST be, for Christ is PART of Him.”1

This expresses the Singularity. Christ is in me. Christ is What I Am. But Christ is also my Brother. And where my Brother is, my Father must be. And where I am, my Father must be. Where I am, my Brother’s Father must be. You see, it expresses the Singularity in an all-inclusive way and leaves no one out.

You cannot wake up by yourself. The first step is to come to an awareness that your will and the Father’s Will are not separate. They are not two things. They are one thing, and that one thing is God’s Will.

What we’re going to discuss tonight brings into play the other part of what is essential to waking up. What is your Function? If you were yielding to What You Are—What You Are, not who you are—if you were yielding to What You Are, you would find yourself engaged in acknowledging the Presence of God in each and every thing. As we’ve said before, that’s the meaning of glorifying God. It isn’t eyes toward Heaven with thoughts toward God and to hell with your brothers and sisters and the world and the universe. [whispered] God. [regular voice] No.

You don’t glorify God by talking to God and giving your full attention to God. You glorify God by giving your attention right where you are—to the poinsettias, to each other. And you abandon whatever your current definitions are that you’ve given it; the current meanings that you’ve applied to them. And you say a prayer inside, “I wish to experience the Presence of God that has to be there in order for anything to appear to be there to me, whether it’s what’s really there or what I’m imagining is there.” There has to be something there in either case. You have to be willing to take the time to get past your definitions, to get past the meanings that others have given you about whatever it is you’re looking at.

And you have to be willing to say, “If anything is there at all, its Source has to be the Father. And it has to be the Expression of Meaning that the Father is giving to His Infinite Selfhood, His Infinity. And I would like to experience that.” And then abide with whatever it is—the poinsettia, or the leaves, or your brother, or your sister, or the trees—to listen, to let in What There Is Of God there. That’s the way you lay the groundwork for your Function to come back into play where you’re able to see What God Is right there in Its Full Divinity, in Its Reality, in Its Harmony, in Its Beauty, in Its Loveliness, and in Its Awesomeness. That’s the next step.

First, you have to be willing to recognize that if there’s anything where you are, it’s God Presence-ing Himself; not you presence-ing yourself. And then you have to let yourself be from the Place of Excellence in you where the Presence of God is being All There Is to you. And then you find your Function being brought into play.

You know, you’ve all at one time or another had the experience of, let’s say, being in your home, or in the car, some place where you’re alone, and you get your head on straight. You meditate. You become clear. You find your Peace. And your attitude is even; not suspicious. There is equilibrium. And everything is fine until the phone rings, or you run into somebody, and a conversation starts—a relationship occurs. And then it all goes out the window, right? Either your feelings about the person, or the way they are behaving, grabs your attention and you slip right back into all of the existing definitions that you have incorporated as a part of your perception of things. And your peace is gone.

This is why I called it the “meat and potatoes” session tonight, because your Brother now has to be included in what you have had to recognize about yourself. I said last week, the petal of the poinsettia, you are part of the Infinitude of the Being of the petal of that poinsettia, or the whole blossom, or the whole plant. You are part of the Infinitude of its presence. And you are as essential to it as it is to you. Well, so is your gosh-darn Brother and Sister.

Just to be perfectly clear, you cannot become clear within yourself about your relationship with the Father, and let the Father in, and flash out, wake up, and leave everybody else behind. That’s not the way it works.

The moment you make that connection with the Father and you yield to the Father’s Will, and let the Father’s Will be yours, something will spontaneously and automatically happen. Something of necessity that is unavoidable will happen. And that is that that recognition of What You Are will have to spill over to your Brothers and Sisters. You must give it away else you won’t have it yet. You don’t have what you’re not willing to give away. You haven’t embodied What You Are until you embody it. In other words, make it recognizable in the world. Until you are being in a new way with everyone else because you know the Truth. Then it becomes yours.

But now you’re faced with having to look at the bastard, or the bitch, whoever it might be, whatever position they may seem to hold—sons, daughters, parents, sisters, brothers, employers, neighbors. You see? You’ve got to extend the same acknowledgement that you’ve been willing to embrace about yourself in order to embody it as you, thus claiming it as yours, thus claiming by declaration Who You Are, What You Are.

So, let’s go to the book.

Now I said it was a “meat and potatoes” night and maybe you might find a little gristle in here as well. And all the gristle will be is the place in you where you have resistance to extending your acknowledgement of the Divine Truth About You to another, for whatever justifications you may be holding. It isn’t that what there is to chew is really tough. It’s that you don’t want to chew that bite yet. Okay.

I’m going to back up to the previous paragraph for a moment.

The Bible emphasizes that ALL prayers are answered, and this must be true if no effort is wasted. The very fact that one has asked the Holy Spirit for ANYTHING will ensure a response.

And I’m going to drop down.

There are many answers which you have already received, but have not yet HEARD. I assure you that they are waiting for you. It is indeed true that no effort is wasted.

Now continuing …

If you would know your prayers are answered, never doubt a Son of God. Do not question him and do not confound him, for your faith in him is your faith in YOURSELF.

Well, what is it when you doubt a Brother or a Sister? When you say you doubt him, you’re saying you doubt his veracity. You doubt the goodness of his character. You are calling his veracity and his character into question. You are calling something about him into question. You are not giving a full honoring of that one. You are engaging in a form of attack. It is a ploy that is always used to make another uneasy, ill at ease, confounded, if at all possible, to cause that one to doubt himself or herself. Why? So that you, in your arrogant forcefulness, might be able to take control of the situation away from your Brother, or Sister, and be in charge, and not be at a disadvantage yourself.

You see, the bottom line of it is a matter of control, and has nothing to do whatsoever with whether or not the Brother is truthful. It has nothing to do with whether his character is good or bad. It has to do with whether or not you can convince that Brother to doubt himself so that he will abandon any position of authority, or assurance, that he’s been able to muster up.

Do not question him and do not confound him, for your faith in him is your faith in YOURSELF.

Yeah. Well, if you lack faith in yourself, you’ll want to be in control yourself. And so you will assume that your Brother is no more trustworthy than you are, except you’re not going to let anybody know that you think you’re untrustworthy. You’re not going to let anybody know that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get your way, even if it’s dishonest, deceitful, hateful. You’ll just do what you need to do with a smile on your face and a picture of dignity. When you lack faith in yourself, you will express lack of faith in your Brother.

Continuing …

If you would know God and His Answer, believe in me whose faith in you cannot be shaken.

Ah! Here’s an anchor for you. Something needs to be unshakeable. And obviously, if you are questioning and confounding your Brother, you are not having unshakeable faith in him. You’re not having any faith in him at all. You’re not having any faith in yourself. But you know that if you, like a banty rooster or a Chihuahua, make enough noise and sound fierce enough, you can make almost anything cower in your presence. And so that’s what you do. But there’s nothing presence [present] in that picture of un-shake-ability, of stability, of groundedness in something True.

So …

If you would know God and His Answer, believe in me whose faith in you cannot be shaken.

And I’ll add: Whose faith in you cannot be shaken no matter how bully-ish you behave, no matter how loud a Chihuahua you are.

Can you ask of the Holy Spirit truly and doubt your brother?

Well, that might not make a lot of sense if it weren’t for the fact that the Holy Spirit is nothing less than your right Mind. So can you ask of your right Mind truly and doubt your Brother? No. Because if you ask of your right Mind truly, you will be inspired with the Answer that is Truth, and that Answer will be experiential in you. And in the experience of it, you cannot escape the fact that the Answer for you is true of your Brother as well. And that will cause your perception of your Brother to change.

Can you ask of the Holy Spirit truly and doubt your brother? Believe his words …

… your Brother’s words …

… are true because of the truth which is IN him.

I believe in you because of the Truth that is in you. And I have been going on endlessly disclosing to you the fact that there is a Place of Excellence in you; a place you hadn’t dreamed of; something so perfectly excellent that it perfectly expresses and embodies God. It’s awesome. If you know this is the Truth About You and if you’ve had an experience of it, then you know it’s the Truth About Your Brother.

And …

You will …

… be able to …

… unite with the truth in him, and his words will BE true. As you hear HIM you will hear ME.

Well, most of you, if you sit down with the goal of becoming still so that you might hear me, expect to hear me tell the Truth About You—the illuminating, inspiring, uplifting, transformational Truth About You. And you expect me to do it in a way that will not convict you of all the things you felt you were worthy of being convicted for, so that you might be able to gently lay aside the beliefs that justified penalty, conviction. Why? Well, to speak in biblical terms, because you know there is no sin in me. There is no willfulness in me. And when you listen undefendedly for me, you will hear me.

But you know what? When it comes to your brother, you know your brother too damned well to believe that he, or she, might be the Presence of Love who could report back to you nothing but the Truth About You. You see? You know your brother and sister too damned well. You do! And that’s the word you give.

And so you don’t listen in the same way. You don’t listen. It doesn’t mean there’s nothing there that they can say that might not be the very thing that wakes you up. But damn it, you’re not going to listen, ‘cause you know too well that they’re selfish, self-centered, shitty, small-minded, and their interests are the only thing they’re interested in confirming, supporting, and rendering successful. So by damn it, you’re not going to listen to them in the way you would listen to me. You see? You’re not going to listen.

As you hear HIM you will hear ME.

And we could reverse it: As you hear me, you will hear him.

As you hear me, you will hear him. It’s all a matter of the permission you give in your own mind.

LISTENING to truth is the only way you can hear it now and finally KNOW it.

“Listening to Truth,” it says, remember? It doesn’t say listening to your Brother’s present, limited perception of himself, or herself. It doesn’t mean listening to your Brother’s or Sister’s ego definition of himself, or herself, or the behavior that follows.

LISTENING to truth is the only way you can hear it now and finally KNOW it.

Here it is, a little piece of gristle.

The message your brother gives you is UP TO YOU. What does he say to you?

And here’s the real question.

What would you HAVE him say?

Well, you would have him say selfish things because you know the bastard. You would have him be dishonest because you know him too well.

Do you not think that the Voice for Truth, that the Holy Spirit, that God being All There Really Is there where your Brother is, cannot possibly find a way for your Brother to say exactly what you need to hear? Not what your Brother thinks you need to hear. Not even what your Brother might think he’s saying. But do you not think that … do you not think that the Holy Spirit, or God, can have your Brother say exactly what you need to hear for your benefit, for your enlightenment, for your growth, and as a demonstration of the fact that there’s something more there to your Brother than the definition you’re so sure of; the definition of him or her that you’re so sure is the truth?

Continuing …

Your decision ABOUT him determines the message you receive. Remember …

… see, here’s the second part of it. The first part of it was that the Holy Spirit is nothing more than your right Mind.

Remember that the Holy Spirit is in him…

… or her …

… and His …

… the Holy Spirit’s …

… Voice speaks to you THROUGH him.

Oh, but you’re not going to listen in a way that would allow that to register with you, because you know there is no good in him. He’s demonstrated it over and over. She’s demonstrated it over and over. They’re nothing but willful individualities with self-interest as the bottom line. You say, “You’re asking me to remember that the Holy Spirit is in him or her, and His Voice speaks to me through them? You’re asking me to believe that? More than that, you’re actually asking me to do it?”

Hey, if you want to wake up, then your Divinity and your Conscious Experience of your Divinity cannot be an exclusive gift from the Father to you, and you alone.

What can so holy a brother tell you EXCEPT truth?

You see, but you say, “Yeah, but it’s not a holy Brother. He’s not a holy Brother.”

What can so holy a brother tell you EXCEPT truth? But are you LISTENING to it?

Hell, no! You’re positive it isn’t there.

And you’re not going to make yourself vulnerable by being undefended enough to see if it’s there. Because while you’re undefended, the bitch or bastard is going to nail you and you’re going to be unprepared. So are you listening to it? No!

Now listen:

Your brother may not know who he is, but there is a Light in his mind which DOES know.

Your Brother may not know Who He Is, and therefore his behavior may be bad behavior. His behavior will be misguided if he’s not awake yet. But that’s not justification for abandoning him.

And if it sinks in with you that you can’t wake up until you’re willing to look at your Brother, or your Sister, with the intent to see Singularity there, just as you have finally become convinced it’s appropriate for you to do with yourself, what you’ve learned means nothing. If you’re not willing to do that, you haven’t learned anything and you haven’t brought all of the elements into play that will constitute a miracle, a sudden shift of perception.

The sudden shift of perception that you are willing to consider might happen to you isn’t something that will happen only to you. It will happen to you and cause you to see everything else differently, and require of you that you extend the Gift you have received, to embrace everything else with the same acknowledgement. And if that doesn’t happen, the process is incomplete.

Your brother may not know who he is…

But it makes no never mind.

Your brother may not know who he is, but there is a Light in his mind which DOES know.

There is a Place of Excellence in him. And if you don’t see the Place of Excellence in him, you haven’t see it or experienced it in yourself. If you have experienced it in yourself, you will have immediately recognized that everyone does.

This Light …

… in his mind …

… can shine into yours, making HIS words true, and making YOU able to hear them.

What does that mean? It means that when you are willing to listen minus your judgments, you will be able to hear what your Brother is meaning, no matter what he is saying.

Every time any one of you cries out in pain or complaint, why do you do it? If it’s normal, you wouldn’t complain. You would just let it be. But you complain because somewhere in you, you know it’s illegitimate. Somewhere in you, you know you don’t deserve it. Somewhere in you, you know that there’s another way for you to be experiencing existing. And that’s the Truth.

And so the complaint that you register with your voice and your words, that generally comes out in an obtuse way, and is generally directed at others in complaint about their behavior, has Truth. At the bottom line, the Truth that you know that the suffering you’re experiencing is an illegitimate imposition upon you, and it’s not your Birthright, and there is another way for you to be experiencing existing. That’s the Truth that can be heard no matter what the obtuse exclamations of complaint are.

And so the question is, just as with the poinsettias, “Are you going to be willing to be with Whatever It Is That’s Really There, and abandon your current perceptions and definitions of what it is, so that you might get to the bottom line of the Presence of God that is there so that It can replace your definitions, your misperceptions of It, and all of the attending mistakes that result from the misperception?”

Now you say, “Wow! That … that could really … I could really get into that. I mean I love poinsettias, or I love orchids, or I love this, or I love that. I’ll be glad to become defenseless with it and find out What There Is behind the definitions I’m currently employing about it.”

But when it’s a Brother, or a Sister, who’s registering a complaint in an obtuse way, you say, “Uh oh. This is too uncomfortable. I’m unwilling. I’m unwilling to be present with them.” [Instead say,] “Let them be present in my mind with my having an attitude of willingness to be there to listen beneath the behavior.”

This Light …

… in your Brother …

… can shine into yours…

… your mind …

… making HIS words true, and making YOU able to hear them. His words ARE the Holy Spirit’s answer to you. Is your faith in him strong enough to let you hear?

Or are you a self-satisfied, arrogant wimp? Sounds a little inconsistent, right? An arrogant wimp. A banty rooster. A little … a little thing who’s going to be aggressive and seem to be as big as you can be, as ferocious as you can be. It’s still not a lot of presence, you might say.

Is your faith in your Brother strong enough to let you hear? Is your faith? Do you have the strength to stand there in the presence of what your conditioning tells you is an obtuse and ugly and bad behavior that’s not worthy of your energy or attention? Are you going to have the guts to be present there and look behind the presentation to find the Kernel of Truth that is at the root of the awkward and inarticulate expression of dignity that is felt, but not understood by that one. It’s felt enough that each one of you yells out in complaint against suffering, even though you don’t realize fully that you don’t deserve to be experiencing any of it.

And it isn’t the world, it isn’t circumstances, it isn’t the behavior of others, that’s causing you to suffer. It’s the fact that you don’t remember What You Are. And in your ignorance, you believe what you think you are. And so you don’t know your right to deliverance from the suffering because of What You Are. Just because of What You Are.

So …

Is your faith in him strong enough to let you hear?

Salvation is of your brother.

Why? Because it’s the second half of the process of waking up. The recognition and experience of the Truth of What You Are is not enough to wake you up. It must be extended to your Brothers and Sisters. Inclusion must occur. The complete breaking of isolation must happen in order for you to have what you are giving, in order for the Truth About You to be fully embodied—manifested. That’s the only Way It Works. Why? Because that’s the return to your Function.

How can you be awake in the Glory of God, in the Fullness of Being, if you are not fulfilling your Function? And your Function is the recognition of What Is Real in each and every thing; the recognition of God in each and every thing. The acknowledgement of It. That’s the glorifying of God. That’s the fulfilling of Creation.

So …

Salvation is of your brother.

And I could say to the poinsettia, “Your salvation is of your Brother, or your Sister.” You can’t … you can’t be fully Divine all by yourself. You see? Not even the poinsettia can be.

Salvation is of your brother. The Holy Spirit extends from your mind to his, and answers YOU.

What are the messengers that the Holy Spirit, you in your right Mind, send out? They are the ones that will return and confirm to you their purpose for being sent out.

The Holy Spirit extends from your mind to his, and answers YOU.

Apparently back from his.

You cannot hear the Voice for God in yourself alone because you are NOT alone. And His answer is only for what you ARE.

Not who you are. What You Are.

You will not know the trust I have in you unless you EXTEND it.

Now you are aware that I have great trust in you. I have an unwavering trust in you because I know Who You Are. I know What You Are. And I know you can’t ever be anything different from It, even if you imagine that you can be.

You will not know the trust I have in you unless you EXTEND it. You will not trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or believe that it is for you, unless you hear it in others. It MUST be for your brother BECAUSE it is for you.

You see? There’s the Singularity. There’s just nothing private. There are no private thoughts. And there are no private blessings. And there are no private realizations. And there are no private insights. If you have an “Aha!” experience and you see the Truth more clearly and it has changed you forever, to one degree or another, every single thing that exists has been changed forever, has been blessed by the realization.

Would God have created a Voice for you alone?

Well, it’s nice to think that maybe He would, isn’t it? And hey, what if you’re the only one that’s hearing it? No one else has yet. It’s very easy to believe that now you are in the position of being the one who’s hearing the Voice for God, and you can be the Messenger of God to the world with this wonderful special position. You see?

And indeed, you may find yourself giving voice to the Voice for Truth, and others might be benefiting. But when they begin to hear themselves as a result of the trust you have in them, because you have let the trust I’ve had in you be extended, you may find yourself becoming jealous because they heard without as much process as you did. They got it easier than you did. They heard right away when it took you three weeks. And now maybe somebody else will listen to them, instead of you. You see? Oh, boy.

Would God have created a Voice for you alone? Could you hear His answer EXCEPT as He answers ALL of God’s Sons? Hear of your brother what you would have me hear of you, for you would not want ME to be deceived.

Another way of saying that is listen to your Brothers in the way that you would want me to listen to you.

And I’m sorry to say that the way you would want me to listen to you is a lot more benevolent than the way you are willing to listen to your Brother. And you need to notice that so that you can abandon the lack of benevolence, the lack of trust that there is a Place of Excellence in your Brother, the lack of trust that there is a Light in him. And when you break that habit of perception, and your behavior ceases to embody your lack of trust in your Brother, you will begin to hear your Brother differently. And I don’t just mean that you will begin to hear what … you’ll begin to hear the Truth of what they’re saying underlying their awkward expression of suffering. You will actually begin to hear them expressing realizations that they’re having that you can identify with. And you will begin to feel more at one with your Brother and Sister. And your ability to abandon your preexisting definitions of them will be enhanced.

I love you for the truth in you, as God does. Your deceptions may deceive YOU, but they CANNOT deceive ME.

Well, are you willing to look at your Brothers and Sisters and acknowledge within yourself that their deceptions may deceive them, but they cannot deceive you? That’s what you need to do.

Knowing what you are, I CANNOT doubt you. I hear only the Holy Spirit in you, Who speaks to me through YOU. If you would hear ME, hear my brothers in whom God’s Voice speaks.

You know what we’re talking about? We’re talking about healing. We are talking about transformation. And we’re talking about the fact that you’re going to be involved in it. And you won’t be excused from this particular lab, or lab work.

You go into a special care facility and you see children who are mentally impaired, who do not have the faculty of speech or communication, and they moan, and they make sounds that are unintelligible. And the nature of the sounds that you hear are disturbing to you, and saddening to you, and depressing to you. Why? Because you’re only listening with your ears, so to speak. You’re only listening with your current definitions and understandings of things. There is a Truth asserting itself and finding its way into expression awkwardly and inarticulately. And it’s a call for Love.

Well, what’s Love? Love is you listening for the Holy Spirit in your Brother, in that child who can’t communicate at all well, or, shall I say, kindly or unkindly. It can’t communicate in anything other than a moan, or a wail, or a[n] inarticulate sound. But you can listen for the Holy Spirit in that one. You can listen for the Christ in that one to see what the Christ is saying, what the Truth is that’s being expressed. You see? You send out a messenger. I wish to hear the Christ in this one—the eternal, unchangeable Presence of God that cannot be inarticulate in any way.

And you listen for that, not being deceived by your present definitions of things that obscure the Truth there, and make you recoil and want to withdraw and be depressed. Whether it’s an extreme case of inability to communicate, or whether it’s a lesser one where it’s just somebody with a high fever and diarrhea, are you going to respond to the presentation based upon everything you’ve learned about such appearances, and the definitions and meanings that have been given to such appearances by others, as well as you from your own experience? You see? Are you going to care about your Brother enough to listen beyond the presentation for the Truth that is finding its way into expression poorly? And remember, it’s finding its way into expression poorly because that one does not know Who He Is or What He Is.

I hear only the Holy Spirit in you, Who speaks to me through YOU. If you would hear ME, hear my brothers in whom God’s Voice speaks.

God’s Voice is in the wail, is in the complaint, is in the expression of frustration. But it doesn’t come out as God’s Voice, because the one wailing and expressing frustration thinks he is (or she is) what he (or she) believes he (or she) is, and doesn’t know the Truth, and doesn’t know the Freedom that it’s their Birthright to be experiencing. And so, they say they object, thinking they have no right to object. And so it becomes an expression of disgust for the situation, an expression of anger about the unjust situation.

But underneath it is the pure awareness that the imposition of injustice is invalid. And there is immediate release available if that one released the belief, or the definition, that they’re clinging to that says they have no right to a different kind of experience because they are just a mortal in a material universe. And so their God-given Knowing that they don’t need to be experiencing this is met by the strong belief that they have no choice, and objection occurs. And that is the Voice of God.

If you want to see transformation, you’ve got to stop listening to and validating the form of the objection, and the emotional reactions you have to those particular forms of objection because they’re offensive to you. They scare you. Why do they scare you? Because they’re going on outside of your comfort zone. And you don’t think you can do anything about it either. You’re laboring under the same sense of limitation that the one complaining is experiencing and expressing.

But you have the opportunity to get past that because you know you have an alternative, because that’s all we’ve been talking about for two and a half years. So you have the advantage. Now you know that it’s your responsibility to take an active part. Why? Because until you realize that you can’t wake up by virtue of your private connection with God, and a full sense of what Singularity means, and your willingness to yield to Singularity, that that is not all it takes to wake up, until you realize that, you will not realize that you must extend it in order to have it as you. You must extend it to your Brother. You need your Brother in order to come fully out of your orphan-hood, your chosen state of separation and isolation. You’re obligated to do it if you want to wake up. You’re not obligated to your Brother. You’re obligated to The Way Things Work.

And if you want to wake up, you’ve got to extend the realization of Truth that you have to your Brother, so that the Truth that is embodied in you shows. You must come out of the closet, and declare yourself, and be the recognizable Presence of Truth because why? Because you’ve actually extended it. You’ve included your Brother in the acknowledgement of What Is True about you.

If you would hear ME, hear my brothers in whom God’s Voice speaks.

God’s Voice speaks through all of you, whether you’re awake or not. You are the Presence of Divine Love, whether you know it or not. And the Gift of What You Divinely Are is being made constantly, whether you know it or not. And this is true of your Brothers.

And so, you must begin to listen to your Brothers in a new way. You can count on it that until you are awake, or your Brothers and Sisters are awake, every word that comes out of your mouth will be, to one degree or another, self-serving in order to secure your safety and your peace in the hostile world you think you’re in. It’s unavoidable.

So nothing that anybody says is an articulate expression of Truth. And so you cannot trust what anyone is saying, no matter how well they’re saying it. You cannot trust that what they’re saying is what is meant. And if you’re going to be an agent for change, if you’re going to be the transforming Presence of the Christ, you’re going to listen behind the words, always for the Meaning. I don’t mean the deep, dark meaning that is giving rise to the awful behavior. I mean the single, pure, element of Truth that constitutes that one’s freedom that that one feels, but can’t express, because he can’t believe that it’s the Truth about them. And their inability to embrace the dilemma that they find themselves in comes out in an anguished cry. That’s what comes out of all of you.

And healing will not be the result of someone else hearing your anguish. Healing will come from someone else hearing the Meaning at the bottom of the anguish that is the Illumination of the Truth that you’re suffering illegitimately, without justification. And therefore, the suffering has no right to continue to appear to be for another instant. And there is nothing to support it for another instant. And the one who sees that can speak in ways that allow for the undoing of the commitment you have, you who are wailing have to your dilemma because you believe it’s absolute.

Now, the thing is you must be the ones who are willing to listen behind and beneath for the Light of Truth that is finding its way out into some form of a call for help, a call for Love. That is if you want to wake up. That is if you want to rediscover and fulfill your Function, and be at Home, and be happy, and to experience your Invulnerability, to experience your True State of Being.

Again …

If you would hear ME, hear my brothers in whom God’s Voice speaks. The answer to ALL prayers lies in them.

The answers to all your prayers lie in them.

You want release? Then desire to know the Truth from the Place of Excellence in you, so there’s a reuniting of you with your right Mind. So that then you can extend your Right-Mindedness as a transformational healing Presence to your Brothers and Sisters, and glorify God in them, instead of what they are presenting.

You will be answered as you hear the answer in EVERYONE. Do not listen to anything else, or you will not hear truth.

Believe in your brothers BECAUSE I believe in you, and you will learn that my belief in you is justified. Believe in me BY believing in them, for the sake of what God gave them. They WILL answer you, if you learn to ask truth of them.

Now, does this mean that when they’re being really bitchy, or really difficult, that you try to extract the Truth from this uncooperative, difficult person? No. Because they’re already articulating the Truth very poorly and you can’t extract a clearer expression of it from them.

But you listen for the Truth About Them in them. You feel for It in them. You ask the Holy Spirit in them to give voice to what they are Meaning, not what they are saying, so that you may respond from there, which is the Truth In Them that they will be able to feel because it is the Truth In Them. And they will recognize that you are hearing them in spite of what they were saying. They think they’re saying exactly what you will say when you hear what they are Meaning, even though it’s not what your conditioned perceptions say they were actually saying.

They WILL answer you, if you learn to ask truth of them. Do not ask for blessings without blessing them, for only in this way can you learn how blessed YOU are. By following this way, you ARE looking for the truth in you.

You must have an object of your affection if you are going to wake up.

Continuing …

This is not going BEYOND yourself but TOWARD yourself. Hear only God’s Answer in His Sons, and you ARE answered.

If the Holy Spirit is nothing less than your right Mind, all of your answers are within you already, because you are more than you thought you were when you thought you were just the result of a sperm and an egg. You are the Divine Presence of Mind—the Presence of Mind—the spontaneous, all-inclusive, not-missing-a-thing Conscious Awareness of Existing—the Presence of Mind.

You say, “Well, he had the presence of mind to do such-and-such. I don’t know how he did it under the circumstances, but he had the presence of mind to do it. Thank God!” You see? You aren’t just the Presence of Mind. You’re the Presence of Mind—the actively-conscious, alert, not-missing-a-thing Conscious Awareness of Existing.

You are lucky. Next weekend is Christmas weekend. And there’s enough to chew on here for more than a week. So we will not gather together next Sunday evening, but will resume January 2nd, the day after New Year’s. And we will finish up this section, the rest of the “meat and potatoes.”

And we will take time, the next time we gather together, to discuss any questions you might have about what we’ve been discussing. I encourage you to review what we’ve read tonight. And I encourage you to review what we didn’t get to tonight.

I will tell you something. Meat and potatoes stick to your bones and give you a greater feeling of, for lack of better words, the Substance of You. And these are very significant points we’re discussing that will strengthen you—meaning that they will give you the ability to be less responsive to the fear that comes into play when bringing the Truth to bear upon relationships become an issue in your lives. And this needs to stop being scary for you, else you will avoid what you fear, when your salvation lies in not avoiding what you fear.

I love you.

[in the background] Happy Birthday, Raj. 2

[in the background] Thank you.

I will wish you all a Merry Christmas. Have fun celebrating my birthday, realizing that it’s simply a temporary means of remembering what it’s important for you not to forget—that God loves you. And you could say demonstrated His Love for you by providing you with a Brother loving you unconditionally as a role model, or an example, of what it’s your Function to do with each other, because that’s the way out of the human condition, suffering.


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