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Hang on a sec…

Good afternoon. And I welcome everyone who’s joining us on the internet as well.

We have been learning about the uses of projection. And more than anything, we’ve been uncovering the fact that what you ultimately want to be is what you are at this very moment. I have been illuminating ever more clearly that you should not see your Awakening, or your arriving at your ultimate destination, at some point in the distant future, but rather take hold of it in the moment you’re in, because no matter how you’re imagining yourself to be, and no matter how well you have convinced yourself that you are what you believe you are, you are, every single one of you at this instant nothing less than the direct Expression of God, as Perfect and Flawless as God’s Expression Is.

And so don’t lazily wait for the future to come. Be vitally curious in every moment to what? To see your world transformed? Well, yes, but more than that. To see your perceptions transformed. Be curious and alert for any manifestation of a change in which you are seeing everything, a change in which you are experiencing existence.

If you just think that it’s the world out there that’s going to be transformed, you are likely to overlook your absolute and direct connection with everything you’re seeing. And it will be possible for you to think that everything out there, well it will change but all of the factors out there will contribute to how fast or slow it changes. And you will lose sight of the fact that in order for anything to change out there, improve, more closely identify the Kingdom of Heaven, you are the one who is going to have to be willing to look at it, not only in a new way, but also with a new sense of Who It Is That You Are observing everything. And that yes, you are right now the Ultimate Christ. You are right now nothing more and nothing less than What God Is Originating right where you are moment by moment by moment by moment as long as you’re experiencing time.

So, for the rest of the day today and tomorrow when you wake up, let there be a sense of expectancy, because you don’t have to wait until we get through the whole Course to be willing to see things As God Is Seeing Them, which it is your Birthright to be experiencing because God literally didn’t give you any other means to observe everything than His Way.

You could say that God has extended His Mind and you are the Extension. But in His extending His Mind, He did not project It outside Himself, and therefore your having the Mind of God is something that is occurring within God and is not separate in any way. And therefore, you are the Presence of God. Not you are the Presence of God, but you are the Presence of God Being All There Is. Again, you are not God, but God Is All There Is of you.

Now that’s the fact at this moment. And that’s the fact that you have to stop doubting. That’s the fact that you have to stop seeing as an experience awaiting you some time in the future. You see? God isn’t withholding the experience from you. That means it’s available to you and that means it’s your Birthright. And that means that all there is to this process of awakening is not a bunch of hard work, but a simple willingness to embrace your Birthright. And the way to embrace your Birthright is to annul the bill of divorcement and invite God back in.

Again I will say that coming from a tiny, separated sense of yourself, it will feel to you as though doing this means yielding to a power greater than you, becoming subject to something other than you. And you’re just going to have to tough that one out. You’re going to have to accept it, go ahead and experience it and persist in inviting God in. Because the fact is that in your inviting God in, making room for God, and being willing to be subject to Him apparently, your Right Mind will be restored to you and you will find that you are One with God, because God Is All There Is to you. And there won’t be two of you—God and this you that is subject to God.

The Fullness Of Who And What You Are will be returned to you as your Right Mind, because you were willing to let it in. That’s what will happen, but it will require you, I’m going to say, to let your ego be subjugated to God, to become subject to God. You are going to have to bring your capacity to express your will into alignment with the Will of God. You’re going to have to let your will, this puny little private will that you think you have and that you are expressing with such vehemence, you’re going to have to let that become subject to the Father’s Will.

And as insulting as that will seem to be, it will be your savior because in letting the Father’s Will in, it will illuminate you, not as a now grand, separate entity, but as the Divine One That You Are and never stopped being. And the fullness of the Experience of What You Divinely Are finally being experienced by you will constitute such a joy that you will wonder what made you delay. Because All That God Is Being will be felt as all that you are being, because you’re no longer claiming a separate mind from the Mind of God. So you will become the Experience of What God Is Being. And none of What God Is Being will be projected outside of you anymore. It will all be part of you. And so the leaf and the table and the tree and your partner and your friends will be experienced as the Divine Idea That They Are That God Is Having.

And because there is no conflict in your mind, All of Creation, all of what you have been calling the world will be seen as unconflicted, will be seen in its fullness as part of you. It will all still be there, but it will be incapable of being at odds with you, and you will be incapable of being at odds with it, and even the concept of being at odds with it will be unthinkable, unavailable.

And so I reiterate that everything you’re experiencing right now will still be experienced. It’s just that it will no longer be experienced with the torque, the bias, that you have brought to it that has caused All of Creation to be experienced by you with distress.

Now watch it. Your tendency is when I talk about the way things will be, or the way things truly are, your habit is to automatically project that into the future as something to look forward to. Well, if you’re going to look forward to it, look for it here and now. Look for it in the experience of the sensation of your rear end on the folding chair or the sofa that you’re sitting on here. Because this sensation is what you’re to have a transformed experience of. And what this folding chair is, is what you’re to have a transformed experience of. And what the sofa is and how it feels is what you’re to have a transformed experience of. And what your derriere is, is what you’re to have a transformed experience of. And if you’ll keep that in mind, you’ll keep your Awakening more present in the moment of consciousness you’re experiencing and it will be available to you more quickly. And this is the good news.

The good news is that there truly is no lengthy process to the experience of a miracle, which is what? A sudden shift of perception. So let’s remember that. A sudden shift of perception. You’ve all had sudden shifts of perception. And I would ask you, how many of them were the result of your having sat for two hours studying a text real hard? They usually happened when you weren’t thinking. Right? Remember this so you don’t get sucked into an ethic of study and self-improvement.

The good news is it’s not as hard as you thought it was. And the reason it’s not as hard as you thought it was is because you aren’t what you thought you were. And I’m disclosing to you What You Are so that you might be able to conceive of it and embrace it even if it’s not believable. Because to the degree that you can conceive that it might be true, you have brought your thinking more in alignment with capital “T” Truth, with God’s Point Of View. And in that better alignment, it’s much easier for that sudden shift of perception to occur, when you’re not thinking, when you’re defenseless. You see? This is the good news.

It’s good news that shouldn’t be on the back page of the newspaper, or at the bottom of the list in your mind. It’s the good news that you should have on your mind constantly, because you really, really would prefer to in this moment be having a better experience than the one you’re having. If you don’t know that there’s an alternative to what you’re experiencing in this moment, you won’t be looking for an alternative. You won’t be attentive for it. But I’m telling you there is. And the alternative experience is available here quote “in the world” unquote and now without one more of intellectual self-improvement.

Can you see the smile on my face? It is a smile you should have on yours and that you should be feeling, and that you should bring with you as you look at everything and encounter everyone.

Okay. Let’s go to the book and I am continuing to read from the transcript as finished by Bill Thetford.

The ego CAN accept the idea that return …1

… meaning return to Home …

… is necessary because it can so easily make the idea seem so difficult.

If the ego couldn’t make it to seem difficult easily, it wouldn’t allow you to see this as a possibility. But the ego knows that because its function is to distract you from your Divinity and it’s already been doing quite well thank you, that if it let’s you know that you can wake up but it can convince you that it’s going to be difficult and get you involved in a difficult process, if it can do that, it’ll allow you to have this idea of waking up. You see?

Continuing …

Yet the Holy Spirit tells you that even return is unnecessary because what never happened cannot involve ANY problem. It does NOT follow, however, that YOU cannot make the idea of return both necessary AND difficult. It is surely clear, however, that the perfect NEED nothing, and CANNOT experience perfection as a difficult accomplishment because that is what they ARE.

I’ve said before, you’re neither behind the Point of Perfection, nor advancing toward it. You are at that Point and must understand yourself there from. In other words, that must be the starting point of any thought you have. That must be the starting point of any thought you have about another. You are not struggling to regain what you lost. You’re in a process of discovering that you never lost it and that the only thing that has separated you from the experience of it is a thought that you would call a belief. That’s all! Just a thought.

You can abandon a thought. A thought cannot provide resistance. It’s just an idea. It can’t struggle against you. You either embrace it or you reject it. The embrace or the rejection is the only thing that stands between you and [finger snap] waking up this instant. That’s the culprit, is a thought that you’ve chosen to believe or reject. A thought that you have the choice to believe or reject which at the moment you’re choosing to believe. You see, that’s what you need to be attending to—not study, study, study, study, and refine your soul. You see? Don’t get confused and you won’t delay your Awakening.

Continuing …

This is the way in which you MUST perceive God’s creations, bringing all of your perceptions into the one parallel line which the Holy Spirit sees. This line is the direct line of communication with God, and lets your mind converge with HIS. There is no conflict anywhere in this perception because it means that ALL perception is guided by the Holy Spirit…

… when you yield to the Holy Spirit, which again is nothing more than your right Mind, you might say that you, as the ego you think you are, are bringing yourself into alignment with the Holy Spirit which is nothing more than your Right Mind. And the Holy Spirit presents to you understandings of your perceptions that bring your perceptions in alignment with God’s Truth. It’s almost as though there are three parallel lines. You as the ego you think you are wanting to wake up allows your mind to become subject to the Holy Spirit, which means you’re allowing yourself as the ego you think you are to come into alignment with your capital “S” Self, the Holy Spirit, that which is nothing more than your Right Mind. So now we have two parallel lines which allow convergence to occur. What you might call connection with the Altar within you, connection with the Holy Spirit, your Right Mind. And then there are the parallel lines of the Holy Spirit and the Father which converge. You see, it’s all yielding. It’s all yielding.

Again …

There is no conflict anywhere in this perception because it means that ALL perception is guided by the Holy Spirit, Whose mind is fixed on God.

Whose Mind is fixed on God.

ONLY the Holy Spirit can resolve conflict because …

… ONLY the Holy Spirit is conflict-free. He perceives ONLY what is true in your mind, and extends outward ONLY to what is true in other minds.

The difference between the ego’s use of projection and projection as the Holy Spirit uses it is very simple.

It’s all simple.

The ego projects to EXCLUDE, and therefore to deceive.

What does it exclude? It excludes all of you that is not inside the bubble. It says, “What’s inside the bubble is me, and all the rest of what I infinitely am is not me,” and it projects it out there. And then, in this very, very biased perception of All That Is, it begins to interpret everything else. And in interpreting everything else, it must cover up its dishonesty, because it is dishonest to say this is me and that is not me when it’s all me. And so it must cover up its dishonesty because if it sees it (the Truth) it will cause the lie to be seen for what it is and it will cause the Christ That You Are to abandon the lie and not validate it. And so it will project it out there as part of what is not it. And it will turn all that it sees into dishonesty, untrustworthiness, undependability, the justification for lack of trust. You see? And then its behavior will reflect that toward All of Infinity.

So, continuing or repeating …

The ego projects to EXCLUDE, and …

… there we go …

… therefore to deceive. The Holy Spirit projects by RECOGNIZING HIMSELF in every mind…

… and I would add: and in every thing …

… and thus perceives them as ONE.

In other words, it perceives them as One and the Holy Spirit is that One that includes everything.

Continuing …

Nothing conflicts in this perception because what the Holy Spirit perceives IS the same.

It doesn’t perceive differentness. God infinitely individualizes Himself, but the Infinite Individualizations of God do not constitute something different or separate from God. It’s all One and that One is God.

Continuing …

Wherever He looks He sees Himself, and because He is united, He offers the whole Kingdom always.

Not just bits and pieces.

This is the one message God gave TO Him, and for which He must speak because that is what He IS.

Now, if the Holy Spirit is nothing more than your right Mind, then we could read it this way. This is the one message God gave to you and for which you must speak because that is What You Are.

You’re here to speak for God. In other words, you’re here to represent God. You’re here to glorify God by acknowledging nothing else in anything you see but God because you’re seeing God there. Not seeing what you choose to say a thing is there.

Continuing …

The peace of God lies in that message, and so the peace of God lies in YOU.

The great peace of the Kingdom shines in your mind forever, but it must shine OUTWARD to make YOU aware of it.

And that’s why I keep saying you must have an object of your affection. If you have an object of your affection, you have something to which you desire to extend your acknowledgement of everything that is meaningful truly and worthwhile and valuable, everything that identifies the real Source of the object of your affection, which means that therefore in your extending your attention you are glorifying God.

Again …

The great peace of the Kingdom shines in your mind forever, but it must shine OUTWARD to make YOU aware of it.

Here come the Light. Like a coal miner with a helmet on your head that has a light in it, you must invite the Light so that the Light goes on so that what? Does a coal miner’s light shine on the coal miner? No! It’s extended outward and it illuminates everything that couldn’t be seen in the dark. And so the coal miner brings the light to the darkness so that he might be able to carry out his function.

You bring the Light so that it shines on your Brother and your world so that you might be able to carry out your Function of saying, “Yes, God’s there. Yes, God’s there. Yes, God’s there. I see God everywhere I look!” You extend the Light so that you might have the glorious experience of fulfilling your Function, which is to see God.

Continuing …

The Holy Spirit was given you with perfect impartiality…

Your Birthright was extended to you. All That God Is was extended to you to be expressed as God right there where you are without hesitation, without reluctance, without using any measuring stick to see whether you were worth it. Again, it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom and so you’ve received it. There is no other way God’s Gift can be made. God cannot extend Himself partially.

Again …

The Holy Spirit was given you with perfect impartiality, and only by perceiving Him impartially can you perceive Him at all. The ego is legion, but the Holy Spirit is One.

I’m going to say the ego is legion, but it’s a conglomeration of what you might call infinite and infinitely separated parts that are at odds with each other and can never be in harmony.

Continuing …

… but the Holy Spirit is One.

And I will say, one in which all of those distinctly separate and oppositional parts that the ego sees are part of the Infinitude of the Holy Spirit that is seeing them. And so nothing is left out. All of Creation is One as the Mind that looks on Creation through God’s Eyes.

Continuing …

No darkness abides anywhere in the Kingdom, but your part is only to allow no darkness to abide in your OWN mind.

That’s all. You don’t have to tackle the universe. You don’t have to tackle all of the Kingdom. All you have to do is attend to your own mind. And you attend to your own mind by breaking this habit of relying vehemently on your best judgments, your best assessments, your best definitions, and your allegiances to each other and the mutual agreements you’ve made with each other, and turning toward the Altar, acknowledging that indeed there is another way to look at this, meaning All There Is. And it’s a truer way. And I am interested in exploring, for lack of better words, the potential that I hear there is from Raj from looking toward that which is nothing more than my Right Mind and abandoning my isolation, and letting in a better view with a willingness to yield to it, even though I don’t have complete confidence.

Even though I don’t have complete confidence. You’re very much like the young lady who was faced with the option of kissing the frog prince. [amused voice] “Hey, she might end up just having kissed a frog!” But the Extension of Love might be exactly that which uncovers the Reality there, we will say the handsome prince. And you might as well dare to do that which might uncover the Christ That You Are to yourself. You know, you might as well put your religious faith to the test. Put your mouth where your theories are.

Continuing …

This alignment with Light is unlimited because it is in alignment with the Light of the world. Each of us IS the Light of the world, and by joining our minds IN this Light, we proclaim the Kingdom of God together and AS ONE.

You see that? If you and you and you and you, all individually are extending the Light, you’re all in harmony with each other. You are all jointly expressing the same purpose.

Now, just one of you can do wonders. But what if all of you this week decide that you’re not going to take the bait like you did this last week when the suggestion came that you were vulnerable and that you had better defend yourself and that you had better take care of your defense before you question which teacher you’re listening to, before you consider whose vision you are choosing to employ.

You know, it’s not going to change. When you employ the ego’s vision and engage in defense, you’re going to hurt, hurt, hurt. You’re going to be in pain, pain, pain. You’re going to be miserable, miserable, miserable. I mean it! And you know it! It’s inevitable! There is no other result from not listening to the Voice for Truth. What do they say? Stupidity is persisting in doing what doesn’t work.

Remember we’re still talking about the good news. And to really be willing to acknowledge that what doesn’t work doesn’t work and saying that this constitutes justification for trying something new, that’s part of the good news.

The next section is entitled:

The Relinquishment of Attack

We have used many words as synonymous which are not ordinarily regarded as the same. We began with having and being, and more recently have used others. Hearing and being are examples, to which we can also add teaching and being, learning and being, and, above all, PROJECTING and being. This is because, as we have said before, every idea begins in the mind of the thinker and extends outward. Therefore, what extends FROM the mind IS STILL IN IT…

Again …

… what extends FROM the mind IS STILL IN IT, and from what it extends it knows ITSELF. That is its natural talent. The word “knows” is correct here, even though the ego does NOT know, and is not concerned with being at all.

The Holy Spirit …

… that which is nothing more than your right Mind …

… still holds knowledge safe through His impartial perception. By attacking nothing, He presents no barrier at all to the communication of God. Thus, being is never threatened. Your Godlike mind can never BE defiled. The ego never was and never will be part of it, but THROUGH the ego you can hear and teach and learn WHAT IS NOT TRUE.

And I would add: and which never takes on any aspect of Real Being.

Again …

The ego never was and never will be part of it, but THROUGH the ego you can hear and teach and learn WHAT IS NOT TRUE.

End of quote. And which can never take on any aspect of Real Being.

Continuing …

From this, which YOU have made, you have taught yourselves to believe that you ARE NOT what you ARE.

Well nothing new about that. We’ve been talking about it ad infinitum.

You CANNOT teach what you have not learned, and what you teach you strengthen in yourselves BECAUSE you are sharing it. Every lesson you teach, YOU are learning.

You meet someone new. Well, let’s put it this way. You are fresh out of college, you’re stepping out into the world and you have decided to be an architect. You go and apply for a job and you get one. And let’s say you’ve been working there for two or three weeks. You’re unsure about yourself. You know, you’re just starting out. It’s a new job. First job you’ve ever had. Will they like you? Will you be able to perform? Blah, blah, blah. And as you meet your friends and acquaintances or run into new people, the question comes up, “Well, what do you do?” And you say, “Well, I’m an architect.” Well, you don’t feel like an architect yet. You know that you’ve completed school and you have a job and your job title says “architect,” but you have to keep saying it so that the words don’t sound as foreign to you.

And after you’ve said it enough, let us say twenty years goes by and now you have your own office, and you are the owner of it, and you are running things. When somebody says, “Well, what do you do?”, you say, “I’m an architect,” and there’s no doubt in your mind in all. And when you say it, you expect others to hear that you are an architect with the same degree of assurance that you’re using the word. And why are you now in this position? Because you’ve convinced yourself by saying the unfamiliar word over and over again, and performing the functions of your office over and over again. You see? You have taught yourself that you are an architect by your words and your actions. You see?

Again …

You CANNOT teach what you have not learned, and what you teach you strengthen in yourselves BECAUSE you are sharing it. Every lesson you teach, YOU are learning.

That is why you must teach only ONE lesson. If you are to be conflict-free yourselves, you must learn ONLY from the Holy Spirit, and teach ONLY by Him. You ARE only love, but when you denied this you made what you ARE something you must LEARN.

When you said, “But Father, I’d rather do it my way. I’m getting a bill of divorcement,” you separated yourself from your Source. You separated yourself from what gave you True, Real Identity. And the fact that You Are Love became not you, and therefore, something you must learn.

Now the interesting fact is that you couldn’t possibly for a second cease Being Love. So all of your effort to learn to Be Love by saying it and by behaving lovingly has still constituted a denial of What You Are because you already are It, and you’re still not embracing That. That’s why I started out today talking about the fallacy of study, study, study, and improving yourself, because it will constantly distance you from the fact that you’re already at your destination.

Continuing …

We said before that the message of the crucifixion was, “Teach only love, for that is what you ARE.” This is the ONE lesson which is perfectly unified because it is the only lesson which IS one. Only BY teaching it can you learn it. “As you teach so will you learn.” If that is true, and it is true indeed, you must never forget that what you teach is teaching YOU. What you project you BELIEVE.

Simple, but powerful words. So, if what you project is what you believe and you want to have an improved belief, then you’ve got to make different choices about what you’re projecting. And one of the ways in which you can find new ways to project is to stop, I’m going to say, stop frequenting immoral, illicit, unprincipled, unloving, argumentative, conflicted venues. Let’s put it that way. To stop being curious to see what kind of awfulness there is going on in the world, especially awfulnesses that might affect you in some way.

Relinquish curiosity about the awfulness of life. Relinquish curiosity about that which doesn’t express Unity. Don’t be curious about evil, would be another way of … a more traditional way of putting it. When you’re looking for awfulness in yourselves or others, you send out messengers, evil-seeking messengers, and they will find what they’re looking for. Oh, yes, they will go out, and they’ll find this little part of the Kingdom of Heaven and that little part of the Kingdom of Heaven, because that’s all there is for them to go out and explore in. And they will bring you back messages, untrue messages about the Kingdom of Heaven. They will tell you lies, because a lie was what sent them out. And what was the lie? The lie was, on the part of the sender, “I’m not the Christ. I am not the direct Expression of God at this moment. God is not All There Is of me. I am independent! And I have a life of my own.” You see, this is a lie.

And you know what? “My perception of everything is that I live in a hostile world.” Well that’s a lie too. It’s not a hostile world, but it looks that way to the one who’s being on the basis of a lie.

And so a liar sends out messengers looking for the conflicted awfulness of the world so that they might bring back information that will help the sender be ready for whatever’s coming well-defended in advance.

Stop doing this, everyone. Stop sending out these messengers. Abandon the fundamental lie that you’re not the Christ, or let’s say abandon the fundamental lie that you have any existence other than What God Is Expressing Of Himself right where you are. And then send out messengers looking for confirmation of this Divine Presence Of God That You Are so that they might come back and confirm to you even more fully your Divinity and the Divinity Of Your World.

Let go of morbid fascination with the awfulness of existence. Do you hear me? Abandon morbid fascination with conflict. Abandon morbid obsession with awfulness that might potentially affect you. “Oh boy,” the ego says. “That’s really stupid. You’re really gonna make yourself vulnerable.” Well, the fact is that morbid fascination with the awfulness of the world and what effect it might have on you is what is stupid, because it will bring back to you confirmation of what isn’t real and isn’t true. And you will believe it because it’s confirming your intent by sending out those messengers. And you’re stuck in an illusion with no opportunity to experience freedom from it, because the only freedom from it that you will get is by sending out new messengers, different messengers that you send out from a true premise, that being that God Is All There Is Of You and You Are Divine and it’s your desire to experience confirmation of the Divinity Of Everything Else.

Again …

… you must never forget that what you teach is teaching YOU.

I’m going to say this. What you teach constitutes your sending messengers out into your world. And they will come back and teach you of the intent that you sent them out with. What you project— in other words, the messengers you send out— and the dishonesty of your position, you believe.

What you project you BELIEVE.

And, again, if you want a new belief, you’re going to have to find something new to project.

Continuing …

The only REAL safety lies in projecting only the Holy Spirit, because as you see His gentleness in others, your OWN mind perceives ITSELF as totally harmless.

In other words, what you see, you be.

Once it can accept this fully, it does NOT see the need to PROTECT ITSELF. The protection of God then dawns upon it, assuring it that it is perfectly safe forever. The perfectly safe are wholly benign.

Why? Why are the perfectly safe wholly benign? Because they’re sending out Messengers of Love. They are not sending out messengers to find the expected awfulness. You see? That’s dishonest, deceitful, hateful. It’s certainly not benign.

Continuing …

They bless because they know they ARE blessed. Without anxiety the mind is wholly kind, and because it PROJECTS beneficence, it IS beneficent.

Now one thing ought to be becoming perfectly clear. As you have read the Course, and you’ve read the way in which the word “projection” is used, it has been easy for you to come to the conclusion that projection is a dirty word. “Oh, he’s projecting! Oh, he’s projecting!” No. Projection is a Divine Law of Being. God in the Act of Creation is projecting What He Is, but not projecting it outside of Himself. And God experiences His Projection and recognizes Himself in It. And so we have this full circle of a Projection Of What God Is coming full circle back to God, you might say, because It never left God and God recognizes Himself in It.

What does it say? “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good.”2 Or verily God. You see? Self-Recognition. Wholeness. Oneness. Unity.

So don’t use the word “projection” or think of it as a bad word, a dirty word, a metaphysically or spiritually incorrect word. Rather recognize that projection is inseparable from the Conscious Experience of Being. You’re doing it all the time, either from the basis of a lie that you believe is true, or an Experience of What Is Real that you have invited in which causes you to be in perfect alignment with the Projection that constitutes the Movement of Creation That God Is that allows you, then, to experience the influx of God’s Point Of View, if you will, God’s Perspective, that allows alignment to occur so that the last vestige of the bill of divorcement can dissolve and you are awake.

And we can’t stop without my reminding you this isn’t a long project for you to engage in. It’s available to you at this moment, and it boils down to the acceptance or rejection of an idea. That’s all! A single idea that can’t defend itself against your choice. And that idea is: You are not God but God Is All There Is of you. Are you going to accept that idea, or reject it? Whether you do it or not, this week or tonight, and wake up, the fact is that that’s the only fly in the ointment there is. That’s the only fly in the ointment there is.

I hope you find this all incredibly interesting. It is the incredible good news. Everybody else might say, “Ah, come on. Put your back into it. Put your back into it, you know. Work! Work! We’re doing it that way. You don’t think it can be that easy do you? Come on, put your back into it. Exert a little effort.” It’s bait. Are you going to take hook, line and sinker? Or not?

Whether you do or not, the point is that all you’re dealing with is the acceptance or rejection of a single idea. Now are you the Sons and Daughters of God.

I love you little Sons and Daughters of God.

You Infinite Sons and Daughters of God. And I look forward to being with you next week.

Can I ask a question?3


On the way over here tonight or this afternoon, one… I was thinking about one time you said that we aren’t really here. And what I heard was the reason I’m seeing this stuff is because I’m focusing on it. Because I’ve been seeing a lot of the messengers coming back with meanness and stuff. So what I got today was when I see any of this going on then what I need to do is focus on the Holy Spirit that second, not the thing I’m hearing, or the thing I’m seeing, or the whatever. Is that right?

That is correct. And then with the Holy Spirit look upon these things.

In a different way.

Because the Holy Spirit will be looking at it …


… through the Eyes of Unity and Oneness and can reflect back to you, report back to you the True Vision. Now let’s be careful. To say, “I’m not here,” it means that you are not in the perception of the Kingdom of Heaven that you’re having that you call a material world and universe full of mortals.

Yeah, that was the startling thing.

But you are in the Kingdom of Heaven right here and everything you are seeing is …

Is Real.

… some aspect of Reality. It’s just that it’s seen through this torque …

My focus.

… that you’ve applied …

Yes. This focus.

… that causes the Kingdom of Heaven to be experienced as stressful. And causes you to be defensive and to see everything as justification for defense. You see?

Mmm hmmm.


Thank you.

Okay. We’ll meet again next week. Thank you.

  1. T6.2 The Uses of Projection 

  2. Genesis 1:31 

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