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Good afternoon. And welcome to everyone who is joining us on the internet as well.

Before we go into the book, I observe that for many who are studying the Course, there is not a lot of pleasure, a lot of joy being experienced as a result of their study of the Course. In so many words it says that you are suffering because you have, you know, gotten this bill of divorcement from your Father and lost your awareness of your Identity and have gone into a mode of being that is one of control and manipulation and defense and by God that must make you awful. And you had better be constantly looking into what’s wrong with you so that you might let go of what’s wrong with you. I’ve said that you are all Christs behaving as though you’re not the Christ and believing your behavior.

Now, one could look at that negatively, but don’t forget that I said you’re all Christs. That’s the Truth right now. You are what the Father is expressing of Himself right where you are. No matter what you have believed, the Truth about you has remained the Truth.

Now, how often have you heard me say, “Go within and ask of the Holy Spirit what’s wrong with you?” How many times have you heard me say go within and ask, “What is the lie here?” Never! The question is, “What is the Truth here? What is the Truth there? What is the Truth about the leaf? What is the Truth about the glass-topped table? What’s the Truth about the tree outside? What’s the Truth about my Brother? What’s the Truth about me?” It’s exactly the opposite of some internal witch hunt where you’re uncovering your errors and your flaws and everything that’s wrong with you. You want to know What The Truth Is. You want to know what the good news is.

How many of you are going to seriously sit down with self-discipline and persistence to be constantly asking, “What is wrong with me?” Some of you with a masochistic bent may do that, but, the fact is you don’t want to know what’s wrong with you. You don’t want to know what’s wrong with you and so you will not really listen for an answer because the answer will convict you. And so whatever attention you bring to that task of wanting to learn what’s wrong with you will be half-hearted. Or you will supply resistance. And you will be miserable and those around you will not see the Light in your eyes. And if they learn from you that your serious state is a result of your studying A Course In Miracles, they will likely not pick the Course up if it’s going to turn someone who had been a relatively cheerful person into a serious and somber, obviously unhappy individual.

Now, this is not to say that you don’t have things to learn. It is not to say that you are not making mistakes that will need to be uncovered so that you can set them aside. But instead of asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong? What flaw is there in me that needs to be corrected?”, you can ask, “What do I need to know in order to be free of the misery I’m experiencing? What is the Light-filled answer, the Joy-filled answer, the resolving answer to the problem I’m experiencing?”

You know, people can stand around and say, “Well, you’re creating the problem for yourself, you know. You are creating the problem for yourself. You are the culprit!” Well, that’ll knock the wind out of your sails and your spirit. But if that person said to you, “You know, if you’ll go within and ask this, it will help. ‘If there is … ’ This is the question. ‘If there is something I am doing to block my good, would you please reveal it to me together with the answer as to how to set it aside?’” You see, now the focus isn’t on you and what you’re doing wrong, or you and the way you’re creating your problems for yourself. The focus is on the answer. The focus is on that which will resolve. And it includes the willingness to see whatever there might be going on in you that’s inhibiting you from experiencing your freedom.

There needs to be less finger-pointing at you and you and you and other people, and more and more finger-pointing toward the Truth that will set you free. It doesn’t say the Truth will set you free from all the awful things you’re doing. It’s the Truth will set you free. You’re in there and the correction of the problem is embraced in that attitude, but the finger is pointing at Truth and freedom. Do you see the difference?

And you can bind yourself and others unnecessarily by where you’re giving your attention and focus. You know you’re miserable. Or you know you’re suffering. You know you’re in pain. You know you’re ill. No one needs to tell you, “You’re ill.” Everyone needs to tell you, “You may be old, but you don’t need to be. It’s an illegitimate imposition upon you and you deserve to be experiencing freedom from it. Let’s give our attention to gaining the freedom.”

If you do that and you begin to experience healing and resolution of problems, the process of awakening will become a more enjoyable one. You will have a more positive attitude during the day and in your involvement with others. And you will find that waking up is something you can dare to be genuinely curious about. You can become genuinely curious about what the poinsettia really means. Or you can be curious to find out what your liver or your bladder or your uterus means divinely speaking, so that what it doesn’t mean can disappear from your experience.

Well you’re having a problem with your uterus, or you’re having a problem with your bladder, or whatever else, asking, “What am I doing to create this for myself? What is there about me that would find justification for creating this for myself?” Do you see how this is a witch hunt and this is a negative, judgmental approach?

I’ll tell you something else. When you ask for healing, turn the need for healing over to the Holy Spirit, praying to be healed. And let that be the first part of your prayer. And the second part of your prayer should be, “And if there is anything I need to know, if there is anything I am doing to contribute to this that I need to be aware of, please illuminate it to me so that I might consciously, intentionally set it aside.”

But don’t assume that the correction of every problem calls for a conscious correction of you or of your thinking. Maybe the problem is not because of some focused, negative attitude or idea that you are embracing about yourself or a Brother that is causing tension that needs to be seen and corrected in your mind and released. Sometimes it’s just fear. Just the feeling of being vulnerable which when you open up to the answer constitutes you opening up to the Father’s Love. And in opening up, opening the door and being less defended, the Father’s Love can register with you and in the Presence of that Love, the fear disappears. And in the disappearing of the fear, the disease or illness fades. And there was no specific thought on your part that needed to be weeded out and corrected.

Waking up is not about finding fault with your Brother or with yourself. It’s about finding the Truth about your Brother and yourself. And if you will remember that, the Light will come back into your eyes, the twinkle, and your spirits will be lifted. And you will become more curious, undefendedly curious. And there will be anticipation of clarification and insight and new conscious experiences of yourself and your world and your Brothers and Sisters. And it will be called healing. Physical healing. Healing of relationships. Healing of your reluctance to embrace the world so that you might find God there, instead of what others have taught you it is and what you think your experience has taught you that it is. I am encouraging you all today to let the Light in, to lighten up.

Don’t let your process of awakening be one of a constant, internal witch hunt wherein you find out just what awful things you’re doing. The only awful thing any of you is doing is that you’re looking at everything alone, or you’re looking at everything in the context of what you think it is and what all of your Brothers and Sisters have determined it is. And you’re not looking at it with God. You’re not looking at it with your capital “V” Vision. The Vision, the capital “V” Vision that You The Christ is, not has but is.

And the correction of this problem lies in accessing that Vision that you are. And that’s what we’re talking about when we say turn to the Altar, go within, turn toward the Altar, lean into the Holy Spirit which is nothing more than your Right Mind, lean in to the Christ That You Are, and gather the facts about everything from Its Vision—your True Vision. Doing this returns you to your Right Mind. Or you could say returns your Right Mind to you.

And you’re not found guilty of anything. So let there be more happy inquisitiveness. Let your waking up remain in the realm of the good news, in the realm of delight, in the realm of innocence to be uncovered in you, not guilt. Let’s stop wasting time pointing out the flaws in others on the premise that that’s the practice of love and that’s the means by which healing can occur. [whispered] No.

Let’s start pointing out the Truth in each other in a manner that makes others feel safe enough to abandon their fear. And even safe enough to take a look at what they might be doing that’s blocking them from standing in receipt of the Father’s Love, blocking them from standing in receipt of all of the Kingdom that has been given to him or her. And if there’s an uncovering of a flaw, let it arise from the Holy Spirit, because not only will the motive be Love, it will find expression in a manner that is disarming to the ego which is already standing on guard in defense of itself.

If you see someone on a trek going from one place to another and you can see that there is a pitfall ahead of them that they can’t see, you can yell at them, “Don’t go there!” in a commanding, authoritative way, because you can see the truth that there’s a pitfall ahead and you don’t want them to fall into it. You can even say, “Don’t be insane and continue in that direction!” and thereby call that one’s integrity into question when all they’re doing is just putting one foot in front of the other, not bothering anybody. Or you can say, “Don’t go that way because about 15 feet ahead of you and around to the left, there’s a pitfall. It would be better for you to go to the right, and then go forward about a hundred feet, and then continue on your way. Have a good time.” You see?

Also, don’t use yourself as the butt of judgment. “You’re really stupid.” Or it would come as, “Boy, am I ever stupid. Ahh. I probably shouldn’t start out on this trek at all because I’m bound to run into pitfalls, and there won’t be anybody there to tell me to watch out. No need for me to borrow trouble. I’ll just stay home. The cards are stacked against me. My mindsets are stupid. Nothing ever works for me. What’s the use? I’ll stay home and watch HBO. And I just won’t engage in life.” And so there you end up being the butt of your own judgments. No.

What is the Truth about you? What is it appropriate for you to be doing today? Is it appropriate for me to go out? If it’s appropriate for me to go out, what is it appropriate for me to do? In other words, what is it appropriate for me to do that will uncover to me the Birthright, my Birthright that my Father has established in me? What is it appropriate for me to do today that will constitute an Experience of Joy, an experience of enjoyment? What is it appropriate for me to do today that will uncover the good in me and the good in my Brothers and Sisters? Now that’s a different sort of question.

And to sum it up, you could put it this way. “I intellectually understand that I am the Christ, that I am the absolutely perfect Expression of God that God is expressing at this very instant. I understand this intellectually even though I do not have the experience of it. And based on that idea which I hope is the Truth, I want to know: What should I do today? Where should I go so that this Birthright of mine as the Christ will be more fully present and available to me to experience? And so that my Brothers and Sisters might be blessed by behavior from me that more fully embodies the Truth about me that I am the Christ, not some sinner who got a bill of divorcement and is thereby experiencing eternal trouble because he was naughty.” You see?

Your day, you might even say your future sits in front of you holding for you your Conscious Experience of the Kingdom of Heaven and of you as the Christ That You Are. And waking up is a result of giving your interest and your curiosity and your attention to the fuller Experience of the Truth about you; not of finding out every little frigging flaw or false belief that you’re entertaining.

Because I’ll tell you something. When you’re curious to know the Truth and you open up to it and it begins to filter in, it’s going to make obvious to you where you’ve been mistaken. You’ll say, “Wow. That’s … this is the Truth.” And you will feel it and experience the Truthfulness of it. And then you’ll say, “Wow! And I used to believe such-and-such.” Used to. Because now you know the Truth and you don’t believe such-and-such any more. You can see that it was false.

And you release it in favor of the Experience of Truth you’re having. Your flaws will be uncovered not by going in search for them, but by asking to know What The Truth Is. And when the Truth is revealed, it uncovers the falsity of things you had believed. And your release and the apparent loss of those falsities will be a non-event in the face of the Truth that you now feel and know.

The Experience of Truth removes your capacity to believe a lie. The Presence of Truth removes your capacity to continue to believe a lie. Let the Truth do the search. Let the Truth do the hunt. It’s like the Light. It goes in where the darkness was and you can’t see the darkness anymore. You don’t have to go look for the dark corners of yourself. Turn toward the Light. Let the Light fill you and the dark corners will be gone. That’s a happier process and it’s consistent with what Awakening truly means. I just desire for each one of you to not find any of this to be a heavy, burdensome project.

You remembering Who You Really Are is a joyful thing. You reincorporating your Experience of Being the Son or Daughter of God, Perfect, whose Function is only to recognize God in every thing, which is a totally joyous experience. You whose Function it is to recognize God in every thing with the realization that every thing is some aspect of the Infinitude Of Your Being is an equally joyous thing, because What and Who You Are is redefined into a Wholeness, into a Oneness, where conflict is non-existent.

Just beware of anyone or anything that would tell you that you’ve got to go on an internal witch hunt to find out what’s wrong with yourself before you’ve gone to the Holy Spirit to ask, “What is the Truth?”

And by all means, don’t pick up a book, whether it’s A Course In Miracles or the Bible or any other book, don’t pick up a book and use the intellectual principles you find there as the proper tool or tools to use to find out what is wrong with you so that you might fix yourself, or so that you using the principles, the words in those books, can help another find out what’s wrong with them and fix them.

Learned principles—this is important—learned principles applied to the human condition lack the inspiration and power that accompany the discernment and Experience of What Truth Is which you will only have if you go within, let down your defenses, and invite the Father in, invite the Holy Spirit in, invite what is nothing more than your Right Mind in, and abandon your tiny, personal, private, isolated self that would take the words in the book to beat some sense into your fellowman so that your fellowman might wake up, or beat some sense into yourself so that you might wake up.

I’ve said it before. The only holy books that are worth their salt are the ones that manage to convince you that there is a God and that this God is your Friend, and that cause you in one way or another to abandon your insistence upon your private, isolated, self-determined sense of self and invite something else into your space, into you, so that the isolation is broken. And so that the line of communication between you and your Father is opened up once again, and you are filled, infilled by the Father’s Love and the Father’s Vision, and which encourages you not to address your fellowman to fix him or her up until you have done that. So that you no longer continue to reaffirm that existence is about isolated, private, selfish entities controlling each other for selfish reasons, even if it’s in the guise of fairness and kindness and love.

Let’s bring the joy back into waking up. Let’s lighten up. You can be persistent and diligent without being hard on yourselves. You can be honest without being critical toward yourself and others. You can be practical without losing your ability to soar. In other words, you can be practical without becoming grounded like a dead weight.

Generally speaking when you say that you need to be practical, you mean that you need to do whatever you need to do to save your ass, to protect your ass. But practical really means not being duped into acting out of ignorance. Being practical means having enough clarity to want to know What The Truth Is. Not the awful truth about you, but the Divine Truth about you. Not the awful truth about your Brother, but the Divine Truth about your Brother. Why? So that that might be what you facilitate the embodiment of. You see?

You can be disciplined. You can use your mind in a disciplined way without the use of discipline being some sort of self-punishment. Got it? Okay!

We will go into the book.

Thoughts begin in the mind of the thinker, from which they extend outward. This is as true of God’s Thinking as it is of yours. Because your minds are split, you can also perceive as well as think. Yet perception cannot escape from the basic laws of mind.1

Another way of putting this is that just as you can seem to be the Christ behaving as though you aren’t the Christ, everything you do as though you’re not the Christ is utilizing the capacities of the Christ That You Are. Likewise, whatever the laws are that govern the Christ also govern what is thought by a Christ who has forgotten that he’s the Christ.

Again …

Because your minds are split, you can also perceive as well as think. Yet perception cannot escape from the basic laws of mind. You perceive FROM your mind and extend your perceptions outward. Although perception of any kind is unnecessary…

… indeed God does not indulge in it.

Although perception of any kind is unnecessary, YOU made it, and the Holy Spirit can therefore use it …

… as …

… well.

Now let’s just stop for a moment. What is perception? The best way to describe it is that it is the conscious experience one has after applying a little torque to an Original, Flawless Idea that God has Thought. When I say a little torque, I mean a little bias. When you take a metal rod and you take hold of each end with something that can hold the pipe (the rod) solidly and you twist the pipe, you create torque. And you also in creating torque (t-o-r-q-u-e), when you apply torque, you create stress in the pipe, in the rod. So when you apply a little torque, a little bias, to one of God’s Ideas, you create stress together with a distorted experience of that Real Thing. And so, instead of seeing What A Thing Truly Is, you see your perception of it, and inherent in that perception of it is stress, distress.

Now, again …

Although perception …

… a torqued experience of something Real …

… of any kind is unnecessary, YOU made it, and the Holy Spirit can therefore use it well. He can INSPIRE perception and lead it toward God by making it PARALLEL to God’s way of thinking, and thus guarantee their ultimate meeting. This convergence SEEMS to be far in the future only because your mind is not in perfect alignment with the idea, and therefore DOES NOT WANT IT NOW.

That’s the only reason you don’t wake up every morning and see the Kingdom of Heaven. You do not want it now. You prefer the torqued perception of it. Why? Because you think your salvation depends upon the bias you’re bringing, and the persistence with which you bring it, because you know what? It’s up to you. It’s entirely up to you to keep your perception of the universe together, to keep it going so that it doesn’t collapse. [laughing] And the minute you withdraw your investment of energy and attention and reinforcement from it, it will collapse because the torque hasn’t been placed there by God and isn’t therefore part of Reality.

You keep the Kingdom of Heaven, the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven torqued because in your present mindset your existence depends on it. Your safety depends upon it. Your continuity depends upon it—you think. That is your belief.

You know what? At the bottom line the reason you don’t let go of it is because you would have to abandon whatever sense of power you presently think you have, whatever authority you presently think you have. And you think that this power and authority that you personally have is the very life-force of your being—the utterly, simply essential element of your identity. And so you are obsessed with your power.

That’s why the word “yielding” is such an unappealing word. “Yielding. Ooohhh! You mean let someone else be in charge of me?” No. What I mean is by the word “yielding,” abandoning your sense of power, your sense of authority, not so that something else can be in charge of you but so that you might discover that in the absence of your expressing power and authority, you will find that you have the Conscious Experience of Reality, of the Kingdom of Heaven, wherein no one is exercising authority or power because the Movement of Being, the Movement of Creation is already done, is already being done, is already inexorably in Movement and no one has any personal responsibility of being in charge of it. Everyone has the freedom to be in full acknowledgement of the Infinite Perfection and Beauty and Bliss of Creation in which you are benign and invulnerable along with everything else.

And because of this lack of need for power and authority, you can be fully present with the whole Brotherhood. You can be undefendedly present with every aspect of Creation because there will be no fear that it might kill you. You will have no fear that if you are walking in the forest, a tree might fall on you and kill you, because God is indivisible and therefore unconflicted, and therefore Creation is incapable of being at odds with any other part of Creation.

The purpose of letting go of this power that you think is essential to and inseparable from your identity, the reason for abandoning this power is so that you might find that it is completely irrelevant to Reality and that its maintenance constitutes a constant distraction from your capacity to be present with everything without defense. And therefore, that you have the capacity to feel the Meaning of Everything fully as some aspect of the Infinitude of You.

Now your mind is a little more, a little bit more in perfect alignment with the idea, and therefore does want it a little bit more now than you did 15 minutes ago.

Continuing …

The Holy Spirit USES time, but does NOT believe in it. Coming from God He uses everything for good, but He does not BELIEVE in what is not true. Since the Holy Spirit is IN your minds, your minds must [also] be able to believe only what is true.

Your minds must also be able to believe Only What Is True. Your minds really are able to believe Only What Is True. It’s not a capacity you have to develop. Because you are the Christ right now, your minds must be able to believe Only What Is True. It’s a capacity you have, but it’s like an unused muscle. The muscle’s there.

You have the capacity [laughing] … you have the capacity to be unfettered with a clutter of untruths that you believe. Now you initially will find that as you let go of them, it would seem as though it’s a narrowing down of your attention because [in a very amused voice] there’s so much less to think about without the clutter of untrue things. And only believing What Is True, it will seem as though your attention is becoming much narrower than it used to be because, of course, you can imagine infinite possibilities of untrue things.

Now, the Fact is that What Is True is Infinitely Present and Infinitely Expressed, and so there’s a lot to give your attention to. But you know what? When you begin to allow your mind to be engaged only with Those Things That Are True, the fact that All Of What Is True is unconflicted and in Harmony with every other Thing That Is True, there’s not much static in your mind. And you can experience more with less confusion because it all fits together, it all blends together. And so you’re aware of the greater Infinitude of What Is True with less effort than it took for you to cope with the myriad of beliefs that were untrue, and which were therefore conflicted by nature, and which therefore kept you on guard because you had to keep everything straight for your own self-protection and your own peace of mind. And it took a lot of control and it took a lot of power. And, of course, every time you used all this power, you were reinforcing your identity—you thought—the manufactured identity, the made-up identity that you created after you got your bill of divorcement and became Identity-less in your mind.

So, again …

Since the Holy Spirit is IN your minds, your minds must also be able to believe only what is true. The Holy Spirit can speak only for this, because he speaks for God. He tells you to return your whole mind to God because IT HAS NEVER LEFT HIM.

Your whole mind never got broken up into pieces, even though you seemed to create an imaginary line around yourself, or an imaginary sphere around yourself, and you said, “All of me that’s inside the sphere, I will call me. And everything on the outside of … every … all of me that’s on the outside of the sphere, I will call not me.” All you’re doing is making up a story that doesn’t affect the Uninterruptible Continuity of All of You.

The Holy Spirit …

… tells you to return your whole mind to God because IT HAS NEVER LEFT HIM. If it has never left Him you need only perceive it as it is to BE returned.

So, not a lot of book learning. Not a lot of principles to learn. If your Whole Mind never left God, you need only perceive it as it is to be returned. Perceive it as it is? Well, how’re you going to perceive it? Intellectually? Like “A + B = C therefore D, E and F are what I am. Ahh!” No. It’s not an intellectual process like that. It’s a matter of inviting God in again. It’s a matter of inviting the Holy Spirit in. It’s a matter of acknowledging that there is in you a Place of Excellence and turning your attention there so that you might learn of this Excellence of You with a willingness to abandon the definitions you have created about yourself, so that you might let your Right Mind begin to register with you as an experience. And that’s the way you perceive your mind as it is. And when you perceive it as it is that way, it is, it has been returned.

Continuing …

The full awareness of the Atonement, then, is the recognition THAT THE SEPARATION NEVER OCCURRED.

You are beginning to glimpse the fact that maybe, indeed, you are really at Home right now, that maybe you really are in the Kingdom of Heaven right now even though you’re calling it something else and insisting that it’s something else. It’s beginning to dawn on you that you might actually be looking at all of this right from the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven with a Christ-Mind that has the capacity, that really has the ability to see Only What Is Real. And that is giving you an experiential glimpse of the fact that the separation never occurred.

Now listen to this …

The ego cannot prevail against this because it is an explicit statement that the EGO never occurred.

You, not being in your Right Mind, did not become a quote “not-right-minded entity” unquote. Therefore, this not-right-minded entity that seems to be you fumbling around in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven but saying you’re fumbling around in the middle of quote “the world” unquote, that awful ungodlike place. That, instead of that, it’s more like the Christ has taken a nap, or had a daydream, none of which was real but which succeeded in distracting him from the clear recognition of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Christ That He is. Period. No self ever got created! All this sense of yourself is that’s alone, isolated, struggling, vulnerable, subject to sin, disease, death, and living in a universe of fundamental conflict—all of that is nothing but an idea that you are entertaining in your mind and identifying with so completely that you think it’s true.

When you choose to join with the Holy Spirit… when you choose to join with the Holy Spirit you break the intent to see the Kingdom of Heaven with a little bit of torque applied to it. And you break the obsession of maintaining the torque, the bias. You therefore abandon the personal power that you believe is inseparable from your identity, meaning the definitions you have given yourself. And in the willingness to abandon those, there is a spontaneous movement of rejoining, of reconnection, if you will, with your Source, that returns your Experience of your Real Identity to you and you discover that it just wasn’t so. There never was an ego called you. And there never was this fantastic conglomeration of false definitions that constituted you living in a world that had nothing to do with God. Awakening is really the undoing of the belief that you really became something other than What God Is Forever Being New.

Now, you did not create the world. You only created the definitions that you’re applying to the world. And so everything will not disappear. Creation will be recognizable to you as Creation, instead of quote “the world and universe” that was constituted of the best definitions you could come up with. And so this is not going to constitute a loss of any sort. Everything that you see will become illumined with the Truth Of What It Is. And so everything that you see will in that process of becoming illuminated to you, will take on more meaning—awesome meaning. Its Divinity that would warrant the hosannas of the angels will register with you and make your Soul soar and sing with Joy in the recognition of the Exquisiteness of What God Be’s.

And so this is why I keep saying ask, “What is the Truth here?” And let your energy and your interest and your attention be turned to the Holy Spirit with the question, “What is the Truth here?” so that the delight of Experiencing the Truth being revealed to you might be had by you.

And as I said when we first started, get off of this habit of wanting to know what’s wrong with you. Get out of the habit of wanting to know, “What is there in me that is so perverted and perverse that it would not want to experience God?” That kind of pursuit of quote “truth” unquote will not illuminate Truth. Because the fact is that there is nothing perverted or perverse in you because you didn’t for a moment stop being The Christ That You Are That God Is Expressing right where you are at this moment. And therefore, the only exploration that is worth its salt is the inquisitive pursuit of a clearer and clearer experience of what is right about you, of this Christ That You Are.

And in the process of inviting that in, whatever resistances your ego seems to have to it will become illuminated. But you know what? It will be illuminated by the very thing that negates it so that its uncovering will not engage you in a war with something perverted in you to get rid of it. The Truth will illuminate its untruth, and therefore its non-existence. And you will easily withdraw your faith in the untruth. You see? Because it will be obviously invalid, unhelpful, unconstructive, and not useful to you in any way. And when it’s not useful to you, when something is not useful to you, you drop it. You let it go. If it’s not useful, it just becomes excess baggage, doesn’t it? And none of you really carries anything around with you that you don’t find useful.

Okay. The good news is that Waking Up is a Joy. The good news is give your attention to desiring to know What The Truth Is. And the good news is don’t uncover what’s untrue in your Brother in the guise of helping him grow. Uncover the Truth in your Brother. Uncover the Truth in your Brother. And in the process, if your Brother has reluctances about seeing the Truth about himself because he or she has some pet ideas that he or she wants to hold on to, those things will become clear as the blocks. And then you can tell the Truth about them, not because you uncovered them, but because the Truth that you were being uncovered them. And because they are what has been illuminated, they are what is on the plate and they are therefore the very next things to be seen through, the ones that are ready to be released.

You can be an agent for change in the world and for your Brother, but not by pointing out his flaws. The only way you can be an agent for change is by illuminating the Truth about your Brother or Sister. And you know what? You don’t know What The Truth Is until you ask God What The Truth Is in each and every moment. It’s not that the Truth changes in each and every moment. It is that without checking in with God, you’re relying upon something else. And there is nothing else. So the something else that you’re relying upon is something that doesn’t exist and, if you are going to base your actions on the basis of something that doesn’t exist, you are going to introduce chaos and confusion, and not healing or correction. Is that clear? Does that make sense?

You ask at every moment of God What The Truth Is, not because the Truth changes, but because you don’t want at any moment to be relying upon any other source for the Experience of Truth than the Only Source of the Experience of Truth there is.

And right now you have long-standing habits of relying upon your best judgments and your imaginations and your thinking, all of which arises from a fundamental lie. That lie being the premise that you exist on your own without a Source—you are self-existent. That’s why only confusion can follow any actions that arise.

So, again, as you proceed this next week, bring some lightness and some Light into your experience by remembering that it’s your Function to be curious to know What The Truth Is about yourself, about your circumstances, about your Brothers, Sisters, employers, blah, blah, blah. And the Truth is always the Divine Reality that resolves conflict, distress, tension, jealousy, hate, fear, sin, sickness, and death. It’s easy to want to know What The Truth Is when you know that Truth felt and experienced heals, corrects, harmonizes, unifies, and uncovers your inseparableness from all that has been healed, corrected, unified, et cetera.

I love you all. And I’m going to say have more fun this week. Now I don’t mean have more fun going out doing irrelevant things. I mean have more fun with this thing that’s so fundamentally valuable to you—your Love of Truth and your wanting to Wake Up. And have more fun bringing the principles into play in the workplace, in your home, inside your mind, by remembering not to go on an internal witch hunt, but to desire to know the Truth because the Truth uncovers the Joy and Unity and Harmony of Being. It’s that simple. Don’t forget it. Okay.

Thank you. 2

You are welcome.

We have a question or a comment here.

My question is it occurred to me … something maybe … is that maybe adding some levity to this, I was going to pose the question and it is … I suppose we can take it seriously or hopefully not seriously, but the question that I was gonna pose is, is it true that there is a delusion?

Indeed, is it true that there is a delusion?

Yes. That’s the question. And it’s kind of one of those things like the monks would ask and then go off and meditate on that for a day or two.

Or the sound of one hand clapping.

Right. Right.



Yes. Yes. And I will not comment.


The question …

It’s not a serious question. It’s something to ask as a …

The question expresses a wholeness within itself that needs to simply be contemplated.


Yes. Thank you for sharing that.

You’re welcome.

Okay. I look forward to being with you next week.

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