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Hang on a sec…

Paul: I need to hear anything you have to say at this time.

Raj: Paul, the impasse you find yourself at is a temptation—a temptation to take things in your own hands, to revert to your conditioned, historical behavior and means of dealing with situations. Indeed, this is exactly the time when self-protection is unnecessary! This is the time when it is unavoidably important for you to insist upon staying in touch with me, just as those circumstances where something unlovely is confronting you are exactly the time that love is called for, and not the typical, habitual, conditioned response of revulsion.

Is the Father presenting you with a threatening experience? Absolutely not. Is the Kingdom of Heaven unfolding a crisis? Inconceivable. Then, Paul, the fact is that you are not confronted with what your ego, your conditioned thinking, is defining as a crisis, and you are not faced with anything less than the manifestation of Love.

You project doom, based upon ignorance—based upon limited perception. And is this going to cause you to more firmly depend upon limited perception, especially in light of everything we have been speaking about? No, indeed. I will acknowledge that although you have come close to taking action based upon memory and acquired “intelligent” movements of response, you have not acted, and you have insisted upon coming back to me for this conversation before doing anything further.

I will not ever recommend that you take actions which will be detrimental to you—harmful, injurious. Our relationship is one in which there is only one function. That function is to reveal, illuminate, and bring forth as conscious experience, your Self—which, of course, means the conscious experience of your union with the Father. In Biblical terms it does indeed mean letting that mind be in you which was also, and is also, in me. It means claiming no other mind that can function independent from and at odds with the infinite and only Mind there is, and therefore the infinite and only Identity you could possibly have. Your ego is self-derived. Your Consciousness, your Being, is God-derived.

Now, who or what are you going to cast your lot with? In what are you going to invest your faith? In what are you going to trust? Shall we trust the ego just a little bit longer until you get over this hurdle, until your rent is paid and your bills are paid, and then you’ll ease up and check in with me once in awhile, connect with your Birthright once in awhile? The Biblical injunction is, “Choose ye!” Make the choice!

Paul: All right. My next question would be, how do I do that at times other than when I am specifically talking with you like this, or we are engaged in a Workshop, or when people are speaking with you? How do I do it at times other than those?

Raj: Simply, Paul, by being present with me instead of the activity. I mean by that: All the while you are engaged in the activity, be present with me, just as you are in a conversation or in a Workshop. You are obviously present in a Workshop or in a conversation. You are sitting in your chair. You are moving your hands and arms. Your mouth, your tongue, your vocal cords are all moving. There is most certainly activity. You will shift your position in your chair, et cetera, but you are not attentive to the circumstances or the one with whom you are speaking. You are abiding consciously with me. And the result is that you are more truly present with whoever is speaking with me, and with your world.

I will make it very simple, here. When you are aligned with me, you are experiencing a holy relationship. When you are aligned with your fellow man or anything in your world, you are in a special relationship. This ultimately means that all illusion is a result of special relationships! The veil that will be rent in Awakening is, indeed, the veil of special relationships, including the illusion called the ego. Needless to say, this is the key point.

Such a statement could imply that one must withdraw from relationships with his or her fellow human beings and engage in a relationship with his Guide, or the Holy Spirit, or God, and that this would constitute a rejection of what you recognize to be human relationships. If this were believed, it would be disastrous.

The fact is that when one is in a special relationship, one is in no relationship, because each of the partners in the relationship is represented only by the sense of self which has developed in the fundamental context of disregard for the Father, disregard for the essential element of each partner’s Being. There is no one real present in the relationship because the sense of who each one is grew out of the mutually-agreed-upon decision to be whatever the two, together, decided to define themselves as. And the definition is never the thing.

However, because you have become accustomed to the definition of yourself, and your others have become accustomed to their definition of you and of themselves, abandoning the definition appears to be an abandonment of the relationship—apparently a significant loss. But, you have had enough experience, and those with you have had enough experience, and those with you have had enough experience of you being out from our relationship that they know they have felt truly embraced, truly touched, and truly related to. In addition to that, the relationship has always been healing, enlightening, and transformational—something that has never happened from within the framework of the special relationship.

So, you may know that you will not become meaningless. You will not lose the ability to relate with others in your world, or with your world, if you dare to relate to it from within our relationship, our moment-by-moment conscious experience of unity, togetherness, oneness.

Now, do not think that this union, this “marriage,” if you will, of you and me, will be the permanent state of affairs, because as I indicated earlier in these conversations, this union with me, even though it states an eternal fact—in other words, the union will eternally exist as a conscious experience—its function at this point is to facilitate your regaining Consciousness Here where we actually Are, in full possession of your conscious experience of Who You Are.

Right now, you, apparently more ignorant than me, are joining with me. It can certainly appear to be a relationship of dependency. But, in fact, it is the means of getting you to have your attention Here where I am, which is Here where you really Are. As a result of the consistent placement of your awareness where you really Are, even though I am the focal point for this exercise, you will wake up. You will, as they say, come to your senses, spiritual senses—the full comprehension of You. Not less intelligent, not more ignorant than me, but like me!

Whether one joins with his Guide, or the Holy Spirit, or the Father—forever neglecting to identify with and energize a special relationship—the end result is certain.

Awakening! Regaining Consciousness! Graduation!

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