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Hang on a sec…

Paul: Okay. Here I am. And, I do wish to thank you and those who were, as you put it, standing in a chorus of support, for being present all night and into the day, because, indeed, there is a greater sense of stableness today. And, I don’t come with questions, but with desire to hear what you have to say.

Raj: Indeed, Paul, the evenness and peace you are experiencing is, from our standpoint, an indication of less preoccupation with the elements of unconsciousness, and a more consistent presence of attention Here with us—or, you could say, Here where You Are.

The stability of this presence Here, even if it is a minimal conscious experience of “being Here” for you, is the manifestation of the jelling which I referred to last night. And so you may gather, thereby, that the jelling is not a matter of intellectual aha’s on your part from your limited frame of reference, which would then allow you to more effectively move forward on stepping-stones of further refined intellectual processes.

I have said before, you will not understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven. You will yield into It. And you know what that means? It means less and less effort being put forth by you intellectually, or as “a mind” which is reasoning its way through the blocks to its fulfillment. When you are yielding into the Kingdom of Heaven, you are yielding up the activities of mind that have heretofore identified you to you.

What I want you to notice is that as the yielding occurs, there is what you might call greater detachment from your world—and I mean by that, greater detachment from the apparent threats to your safety and well being which seems to be part of the world you are perceiving—and what you might call a greater capacity to experience the Peace of your Being, which, as I indicated, is really the stabilizing of your being minimally Conscious in Reality, Here where we are, Here where You Are, truly.

You cannot lift yourself up by your bootstraps into the Kingdom of Heaven because you are Here, and you have been Here all along. Any effort to lift yourself by your bootstraps must be done within the limited three-dimensional frame of reference and will constitute a limited three-dimensional action which will, of course, necessarily substantiate your existence three-dimensionally—or shall I say, ignorantly.

This is why it is said that your fulfillment is by the grace of God, not by the grace of your skill or ability or strength or persistence or practice of obediences or religious ritual. You experience your fulfillment and wake up in the Kingdom of Heaven by the grace of God. And let me tell you something: the grace of God is not a special dispensation to you or anyone else. It is not that on the day you wake up, God will sign the divine decree for you and, by His grace, you will be the one at that moment to wake up.

You see, literally the reason you don’t have to do anything to wake up in the Kingdom of Heaven and manage to escape the three-dimensional frame of reference is because you never were in the three-dimensional frame of reference and have always been in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only the private, personal sense of self which experiences itself within its own self-imposed limits that would, by virtue of some great effort on its part, have to do something to deserve or earn the right to wake up.

You wake up by the grace of God—meaning by virtue of putting forth no effort yourself as a tiny three-dimensional mortal—because you are in the Kingdom of Heaven, and you are the Christ. You are the presence of God expressed. And that is why you, as a three-dimensional finite limited mortal need do nothing!

I mentioned last night that it is necessary for you to pay attention to something which is Fourth-dimensional, and which Knows Itself to be Fourth-dimensional—and that is called Joining. But, let me ask you, since you have had a great deal of experience in this: When you join with me, does that constitute any kind of overt three-dimensional action? Indeed, the answer is, absolutely not. It requires that you become defenseless. It requires that you become still—meaning, that you are exercising no willfulness in the form of thinking, which obscures your ability to join with That which is Fourth-dimensional, and thereby access your experience of your Fourth-dimensionality, your divinity, your presence Here in the Kingdom of Heaven. It means letting in! It means being receptive. It means not being aggressively, actively present in the world, three-dimensionally speaking.

So, literally, Joining is not a joining in a masculine sense, but in a feminine sense. And, indeed, I am specifically referring to masculine and feminine sexual joining. The more relaxed and flexible and yielding, and the less controlled, the more fulfilling is the experience for the female partner.

Now, you are very much present with us today. I am not saying that you are more Conscious, but you are more consistent in the degree of Consciousness. The more you can remember that this is not an effortful process, and that indeed all you need do is be attentive to my Voice, and therefore attentive to the fact that there must be a source for this Voice and a “place” for this presence to be, along with others, the easier it will be for your point of awareness to emerge further and further into the experience of Conscious awareness.

It is natural for you to be in your right Mind, and therefore, when there is less strenuous effort to maintain a limited frame of reference and definition of everything, waking up begins to happen spontaneously.

Indeed, it is not necessary for us to talk continuously, because even in your silence, even in my silence, there is a most active connection Here. And I am pleased that you are not asking about your identity. That also is part of what is contributing to the continuity and stability of your being present Here, even though your experience of being Here is at the moment confined to an uninterrupted experience of Peace, and of our presence—I mean by that, those of us who are Here with you, standing, again, in active chorus of support.

I encourage you simply to experience being Conscious, as you are. I also want to tell you that where you are, Here, with us, is a “place” that you are totally familiar with. When you have a night dream and find yourself in an exotic or peculiar environment, and the alarm goes off and you wake up and instantaneously find yourself in your bedroom—a place quite different from the exotic or peculiar environment you had been experiencing—you may say, “What? What?” But, you will immediately notice that you are in the real world, your bedroom that you are completely familiar with. Even so, this process of regaining Consciousness, although it will embrace experiences not included in the dream—the three-dimensional-only frame of reference—will nevertheless be one that you have been eternally familiar with. And you will know us, and you will know your Self, and you will know this Place, Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Stay on the tone, the feel of the Peace, and of the experience of not being alone in that Peace. And although no actual movement is occurring, I can only say that there is clearer conscious presence Here exhibited by you.

Paul: Continue.

Raj: Yes, you wake up from a night dream through an overt exertion of will. And you wake up from the day dream, you wake up into the Kingdom of Heaven, through an utter absence of will.

Now, you are beginning to wander—not by virtue of thinking, but, indeed, by virtue of paying attention to the meditative state you find yourself to be in. The meditative state is not the focus. Stay connected with me and the feeling of union with all of us present.

[Phone rang, followed by a period of meditation.]

Paul: I have been sitting here for a good half hour. Anyway, it’s been quite awhile. And I’m wondering if anything is happening, or whether I have just slipped into, let’s say, a three-dimensional meditation—whatever that means?

Raj: The key point is, Paul, that during this period, you have been asking me if I am here, and you have been listening to me say, “Listen to my voice.” “Listen to my voice.” Over and over. Understand, Paul, that you do not have to move yourself from anywhere to anywhere. You cannot, because there is no “where” to move to, since you are doing all of this from your destination—or, you might say, from the point of departure into your dream.

Again, the key is to listen to my Voice.

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