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Hang on a sec…

Paul: I don’t have any new questions. I still don’t have satisfactory answers to the old questions. The answers are beautiful, intellectually stimulating. They are the Truth—that is my experience of them—but, no shift has occurred. And, you have indicated that the work cannot continue until the shift has occurred. I do feel on a cusp, but I feel stuck. And I will have to admit that I am beginning to feel some pressure to get unstuck because of the simple demands—survival demands, let’s put it that way.

So, you indicated that you would like to speak daily, and I am here. And I would like to hear whatever you have to say.

Raj: Paul, there is so much that is jelling at this very instant that if you knew, you would chuckle with us at your very question. Although, since you are not aware of it, your question is very understandable.

It is important for you to be patient. Allow this to sink in. Allow it to jell. Allow it to fall into place and make ultimate sense.

You are very clear, conceptually speaking, on the fact that in order to come out of your ignorance, in order to come out of your “amnesia,” you must home in on something that is part of the Real world. You must home in on something that is part of the Kingdom of Heaven which Knows that It is part of the Kingdom of Heaven, because that is where you will regain consciousness, and that is where you will find that you have been all along.

I cannot at this point embellish what has already been said to you, because the connections have to occur consciously. And, as I said, they are jelling. I want you to understand that the seeming pressure of three-dimensional circumstances are distorted perceptions of the impending movement of regaining Consciousness. They do not represent actual three-dimensional needs, per se. The feeling of pressure you are experiencing is the gathering energy of the movement of realization—not just the realization of an idea, but a realization of You, a realization of Who You Are, divinely speaking. Not as a result of a question, but as a result of being.

You will, indeed, know Who You Are, but you will not know it until you let go of who you think you are. And the experience of Who You Are will not be constructed of definitions, but of the experience of being the presence of God, the presence of Mind that is, as I have said so many times, the Movement of Creation.

Now, for me to continue would belabor the point, because at the moment you cannot see more than you are seeing. Simply know that you are not stuck. There is not a lack of movement. The pieces are falling into place. And it is not going to take so long, humanly speaking, that your human experience falls apart at the seams.

We will be talking tomorrow, but we cannot constructively talk further at this time. Now, do not lie down and fret about things. Lie down with a calm confidence that what I have said is true, and let there be peace, and allow this jelling to occur. And know that there are many of us standing in a chorus of support for your regaining Consciousness, and will be actively present with you all night long, and on into the day tomorrow in a most active manner.

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