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Hang on a sec…

Raj: Paul, you must remember, in spite of the hooks that seem to be grabbing for your attention, that you are on the Homing beacon. I am reminding you that it is where you are, and movement is occurring. I understand that some of the scenery passing by has a familiar “ring” to it, and I also understand that some of your innate conditioning is presenting itself more strongly to you as you are feeling stronger.

All of these dynamics seem to call for action. And to you “action” has meant behavior arising out of memory. In other words, behavior arising out of your best thinking, your best already-developed definitions. But, this is not what is called for, because, as I said before, you are “riding the beam,” and riding the beam is now your new activity. And you are not free to engage with the old definitions, the old concepts, the old interpretations and the habitual responses to them. I am glad you chose to speak with me before you acted upon your old conclusions.

It is a difficult “lesson” to learn that you need do nothing—literally—because you have been a “doer” before. When I say, you need do nothing, I mean you need do nothing as a doer, as an accomplisher. The only actions that you need engage in from here on out are those which are arising directly out of Knowing, and which therefore represent or reflect Being. Things will occur. You will be active, but not as a doer acting out concepts. Instead, the activities will simply be the most obvious movements or actions—and I say “obvious” because they will be incapable of being thought of separate from what you find yourself Knowing. Thus they reflect or identify Being, rather than a doer.

Again, the beam, the Homing beacon, is in many ways like a birth canal. And when the movement through the birth canal starts, all of the little habits acquired in the womb, all of the comfortable familiarities, must necessarily be abandoned. One must yield to the movement and not try to squirm back in to have one last thumb-suck or one last stretch, or any other activity that had become identified as “the normal state of being.” Schedules, habit patterns, that may have acquired a certain devotion, must be sacrificed, together with the devotion to them.

You must yield to a movement that you have no authority over, and no comprehension of the meaning of. To yield to the Will of God means to yield to the movement of Being which is the only movement there is. And therefore all that is being abandoned is an imaginary sense of capacity or ability to act, to be, independent of the only movement there is.

I will tell you something: You do not need any skill whatsoever to be the presence of the movement of Life, because you cannot stand separate and apart from It, which would be necessary in order to acquire a skill, to learn a skill, relative to living. And so, humanly speaking, as you sit there at this moment and appear to be accomplishing absolutely nothing constructive, you are more clearly reflecting the movement of God, the movement of Being, which is Consciousness, Awareness. The experience of being conscious is the experience of Being. It is the movement of Being.

That there does not appear to be much of what you would have called “physical activity” simply means that Being is utterly appropriately expressed at this moment as “not much movement.” But still, the presence of Mind, the presence of intelligence, the presence of Wisdom, the presence of Life, is actively expressing Itself and appearing this way.

You are wondering, “When is it going to appear as writing the bank deposit and getting it to be the bank?” as though somehow that were a more appropriate and more pressing need. It is just a different form of expression of the same utter appropriateness which is appearing at this moment as you, almost immobile—just your lips moving, literally. As you experience the movement of Being called pure conscious awareness, get the feel of it, because it is the feel that will be present whether you are making a deposit, whether you are eating, whether you are “doing a Conversation,” or whether you, yourself, are speaking with me, as you are at this moment.

I also want to remind you that as you are doing what is called speaking with me, you are simply being the presence of You without any overlay of conditioning, without any overlay of definitions. Certainly definitions circle around you, so to speak, just out of clear range of vision, and seem to imply to you that there are things to be done. But you are not choosing for them. You are choosing for the experience of being on the beam, and again I encourage you to pay attention to the experience.

You are coming Home. You are in “a process” of regaining Consciousness at this very instant. And I encourage you to give ultimate permission—that simply meaning, withholding yourself in no way from the movement. The more distracted you are from the communion, the more distracted you are from “my voice,” the more engaged you are in unconsciousness. But, the more you let my voice fill your awareness, and the more you pay attention to the feeling of being free of the distractions of conditioned thinking and definitions, the more present you are Here where I am, Here where we—you and I—Are, and therefore, you are experiencing more of your right Mind.

Indeed, we are all Here with you. Let go of the nagging feeling that you are neglecting something essential. You are, indeed, neglecting illusion, and you are indeed neglecting to energize a sense of separateness. You are indeed neglecting the sense of tininess. You are indeed neglecting body identification—identifying with a body reclining on a bed and accomplishing nothing, physically speaking. You certainly are neglecting those things. But, those things are connected to definitions which substantiate a tiny sense of self, which does constitute a distraction from your being conscious of yourself Here with us as one of us. And so, you are neglecting that which imprisons you. You are neglecting that which renders you unconscious.

Now, although your voice is very peaceful, and although it might sound sluggish, you are not falling asleep. You are not becoming unaware, unconscious. I encourage you just to abide in this gentle, quiet awareness, this conscious experience of being Consciousness, as we speak. And, as you are aware, although you are not verbalizing questions, we are involved in communion. I know you and you know me. You are not just listening. I am listening also.

Movement is, indeed, occurring along the Homing beacon. And you are presenting no resistance. Susan is doing likewise. Do you notice that your body is not providing any feedback of discomfort? It is not providing any distraction. And that is as it should be. That is normal. That is characteristic of the experience of being as Consciousness rather than the experience of being as a body. Just continue to ride the beam, to abide in the experience you are having.

You are completely aware of everything around you. You are not getting dreamy or dopey, are you? And yet there is great peace. Not empty peace. Not meaningless peace. But your peace isn’t gathered from the experiences of life that you are conscious of—the sound of traffic, the venetian blind banging in the window which tells you that there is a good breeze, the sensation of the air upon your skin. The experiences of life are quite present. The sound of traffic tells you of individualities about the business of life, you might say.

Again, this is an important experience to pay attention to, because being on the beam, moving toward Home, does not render you incapable of experiencing the infinitude of Life in the act of being.

[Long period of silence.]

Paul: You have repeatedly indicated that you would like me to speak with you at least once a day, and I am here.

Raj: And I am here also. Indeed, we will utilize this time being conscious of being together for the next five minutes in quiet awareness. Then we will continue.

[Five minutes spent in silence.]

Paul: The five minutes is up. And I would ask, is this really profitable?

Raj: Unquestionably, Paul. Indeed, it is. Your habit of thinking will always draw you into the realm of activity, and further, it will always draw you into the past. It will always pull your attention away from the Now of Consciousness in which the opportunity to be Awake awaits you. The very strong images you experienced during the five minutes—of the remodeled house you grew up in—was just such a technique of the ego, of the conditioned thinking, to draw you literally away from the point of Conscious awareness into the unconscious experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference, which is always in the past.

You see, you cannot possibly think about that which is unfolding. It is only after it has unfolded that it can be contemplated, thought about, judged, analyzed. It is only after the fact that conclusions can be arrived at about it. And the moment those activities are indulged in, one is no longer at the threshold of the movement of Conscious Being, the movement of Creation.

Paul: Although I do not feel mentally unclear or cloudy or vague, this peace does feel dopey. I mean that in the sense of my being tranquilized, and it feels as though I am not alert.

Raj: Your ego, identified with and as body, equates alertness with physical movement, physical accomplishing. But, I will tell you, Paul: In your almost total immobilization, the visibility and tangibility of you is a bundle of infinite activity—zillions of atoms, you might say—of energy pattern being fully energized, and there is nothing sluggish about it whatsoever.

Put humanly speaking, the power of the energy of the movement of those patterns of energy is greater than any atomic bomb that has ever been detonated. And so it is ridiculous to believe the ego’s representation that you are dopey and inactive and absent of energy. Energy is all there is. Energy is all that is going on. But, you see, It is not accomplishing anything. It is just being. Being perfectly. Being the expression of the Intent of the Father. You must not any longer define activity as physical movement, or as movements of physical accomplishment.

The mattress you are sitting on, the nightstand beside you, the headboard behind you, they aren’t going anywhere, are they, Paul? Yet, they are constituted of absolute movement, and nothing else. By what measuring stick does your ego decide that something which is not ultimately appropriate is occurring at this moment? Has it checked in with me? Has it checked in with the Father? Has it checked in with the Holy Spirit? Absolutely not. It is, itself, the denial of us all. By definition, it hasn’t. And therefore, by definition, its sense of things is absolutely flawed.

Paul: So, I am checking with you. What I am doing at this very moment, or what my body is not doing at this movement, all of this is absolutely appropriate?

Raj: Indeed, Paul. Remember, the movement of Awareness is occurring on or through the Homing beacon, and the real movement is a movement of arousal, of regaining Consciousness. And so, the focus, the issue, is not what your body is or isn’t doing. That is a sense of body, and not the experience of Body, Itself, which you will have the experience of, truly, as you “come around,” Here, where we are—as you regain Consciousness.

Paul: And so, you are saying instead of taking an overview of my body and the fact that it isn’t accomplishing anything—that that is an irrelevancy—my attention should be on the peace, the connection with you, the communion, and abiding there because, although I am not experiencing a sense of movement, you have indicated that movement along the Homing beacon is occurring. Is that correct?

Raj: That is absolutely correct, Paul, yes.

Paul: And I suppose there is no way to hurry it up?

Raj: Certainly not so that you can get onto the “accomplishing of things.” And, indeed, the only way to “hurry it up” is to not engage in distractions, which would slow you down.

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