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Hang on a sec…

Paul: I think at the moment I just need to hear anything you have to say. I need to hear you say something.

Raj: Paul, indeed your dilemma arises out of thinking that the answers pertinent to Awakening are going to be found in the answers to the problems occurring within your limited frame of reference. Thus you attempt to confine the infinite to the specific finite definitions of “what is pertinent.” Indeed, Paul, you are long past the point of improving the human picture as the evidence of the divine presence of Truth. We are no longer fixing up the picture, but shifting the attention to the Reality of which the picture is just a picture. The movement of the divine Presence is not a “restorer of old photographs.”

Again, the answer is so simple. It is not complicated, It is not devious. It is not hard to get at the meaning of. It is very simple: Stay in touch with me constantly. There is absolutely no way for that statement or its meaning to be misconstrued.

Oh, yes, you would love to know how to fix things up for this daughter or that daughter, or how to forgive the feeling of being used that you have created around their behavior. And it would be nice to know how to get the Newsletter out, or how to have enough money to pay the rent, and how to have the second phone line reconnected.

Paul, I am not going to help you stay asleep by continuing to fix up the dream so that your attention, relative to the divine Presence, can remain firmly established in the three-dimensional frame of reference. I will tell you something, and I have said it before: The ego will keep coming up with more and more loose ends for you to deal with, more and more strings of spaghetti, more and more closets that have more and more skeletons.

The searching out of the skeletons in the closet and the finding of the loose ends and tying them up, are not what constitute the movement of Awakening. And as I told Susan the other day, one can just as easily wake up from an unhappy dream as from a happy dream. Either way, whether the dream is happy or unhappy, it is still a dream which one still needs to wake up from. And so, again, stay in touch with me constantly.

I will point out to you that you are having less and less that you can take care of humanly, as the sidekick, as a personal ego presence. Are you not stuck on your derriere on your bed? And do you not have excessive time to stay in touch with me, even if, as I said, it only amounts to your saying, “Are you there, Raj?” and my saying, “Yes,” and your saying, “Are you still there, Raj?” and my saying, “Yes.” There is nothing complicated about this, Paul.

I will tell you something: Someone who has overdosed on drugs needs to keep moving. And you have seen movies where coffee is given and they are half dragged around the room endlessly—at least that is the way it seems to the one who would much rather succumb to the drowsiness and the sweetness of unconsciousness. “Must we continue doing this irrelevant thing called walking, walking, walking, when it would be so much more meaningful to go to sleep?”

I don’t care whether it seems meaningless to spend your whole day saying, “Raj, are you there?” It doesn’t have to be meaningful from the standpoint of your reasoning any more than it has to seem reasonable to the one who has overdosed and will die if he doesn’t keep walking. So as to what? Learn how to walk? No. So as to keep fundamental functions occurring, together with the degree of consciousness which is necessary to exert the effort to walk, so that the effects of the drug may pass without killing that person. Why? So that living, and everything that goes along with living, can be reaccessed—which goes far beyond simply walking in circles and drinking coffee.

Now, I am going to say it again. Stay in touch with me constantly. Even if you must answer the phone tomorrow, or even if you must deal with something other than saying to me, “Are you there?” do not neglect—and I am going to be very strict here—do not neglect to ask me if I am there at least once a minute, every minute of the day tomorrow.

Certainly we can dialogue together on things other than the verification of my presence, but my point is, dare to indulge in the interminable, silly, apparently irrelevant and meaningless practice of staying in touch with me constantly.

Does the one who is about to pass out from an overdose have any conception at that moment of the meaning of relationships, of the meaning of a family that might develop, the activities of creativity and business, the activities of friendships? No. There is only one thing on that one’s mind, and that is, “Leave me alone, so I can go to sleep. Don’t make me put forth effort at something so meaningless to me, so much of an intrusion upon what I feel is so essential.”

Let me ask you further, is it necessary for that one to be able to consciously embrace the infinite aspects of life and choose for them in order to get past the immediate effects of the drug overdose? No. It only requires one thing: keeping moving and remaining conscious! At that point, the only experience of being conscious which is occurring is an experience of botheration with something that constitutes an absolute intrusion upon the one and only thing he has on his mind, which is to go to sleep.

Literally, it boils down to a struggle between the desire to be asleep and an apparent demand to stay awake, or to wake up. And as long as there is the cooperation with the demand to keep moving and stay conscious, that one will get past the influence of the drug, and that one doesn’t have to even think what constitutes the meaning of being alive, and of being conscious. There just needs to be simple willingness to be conscious, even if the only thing there is to be conscious of is the frustration of the demand to be conscious.

So, Paul, if you want to be frustrated all day tomorrow because there is a demand for you to stay in touch with me at least once every minute throughout the day, then go ahead and be frustrated, because it won’t make any difference. If you will do it, you will get over this impasse that you have arrived at in the transition.

You don’t have to know what it is going to lead to. Remember that all I am asking you to do is to indulge or engage in an act of connection with me, which means engaging in an act of limited Fourth-dimensional Conscious awareness, which will move you out of the mesmeric attraction of the three-dimensional frame of reference and its promotion of your ignorance, your sleep, you dream, your illusion, your misperception of Reality.

If there was something more important for you to be doing, I would tell you. I am telling you the one essential step which is immediately in front of you to take. The reconnection of your phone, the helping of your daughter, the healing of your back so that you can get on to the lack of movement in your work—these things are not the next step. These things are not the step in front of you to take. I will tell you that they are not even available for you to effectively bring about a change in.

So, your life at this moment is essentially absolutely simple. No complications. No misunderstandings to straighten out. No instruction that is difficult to grasp. No instruction that is difficult for you to carry out, because you have, for nine years, whenever you wished to speak to me, asked if I was there. So, I am giving you an instruction to do something that you have already done and already know how to do, except that I am telling you to do it at least once a minute, every minute of the whole day tomorrow. And if, indeed, you want to imagine, that there are other things more important to do, go right ahead and imagine it, but do not refrain from connecting with me at least once a minute every minute of the day tomorrow.

Now, why would I ask you to do something that could be construed to be ridiculous? Because, Paul, in connecting with me consciously during every minute of the day tomorrow, you will be consistently being active, consciously active, from a Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being, yourself. It is not that I am so great that you ought to be in touch with me constantly. It is that you are, in your right Mind, Fourth-dimensional also.

This practice is a means of bringing your point of conscious awareness to that place where the opportunity is present to experience your Self Fourth-dimensionally. So, this is for you that I ask you to do it, and this is for you that you are to do it! Use me as the means, the focal point, if you will, for accomplishing it. And I am going to get more and more monotonously consistent in making this demand of you because of the fact that this is your next step.

Your next step at this moment is not the resolving of anyone else’s problems. And because what I am telling you constitutes your real next step, then you will not be neglecting anything essential, humanly speaking, either. And you do not need to fear that you personally, or any member of your immediate family, or anyone else who might feel an urgent need to speak with me, will suffer in the process. Suffering will come from your not attending to the next step. Discomfort comes from being incongruent with your Self.

I believe that I have made myself succinctly clear. And you know what that means? It means I have revealed and disclosed You to yourself with succinct clarity, which is what Guidance is all about, and which is what you are fundamentally desiring to have. The question is: Are you going to kick against what you have gotten as a result of your asking in the right place for clarity? Are you going to continue to have some other agenda to take care of first? Are you going to insist upon taking care of some particular justifiable “loose ends” so that you can be, by definition, responsible, intelligent?

Your definition of responsibility and your definition of intelligence is irresponsible and unintelligent! Why? Because it doesn’t disclose to you the Truth. It doesn’t uncover Reality. It blinds you to your fulfillment. Amen.

Now, you sit with that. Literally, sit with that.

Paul: I hear you loud and clear.

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