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Hang on a sec…

Paul: Good evening, Raj.

Raj: Good evening, indeed, Paul. You have been very much present with us today, Here. And you are met with greetings. I tell you this so that as you are making a point of being with me, you will realize that you are here with me and with others as well; so that your curiosity, if you will, might be active. Do not try to figure out who is here, but simply be aware that there is much to be aware of. Shall I say, a variety of concrete experiences of Reality are present and not just my presence.

We will not have a long conversation this evening, simply because there is so much of what we have already said that is sinking in with you, jelling. And the jelling is contributing to your stabilizing Here, and we still have some steps to take that will, shall I say, push your buttons, and it is not intelligent to push your buttons when you are settling into being present Here more Consciously. I do not want you pulling back.

The shift is occurring. You are making a choice for the infinite view. Indeed, you lost it slightly this evening, but you did not withdraw, and we were most pleased at that sign of Conscious stability.

I am fully aware that as the shift occurs, and you sense that it is occurring, it will not seem significant to you—just definite. That is all right. A hurdle has been overcome, and you are now not offended or bothered by the idea of being always Listening, being always attentive. Together we, meaning you and I, have negated the significant sense of loss which constantly giving your attention to me seemed to imply. And, of course, the loss seemed to be the loss of you—in reality, the loss of the sidekick. You are more present with your Self, and you are indeed losing devotion to the sidekick, and that is beautiful. Indeed, the loss of devotion to the sidekick has not been a matter of decision. You have not worked at it. You are just not finding the energy to be interested in it. And that is the way it happens.

As what I have said registers more fully with you, you will seem to be neither Here nor there, but characteristic of this “stage” is an unreasonable sense of security and an absence of a need for understanding, as well as self-protection—a certain steady calm buoyancy. And so, as you recognize this experience, you may know that you are on track.

Things are proceeding well, and I appreciate the fact that you were ready and willing to have a lengthy conversation with significant disclosures. But, I am not a slave-driver, and it is appropriate, as I said, for what we have already discussed to register even more fully.

Now, if you wish to continue transcribing the first of our conversations, it does constitute an appropriate pastime, and it will contribute to further realization. But that is not a suggestion. It is just a comment.

Good evening.

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