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Paul: Good evening, Raj.

Raj: Good evening, Paul. I want you to give attention to the transcript of yesterday’s conversation. It is of paramount importance that you recognize the profound and ultimate nature of what was said. You are at a pivotal point. You are at a point which you are capable of moving over. And I literally mean that you are at a point where you can set aside thinking, replacing it with Listening.

Is not attentiveness the nature of, even the function of, Conscious? Is it truly the function of consciousness to fill itself with its own imagination fol-de-rol, no matter how reasonably consistent and consistently reasonable its activities might be? Is it not the function of Consciousness to be Aware?

I will tell you, the great joy, the great fulfillment that comes from being pure Awareness is constituted of the direct experience of Reality, because no interposing activity of the mind comes into play. Pure Awareness is, as you will find, Mind Knowing. Knowing what? Knowing what God is Knowing. And what is God Knowing? Himself/Herself. And what does that Knowing appear to be? Creation; the infinite visibility and tangibility of the Father/Mother, the First Cause, Knowing Himself/Herself. It is everything you are already aware of and infinitely more, experienced from God’s perspective. But, that perspective will not be available to you to experience directly and undistortedly until the busy-ness of thinking is released so that the underlying Ground of Being called pure Awareness may be discovered to be the constituting presence of conscious Individuality—Self.

The experience of this Self is the experience of God’s perspective. And thus the word Self no longer connotes separated identity, but infinite conscious Being. The meaning of the infinite conscious experience of Being will not be experienced until you dare to stop thinking all the time!

Now, let us consider the meaning of Awareness, of being Aware. Does it mean studying everything? Hardly. You see, being Aware is not an activity you engage in. It is what is unavoidably occurring when no thinking is going on. It isn’t something you do. It is something you Are. Now, you have heard those words before. They are not new. But, you are, if you are willing, at the threshold of experiencing the meaning of those words by virtue of vacating the imaginary position of being a thinker. I will say again, the time for thinkers has come and gone!

The time for Conscious Being, the time for being Conscious … ness is upon you. You are being it right now, and you are smoking a cigarette and having a sip of coffee, and you can hear the traffic, and through your eyelids you can see the light from the lights that are on in the room, and you know that Susan is here and listening. But, you are being Conscious … ness. You are not accomplishing anything. Yet, existence, life, is going on. Activity is occurring. Movement is happening. And you are not taking responsibility for any of it. If there is anything you are taking responsibility for, it is to engage in the conscious choice to be Listening, and to be the expression of what is unfolding as the conscious experience of Being. And it looks like you sitting there holding the microphone 1 moving your hands in gestures, moving your mouth and speaking.

Are you addressing anyone? Are you addressing Sue? No. But you are being the movement of revelation, of Self-revelation. Indeed, it does not embrace the whole of the movement of Creation which is available to you, but you are literally standing in the middle of Reality being more of the presence of the movement of Reality, which, if you will continue, will increase in scope, in breadth and depth of experience, and which necessarily will look like something, will look like you being the fuller representation of the presence of God.

I will tell you something: As that happens, it will have less and less importance to you that it is happening, because you will be identifying less and less with the body which is more and more identifying the movement of God, the presence of the Christ.

This is why it seems so hard to wake up—because, you see, you wake up from an ego vantage point. And so you look into the infinite, you look into the nature of being Awake, and it does not provide confirmation of anything significant from the ego’s standpoint, because it doesn’t substantiate the ego. Indeed, it does seem as though it is a particularly uninviting and unfilfilling experience to be Awake, but only because it doesn’t validate the ego and everything that was important to it, which constituted your perception of life.

For nine years, you have been letting yourself into a Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, and you have done it so consistently that it is now reasonable to you to let go of thinking because nine years of experience has proven the presence and existence of Being; that, indeed, when you have abandoned the personal body-oriented private sense of Paul, you have not flopped in a heap on the ground unable to be any manifestation of intelligence. Rather, you have been a more meaningful presence of intelligence and wisdom and love. Not one you could account for. Not one that you developed and created. Not one that has found expression through any skill you have, other than the skill you have acquired at stepping out of the way and valuing what happens as a result. But, of course, from the ego’s standpoint, that means that you have sacrificed. You have given up a “right” to be an independent presence, a self-created and self-maintained presence that can take pride in its accomplishments at its assertion of itself.

You know that you cannot truly explain what you are doing when you are being the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, because it is something which is happening beyond any expression of self-will. It is only that which you engage in willfully that you can account for, take credit for, and come close to explaining.

Through nine years of practice, you have arrived at a point where it is conceivable to you that going all the way and being forever conscious awareness—I will say “the state of Awareness”—might just happen to be tremendously fulfilling, even though you have no comprehension of what that kind of fulfillment will be like. And the reason you can conceive of the possibility that it might be fulfilling is because when you have allowed yourself to be pure Awareness, and you have appeared to be a meaningful presence in the world, you, aside from that, have felt the peace of your Being, the congruence of you with everything else, the unity of All That Is, and what I’m going to call the divine satisfaction of it.

So, I’m going to add something to your agenda. In addition to my suggestion/request/demand that you be constantly in touch with me, I am also going to suggest/request/demand that you cease engaging in thinking. In other words, whether you are speaking with me or not, whether you are allowing me to register with you or not, abide in the Silence. If you are not speaking with me, if you are not allowing what happens to happen when you are out of the way, then simply be out of the way in Silence. And if you find yourself beginning to think, then just as you would in meditation, move back into the Silence. If your words do not arise out of your experience of Guidance, let there be no words and let there be no thoughts.

I will tell you something: If you do not have the artificial stimulation of thinking, you will find yourself desiring communion. You will not sit long in Silence. Therefore, to the degree that you practice being in the Silence and Listening, or being pure Awareness, you will gravitate from a deep level of motivation toward waking up Here, where you really Are, and where I Am, with a full comprehension of It.

Thinking simply distracts you from your desire not to be alone. The development of an ego is the means by which being alone becomes not only tolerable, but stimulating, and which therefore “promises” fulfillment. But, of course, that fulfillment only amounts to a level of “success” at being alone and somehow not hurting from it.

It is interesting, is it not, that at this point I cannot give you the instruction to “think about what I have said.” I will tell you something, though: You can abide with what I have said, because what I have said is the truth about you, and the truth about you is You, and You are present with you. You are present to be experienced. And therefore you can unthinkingly abide with the truth of what I have said about you as pure Awareness, and you can abide in the Silence, and you can abide in the experience of Unity which is what is occurring at this very instant. And, again, it is an experience of Communion, rather than communication. There is no “betweenness” at all in what is happening at this very instant. Communication bridges the sense of betweenness. Communion is the nonexistence of betweenness.

How you can be you and I can be me inseparably cannot be intellectually comprehended. But if you will simply pay attention to the experience of this Communion, you will begin to Know what it is, how it can be.

Now, no matter how much you might want for others to share in what you find yourself Knowing, remember, this is your threshold, this is your opportunity to flow with the shift that, I promise you, will be spontaneously happening whether you flow with it or not. That this may be of value to others is wonderful, but it is not the point. And if you become too preoccupied with sharing it with others, as though that were somehow the point, then the shift will catch you off guard and create, by virtue of the surprise of it, reaction from that three-dimensional sense of yourself which sees this as perhaps an event happening in the three-dimensional frame of reference for the benefit of the three-dimensionals who occupy it. Now, if you try to be meaningful in the world, you will lose it! I mean by that, your presence will become meaningless. So, let us stay on target.

  1. I was using a dictaphone to record the conversation. 

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