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Hang on a sec…

Paul: What is the resistance here [sarcastically]?

That isn’t actually my question. I don’t know what to ask. So, if you want to answer that question, fine. I’m willing to listen to whatever you want to say about anything.

Raj: Again, Paul, let the tape recorder run. And, again, it is good to have you back.

Indeed, your thinking is what is getting you into trouble, constituting a most definite block to your being able to hear me. Although you do not experience the full meaning of hearing me, the real necessity is for you to keep yourself in that state of communion—comm-union—with me, because that is the only thing which will allow for you to experience regaining Consciousness Here, where You Are.

The distraction of your thoughts and the three-dimensional structures of perception draw your attention away from where You Are and what is Really going on, and thus deprive you of the opportunity for the influx of … not remembrance of Reality, but the real experience of It, which will feel like remembering. But it will really be constituted of letting it register with you by virtue of having your attention where It is present to register with you.

You cannot continue to dally in the imagination and the intellect, because it is crumbling. Its ability to sustain itself is failing, and as it fails, you will feel like you are going to fall, because you have believed that the thing that is failing has been what you have been standing on.

What is failing is a misperception of what you have been standing on, and when the misperception dissolves, you will simply find yourself standing on what you really were standing on, and there will not even be a drop of one-hundredth of a millimeter, because the misperception didn’t actually take up space in Reality.

I have made it succinctly clear, ever since the beginning of our conversations, that you are always confronted with Reality and nothing else; that you are in the Kingdom of Heaven dreaming a dream; and that Love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing—meaning, where each and every illusion seems (to your perception) to be the thing that is there; that your divinity is to be found right in the center of your humanity; that the illusion is an overlay; and, indeed, that the misperception, the overlay, is like a projection of a 35mm slide on a screen.

The thing, the object that is viewed, apparently on the screen, isn’t on the screen, takes up no space, and when the projection is discontinued, there simply is nothing to constitute a distraction or a different perception of what had been there all along—the screen, itself. And so, the interruption of the illusion will, in very simple terms, be the disappearance of an image of mortal, physical life, with sin, disease, and death, projected upon the Kingdom of Heaven, causing confusion about what is seen. And the confusion will cease.

In effect, it is like you are seeing the three-dimensional frame of reference with one eye, and Reality, the Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being with the other eye. One tends to dominate. But then the other one looks and sees. It is as though the left eye is dominant and then the right eye is dominant, and then the left eye is dominant, et cetera. And because the three-dimensional frame of reference has been the reference of preference for so long, there is a tendency to honor it and assume that the feelings and concepts associated with those perceptions are more valid. So, now that both eyes are not seeing the same thing, and because the difference creates confusion, a choice has to be made!

I will put it this way: There is an approach to vision for those who are far-sighted. It is a unique but unnatural approach. It is to utilize one contact lens in one eye so that one can see up close. And in the other eye there is no contact lens because there is nothing wrong with the vision when it comes to distance. If one tries to use both eyes to see up close or at a distance, one experiences visual confusion. But, if one lets the eye with the contact [lens] predominate when he looks at something up close and ignores the fuzzy image in the other eye, one can read or observe what he is looking at without confusion. And when one looks with the other eye at distant objects and does not try to make sense out of the fuzzy image in the eye with the contact lens, he again experiences no confusion.

You must make the choice for the infinite view, and cease choosing for the myopic, limited, up-tight, close-in view of the three-dimensional frame of reference which does not embrace the whole, but sees only partially—and, as I have said before, treats that partial view as though it were total. You are going to have to stop flip-flopping back and forth. And you are going to have to stop trying to see Fourth-dimensionally with both eyes, or three-dimensionally with both eyes, because you cannot see in a limited fashion with the infinite view, and you cannot see in an infinite fashion with a limited view.

Simply remember that if you are experiencing frustration it is because you are confused. And if you are confused it is because you are trying to combine that which cannot be combined. The image of limitation projected on Reality can never really combine with Reality, and it also never actually alters Reality. But it is confusing.

Now, thinking is the means by which the ego projects illusion upon Reality. As I have also said for a number of years, thinking is not part of the Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being. Knowing is. And Knowing is the direct experience of Reality, with no process attached to it. So, as you choose for the infinite view, you are choosing for the direct experience of Knowing.

You realize, therefore, that thinking will become a thing of the past. And, of course, the question occurs: “Well, what will happen to the mind that was doing the thinking? After all, it was the presence of thought processes which demonstrated the presence of that mind.” Well, Paul, it didn’t demonstrate anything. It insinuated a presence. It implied a presence of something called mind. But, you see, Mind Knows. The insinuation of the presence of a mind that is created through the process of thinking and reasoning was never anything more nor less than an insinuation, and therefore the embracing of the presence of that mind as though it were a fact has always been an assumption. The presence of that mind, by virtue of thinking, has been assumed, but never actually proven.

The illusion has, indeed, been summed up in the statement: “I think, therefore I am.” The truth is, “I am, therefore I Know.” And that is the crux of the pivot-point, the change-line that you stand on the brink of, and that everyone is approaching.

The premise, “I think, therefore I am,” has been a false premise. Indeed, the philosophical thinking of the Western World has been based on that misperception, that misunderstanding. I am not saying that the East is free of that misperception, but indeed it has come closer than the thinking of the Western World to the fact that the truth is: I am, therefore I Know. The East has embraced the truth consciously, but has, nevertheless, in practical terms of daily life, practiced the reverse.

So, if you are not going to think, what are you going to do? If you are going to stand porter at the door of thought, keeping the door securely closed—not just monitoring the thoughts, but allowing none to enter in—what are you going to do? What is going to happen instead? Well, I will tell you. You are going to pay attention. And paying attention will not be interfered with or blocked by thinking. The experience of being pure awareness will be had, and Knowing will be what will happen.

If you experience silence, infinite peace, and are uneasy with the “inactivity,” don’t unlock that door and invite a few thoughts in to provide a little diversion, because indeed they will divert you, and will provide that insinuation of the presence of a mind different from the conscious experience of Knowing, and you will once again be caught in that place of improving the mind by improving the thinking through the use of imagination, reason, and logic.

The ego is that sense of mind which apparently creates and confirms its existence by means of its thinking. But it is, from first to last, nothing—no-thing—an assumption to presence, as I have said before.

I have not said this before, but the ego will cease to seem to exist when thinking stops! When thinking stops, the insinuation of the presence of a mind doing the thinking will cease, and confusion will be nonexistent. The distraction of “improving the mind” and substantiating an illusory sense of self will cease, and the experience of Self, the Christ that you are, will be what is left. Confusion will be swallowed up in utter simplicity and clarity.

Indeed, improving your time by putting your mind to its best use, creates the illusion of time. It takes time to think because thinking is linear. Knowing is nondimensional, and we can say “universal” if you understand that universal means nondimensional. This means, then, that references to dimensions—first, second, third, and Fourth—are ultimately nonsensical, but are used to penetrate and register with the linear dimensional nature of “thinking,” for the purpose of providing a bridge, if you will, to that which is beyond the three-dimensional perception of nondimensional Being which thinking creates.

Many speak of multi-dimensional realities—the 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th dimension. It is only necessary to speak of one more than your current frame of reference embraces. And again it is not because there actually is a Fourth dimension. It is because the use of that term bridges the gap between dimensionality and nondimensionality—or time and eternity, illusion and Reality.

Now, I do want you to transcribe this conversation immediately, and then we will talk again.

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