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Hang on a sec…

Raj: Yes, Paul, you faded out on us. You went into a deeper slumber, you might say—more fascinated with the elements of the dream. And so, we have simply waited, and are glad to welcome you back.

Paul: There is some confusion.

Raj: I understand, Paul.

Paul: I don’t. [Said with frustrated sarcasm.] I am not sure what is needed. Am I to get the Newsletter out? You said after the Hood River gathering that the Newsletter was now complete, which I took to mean that the information, the conversations in that gathering, constituted the last remaining portion of the Newsletter. And yet, the Newsletter is not getting done because I don’t have time to do it, and when I take time to speak with you, as I am doing now, I’m not getting the Newsletter done.

So, is doing the Newsletter part of the slumber? Is it just part of the seemingly important “stuff,” but only important relative to the nature of dreaming? And if so, then why would you indicate to me that that information completed the Newsletter. I’m frustrated to say the least, and I am aware that I haven’t spoken with you in this manner in three days, possibly more. At least three days. But there seems to be no red carpet treatment, no smooth flow to getting the Newsletter out. So, I don’t know. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.

Raj: Paul, don’t turn the tape recorder off. You have plenty of tapes. Let the tape run.

The key, Paul, is not in getting or not getting the Newsletter done. I will even say that the key is not the keeping of appointments or the canceling and rescheduling of appointments. The key is in staying with me. The key is in bringing your attention Here where we really Are. And, as I said, keeping your attention on me, keeping the line of communication open and active, is the means by which you may shift perceptions and become aware of yourself Here with me.

Now, whether you are conscious of it or not, there is a fear that if you find yourself Here with me, you will not find yourself there in any way, shape, or form, and then you get caught up in thoughts of abandonment of those “left behind.” But I want to point out something to you, Paul. “Here” and “there” are the manifestation of a misperception, because indeed we are all Here. Everyone you think is there is Here, just as you Are. You think that I am not experiencing the house you are living in? You think I am not experiencing the weather, the peculiar clouds that you have noticed, the warmth, et cetera? They are not imaginary. And when this shift of perception occurs, you will only lose the misperception of them. You will not lose them.

Paul: Why is this not joyful news? Why is staying in touch with you not including a motivation to do it? Why is there a depressed feeling, a sad feeling, an absence of interest?

Raj: Well, Paul, the dynamics of the dream, the current sense of life, the current sense of world circumstances, does seem stimulating of interest and attention, and motivation to do something, doesn’t it?

In other words, a sense of emergency. A sense of vital action. It seems to give you something to dig into—to in some way be an affective and effective presence. And the prospect of finding yourself—notice that, “finding yourself”—with me does not hold the promise of accomplishment, but of simply being. Being clear. And as unstimulating as that is presently judged by you to be, it is like “big deal!”

Well, what it boils down to, Paul, is the choice between overcoming evil, illusion, and experiencing no illusion to overcome. You can see that this brings us right down to one of the essential aspects of the entrapment of the three-dimensional frame of reference. That being, the suggestion that the limitation, which doesn’t actually exist, can be met and overcome.

You will remember that I have indicated that coming Home is a matter of retracing one’s steps away from the Conscious experience of Being, of Home. So, do not be surprised that this essential issue of overcoming—the challenge of overcoming and the potential for success at overcoming from your tiny, vulnerable, separated standpoint—will have to be moved through, rather than engaged. Then you will find yourself at the point of letting in your infiniteness as replacement for the sense of tininess and vulnerability that constitutes the first experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference, and therefore the last experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference. But, you are going to have to remain with me. You are going to have to maintain the idea of being Here with me and not actually in the events that seem to be transpiring on a finite and polarized basis.

You see, in the final analysis it is the choice for Peace that constitutes the release of the choice for conflict, and therefore the relinquishment of the validation of polarization. Polarization disappears in the experience of Peace, as you already know from your practice of meditation. Therefore, when you are choosing for anything other than your Peace, you are choosing for polarity, conflict. You are being sucked into the apparently valid but totally illusory aspects of a limited frame of reference, and you become entrapped. You become entrapped in a state of Self-denial, and you become entrapped in an act of the denial of Reality, the denial of God.

So, you say, “Why isn’t unity with God more dynamically interesting? Why doesn’t it arouse great fervor and motivation for following through to that moment of Joining?” And the answer is, because it does not involve the elements of overcoming, and therefore, the potential for ego satisfaction—the supposed substantiation and validation of the ego as a real presence. Of course, the ego’s polarized sense of Reality and the potential for success at validating itself never ever has come to completion, because it is illusory. But, still, by virtue of the polarized dynamics, it does seem to represent a more real opportunity than union with God does.

Paul: So, you are saying, then, that the process of Awakening is not necessarily going to be exciting and full of, let us say, religious fervor?

Raj: No, Paul, it will be the most calm, quiet, natural, effortless, smooth shift of awareness that you can imagine.

Paul: Why would anyone choose for that, if there is no gold star, no promise of fulfillment?

Raj: Indeed, that is a good question, Paul. You notice there haven’t been any advertisements lately on the television saying, “Come to the Kingdom of Heaven!” “Enjoy Eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven!” No promises of special rates. No promises of special deals. No promises of anything out of the ordinary. Why do you think that is?

Paul: My ego says it is because God is perverse. That is not what I think. I would like to hear you tell me the reason why.

Raj: Because being Awake and experiencing Reality without any misperception constitutes You, being absolutely normal. You, experiencing no altered ego. You, being clearly and totally Who You Are.

Your Birthright as the Son of God, your Birthright as the Christ, your Birthright as the undistorted perception of Reality, the undistorted Conscious experience of Being, is certainly embraced and embodied in your being normal, your being Who You Are. You wake up by virtue of consciously releasing the ego, by consciously arriving at the point where you find no value in its misperceptions and the so-called promises of fulfillment which arise out of those misperceptions. You cannot be enticed into that which is absolutely normal.

Again, “A mind that’s changed against its will, is of the same opinion still.” You wake up into your right Mind by virtue of a desire that arises entirely from within you.

You see, you never ever left the Kingdom of Heaven. You have been on your “Fantastic Journey” to “Fantasy Island,” if you will, while never having left Home. In other words, it was an act of choice which you alone must reverse in order to bring yourself back to the Conscious embrace of Where You Are. You were not kicked out, or else, indeed, enticing commercials advertising the desirability of coming back would be in order. But, you chose not to embrace Reality and embrace dreams instead, and now you must make the choice to release dreams and embrace Reality again.

You will get all the support you need, all of the encouragement you need, to promote your … not moving further, but to promote the substantiation of the steps you have taken. And that is an important point to understand. Each footstep you take toward Home must be for your reasons and your reasons alone. We will not give you reasons for taking the next step. But we will give you reasons for standing firmly at the furthermost step that you have taken.

This means that you cannot afford to look to me, you cannot afford to look to God, you cannot even afford to look to the Holy Spirit for giving that push, as it were, that is needed to move you across the little gap. But you may know that we all stand with arms open in welcome invitation and embrace when you, for your reasons, move across on your own.

You know well enough from all of our prior conversations that we do not need to provide the push or the motivation, because it is present in you as your unreasonable desire to wake up, because of That in you which has never forgotten Home, because of That in you which remembers Home more and more clearly as you place less and less value in the ego and its false suggestions.

You see, it is almost as though you have to show your pass to come back through the Gates. And the “pass,” the Gold Card, if you will, is your recognition, your discovery of your divinity. That which qualifies you for entrance is your remembrance of Who You Are. Your Identity is what identifies you as a resident of the Kingdom of Heaven, and your membership in the Brotherhood.

I am saying, stay with me. Remain ever conscious of me. Why? Because that connection constitutes an actual Fourth-dimensional Act of the Individuality you divinely Are. And that activated presence of You, Fourth-dimensionally, is what allows for the uncovering of your Identity to you which constitutes the “pass,” as it were, the identification, that ushers you out of illusion, through the Gates, and into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now, we are going to stop here, because this is the key point, and I want you to listen to this conversation over, immediately.

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