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Hang on a sec…

Paul: Do you have something to say?

Raj: Indeed, I do, Paul. If you are looking for more money in the mail box, or if you are looking for activities to change in the office—if that is what you call change, meaning improvement—then you are looking in the wrong direction, and, as you have noticed, when you look in that direction, nothing is happening. But, Paul, and Susan, something is happening. Shifting of perception is happening, and you must understand that it is not a shifting from one perception to another perception. Let us say that it is a shifting from the vantage point of perception to the vantage point of being Conscious.

Perception is always private. Perception is always what Mrs. Eddy 1 called “personal sense”—a personal sense of Reality. A private sense of Reality. And it is different from the direct experience of Reality. If you look for a new perception, you will be making what could be called a lateral move, which is not a forward movement. It is, in effect, standing still. And although it seems to be movement, it is not.

Do not waste your time looking for the evidence of change. The necessity is to be willing to stand at the point of the change, which means standing with me. It means standing where your Self is, which is always on the wave. Which means it is always at the point of movement. Which means it is never at the point of perception—never at the point of a sense or interpretation of the movement.

I encourage both of you not to try to conceptualize your day, but be in the Now, attentive to where you Are—meaning, with me. And then, when 2 o’clock or 3 o’clock comes, see what is happening. And at 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock, see what is happening. But see it with me from where we Are.

In the beginning, I relentlessly said, “Your income comes from being Centered.” Now I am once again giving a relentless message: Stand with me. Be with me. Talk with me. Let there be nothing else going on with you, other than being consciously in communion with me. It is a simple instruction. It does not take money to do it. It does not take time to do it. And you already know how to do it. So, there truly is nothing to stand in the way, other than what I will call an ignorant choice for ignorance; a belief that there is, indeed, something else more worthy of your energy and attention.

If you wish, think about the time when I said, “Your income comes from being Centered.” Think about the fact that you believed your income came from your “doing,” your actions in the world. And realize that when you tried to make your income appear by engaging in actions, it did not come. And there was not movement, was there? But when you said okay, and you yielded to doing what your ego called nothing, and became Centered, and valued it, and stayed there, movement was experienced. It is the same now, Paul.

Stand with me. Converse with me. Let us have a long conversation. Let us maintain a conscious connection. Even when you are being still, even when we are not exchanging words, be aware that you are with me “not engaging in conversation.” This is the way you get past the impasse, just as it was the way in which you got past the impasse of nothing happening that related to income in 1983.

Also, understand that we are not standing together consciously experiencing Communion for the purpose of making something happen in the three-dimensional frame of reference, even though it seems to be calling for action. The accomplishment, if you will, will lie in the uninterrupted Communion—the connection, the anchoring of your self Consciously where you already Are, truly.

You must do this. That is not a command, but wise counsel. And you must do it because you are waking up. You are becoming aroused, regaining Consciousness. And because you are, you will have no choice about letting go of the dreams. And if you insist upon remaining drowsy and dreaming a little longer, the very fact that you are waking up will cause great abruptness to be felt in the dissolving of the dream.

Do not place your attention inappropriately or nonproductively, because dreaming is not what is continuing to happen. Literally, dreaming is not what is continuing to happen! So, don’t try to prolong the dreams. It is Morning, figuratively speaking. And the sun/Son is stirring you to open your eyes—and you may take that either way you want.

No matter what you do today, I encourage you not to find anything going on in the arena of your perception to be more important than continuing uninterruptedly to be in touch with me. That is what I have to say.

Now, that is all I am going to say right now. No matter what questions you think are important, this is the only thing that is important. And so, do it!

  1. Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian Science. 

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