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Hang on a sec…

Raj: Indeed, Paul, I thank you for checking in with me frequently since we spoke yesterday. This is the way you anchor yourself in Reality. I say this because not only are you speaking with me, but each time you have checked in with me, you have allowed yourself to be aware that you are present with me, and that I am not just present with you. In the past, you have had a sense of my being present with you where you are in your perception of things. But in the last twenty-four hours, you have grasped that when we are speaking, you are actively present with me, I will say, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Fourth dimension, in the undistorted conscious experience of Being, even though almost none of it seems to be available to you, except for the presence of my words. This is, indeed, the way you make the shift. This is, indeed, the way you Graduate. This is, indeed, the way you relinquish an investment of trust in your perceptions, or in the three-dimensional-only frame of reference.

When you remember where you must truly be, no matter how partial that remembrance is, you begin to realize that you haven’t the faintest idea what is trustworthy about anything you are experiencing other than you and me. And you also begin to realize that the solution to this problem doesn’t lie in investigating, analyzing, and discerning what is trustworthy, but rather, it lies in relying upon the one thing you are becoming sure of—the existence of you and me. Yes, that is one thing. And the one thing isn’t you or me, or you and me. The one thing is infinity/eternity—the Conscious experience of being the only thing going on, which is pure Awareness, in which the infinitude of the being of that conscious awareness is experienced as you and me.

Our relationship is a unity, and our conversation, our experience of each other, is communion. That is taking things further than you can grasp at the moment. For the time being, the key point is that our conversations demonstrate for you the fact that you are with me from my point of view, which means from the Father’s point of view, rather than my being with you from your level of perception. I have not come to where you are in belief. I am speaking to you where we are in Reality. Therefore, again, our communication is a demonstration of the Fact of where you Are.

This means that “as much of you as is hearing me” is absolutely Fourth-dimensional, experiencing a limited experience of infinite Being. Therefore, no matter how limited it is, it is absolutely valid, absolutely real, and constitutes a part of you that has no further to go. It is a limited experience of You, Fourth-dimensional man.

Now, I must reiterate that this checking in must continue frequently—indeed, even more frequently than during the past twenty-four hours. Do not be dismayed that your sense of what is real becomes less sure. I am speaking now of your experience of your sense of yourself and your sense of your world.

All you can be sure of—and this is the Fact—all you can be sure of is that you are seeing something, and it is something functioning Fourth-dimensionally, even though the definitions and meanings you are giving it, which seem so real, are invalid. In order for what they really mean to register with you, you must go through a phase where, indeed, you are unsure.

Let this sense of Reality and unreality, without clear distinction, be. And do not try to figure it out. But insist, as you have, upon communicating with me, because our communication does now cease to be a communication of information and becomes a substantiation of where you, as you are experiencing yourself, are originating from. In other words, again, our conversation confirms your divinity and its active presence, Fourth-dimensionally speaking.

What I am saying, you are experiencing—and I am not talking about an idea! To continue frequently to experience—not think about—that confirmation, you will become grounded Fourth-dimensionally and ungrounded three-dimensionally. That is the shift. As that confirmation is reconfirmed when you frequently address me and hear me respond, it will include illumination of the details which in the past you have hoped to arrive at by means of thinking and reasoning.

You are indeed on the move again—not stuck in an improved belief.

Now, I wish to address another point. In your choosing to check in with me frequently, even if it is to hear a brief response from me, it is the means by which you do not slip into distraction in a cozy and comfortable sleep and dream. In spite of the drama of the day’s events, and in spite of the drama/dynamics of your personal experience of limitation, you have not become distracted so completely by them that you have neglected to speak with me and experience the reminder—or shall I say, have the remindful experience—of not being in the drama or the dynamics. As a result, you have not lost perspective, and the dream, the limited perception, has not consumed you.

You have, in the last twenty-four hours spent more time being consciously present, Fourth-dimensionally speaking, than in the whole history of your dreaming. Humanly speaking, that would amount to thousands of years.

I encourage you, during the next twenty-four hours, to check in with me even more frequently. And again, I caution you not to become concerned because of a lessening of your ability to tell what is real and what is not, what is important and what is not. Allow that flux, and address yourself to the one unchanging, anchored aspect—that of our connection and the fact that that connection is occurring Fourth-dimensionally; that you are not connecting with me from the three-dimensional-only frame of reference, but are connecting with me from and as the Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being.

It is as though you have stuck a periscope up, and it has penetrated the Fourth dimension, and you have noticed me, and we have experienced each other. You have seen yourself as being in the submarine 1 beneath the surface of the water, viewing me by remote control or remote vision. But it is a part of you that has penetrated beyond the three-dimensional frame of reference and is experiencing me from your very own Fourth-dimensional standpoint. Therefore, you are not experiencing me from inside a submerged submarine, enclosed and separated, but you are experiencing me from where I Am, because you are there, too!

Let the apparent confusion be. It does not matter that you cannot tell whether any part of the submarine6 is real or not, or what there is about it that is Fourth-dimensionally Real. For example: You do not know whether the observing of the events in the Mideast on TV is unworthy of your attention, but your experience of financial lack is worthy of your attention, because you grasp that they might both be of the same order of illusion. Is one or the other of them more worthy of your attention? Are they both? Or neither one?

I will tell you something: If either one of them were the appropriate focus of your attention, that is what we would be talking about! But, you see, we are talking about letting go of the sidekick and its polarized, dualistic perceptions—confidences and doubts, fulfillments and lack of fulfillments—and, indeed, we are talking about anchoring yourself at Home by means of simply connecting with me, because it is literally that shift from the standpoint of the sidekick to the standpoint of your Being which separates the tares from the wheat, the illusion from the reality, the overlay of misperception from the underlying Reality which is being misperceived. Then the illusion of lack will not be present to deal with, and the experience of the Wholeness of You, the Wholeness of God’s Self-expression, will be what is being experienced.

I know. The ego suggests that that is a nice escape from dealing with what needs to be dealt with. It says, “Come back. You have a few loose ends to take care of.” But, as I have said before, your income, your abundance, comes from being Centered. I did not say it comes from taking care of loose ends which are perceived from uncenteredness.

Now, we are talking about being Centered with a fuller meaning of Centeredness. Centeredness really means at-Homeness. It really means the conscious comprehension of the experience of being at Home, which now our communications are substantiating.

Why do you think that I said to my disciples, “Follow thou me”? Because it gave them the opportunity to make the choice, from within themselves, for their own reasons, for their Sanity. And why do you think I said to “sell everything that thou hast, and follow me,” or to forget about the mother who needed to be buried because she had died? Because the ego always has loose ends to distract one from waking up. Just one more thing to take care of. One last thing to do within the context of the dream. One last thing to do from the three-dimensional frame of reference.

You wordlessly initiated this evening’s conversation with a confusion about what truly constituted the issue that needed to be addressed, and whether the money issue was any more real than the world issue. That confusion is indicative of the shift that is currently, actively, and really occurring within you, of Awakening. And I have been, and am, addressing the issue, and am telling you that your practice of checking in with me frequently during the last twenty-four hours has constituted the most significant forward movement you have engaged in, and is not irrelevant to the apparent issues at hand, but constitutes the specific answer to the issues at hand.

Now, you may fret this in your mind, if you wish, and I will get as boringly monotonous as I did in the beginning when I told you, “your income comes from being Centered” over and over again. Except now it is that your conscious connection with me constitutes an actual Fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, a joining of the two of us at the level of Reality, and not a joining which bridges a gap between the third and Fourth dimension. This clearly places you now in the Fourth dimension. And that is the deeper and broader meaning of my statement, “Your income comes from being Centered.” Your Wholeness comes from being at Home Consciously. And if our conversations are the only conscious experience you have of being at Home, then it is that connection which constitutes the Answer, which constitutes that which heals the illusion of lack.

So, your task between now and our next conversation is to connect with me even more frequently than you have in the past twenty-four hours.

  1. Represents the three-dimensional frame of reference—located in the world and universe. 

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