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Hang on a sec…

This book will perhaps be the most difficult book you have ever read because it squarely calls the ego into question and gives you direction and encouragement regarding the only way to release it. It is not designed to be difficult. In fact, you will find the reading easy, palatable. The words will not be difficult to understand, but the movement they will create in you will.

This book will require you to move beyond understanding and dare to live from there! It brings the principles of A Course in Miracles into bold relief, whether you are a Course student or not. It brings the principles of Christian Science into bold relief, whether you are a student or not. It brings the principles of Life into bold relief, whether you are avoiding It or not. It addresses you in terms of your divinity and says, wake up! And it addresses you in the language of your humanity so that you might comprehend it.

I have stated that there are five major books of the modern world which address the divinity of man and facilitate his realization of Reality—his Awakening. The first is Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. The second is The Urantia Book. The third is A Course in Miracles. The fourth is Graduation: The End of Illusions, and the fifth is yet to appear.

I make this statement in order to save you time, and not as a claim to greatness. In all ways this book embodies the nature and character of the last stages of Awakening. Whether you find it applicable to you or not, the time will come when its truth will be confirming of your own unexplainable experiences of Awakening, allowing you thereby to move with less distraction into your primitive (original) Sanity—the Conscious experience of Creation as God is being It. It is my gift to you, and Your gift to yourself.


Princeville, Hawaii
June 29, 1991

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