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Hang on a sec…

The word “author,” as you will find, is a misnomer, since this book is a channeled work. But being the one with the mouth, the voice, the fingers to type the material, and the willingness to do it, it has fallen to me to give you some background.

In February of 1982, with no prior knowledge of channeling or of spiritual guides, but with a crisis on my hands, I reached out for help in meditation/prayer. The result, after two weeks of earnest listening, was the surprising experience of “hearing” words from someone who identified himself as Rajpur, my Guide. These early conversations became the book, You Are The Answer, published in 1985.

In November of 1982 a friend handed me a copy of A Course in Miracles to see what I thought of it. After browsing through it, I asked Raj who wrote it—meaning, should I accept the premise of the statements of the Course that the author was Jesus. His answer was, “I did.” It was in this way that Raj disclosed his real identity, later stating that if he had told me who he really was at the time of our first conversation, we would never have had a second conversation. I continue to call him Raj because it helps me be real with him, having discovered that my concepts and beliefs about Jesus are absolute impediments to relating genuinely. He has not objected.

During the years between then and now, my life has changed drastically. In February of 1983, at Raj’s direction, we began doing private conversations with Raj, which became my full-time “work.” This led to the publication of a newsletter, Conversations with Raj, and in August of 1985 we began doing public workshops—a total of forty-two so far.

My wife, Susan, and my son, Chris, have played a great part in the work—both of whom you will find mentioned in this book—and I take this opportunity to publicly express my gratitude to them both.

Obviously my experience with Raj and what he has been teaching me is totally subjective, but I will say this: I have found over the past nine years that it would be impossible for me to Awaken alone. It therefore seems utterly reasonable to me that a book dealing with actual engagement in Awakening would not be a treatise on or exposition of principles, but rather an expression of relationship—a holy relationship, if you will—with all of its dynamics present.

I do not pretend to have gone “all the way” yet, but I can guarantee you that I am not going back.

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