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Library of Christ Mind Teachings
Joseph S. Benner

Hang on a sec…

You, who truly wish to consecrate yourself thus to Me, and are willing to give your whole Life to Me, putting aside all personal ideas, hopes and aims, in order that I may freely and fully express through you My Impersonal Idea, listen carefully to these Words.

I have led you through all your experiences of life up to just this point. If you are now really ready and willing to serve Me, and have learned that you, of yourself, can know nothing and can do nothing, and that I AM, and what you call your intelligence and your strength and your substance are really Mine, and that it is I who direct all your thoughts and both cause and enable you to do all that you do, then can you comprehend the significance of My Words, and are quite prepared to obey them.

I have hitherto brought to you the experiences that would teach you just these things. But now, if you are ready and worthy, you shall work consciously with Me, joyfully yet calmly awaiting each new experience, knowing that in each are contained marvelous expressions of My Meaning, which I will make altogether clear to you, and which will more and more bring you into loving, intimate union with Me.

Thus all experiences will hereafter be blessings, instead of trials and tests, or karmic effects of previous acts; for in each will I disclose unto you glorious visions of My Reality - of your own True, Wonderful Self; until you no longer will have any disposition to follow any of the old desires but will seek only to know My wishes and to please Me.

This will manifest in many new ways. In your activities, be they what they may, you will care not what the task, but do whatever lies before you, knowing that is what I require; and striving always and only to please Me by your Impersonal part in the doing, which enables Me thus speedily to accomplish My Will.

In your business even, you will find I AM there. In fact, it is I Who provide you with such business, whatever it be; not that in it you can be the success or the failure or the common plodder you are, nor that you can pile up riches for your descendants, or lose all that you have, or never accumulate any. No, but that through the success or failure, or lack of ambition or special ability, I may quicken your heart to a realization of Me, The Impersonal One, seated within; inspiring and directing all these things that you do, waiting for you consciously to participate in the true Success and accept of the real Riches I have in store for you.

You will then learn that your business, or labor, or condition of life, are but incidents, or the outer vehicles I choose and use to carry you through certain experiences which I deem best adapted to bring you to this realization; and at the same time to quicken in you certain Soul qualities that now but imperfectly express.

If you can but know Me, dwelling thus in your heart, accompanying you to your office, to your shop, to your labor, whatever it be, and will permit Me to direct your business and all your ways; verily I say unto you, when you can do this, you will at once become conscious of a new Power within you, a Power that will flow forth from you as a gentle, kindly sympathy, a true brotherliness, a loving helpfulness to all with whom you come in contact, inspiring them to higher principles of business and of life, creating in them a longing to shed a similar influence within their own circle; a Power that will attract to you business, money, friends, and abundance of all things you need; a Power that will connect you with the highest realms of thought, enabling you both to vision clearly and to manifest consciously all My Impersonal Powers and Attributes every moment of your life.

You will no longer feel any need to go to church or to religious meetings of any kind, or even to read the teachings of My Revelations, in order to find Me and to worship Me.

Instead you will turn within and always find Me there, and you will be so filled with the joy of communing with and serving Me, and of thus worshipping Me, that you will care not for any other thing than just to listen to and obey My Voice, and to feel the warmth and thrill of My Tender Love, as It fills and surrounds you and prepares the way and softens the conditions wherever you go and whatever be your work.

You will cause to be an uplifting and leavening influence in the community wherever I send you, drawing all men to Me to receive My Blessing through you, who now are able so to make your personality subservient to My Holy Impersonality that they forget you and see only Me, and feel the quickening of My Presence within their own hearts; so that they go forth with a new light in their eyes and the sense of a new purpose in their lives.

In your homes particularly will I dwell, Through those nearest you will I teach you many wonderful things, which now you can understand, when before you passionately rebelled against their truth. Through husband, wife, child, brother, sister, parent, will I now be able to develop in you these great qualities, patience, gentleness, forebearance, tongue-control, loving-kindness, true unselfishness, and an understanding heart; for I will cause you to see that I AM deep down in their hearts as I AM in yours.

Now will you be able to appreciate this and profit by it. When you truly do comprehend this great truth you will be able to see Me in your brother or your wife or your parent or child, appealing to you with loving, joyful eyes, when they speak. Instead of blaming them for their seeming mistakes, you will turn within to Me, the Impersonal One, Who will speak through you gentle words of loving kindness, which will immediately soften the heart of the other, and bring you once more together, and closer than ever before. For I, the real I, in the heart of each, AM One, and always respond when thus called upon.

Yes, if you can but know it, your greatest school and your greatest teacher is in your own home, by your own fireside. Much, very much is reserved for those who consciously know this and permit Me, the Impersonal One within, to do the teaching. For I will not only teach you many things through the mouths of those nearest you, but I will teach those others similarly through you, but with this difference: if you are conscious of Me and Impersonally are resting in Me and My Wisdom, then you will permit Me to inspire your words and to empower your acts, and you will not be concerned about their effects upon others or upon yourself, putting all responsibility upon Me.

When you can do this, you will marvel at the changes you see taking place, both in your personality and in the personalities of your dear ones - until you are able to see, back of their human personalities, Me, your own Impersonal Self, shining from out their eyes.

When you can thus see Me, then will the heavens be opened unto you, and no more will you see flaws in you brother, or hear inharmony around you, or feel unkindness coming from any other fellow being. For you will know that I, the Impersonal One, within that other, AM the fount of all perfection, of all harmony, of all loving-kindness, and wait but for the human personality to make the recognition, step submissively aside, and let My Light shine forth, resplendent in all the glory of My Divine Idea.

Then will you see that all conditions in which I put you are the places I have chosen where you can best serve Me; that in all places and in all conditions there is much, very much to do. The more objectionable they are to the personality, the more need there is of My Living Presence.

Wherever you are when the awakening comes, whatever has been your training, in business, in a profession, in manual labor, in the church, or in the underworld, there lies perhaps your best opportunity to serve; for there you know best the manner and the way. For how can My and Your other selves awaken to a knowledge of My Presence within, without the quickening influence which must first come from without. You who have received must give. You who have been quickened must become the quickener. You must take into this business, into this profession, into this labor, into this underworld, My Living Presence, must open the doors of the saddened and sickened heart and let My Light and My Healing Love pour in. You must supply the leaven that will leaven the lump. If these conditions are to be lifted up, you, My awakened one, must carry to these, My ignorant and betrayed ones, My Inspiration, My Blessing, My Strength, that they can rise up and throw off the influence of the world’s ways, can harken to My Voice within, and can hereafter be the master of surrounding conditions and no longer the slave. No condition in life can be lifted up or conquered by running away from it. The Divine touch is needed and must be supplied. It can only be supplied by one who has sounded the depths as well as reached the heights of human experience, with Me as Guide and Interpreter.

You who read, and whose Soul comprehends, are blessed, and your work lies before you.

But you who still hesitate while your personality quakes in fear as the Light filters through your clouded intellect, you, too, will soon partake of My Blessings; for I AM rapidly preparing you for the joy that awaits.

Both you who comprehend and you who fear, know that I AM even now manifesting My Will through you; and the time will surely come when you will know no other Will but Mine, and when all things You Will, will come to pass and you will awaken fully from your Dream of Separation, and know Me as your Real and Only Self.

This will not be until you have given yourself and everything in your life wholly over to Me, and there is nothing left in your human personality to attract from others the slightest inharmonious thought or feeling, by act or word of yours.

Your way then will be one continuous round of blessing. Wherever you go will My Light shine and My Love radiate forth about you, creating Peace, Concord, Unity. The great thing will be, though not great but natural when once you understand, that every one will be better and happier by reason of your appearance in their lives.

For the I AM in them, while still in the flesh, has found or sensed within you a truly Impersonal avenue of expression, and therefore feels, though not consciously by the personality, the Glory and the Holiness of My Impersonal Life.

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