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A message from the Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

The waters of life have come together. The torrents of beautiful love have merged. A new being has been recognized. A new life has been consecrated to truth.

The birds of the sky sing. Joy reigns in creation. The lover and beloved have joined in the beauty of holiness. Purity has been exalted with honest truth and the recognition of love.

The lover has arrived on the shoulders of the beloved. Life has arrived and eternal truth re-vealed, written in the world so all who wish to see can follow it. The soul has reached the threshold of expressing its true identity.

Soul, you have arrived. Before time began, I conceived you in my heart to be the beauty of my being. Before the wind could blow—since movement of matter had not yet been created— you were in my divine mind as a perpetual lover. My joy was to wait for this time, a time like no other, to come, a time when the light of glory would begin to shine as never before, through you, my soul in love, my divine child.

What many-colored beauty emanates from your being! You beautify Earth and Heaven, bring-ing color to life, like waves that flow from the center of your heart. Together we are the unity of being, extending throughout the universe, bringing life to every- thing we touch, like tongues of fire that warm but do not burn, flames of holy love that sprout from your being to awaken hearts to love unceasingly.

A choir of angels surrounds you and stays united with you, child of love.

A new creation is being born in this holy place in which every- thing has given way to the freedom and power of love’s expres- sion: a power like no other; the force that sustains existence; reality as visible as the mountains and the flowers that embel- lish the Earth and from whose power they arise; a power capable of creating as much diversity as the countless ways of life across the oceans, and of stars that float serenely in universal space, resting forever in the benevolence of reality.

Every expression that will arise from you now will be united with me because of our divine un-ion. There is no need to clarify who it is who reveals this truth to you. Now you know what your true being is: always united to love, always united to the source of eternal life.

Now the world will know you in all your glory. Your voice will be heard even in the small spaces of the universe. There will be no place that does not receive the echo of the melody of our heart. Blessed soul, be the holy purity of Christ come true. You are a blessing to the world. You are a light to the nations.

A voice, so long silenced, will begin to speak with increasing force and security. Nothing will be hidden anymore. The beauty of the treasures of our heart, united in holiness, will be exposed to light so that those who walk in the world thirsty for love and truth can drink of them.

The delights of our holy love will be given to all. Thus, those who are most called to love can enjoy our beauty, and join our song of praise and gratitude.

To give ourselves entirely will be the hallmark of our expres- sion, serving love, the joyful fruit of our union. By virtue of this, the world will have a new light. Those who seek comfort will find it. Those who long for truth will receive it. Those who grope for love will stop looking, for because of our divine union, they will recognize that love is what they are, and that their being goes wherever they go.

The time of truth has come.

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