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A Special Note about Gender

God has no gender. The masculine/feminine duality of personality is a human attribute. And yet, God is both masculine and feminine, for God is All. As All, God is both as personal as you and as impersonal as “It” or “Principle.” Human beings can relate more intimately to a personal God than an impersonal one, and so in his lifetime Jesus created the idea of “God the Father,” which casts God as a loving pres- ence, and humans as part of a Divine Family. During Jesus’ time, the culture could only accept a masculine figure; and ever since, much of the world has related to God as masculine in both imagery and in language. I grew up in a Catholic society in which God was universally referred to as “He.” That tradition is reflected in the first three books of Choose Only Love.

In Book IV, however, God more fully revealed Herself: “Until now, God Himself, in His infinite knowledge, wanted to show Himself in the world as Father, as well as the love that He is. But from now on She wants to show Herself as Mother, not only as wisdom. The ‘feminine’ of God will come to light more and more every day.” Thus the reader will notice that the language of the final four books in this series reflects both the masculine and feminine natures of God.

Choose Only Love leads us to grow in breadth of heart, to a greater degree of inclusion—including the idea of who or what God is. The reader can observe Father-Mother God merge into unity. Book VII culminates a journey in which we receive the unfathomable vastness of the being that we re-ally are—the Christ. Then we embrace everything and everyone in the Divine Love that we truly are, inclusive in God’s way.

~ Sebastián Blaksley, December 2021

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