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Final words

I. The World Is Waiting for You

My child! Soul in love! Light of my eyes!

We have reached the end of this work, but not the end of our relationship.

These words are a gift to you, a love letter I wrote for you to carry in your memory and keep in the silence of your heart.

Together we walked a path full of glory and love, a path of holiness.

Since the beginning of this revelation we have been growing in a greater intimacy of love, through which you have a greater knowledge of my love.

This work has opened a portal to Heaven in your holy mind.

This manifestation is in itself a flow of Divine Love from my most holy heart to hearts thirsty for love and truth.

We are one heart, one mind, one holy being. This work testifies to this truth.

Holy hearts! I thank you for every minute you have spent with me, for every thought you have directed to my divine heart. I assure you, in spirit and truth, that each one of those moments of union in your being has gathered Heaven and Earth. They have accomplished miracles, healed wounds, and opened minds to the light of true knowledge.

These words are both a means and an end. They are a means of expressing our direct relationship. They are an end because you have grown in your awareness of our direct relationship.

Our relationship is real. It is a union of pure love. As an effect of our relationship, we both become one in holiness—you and I, merged forever in the only true love: your beloved Christ, and my beloved soul. Our relationship exists. It is a relationship of pure meaning.

Through this work you have grown in the awareness of my love for you, and with it in the knowledge of your true being. You are love and nothing but love. You are holy love, pure love, faithful love. You are restorative love, creative love. You are love that works miracles, love that gives life and life in abundance. You are the beauty of Christ made a “me.”

These final words constitute a new beginning. They are the starting point from which the fruit of our union will manifest themselves more and more in a diversity of holiness without equal. Together we have reached the port from which the boat of your true being will set sail serenely and harmonically, carried by the wind of my spirit of love, a wind that will lift you into flight. And on your flight you will beautify Heaven and Earth, as you have embellished the universe by expressing these words of yours. These words are a song to love springing from your heart in love. You yourself have caused them to exist.

Soul of pure light! You are the beauty of Christ placed in the world for the glory of the Father. You are beyond what can be said in human words. You are the heaven of the world. You are love manifested. These words are a song to life, a hymn of gratitude to God the Mother-Father for giving us life, a life of fullness, a life full of love, a life where the desires of your heart are fulfilled.

The world awaits you to illuminate minds that have become blinded from ignorance of love, and to soften hard hearts that have withered from the heartbreak of the world.

You have been given a voice that can resonate in every corner of the universe: the voice of love. Make the beauty of your melody be heard. Sing a new song. Sing to life.

Give the world the knowledge of love without beginning or end. For that have you come to the world: to show that God exists, that the infinite love of the Father awaits everyone. You are here to beautify the Earth, sharing with all a hope that does not disappoint, a truth that is always true even when denied, and a love that underlies life.

Tears of joy fall from my face. My heart beats to a new rhythm, the beat of love that emerged from our union. You have chosen only love. You have chosen life. In our relationship we will live together forever, in a love that has no beginning or end, the love of the Holy Trinity.

The value of these words does not reside in their content, nor in the knowledge they transmit, for true knowledge dwells in each heart. Their secret is the love with which they were given and received. Love given is the only real thing in creation. God is love given entirely.

Giving is the essence of love and therefore of life. Giving love through these words is what this work is about. Receiving them with love is what makes the union of giving and receiving manifest. This work is a perfect expression of giving and receiving as one. When you receive it with love, you give it because of its truth.

To give freely what you have freely received from my Sacred Heart is to join the rhythm of eternal life.

Life is a constant flow of giving, receiving, giving, receiving; to continue giving and thus to continue receiving.

Remember, my daughter, my son, what you give you keep, and what you withhold you lose. To be generous in God’s way is to give everything to everyone in the unity of being. This is to love unconditionally. This is doing God’s will for you. This is extending being.

The expression of the unconditionality of love is what will now happen in our way, a new way. You have recognized your being. You have honored wisdom. You have welcomed truth. You have accepted me as one with you. You have willingly received my love. You have been flooded by the light of truth. You have reached the goal that your humanity was called to reach when you came into the world.

II. The Love You Are

Now begins a new phase in our eternal love story. We are writing a new chapter. There is nothing more to know. There is nothing more to learn or to teach. There is simply a need to be the one you know you really are. The path we will continue to travel together from now on is the path of the authenticity of being.

United we are the light of life. Together we dwell where truth dwells. We are one with love. We are the extension of holiness.

Remember, my daughter, my son, there is no place where you are not because there is no place where my love is absent. There is no place where you are not because there is no place where truth is not. There is no place where you are not, because there is no place where holiness is not. There is no place where you are not because there is no place where love is limited. My love embraces everything. Our union is the universal embrace of love.

We are the unity of being. We are truth in expression. We are the song of love singing to life.

My love! How much gratitude is in my heart because of your choice for love. You have returned to the fullness of being. No longer is there denial of truth and love. Separation is no more. Now unity is. And in that unity abides peace, truth, reality.

Now is the time to tell the world what you have seen and heard here—what your heart has experienced, that in which your mind rejoices. Share what has been given you in Grace and holiness.

It is true that revelation is not transferable. Your response to this manifestation of Heaven is unique, as unique as the expressions of your sisters and brothers, and even of creation as a whole. However, that is not a reason for not sharing, since you share of love’s diversity, accepting the uniqueness of each, as this work reaches its fullness. Put simply, your unique way of being completes this work.

Let the words that have been given and the feelings that arose along the path we walked together in this work become flesh in you. Let the flow of love that emanates from my heart towards you and the whole world come true.

Keep this work in your heart. Hold it in your memory. Your being will guide you. The spirit of love, which is the life of your being, will inspire you.

Trust who you are. Trust me. Everything will be all right.

Remain in me as I remain in you. Give the world the true life that comes from the knowledge of my love. You have a relationship with me, as I have with you. You have a relationship with love, an awareness of our union.

Your function now is the same as always: being the love you really are, extending your being, sharing who you are.

Remember, you reach the fullness of being by giving yourself. It is in the sharing of what you have received from our love that your mission is accomplished. How will you do it? In your own way. Inspired. It will emerge from our constant dialogue of love. You will not lack opportunities to fulfill your mission of being who you really are.

Remember, my daughter, my son, that your mission exceeds form because it is spiritual. It goes beyond all limits, encompasses all times, embraces all realities created and yet to be created, all minds and all hearts, physical and non-physical. Giving love a face to be seen by those living on the plane of form is part of your function, but not the whole of it. We cannot limit your mission because your being is unlimited. Being the human-Christ, being the God-Human, is that of which I speak. Living as such is the path we have been traveling. The Christification of your humanity has occurred here.

Showing the world that you can be happy within the world is an inseparable part of your function. For this reason it is of great importance to express your joy, the purity of your heart, and the sanctity of who you are.

You came into the world as a Christ soul to remember, in union with your brothers and sisters, that love has no beginning or end, that love’s source is not the world but spills into it, a love that shines on hearts and minds thirsty for truth. That love is your being.

~ Jesus of Nazareth

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