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The Fullness of Time

A message from the Voice of Mother-Father God, the Voice of All Voices

I. Song of the New Being

Sing, the whole Earth.
Dance, hearts that have chosen only love.
Glow, minds united in holiness.

May wisdom shine in the glory of the truth.
May the sun shine with the light of holiness.
May rain drench souls with the living water that flows
from the heart of God.
May bodies rise again.
May tears turn into laughter and revelry.
May the songs of the birds join the hymns of the angels
of God.

Praise God, the whole earth.
May all know God’s mercy,
That His Kingdom is eternal,
As eternal as His love for His children.
May humankind rejoice in the truth.
May life be honored in love.
May the children of God fly to the highest Heaven.
A new reality is emerging.
A new love story is being lived.

A new tomorrow is being created,
Emerging from the union of Creator and created.
Nothing is as before.
Everything is new.
The child joins the Father.
The Father remains in that unity.
The love of one calls to the other.
Freedom is respected.

What a joy, My child, to know that we will continue our love story forever, united in the fullness of love. We are the unity of the sacred and the human. We are a new reality, having emerged from the creative flow of the perfect juxtaposition of our wills.

I have freely created you with love. You have freely traveled a path of distancing, now choosing in your own way to remain forever in our union. Without you, I created eternal life. But now, together with you, we create new kingdoms of perfect love, as Mine as everything that arises from Me, and as yours as everything that arises from you. We have joined. There is no longer a Creator who creates the created; now there is the creative unit, a reality that emerged from the Creator-created.

Rejoice, because the time of the Second Advent has come. Christ is present on Earth in you. You are the embodiment of the fullness of love. Reality is not what it was before. The new is born—a kingdom full of the magic of the human and the beauty of the kingdom of form, linked to the sanctity of the divine and the mystery of love.

A new expression of love is born. It is here. Begin to be the love you longed for. Start living now and forever in the truth that you are. Look for nothing, for you have already found. Be the holiness revealed to you. Remain always in our love. Stay in our union. From our relationship—human and divine—new mornings are born, full of beauty and fullness.

Children of beautiful love! The sun is not the same, nor is the Earth. Nothing is as it was. You are living a new reality now— the reality of the child reunited with the Mother-Father, the reality of the Kingdom within your humanity.

When you said yes to love, you opened the doors of Heaven. A spring of thanks poured over the entire universe, transforming all the things in the world. There is no longer a Heaven here and a land there. No longer a God and a soul. Now is the time of unity. Now what exists is an unprecedented union, a new creation that emerged from love and freedom. A new world, born of human and divine freedom, has been created in the love of the hearts of the Creator and the created.

II. Realization and Elevation

Everything has been accomplished. Holiness has embraced everything. Nothing has been excluded. All thoughts have been reinstated to truth, all feelings to love. Bodies are recreated by the source of eternal life.

It is the time of elevation, a time without comparison. Embrace the new. Trust our union. Enjoy creating a morning full of love and kindness together. The desires of your hearts are filled abundantly. You will experience the love of God as never before. You will know that you are saints because your truth will sing to you. A new experience is given to you. United we have created a new being in union with Me. There is no comparison of this in the original creation story. You are a new reality, new holy creatures, full of beauty and truth.

Soul in love! Receiver of these words of love! You must know that every divine promise has been fulfilled in you. Now you will consciously live this truth. This is no longer the time to attempt to transform either yourself or the world. Those times have passed. Now is the time to let yourself be transformed by love. This is the time to be the love you long for, the truth you sought, and the holiness that has been revealed to you. This is the time to be the Christ that has been given to you.

Now the light of our eternal glory will illuminate your path. Everything will flow in harmony with who we are. The expression of your reality will be as beautiful as everything that arises from Christ, as holy as everything that arises from your being, as cheerful as everything that comes from love, and as blessed as the truth.

My love! Christ enlightened, peace recognized! There is no need to look back. Nothing can compare to what is happening here—that is how new your new life is. All the creative power of My divine being belongs to you. United we are the source of new life. We are creation.

A new reality has emerged, and it will continue to emerge as an extension of our divine union. Nothing can separate us anymore, ever. Our will has gathered in the truth that is always true. Every fiber of your being is embedded in this new reality. The constant flow of life that emanates from it soaks the Earth, giving life to everything, awakening minds asleep to love. Sing, oh hearts that silently awaited this moment of Grace and creation! We create new life. We create new holiness. Together we create new love.

We let love do what it knows to do. We rejoice in My goodness. We love all things in Christ. We are the extension of truth. We go into the world knowing that we are My face on Earth. Who looks at us, looks at Heaven. Who knows us, knows love. Whoever accompanies us enters the Kingdom by the hand of Christ. We are the union of Heaven and Earth. We are the union in Christ of God and humankind. We are My triumph.

The truth has been revealed. Holiness has been accepted. Humanity sings a hymn of gratitude. May all join our song, the song of beautiful love. Our song emerges from the union of three hearts—the Sacred Heart, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in perfect unity with the human heart, forming a new Holy Trinity. From it is the new world born.

May humanized Christs shine and enlighten the world. May the free expression of the being of holiness they are fly spontaneously and without limit. This is new.

All has been accomplished. There is no more effort to be made. No more sacrifices to offer. The time of mercy has arrived—the time of the fullness of being, Mary’s time, the time of holy love.

Unity will come into manifestation. As never before the world will know the uniqueness of the being I created. Greater knowledge of My love is being given to all; you will see it more clearly day by day. Abundance will be your heritage, joy, your treasure, and holiness will be your way of being. Nothing will be hidden. All truth will be revealed, and your heart will jump for joy.

Be yourself in the revelation given to you of the sanctity of your being. Show the world your truth so that they know Me. Live the love you are. Give the world the beauty of your heart, that no one deprive us of our treasure. Let us embrace the world in the peace of our unity and extend holiness forever.

Extend your thoughts every day to a new reality of pure holy love. Let your imagination soar beyond the imaginable, always remaining in My heart. In this way we will create new universes full of harmony, mystery, and bliss, with the flow of life emanating from our relationship into your life and that of

many others, something that creative love knows exactly how to do. Let it cover everything and be expressed in new ways, creating new love always.

Open your arms to new life. Receive within your being the sisters and brothers arriving from everywhere to meet the new being that you are. Reunited love is present on Earth! The divine has touched the human! Love has been chosen!

The son of humanity has risen. That it cannot yet be understood by everyone does not diminish the impact of this resurrection. Indeed, to live in the reality of the new life you really are is what this work is about. Remember that just as life was freely given you, you also rebirth eternal life. Be glad that it is so.

Manifesting truth is effortless. Your new reality does not lead to fatigue, but is the living expression of My love, flowing from the source of eternal life.

What does the future hold? A reality of love, beauty, and fulfillment, life in fullness, meaning and purpose. The future is you and Me, united in love of the Holy Trinity, a love without beginning or end, a love ever creating new love.

What can you expect from life? Everything, because we are love and love is everything.

Soul of Christ! You have reached the moment of your realization. The path you have traveled has taken you to meeting My glory. Your life is not what it once was. I cannot stop reminding you of this, for it is necessary that you live the truth given you. It requires that you forever leave behind preconceived ideas and open yourself to the wonder of the miracles of love. Let life fill you. Let love lead you along this joyful path of being.

You have been waiting for this moment your entire life— when you are free to be who you really are. That time is now. The yearning fulfilled. What you are has always been calling you to meet it. You have responded. You have heard her voice and followed her. What that means will manifest itself every day until you have not the slightest doubt that everything that has been said here is true. And that all you are is holy love.

My wisdom shines in your holy mind. You recognize unity. You accepted your union with Me. United, we are the light of the world. Now let your intellectual knowledge recede, like beautiful pebbles that fall into the lake of your crystalline consciousness, dissolving and becoming one with each drop of the water into which they have fallen. The water will no longer be the same— remaining pure as always, but with no possibility of evaporating into nothingness. The light of the knowledge of love will never go out. In you the truth will shine forever, as the perfect expression of Christ’s love on Earth and in Heaven. You will be yourself.

Your choice has been made. You have welcomed the truth, recognized your holiness, and with that you have accepted the treasures of the Kingdom. That was My will, which you fulfilled. Now the world will know you. Earth will shine with a new light. Heaven will sing a new song of joy and gratitude.

Rest in peace, My child, you have chosen the best part and it will not be taken away. You have chosen to be who you really are. You have chosen life. Rejoice in your glory and be happy in our love forever.

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