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Flow of Eternal Unity

A message from the Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. The Story Continues

To allow your Christ being to manifest fully is God’s will for you.

This truth is what the wise men and women of old saw and heard. It was sung and scribed by mystics of all time. It is the only statement of truth that you need to accept jubilantly to live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Be as I created you to be,” is the everlasting song of the Creator.

Being is the yearning of the soul.
Living in the truth is the yearning of the mind.
Abiding in love is the refuge of the heart.
Extending holiness is the realization of the will.

As has been said, in order to fly the flight of freedom it was necessary that you trod paths that we have been traveling for some time. Everything is perfect. Everything contributes to the awakening of consciousness. There is no aspect of human history, or your personal history, that is not part of a masterpiece of God’s redeeming love—love that heals, love that gathers what was scattered, love that sanctifies, love that lives in truth, love that seeks and finds, love that never abandons, love that is always faithful. United love.

When all that exists was called into being, God knew that what was not His will would only be imagined, for the divine mind knows all probable futures. Within the pure potential of the creative being, each future corresponds to what makes the immortal spirit, its only eternal creation, remain in the truth of what it is and live within the reality of love. This work is part of that knowledge of God in the sense that it is a means conceived in the heart of God for those of consciousness.

The world has entered the era of direct relationship with God, and with it, the manifestation of the Second Coming of Christ. The truth revealed here will manifest itself more clearly as the new world that emerges takes shape.

The new is here! Christ has come! Love has triumphed! Mary sings a new hymn with her well-loved children and all of creation, a hymn to the glory of the Mother of the new creation. You, yourself, are a new being, born of the spirit of love. In the same way the world is being born anew. A new realm has arisen in the Kingdom of Heaven, a new reality within God’s infinite reality of pure love.

That new reality of love has arrived and awaits full expression. You carry within yourself the seeds of the Kingdom. Letting them bloom and show their great beauty is your function now. Many of those seeds have already flourished as beautiful expressions of holiness. New ones will grow every moment and will decorate the garden of the coming Christ.

The Second Coming of Christ will come true through you. Why wait? The work is ready for exhibition. You are Christ. Making your life a loving demonstration of this truth is your purpose and the source of your fullness.

What else could have been arranged by my will for you, whom I love with infinite love, but to live a full life now and forever? Your happiness is the only reason you were created by the love that I am. What I want most is for you to live cheerfully, singing and full of purpose. Your happiness is important for creation. Your realization is a gift for all.

Beloved sons and daughters, you have no idea how much your sisters and brothers need you. They are awaiting you so that, together, you can walk this blessed path of living as the Christ you really are. Everything of love belongs to you. Your truth is your holiness. Your identity is your beauty and brings lasting joy. Loving thoughts are as much yours as mine, for we are one divine mind, one single immaculate heart. We are one.

The new is unlike the old, which was created with the option of separation in order to experience disunity. But the new is not a redeemed fallen creation returned to its original state. That is not what is happening. The new is more than love spreading, because love has always spread and will always spread. The new is an entirely unprecedented creation. It arises from the reality of a pure soul that, having experienced separation, has met truth in a new way. In a sense, we can say that the new being that you are brings together everything lived with what God always thought, merging into a unique constellation. It is different. It is new.

The new is love reunited.

What you have tied on Earth you have also tied in the heaven of your holy mind, and what you have also untied. Spirit and flesh are now one. Time and eternity are joined. This is the same as saying that you and God are one, being and self are one.

The realm in which love can be chosen within a dual dimension did not exist before the beginning of time. Before time and humanity came into being, only the reality originally created by God existed. Following the decision of humankind to experience separation, the dimension of the illusion of being separate from God and from everything came into manifestation. Only the reality of God and the illusion of separation existed. They were completely separate realities, separate experiences. There was no third alternative, no third way.

It was Divine Grace that created an alternative, which is the experience of a duality in which both love and fear, union and separation, could coexist as alternatives so that love can be chosen as a fundamental option. From this a new dimension of duality, a third way could emerge.

Let us continue in the wake of this thought.

In the same way that the Earth changed when it received water, so also the realm of duality changes when the fundamental option for love is made within it. This is how the third way, or the New Earthly Kingdom, is born. In other words, the choice that humankind makes by choosing love creates a new reality within the sheer potentiality of God. God and Her human creature co-create the new.

As you know, manifestation arises from consciousness. As inside, so outside. Thus the manifestation of the realms of love and separation—the duality in which love can be chosen—and that of a third way of the New Heaven and New Earth, is a reflection of what occurs in consciousness.

Thus the experience of separation and duality has been integrated into your being because of the sheer potentiality that resides in you. From this, a totally new and unprecedented experience has been born. This novelty is somewhat like a reality that existed within the possibilities of divine thought, but it is not what God had conceived before you—as His child—took the path of denial, a path not undertaken for lack of love, but as an alternative to truth. This alternative is possible in a world of fantasies and illusions, a parallel dimension disconnected from reality, but wanting to become real. This may be the world’s definition of madness, yet through the pure potentiality of the union of the human and the divine, it transmuted into a new reality born of Love.

What now exists as a new reality has emerged from the union of God’s original plan and yours. Together, God, as the creative source, and you, as the creative medium, have co-created this new Kingdom. It is no longer “and God said let there be light and there was light.” Now what exists is “and that is how the Mother and the Son said it should be done, and a new Kingdom was made, a Kingdom both human and divine, a kingdom of heavenly bodies and spirits full of purity and goodness, the Kingdom of human-God and God-humanized.”

My children, you are writing a new Genesis. These words bear witness to it and the reality in which both you and your sisters and brothers live. A new creation has manifested. It is part of God’s creative continuum.

You were told at the beginning of this revelation that the phases of creation would be explained. This we have done. This is the last phase of creation thus far developed— last in the sense that this new Genesis revealed here is the most recent novelty of being, not last in the sense that it will not continue to emerge as eternal novelty.

If you are able to receive what is being said here with all the love of your heart, you will jump with joy. You will realize that you are witnessing the greatest daring of love, which could never until now have been conceived. Soul in love, the mystery of mysteries is being revealed: the boldness of divine mercy, a creation of pure holiness, created by the Mother of Lights. From the apparent disagreement between the Mother and the sons and daughters a creation molded by both arose.

II. A New Genesis

Listen, now, with attention and joy.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were created through the Word and without it was nothing. In it was life, and life was the light of the world. Through the Word, God created the heavens and the Earth. The Earth was empty and without order, and darkness covered the surface of the abyss, and the Spirit of God moved over the barren land. Then the Word said: “Let there be the light.” And there was light. And God saw that the light was perfect, and separated the light from the darkness. God called the light day, and the darkness night. And the evening and the morning was one day. And then She said, “Let the waters arise,” and the seas and the rains were made. And then She said, “Let the stars shine in the sky to beautify the universe.” Thus were born the sun, the moon, and the stars, and all the bodies that float in the cosmos, dancing at the serene pace of reality. And then She said, “Let there be all kinds of creatures on the Earth,” and in them She lived life in so many different ways that can never be told. And then She said, “Let us make humankind in our image and likeness.” And humankind was made in the light of glory, created by the Mother to begin with Her a dialogue without equal. And God saw that everything was perfect.

And it was heard in the depths of the universe: “Beloved son, beloved daughter, contemplate what I created. Everything has been done for you. As you name it, so it will be. You have been given the power to create identity.” And so humans gave existence to everything that exists, naming each thing. In Her consciousness She gave life to everything inert, and gave meaning to what the Word had created. And the humans also named themselves, and called themselves humanity. And God saw that everything was perfect.

And the Word said, “Let us give to humankind everything so that they can become one with Our heart if they wish, and become a co-participant of creation.” Thus the divinity of the triune God was given to humanity. And so it was that the human was endowed with a consciousness capable of knowing love, truth, and holiness like no other creature, that they be aware of themselves and everything that exists, moves, and is. And the Word said, “Let them choose freely.” And free will was given to humankind, and with it the ability to discern. And God saw that everything was perfect.

And She said to the humans: “Be yourselves.” And She showed them the ways Her love had manifested, making them see all benevolence, grace, and wisdom. And She gave them the power to choose to know themselves, walking along the path of divine union, preserving forever the relationship with God in whose unity they were one with all creation. Thus humankind knew the ability to choose freely.

And the human said: “I will create my own path to knowledge. A different path than what you have shown me. It will be my way.”

And God said, “There is no other path to knowledge than the one I have shown you, for what you have seen is the knowledge of knowledge, in which all truth is found.”

But the human did not want to hear. And the human said: “Be done as I say.” And it was done. Thus was born the denial of truth, a creation not in the original plan of the Mother, but allowed as an option. When God saw that humanity would travel a different path which in Her wisdom She knew led to pain and nothingness, Her mercy set in motion. And God said, “Let yourselves be accomplished as you have said,” allowing humankind to deny love in their consciousness and to create a world whose foundation is not love as they wanted it, although love remains forever by their side, so that next to each step of separation is a corresponding one of unity.

And God said, “Let us plant in humankind’s heart the longing to be, so that they be led back to My sacred heart where they can dwell for all eternity.” And so it was.

And God also said, “Let there be a plan that embraces within itself everything that humankind has conceived to deny the truth, and reassembles it in such a way so that, if they will, they can return to the way of being.”

That is how light emerged in a world of darkness, and life of all kinds began to sprout in the barren land. Love was present in the realm of fear. Truth shone in the realm of illusion. Beauty manifested alongside fear. Thus was the atonement accomplished, so that the human who had denied love came to know the greatness of endless mercy. Thus humankind, who had previously known the beauty of creative love, came to know the grace of redeeming love, a dimension of love that they did not know before.

And the humans separated themselves from God, to travel in the way of self-knowledge, creating a reality separate from God’s. And the atonement was present in each measure of denial. Upon each step of greater division, a new step of union was created within them.

And redeeming love became flesh and lived among humankind, gathering human and divine within itself, embracing in the reality of perfect love what humankind had conceived to deny the truth, allowing the light of wisdom to shine in the separate mind so that no human could get lost and all could know the way of being as love had always conceived.

This is how humankind, conceived to be a knowledgeable co-participant in the divine essence forever, by their own will became aware of what it meant to separate from the truth, and also witnessed the unconditionality of love. Along the way they saw that God gave them a new name, different from the ones they had called themselves. They were called the Children of God, the risen from the waters. Thus was born the fullness of the created. A new reality emerged: the reality of the redeemed son and daughter, the masterpiece of God’s love.

And the child said: “Mother, take me home.” And so it was. And the created human joined with God forever, bringing to heart the experience of the time of separation. The child returned to God different, new, more, for he freely decided to choose only love. He is the child of the resurrection, reborn of spirit.

A new creation was then created within the eternal reality of truth. Like the layers of an onion, the phases of a love story like no other unfolded one by one from a dialogue between the Creator and the creature of a life in relationship. God and humankind, along with everything created, united in a relationship in which together they create reality in a constant, throbbing union. The Heart of Love beats, and its echo becomes movement in the heart of the child of God. Thus creation advances in endless divine movement. God speaks; creation answers; God recreates; creation remakes.

And the divine plan is recreated to include the nuances of human freedom. The pure soul of the redeemed human, conceived in the light of holiness and endowed with the colors of the rainbow that shine in the Kingdom of Heaven, now displays a new tincture. Its beauty is no longer tinged with the color of fear that separation caused, but glows with increased luminescence—the brightness of the glory of the resurrection. In this way humankind bears the seal of divine mercy, the sign of the risen.

And a new creation is born. Humankind, redeemed by the waters of the resurrection, sings a new song, a song born from the united melodies of God and humanity.

This is how the waters of the divine and the human are united in the valley of life, and from their union emerged the river of beautiful love, a story without end.

This is how God, the one who was never created, the one always existent and without need, created humankind as a manifestation of consciousness so that everything would be united within it; and through it creation would remain in Christ, remain in God. A new trinity was created: the new human-creation, Christ, and God. Homo, Christus, Deo.

And humans chose only love. Thus they met the truth.

And in this meeting was created forever a new holy love, born from the recognition of Christ in their being.

This is the creation story: a love story without beginning or end. It is the story of a mother who creates a child to share her life with him, and to create new paths of holiness together, paths of eternal life united forever in truth, like waters that merge, giving life to everything, creating new realities full of beauty and goodness, creating love.

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