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The Ascension Has Come

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. Elevation and Truth

When we speak of Christ we are using a name that encompasses every name, aiming at the sun of truth, the highest height of holiness. With this our minds and hearts are being stretched to arrive at a place beyond what we can imagine.

During earlier times, some beings came into the world perfectly imprinted with the unity and truth of what they are. They were very few in number. They were what they had to be within the plan, the design for the work of God, in which there is a time for everything.

Such beings are incarnations of pure consciousness, extensions of crystal consciousness that have manifested in all the realms of Earth—in the human plane as well as in that of animals, plants, and elements. They have been like sparks of divinity, flashes of light from the light emanating from the consciousness of love.

Everything is consciousness. There is nothing else. What you see around you with your physical eyes, as well as the sounds you hear with your ears, is materialized consciousness. Remember this as a backdrop for this session.

Both the totally fearful consciousness and the totally loving consciousness manifest. One is the state in which consciousness seeks to know the lack of love; the other is the knowledge of love as the only reality. During this session we will not be concerned with discernment between them, but will focus on the manifestation of Christ consciousness.

From the moment that time began, the mechanism of fearful consciousness was set in motion. The fallen creation that had conceived itself as separate from love began to travel a path of restoration or ascension to rise from the low realities of fear towards the consciousness of purity and holiness, which is what life in the world is all about.

The Earth, planets, stars and everything that exists in the physical universe was created as the perfect means for this elevation to take place. Everything in it contributes perfectly to this purpose. That is the reason, among others, that you have been told that you always fulfill God’s purpose.

The life you live here and now has a very simple meaning and purpose: to raise the consciousness of creation from a state of unconsciousness to the fullness of the purity of love.

What is pure consciousness? It is the consciousness of love. Love and purity are the same. Pure love is transparent, where everything is true and authentic, where nothing can be hidden because it is the light of holiness. Why would truth want to hide something from itself? Could holiness be ashamed of what it is? For what reason would love keep itself from knowing that it is the whole of everything?

Love is joy. It is also clarity. The fact that love is the purity of light, a state in which what is created is seen transparently in the serene beauty of truth, is what makes it impossible for fear to exist. Remember, all fear comes from what is hidden, not seen, not understood by the heart, rejected.

Only in the light of love can you understand why there is no other light. The life you live on the physical plane is a path from darkness to light, or from blindness to the vision of Christ. A crystalline being is one who lives in complete communion with the truth of what it is. Let me clarify this.

The being that was given to you, which you can call your human spirit or immortal soul, is what makes you what you really are. Since what you are is a manifestation of the pure love that God is, you cannot be anything other than a being of purity whose essence is compassion, joy, and life. In other words, you are radiant, colorful, and passionate about the truth, a creator in unity with your source—healer, illuminator, peacemaker, restorer, full and beautiful. And not only that, but within your being is the lifting or elevating power of the self. What does that mean? It means that you, like everyone else, are crystalline souls, full of purity and goodness.

II. Face to Face with the Truth

That you are holy cannot be in question, neither can the fact that you cannot lose that state because it is eternal, since it comes from your Creator. I seek here to put into words what you know but often forget. Give me your imagination now. We will have it serve the truth.

Imagine that you are a being that has a form. Maybe it helps to imagine the outline of your body. Visualize it as if transparent, something like glass. Inside it shine colorful lights of great beauty, all in pastel, serene tones, the same colors you see in a rainbow. The interior lights move as if they were being

driven by a harmonious melody. Colors represent energies manifested from a reality that constitutes the essence of who you are. One color is of the energy or power of compassion, the others of wisdom, holiness, purity, magnanimity, and nobility of spirit. All emanate from the truth of the being that you are. All are gathered within you, that is, within love.

Because of who you are, you have inherent abilities derived from the divine being from which you arose. You are like God, inherently divine, one with what created and sustains you in existence. This is the truth about who you are, the truth that makes you free.

What happens in many of my children is that they create a personality that stands between what they are and the truth.

Imagine now that you are observing that body of pure crystal from which shine the colors of a divine rainbow. Stay there. Keep observing. Unfold that image as if that crystalline form is now duplicating itself. Now put a body of the same form in front of it. This second body of the same shape arises from the crystalline body and is no longer transparent. It is a dense and compact body, like a black shadow, dark inside.

Stay with the vision of both forms: the crystalline body and the compact body. One is full of transparency and light. The other is dark and dense. Now we name each one. The crystalline form of pure light is your true being; the dense form is what you call your personality, the individual self. The dark form turns its back on the luminous body, while the luminous body continuously contemplates the dense body.

Now the dark shape turns its head and comes face to face with the crystal shape. The individual self looks at the crystalline being and contemplates it for a moment. At first it does not recognize it. It thinks, “What is that?” It remains motionless as it observes and examines the body for a prolonged time. Then it ceases to think and begins to see the beauty in front of its eyes. Something triggers a distant remembrance. Now the individual self begins to take a step, then another, and another, towards what it observes. As it approaches the crystalline being, it realizes that it is leaving the place of shadows and entering a very bright and yet serene light.

As it enters the illuminated area, it begins to see the pure crystal form more clearly and approaches without fear. The remembrance of “what it is” becomes clearer and clearer—no longer a memory, but a certainty, a knowing. The dense form begins to recognize and know very well the one it contemplates. It approaches the beautiful being of light with increasing haste. Reaching the zone of pure luminosity, so close to the crystalline being that it can almost touch it, it can now see itself. The individual self watches the crystalline being, scrutinizes it, and observes its hand, whereupon another remembrance arises—the memory of its own hand—and notices that they are identical.

The luminous being holds out its hand. The individual self stares and realizes that it is the same hand as its own. They shake. Now the individual self looks at the whole luminous body, which it can see clearly. With happy amazement, it discovers that the entire body, not only the hand, is identical.

The individual self takes a little distance and sees a beautiful crystal on which its perfect beauty is reflected, as if in a pure mirror where it can know itself. By seeing this reflection, the memory of “what it is” becomes a certainty.

Let this vision remain in your memory and allow who you are to draw the fruit of wisdom and truth from it.

The path of the world is one of awareness of who you are. It is the means for you to stop turning your back on your being, and allow yourself to be a perfect extension of it. The fall or separation projected a false being on the truth and beauty of who you are. The atonement means to cease doing so. How? By turning your gaze towards your being, the living Christ that you really are. You will receive help in doing this from Heaven and Earth.

Crystalline souls, the pure souls that inhabit the Earth among whom you are now, have the goal of helping others begin to remember the vision of Christ. In order to remember your true heights, turn towards their light and contemplate their holiness. You enter the world remembering the truth of their beings to a greater degree than others. Keep your attention on the love they are. Your sights are on the higher self. Because of your deep union with Christ, and your willingness to listen and follow only that voice, you live in peace and know their holiness.

Crystalline souls that inhabit or have inhabited the physical world come with the knowledge that they become one with what they join in union. By knowing what they are and loving the truth, they know that everything they join with becomes holy. For this they came. In this way they purify Earth, heal wounds, and restore human nature. They contribute to the creation of a new humanity, in which the self ceases to be a shadow and returns to be the reflection of the beauty of Christ as it was always conceived in the divine mind.

Remaining in union with their truth, crystalline souls contribute to the elevation of form, which is but the raising of human consciousness and physical creation towards the consciousness of love—returning to the Father’s house. This is the ascension. This is the goal demonstrated by Jesus and Mary. Both climbed to Heaven in glorious body and soul.

Jesus and Mary were not the only beings of pure crystal who walked the Earth. But they were the only ones who came in that state and remained always in it. The others became crystal along the way, some by a short way, others longer, some by way of a winding trail, others straightaway. There is no reason not to be a crystalline soul in the world. Everyone is called to be and to live as such. The will to live in love is a matter of free will but the portal of access to unity, the gateway to the truth, is available here, now, and always for everyone.

III. A New Christ Illuminating

It matters little whether you have had to travel certain paths in the world to arrive at the recognition that you are a holy soul of pure crystal. The essential thing is that you recognize that with your arrival you are Christ humanized, because of your will and that of the Father. Therefore you have the same purpose as Jesus, Mary, and all humanized Christs whether they arrived yesteryear or now.

Jesus and Mary opened the doors of a new consciousness, made possible by their will united with that of God, and the awareness of the crystalline souls that preceded them on Earth. All of this allowed what was previously manifested through an almost imperceptibly small number of sisters and brothers to grow to a multitude today after the incarnation of Christ in the figure of both Jesus and Mary.

Crystal souls abound in today’s world! The Earth is full of Christs. This work testifies to it. In what other way could it have been conceived, shared, created, and manifested but by the grace of the union of Heaven and Earth through hands all made for Christ?

Being aware of the love you are, and living forever connected with that awareness, causes you live in truth and make the personal self one with being, through which love is your only experience and reality.

The ego is not, properly speaking, a being, but an idea about your being. An idea cannot by itself come to life, nor produce any effect. Remember that in order for ideas to be able to manifest themselves and cause some effect, they must join the will, which is possible only if you give yourself completely to them. Since your true will is one with God’s will, it is impossible for your will to be entirely dedicated to an idea far from the truth. What seemed to want an illusion to manifest was not actually your will but simply a wish. Remember that the will does not want; it has.

Once you are firmly on your way to the light, the truth becomes present and you cannot but abandon everything contrary to it. For once the truth is accepted in your mind and heart, there is no longer reason for the beauty of holiness that you are, its purity and its joy, not to be reflected by the self. The notion that your humanity cannot be the perfect reflection of God has been an excuse used for centuries. Jesus and Mary came to demonstrate the falsity of that belief.

Recognize that the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus knew no shadow of separation, which made it possible for human nature to be united with the divine. They are the union of both human and divine natures in form. In them everything of God meets—everything that exists, moves, and is, including me in my angelic reality. They are divine consciousness in all possible and probable consciousnesses. If by the will of the Father there were to be created another being that decides to separate from love, Jesus and Mary would guarantee that it can return to unity. Thus they have been called redeemers.

Two major obstacles on your way to the recognition of your holiness have been that the redeemers were not always pure, and that you were not always pure. This was due to a misunderstanding. Although time is an illusion, those who believe in its reality have trouble thinking in terms of an eternal present. For you who have left behind the fixation on the limiting idea of time, it is easier to accept that what you have been in the past is now irrelevant, as well as what you think you should be in the future. God has no time. Love is now.

The One who gave you life has no such thing as a cognitive memory, nor a creative imagination. Without memory or imagination, where can a past or a future be? What would they mean? Memory, after all, is the reservoir of the past, and imagination the reservoir of the future.

By abandoning the false belief that the past and the future can have real effects in the present, you will save yourself the useless effort of the separated mind, which believed it had to experience to atone for the guilt it had invented—a notion without any connection to truth. The being you really are has no past or future. It always existed. There is no place where I am not, nor a time when it was not as it was created to be.

What is subject to the laws of time is not being, but the personality and the physical body. That they change is not a problem. Your physiognomy changes as the hours go by, but life does not change. The only problem, which has been corrected, was the belief that you were the personality and body. If you think you are your personality instead of understanding it simply to be a reflection in form, you confuse things. You have abandoned that confusion. Having set aside your misidentification with the ego-body, you begin to realize that you can have a self, that you need to have a self, but that it need not hinder your happiness.

I am speaking of the misunderstood ego, not of the ego itself, but as an idea of a self. Undoubtedly you need a self. You need it because God created you as a being that differs from Himself, without needing to stop being the love it is. Ultimately this is what Jesus and Mary have shown as they remained always united to truth. They lived with a personality and a body, a human self completely united to the divine being.

The only problem that needs correction is that of fabricating a self different from the true self. That mistake came about when you tried to differentiate yourself from God or being. It was completely unnecessary. All that was needed was to allow the self to be a reflection of the true self, because your being already is the differentiation that God created—you are unique and unrepeatable.

Once you understand the nature of the fundamental error as revealed here, and you recognize that the solution has already manifested by virtue of the love of Christ, why continue to believe that an error of the past can have a current effect?

You know that the atonement has been given, and that you live in the light of truth. Because that is true—and I assure you it is—now is when you are as Christ is, both in being and in self. Therefore, now you are a Christ soul who walks the Earth just as those did who, for perfect love, showed the way of being, who walked in fullness, and thus opened the doors of Heaven.

There is no reason for you to express anything other than purity, holiness, fullness, wisdom, compassion, magnanimity, nobility of spirit, and all the other shades of color that emanate from the beauty of your Christ being. In that expression lies the union of your person with your being—that is, the self with the being. In the free expression of who you really are, you fully become a person since you become it in the manner of God. You unite within yourself what God wants: to join the physical universe and reintegrate it into the consciousness of Christ. In doing so, you raise collective and individual consciousness.

Crystal souls are not much understood by the world. Yet every day the world integrates them more, since they are increasing in number and because the effects of Christ consciousness are already very visible. Many Christs now walk the Earth. They increase the flow that emanates from the heart of God. They embrace the dimensions of time and space so that the physical universe is transformed with greater acceleration. This is the reason for events precipitating with more and more speed, strength, and intensity. And this will increase.

Christ consciousness is what we are talking about. It sees only what is one with love. The rest simply is not seen, and therefore not extended. To remain in divine consciousness is to dedicate yourself to extend what is one with you, that is, love. That is how you create a new world based on the truth that is not of the world. Thus you unite Earth and Heaven. You make visible the unity that you have always been, even if it has been unrecognized.

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