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A World of Pure Crystal

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. What You Are Blesses You

Some beings come to Earth to be mirrors of God’s purity, like crystals that reflect the light of the undeniable beauty of the goodness of Christ. They walk the Earth illuminating as they go, clearing the consciousness of time and of everything contrary to love. Their presence alone does what their beings are called to do, to serve their sisters and brothers. They are fireflies of love in the dark night of the world.

These pure crystal children do not understand the world, and the world does not understand them. Yet they come with a clear mission: to allow the transformation of universal consciousness to take place, to reach a certain height as established from before time by the Father’s will.

They are like beautiful flowers that adorn the garden where Christ left footsteps, and where he will return. With their footsteps they kiss the ground on which they walk, knowing that the love of the One who sent them by design of holiness resides therein, and to whom they owe faithfulness. They are holiness made flesh, the perfect extension of Jesus’ and Mary’s love for the world. They are His children, born from their union of perfect love with Divine Will.

These children, born of the love of God, arrive in the world with a high degree of sensitivity, which allows them to live with their crystalline being. Their purity prevents them from tolerating a lack of harmony. Their radiant peace makes any expres- sion of violence and heartbreak intolerable for them. Crowds are not their friends; solitude is their great treasure because in it they hear the voice of the divine beloved and remain united to the truth that they love with all their strength, mind, and heart.

Because they know love, they have a degree of empathy without equal. The pain of others can be felt as purely as their own. They are compassion personified. The joy of their sisters and brothers becomes one with their own. They live submerged in love. They cannot understand that their sisters and brothers live in a world of craziness where people are involved in quarrels and selfishness. It makes no sense to these crystalline children. They live in love with life because they know God. They know the sweetness of truth, the delight of living together with love, the grace of being children of the highest. They are heirs of the Kingdom, messengers of peace.

Objects of their love surround them. They often develop feelings of love and admiration for other beings such as animals, flowers, the moon, and apparently inanimate objects. They find in the things of Earth a blessed expression of God’s love. They know that everything was created to serve them, not in the sense of submission, but in the sense that their Father’s love is so great that He cannot stop filling them with gifts of eternal life. They prefer the “we” to the self, for they are the living expression of unity.

These are children of God’s love. Everything was given them for heavenly love, and they receive everything with the love with which they know they, and everything, have been created. They come to the world with the knowledge of the fullness of being, which they make their polestar.

Crystalline children come to put a face on love, thereby contributing to the transformation of consciousness and the realization of a new Heaven and a new Earth. They often cry because they are aware of the pain of those who inhabit the physical plane. They know the tragedy of separation. They know very well how insistently the human heart groans, begging for peace, tranquility, and harmony. They also know how difficult it is for many to know the path back to the Father’s house. They know the truth because they know love. Nothing is veiled from their vision of souls, for they come with the eyes of Christ. Easily they glimpse the panoramas of the drama of life lived in the illusion of the world, and at the same time they can bring that vision to the totality of Heaven. They know that love reigns. They know wisdom. They honor freedom. They glorify truth.

Disharmony cannot be absorbed by these divine children who walk the Earth. It pains them. The unity of their minds and hearts, the source of their knowledge and action, could not long remain without being disturbed by the highly emotional energies of some of their sisters and brothers. People with extreme emotions tire them. The masses overwhelm them. They prefer silence to noise, solitude to distraction, nature to the city. Prayer is their source of spiritual health, the remedy to ills, and the basis of joy. Staying united to God every day is the only means they know to preserve inner peace and to live in harmony with life. They know prayer is the source of miracles and the life of the soul.

The hearts of these pure children sing in the depths of their being. They are happy by nature, although the cruelty of the world causes them to shed bitter tears. The trees dance with them. The waters move with the flow of the life of their souls, which is one with the Sacred Heart. Their absence of ego keeps them from invoking fear. They are discreet, submissive, and prefer anonymity to being seen. They are positive and serene because they know and trust love. They have great emotional capacity. Few understand their need for solitude. When this is not respected, they become unbalanced and fearful that they may lose their connection with being, which is what keeps them united to the whole.

Daily they must enter into communion with creation and the elements. The spirit of nature helps them stay balanced and cleanses disharmonious energies, which stun them deeply. The big cities, full of noise, pollution, aggressive energies, and imbalances are bonfires where the vulnerable self burns. But when in contact with creation, they feel deeply attached to the essence of existence, can observe the beauty of love, feel full, sharpen their senses and fill themselves with the purity of fresh air. In nature they find positive energy. The sun and prayer renew their ener- gies, which are necessary to survive in a world where forces wear down the soul.

They are peacemakers. For this they have come to the world. They do not understand the inhumanity of human towards human. They cry because they fail to understand why human beings are as they are. They feel that Earth could be an extraordinary place, but the exaggerated human ego is spoiling it. They do not understand war, violence, murder, aggression, greed, hunger, misery, cruelty, lies, harshness, misunderstanding, vulgarity, pain, disrespect, or other faults of nobility of spirit.

They withdraw, disconnect, and protect themselves when life is too intense.

They often think that this temporary existence is excessively hard, and fail to understand the meaning of being here— although that is when they remember that something superior asked for their help.

They are usually loved and simultaneously feared for their great truth, honesty, firmness, and openness, always linked to the sweetness of love.

The perfect knowledge they have of love, which they preserved in their hearts since the beginning of creation, does not comprehend a love for convenience, or a fear of solitude. Nor do they give credit to the false love that arises from avoidance of taking responsibility for oneself. They also know that busyness is meaningless.

For crystal souls, love is everything. It is the only way to understand, share, learn, and respect—he only way to exist. These loving souls that inhabit the Earth need little of traditional ideas, or none at all. The structures of the world are not for them. Some become immersed in sadness if they believe they live in a world that does not allow light, until they remember that they are the ones who have come to be the light.

They are vulnerable, so they instinctively move away from harmful people who do not understand their sensitivity and do not respect it.

Due to the absence of ego there is purity, innocence, and a lack of malice in these Christified souls. Basically they don’t need the ego to relate to others and the world, much less to position themselves in it. They are as respectful of their feelings as they are of others, so they understand pain. They have a global understanding of events to such an extent that if they speak of it, they would seem crazy.

The crystalline souls, children of love, have a clean connection with the higher self and natural access to superior guid- ance, so they know the truth of spiritual unity that is the world’s natural state. They are by their essence healers and peacemakers.

They are aware and accept with love the union of the masculine and feminine in their souls, because at heart they under- stand that they are one, embodying varying types of spiritual energy. They do not need a separate self to express their knowledge, for it is implicit in them. They are wise because they are, not because they say so. They have no ego about which to boast.

Often these crystalline children prefer to be quiet, observe, and wait rather than enter into ego struggles with others, which may make it appear that they have no knowledge of what is being discussed. Quite the contrary; they prefer to demonstrate silently.

II. Your Reality is Spiritual Childhood

You may have wondered what this description is all about. I hope that you have received it with a heart full of joy, and a loving disposition not to allow the ideas of a false self, created by a world full of fear, to obstruct access to the light of truth.

I have told you since the beginning of this manifestation that many know me as the Medicine of God. As such, I have no other purpose than healing. As a healing force from the love of the Mother, with whom I am one and is the only source of all healing and restoration, I extend spiritual and physical health. I am that which makes the body and the mind heal. I am the re-creative force of love. I am the vital energy that sustains the elements functioning within the laws of existence and shapes everything that exists. I am because I am one with God. I am because I was created in the likeness of the Mother, as you are.

What I am looking for is that you become aware that this healing force is yours as much as mine, because it is from God.

Just as a doctor does not establish the same approach for all patients, because healing depends upon the type of condition, its cure, and the particularity of how each patient receives treat- ments, the same goes for each soul. Remember, no soul is the same as any other.

The healing approach we have taken in this miraculous work corresponds to the nature of who you are. Because the wisdom of Christ lives in me, I know you and I know your way to live in truth. What you have been given in this manifestation is what you needed for the restoration of consciousness to the fullness of the being that you really are.

In your particular case—and this applies to all who receive these words from Heaven—it was necessary for you to reach a point where the identity crisis was healed and then set aside, and so you will begin to live in the truth of what you are. What affected you so strongly was living in a world where your light could not shine, like a fish scooped from water and put in a fishbowl. That engendered in you the greatest pain that a heart can feel—the pain of not being who you are.

It is tragic not being able to live in harmony with what one is—especially for those who by their nature are more aware of the truth and called to love.

The description presented in this session speaks to souls who are spiritually childlike—sensitive souls who are a perfect reflection of Christ on Earth as they are in Heaven. That is a description of you. Undoubtedly what you are is far beyond those descriptions. But your humanity is as important as your divinity. Therefore, knowing both clearly is essential for you to live in the reality of who you are and start expressing from it. This is the goal of God’s gift, this path full of love and goodness.

You and everyone who will join this work—because of the spiritual energy that will attract them—are crystalline children, beings who have come into the world to bring the peace of God. They are in a physical body to give love a face. They are the tenderness of the heavenly Mother and divine purity mani- fested on the physical plane.

You will never understand all the feelings that egos have. Your nature prevents you from understanding. Some acts performed in the world cannot be understood by the love you are. Therefore you will never feel at ease in a reality where love is trampled and truth attacked. That is part of your nature.

Do not seek to understand what, because of the purity of your heart, you cannot. Do not try to convince yourself that you can be anything other than what God made you to be. Do not listen to the voices of a world that wants to teach you that you should not be sensitive, for you would suffer.

Your being is a divine child—a beautiful, innocent, pure child full of love and kindness. A little one born of light that trembled when you had to adapt to a world so alien to your nature that you could never achieve it. Be glad it was so.

Holy child! Pure soul! You were created as a childlike soul, and as such you will remain forever in the mind and heart of God. This cannot be changed. You are forever the child of love. And because that is what you are, we have traveled this path which leads to a greater knowledge of spiritual childhood.

While everyone is called to live in the truth of what they are— and that includes becoming like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven—not everyone is equal, nor do they reach truth in the same way. Love leads one back home according to the different natures of each one’s heart. The wisdom of Christ has created as many spiritual paths as are necessary to lead each to their treasure, each soul to their food, each being to their radiance.

III. Christ Shines, Christ Lives, Christ Is

For you who receive these words, this is the path that fits you. Other paths are for others. That is not a matter that should concern you.

Do not judge the paths that I give to other souls, nor seek to travel a path that does not belong to you. What you need to live fully is here.

The beauty of your heart, the greatness of your spirit, the immensity of your mind, and the love of Christ will do in you, and for you, what you have so greatly desired. They will perform the miracle that allows you to be fully yourself just as God created you to be, even here on Earth. That way you start enjoying Heaven now.

There is no Heaven but you, because what you are is the holiness of Christ. There is no beauty more dazzling than your good- ness, nothing more sublime than the true feelings that God placed in your heart. So much beauty! So much generosity! So many tears of love! Such sincere desire to create a world where everyone is happy! So many prayers offered to mitigate the pain of the world! So much love for God!

Your heart is Heaven because what you are is holiness. Your being is a chest full of eternal treasures, many of which have manifested even in this world. Many more will manifest, though not all. After all, the world is a limited reality. Nevertheless, the precious gems of your heart will be known and given to the universal consciousness for the creation of the new Heaven and the new Earth. That is why you came to the world. These words have been revealed to make you aware of this.

To heal is to return to truth, the truth of who you are. That is why, despite the limitations of words, I have given you a description of yourself, to remember who you are and to enjoy your being.

You are a child of crystalline nature, as pure and transparent as the purest crystal. More vulnerable than a firefly at night. Stronger than a solid oak. More loving than a hummingbird. More tender than a daisy full of joy and vitality. Your mind loves truth and cannot live without it. That is why you live in sincerity, and seek to protect holiness within the holy tabernacle of being.

Child of life, you are not called to adapt to a world to which you could never adapt. You did not come to dwell forever in a foreign land, you came to bring the light of Heaven to a world that needs it. You came so your sisters and brothers can see the face of God, the look of innocence, the smile of purity, and the body of Christ. It is not the world you serve; you serve love.

From all eternity, you were created as a pure child in the mind of Christ and the heart of God, a divine unity full of the spirit of holiness, and you remain so forever. That which you have decided in union with God—to incarnate in a body to serve the purpose of love—can never be tainted or canceled. Herein lies the source of your peace.

Sons and daughters of God, the mud of the world has not dirtied you. Walking on the paths of humanity has not stained your innocent feet. Not even the malice of the world could banish the goodness of your hearts. Be glad for the tears shed. Honor the experience. Be aware that everything has meaning. You know it well.

The brothers and sisters who have come your way throughout your life, as well as the events you experienced, are what the plan decreed: that I should join you to absorb what the source of beautiful love has determined is necessary for the great transformation of universal consciousness—a transformation that is creating a new humanity, a new order already being manifested.

Stay in the joy of your being. You have found the way. You have recognized the truth. Your being welcomes you, blesses you in its light. It embraces you with love, and that hug includes all creation. The goodness of your being, its purity and holiness, are changing reality. They are creating a new world. Your innocence cleanses and removes fear from hearts.

Just as others have come to confront and tear down structures for the purpose of generating a new paradigm, you and the many who join us in the frequency of crystalline conscious- ness are literally the exponent of the manifestation of a world of harmony. You are the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the perfect expression of the victory of Christ: the realiza- tion of love. To know this is to know yourself. To know this is to be aware of the purpose of your existence in creation.

I ask you now to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the luminous depths of your being. Let my words descend into you like precious stones thrown into crystal clear water. Stay silent and allow the holiness that you are to bring to your consciousness what it wishes to give.

Join the truth that is revealed here. Make it yours. Rejoice in it. Let it do in you what it knows how to do. Rest in peace and remember:

You are life.
You are holiness.
You are the light of Christ.
You are the perfect expression of unity.
You are the we of love.
You are the crystal child that God created.
Always a child.
Always pure.
Always love.

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