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A New Anointing

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Intermediaries of Love

The way of being is the way of love. As we have already shown, being and love are one and the same. This is why I insist repeatedly on the need to extend love, and why I demonstrated perfect love to the world so that everyone knows how to make visible what they really are.

The veil that fear put on the face of Christ prevented you from seeing the light of your beauty. But now that fear has been uncorked, you can see it clearly. There is nothing other than love. There is no reality other than what God created. There is nothing other than being.

Obviously, a heart so long imprisoned needs time to be completely free, not from the golden cage in which you were dwelling but to live like a free nightingale. You have time. There is no hurry. This is the time between now and when you begin to express yourself beyond the limitations of the world, in the reality of truth. In essence there is no difference between what you express on the physical plane, prior to your complete liberation, and what you express from that moment on, although there are differences in form.

When I ascended to Heaven, I said it was necessary for me to go where I was going for the spirit to be infused, which was a new way to extend my being. You will do the same. You will continue to extend the love of the Mother through your intermediation. In this sense you will be an intermediary, just as you are now—an intermediary in the sense that the part of God that only you can share with others will be given in unity only through you from the source of beautiful love to creation. The same goes for all souls.

All are intermediaries of God’s love because everyone channels what they decide to channel in relation to the Mother’s will. All are channels. All are chosen. Even at this moment you are being an intermediary of truth. You are expressing the wisdom of love in a particular way, in the gathering of hearts through these dialogues. That you have decided to lend me your time and attention, to receive me at this time, is a way of channeling. The love springing from our union is spreading because of what it is. This will continue forever.

We are getting closer and closer to the end of these dialogues of love as expressed by the One Mind in this particular way. You must prepare for it. Once you have finished receiving the words that with love are given to you from the heaven of your holy mind, in unity with Divine Wisdom, you will leave behind everything received and open yourself to new forms of expression. You will not lack for opportunities. The universe is ready to serve you in favor of the free expression of your being, in the manner of God.

We will use these last sessions to make way for the new once again.

If you stay with what these words mean according to what your mind understands as word-symbols, you will not have accomplished the task of this work. I know you will not stay there, because I know you perfectly. I have come to you in this way because it is the perfect way to address the unity that you are, and because your mind and your heart have experienced union in this way.

Do you think that these words were received only by the hand that transcribed them and were then delivered to others to reach you as a literary work? No, this work was done between you and me. The fact that one part of the reality of being had the function of writing does not mean that the other parts of my mystical body have not participated. All who in some way participate in the co-creation of this work, including those who receive it and the constellation of sisters and brothers affected, have literally been the co-creators of it because of the communion of hearts.

The author of this work is love. Therefore so are we all who receive it and give it with love. On the plane of divine reality, the manner in which giving and receiving manifests is not essential. When you joined this expression of wisdom that is not of the world, you became one with the movement of my spirit, which breathed onto barren land to give life to a new creation that is full of holiness, fulfillment, and truth. That is what is happening here.

II. The Gift of the Spirit

We are talking, you and I, quite literally. This is not new because you are aware of the inner dialogue that develops in you beyond these writings. However, these colloquies of love are clad in a particular power, the power of God’s will for this work. And that includes you. Remember we said that these messages from Heaven would be of no use if there were no receivers to receive them with love and to allow themselves to be transformed.

Upon receiving my word, you become one with the truth. This is because my voice is the voice of life. It is the song of creation, the creative power manifested in form. Just as I was with the apostles for a while, transmitting my love and the wisdom of Heaven in a particular way, I have been doing so with you throughout this work. There is nothing special about doing it through these words because my manifestations are unlimited. I can take the form of a body, a book, a song, a work of art, or a beautiful flower. Form serves love’s purpose.

We have traveled together through these messages. Your mind and heart have been transformed by love. You are no longer what you were prior to embarking on this journey. You have become aware of the fundamental option that your soul has made: the choice for love.

The apostles were not aware of what the anointing of spirit they received from me entailed. They received Grace after receiving my company, having grown and been transformed by our constant dialogues during those beautiful evenings amidst the lilies of the field and the inspiring wheat fields. I spoke to them just as I am speaking to you now and as we have been doing together since the beginning of this work. My voice is always the same. It does not change. It does not exclude anyone.

It does not matter if you have received the sweet voice of these words in its totality and have enjoyed our union from the beginning, or if you have joined the many who walk on some stretch of it. The disciples joined the apostles. Both came to me after my mother. And yet everyone received the same anointing.

It is true that my voice is powerful and resonates in every corner of the universe. Even so, if you do not welcome it with love in your heart, it is as sterile as a beautiful seed that is not planted. But when you open your soul and receive me with joy, whether or not the mind understands everything I tell you, a reality of pure holy love is created in you which is as powerful as the force that sustains the universe.

The apostles did not understand everything I said. Nevertheless, everything that came out of my heart produced in them effects according to my will. It was their love for me, which arose from their love for truth, that made it possible for them to be transformed by my spirit.

Many listened to me. Many others were very close to me. But not everyone received the same fruits from my presence in their lives. This is always the case, because freedom is never obliterated by me.

Each one will do with this blessed gift what he or she determines by reason of free will. If you allow this work to be a “before and after” in your life, it will be. If you let me fill your life with love and transform your reality here, now, and forever, making it an increasingly fuller and more meaningful existence, filled with happy thoughts and brimming with joy, it will be.

These words are like rain falling from the sky on your humanity. Do not let your clothes prevent your skin from getting wet. Get rid of everything and experience the freshness of my love. Let the water that flows from my divine heart wash your body, wet your cheeks, moisten your lips. Let me soak your hair. Let the anointing of my spirit fall upon you as a new baptism of love and holiness.

Let me take you to unimagined places, full of sweetness and truth. Dare to release the ties of an old mentality which has no space in the reality of the Heaven in which we both live united in love.

III. Resurrect Love Now

Come with me now, through these words, to begin to live your Heaven on Earth. If you dare to do so, we will begin to attract others to our union. They will begin to walk happily on the path of love, just as you have, in union with your beloved Christ.

I belong to everyone. I am yours. I am the eternal reality of love.

Children of light! I am calling you from every corner of the universe. I am gathering you. The table is set. The banquet is ready.

Gem of my being! Do not deprive yourself of the delights of the mystical union that exists between you and me, within which your life makes sense because in it you remain one with God. Do not let ideas that have no place in the realm of truth to deny your access to the sweetness of my love, where you can remain eternally.

Let your heart beat with the rhythm of love, and you will see how your life changes for the better in every way.

I have always waited for you. From all eternity I have conceived this time for us to come together here, you and me, dialoguing, united in a relationship as real as life is, conversing from heart to heart, sharing the joy of our mutual presence, surrounded by the angels of Heaven, who, although not seen, we feel in the depth of the soul where holiness and light live.

When the apostles received the anointing, their spirits were opened to new realities of expression, so necessary at that time of so much separation between Heaven and Earth. Now, as then, the Grace you receive from my spirit does the same thing, although it will do it in a different way—a new form, adjusted for the times. Yesterday belongs to the past; today to the present.

Those who can, understand; those who do not, let them be carried away by my love!

You are being filled by Divine Grace in a way that you cannot even imagine, just as happened to the apostles who opened up to believe in the reality of my divinity. Although not everyone believed in it to the same extent, that was not an impediment to receiving the gift.

I am calling you to be an apostle of love, an extension of my being. This does not mean that you look for proselytes or become martyrs. Yet this is an urgent and loving call to give me your heart, together with the beauty of your mind, so that you freely channel my divinity; and that your life be a perfect expression of the joy of Heaven, now on Earth. In that way, you fulfill the will of the Father as He created you to be. Living a life in the fullness of love will make you happy.

The power of the miracle has spilled over you. The power of love has touched your heart. You have found Grace and holiness. Every fiber of your being has been embedded in the divine essence that travels in my voice, as if it were a breath of love that moves human wills to love more.

Let your life change completely. Let each day be transformed into a new reality. Come to the path of the eternal novelty of love that you really are. Throw yourself into my arms. Stay here. Do not worry about tomorrows or yesterdays.

This is a path that invites you to live in my love in the present. To abandon all past, to release all plans for the future into the hands of God, and thus to be open to accept the divine surprises I have prepared for you.

IV. Accept the Miracle

The power of the union of our hearts is indescribable. It is more powerful than the sun and the forces that bind atoms together. That energy, encapsulated very recently in the depth of your being, will begin to flow more and more. It will cover all aspects of your reality, creating a new experience for you, the experience of your resurrection now.

I am the giver of all life and giving you new life is my will. I am the source of beautiful love. I am the foundation of everything that exists. That is why I can recreate your reality every day of your life, if you let me. The world has no power over who we both are when united in truth. The strength of society, the social mandates, the apparent reality of the bodies, the ideas of the world—none of these can even come close to the unity we are.

We have defeated the world. We live in the reality of new life, a dimension that is beyond limitation, although it uses a body so that it can be seen by those who need to see to believe.

Remember, I told you I will never leave you. I will not leave you an orphan, because that would be abandoning myself, which is impossible. Therefore, at the end of this work we will remain united, extending love—not only in the world but in all dimensions of creation. We will release together what has been said in these writings. You will return to them as much as you feel you need to. But your return to reading these words will no longer be to receive what you have already received; rather it will be a return to remember the beauty of our dialogues and the tenderness of our mutual company, the love given and received during our walk along this sacred path.

Do not hold onto these words once you have completed them. Let them accomplish in your soul what they know how to do. Your being knows what I am talking about because it is the source of this work. The secret of my voice does not lie in its content, nor in its tone, but in what you do with it. The same goes for these words.

You are a creator, eternally. Therefore, allow the path that you have been willing to travel through this time together to perform in you the miracles that God Himself longs to accomplish. And not only for you, but for everyone.

In this work all are included because it is a work that springs from love. So the more you open to receive through love, the more you allow the anointing of my spirit to be received throughout creation. Giving and receiving are truly one and the same.

Letting yourself be loved is also accepting that these words are a love letter that I wanted to write to you because I love you. Simply that. You deserve my divinity, my being, and my holiness. You are deserving because I created you with love so that together we can forever experience the joy of Heaven. Recognizing this is living the truth. Making this truth the food of your life is a source of transformation.

The energy of consciousness that arises from our union, and therefore from our dialogues, attracts the good, the holy, and the beautiful to you. Every time you think about me, feel with me, talk to me, or listen to me carefully, the power of love unites more deeply with your being, becoming like the flow of water from a life-giving river.

Before finishing this session, I want to thank you for your time and dedication, for every minute you have spent with me, for every morning, every afternoon, and every night in which we talk together with love and unravel the mysteries of being, extending wisdom to truly thirsty minds. I contemplate your eyes when they get serious, trying to grasp the meaning of my words. Your loving attention is a gift like no other for me.

I thank you with all my heart for hearing the voice of your being.

I thank you for receiving my love.

You have chosen only love. You will not regret it. You will see the desires of your heart fulfilled. You will live forever in the embrace of holiness. We will sing together a hymn of gratitude. Our joy will be great.

Trust the power of our union. Rest serenely in the peace of your being. The time has come. The work is about to be exhibited. Many more will discover it in due time.

You have the power to make a whole Heaven, for in you lies the free choice to make this work abundantly fruitful for you and the whole world. Accept the miracle and you will see great wonders.

There are no limits for you or for me when you remain within the unity of our divine relationship. What was once done through Mary is now accomplished through you. Surely the form that is born through you will be different, because of the anointing that this work brings from Heaven. God is eternal novelty. But that does not mean that the essence of the fruit of our union is different.

Something big will be born from you. Get ready, and be glad to be who you really are.

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