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The Breath of Living Love

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Free as the Wind

Love is not of the world, although love may manifest in it. Likewise, what you are is not of the world, although you can be expressed in it. Extending God’s love in the world is both possible and necessary. It is possible because I already demonstrated it. This demonstration was not only beautifully carried out two thousand years ago, but there was never a moment when my love was not visible in temporal reality.

It is necessary to share Divine Love here, now, and forever, because if you do not share the love you are, you are not giving yourself, and if you do not give yourself, you cannot know yourself fully. Remember: you reach the fullness of being by giving yourself.

Your ability to give yourself cannot be limited by anything external. The world cannot impose limits on being, nor on its expression. Only you can deny yourself and try to prove to others that you are not who you are. Beyond that, nothing can be done with the self and its expression. This truth is a source of wisdom and is liberating.

It would be meaningless to believe that God created your being with the possibility of living in a universe that could annul it. Nothing can prevent you from being who you really are. Nothing can limit you. You are the child of God and cannot be anything else, wherever you are and regardless of what you believe.

Surely you can forge a personality, but your personality is not your being. The proof of this is that personalities change. Anything not subject to the law of immutability is not part of you—in other words, you are the eternal in you. This is not mere metaphysics or philosophy; it is the simple truth about who you are. The definitions about yourself which you have long harbored may have no relation to the truth about your Christ identity, or may be a little closer. No matter. Every definition of your divine reality is false, for what you are cannot be defined. All we can do is give you an approach to love.

That being is beyond definition is an obstacle for the thinking mind, which constantly seeks to capture truth within its mental language. This is a matter is of great importance. We want to make this clear before the end of this great work of love whose goal is to take you to the happy recognition of the being that you really are, so that you live in accord with it and reach the fullness of love.

Perhaps when touring this work or many others that I have inspired, you have wondered why so many words are offered to say what cannot be explained. Or why so many symbols have been used for what is beyond what can be symbolized. Let us answer that question.

The existence of so many words trying to give shape to formless divine truth allows you to understand the vastness of your being, and that you have been traveling a path of limited language which can never reveal what God is. By experiencing that limitation, sometimes you feel frustration. Your anger needs to be recognized. Why? Because fear of not being able to understand what is, is the source of all anger, all fear.

Here we are touching the deepest fibers of your human experience in relation to the divinity that you are. If a mind feels safe only when it can explain things on its own terms, there is no room for mystery. This way of conceiving things which the thinking mind uses is a great limitation, because if the mind believes that the only thing that is real is what it can understand with its conditional logic, then what is beyond its logic will cause fear. Fear will engender conflict because of its desire to exclude that part of reality which it cannot understand.

Is it not true that sometimes fear abates when you understand something? The association of the thinking mind with certainty is widespread in the world. This is because you know that understanding is part of love. And you know perfectly that what cannot be understood cannot be loved. This is not an inconvenience. The problem lies in what you have done with it.

Love and knowledge go hand in hand. But what is not linked to truth is the desire to live in a reality where there is no mystery. God is the Mystery of mysteries; your being is as well. Mystery, even though it cannot be known, need not be cause for fear, even though it has been for centuries. In fact it is the basis of all fear. What scares you is that God, and His mystical dimension, cannot be encompassed. The same goes for you.

All fear is ultimately fear of yourself. You have no idea of the energy wasted by a mind that constantly tries to define itself and everything. This is the cause of human frustration which manifests in multiple ways.

II. Fly

You know what you are. There is no doubt about that because you know that you are alive. Of this there is no question. And yet, you know that life is something greater than language can express, and so in the depth of your mind you feel an enormous tension, because you cannot express clearly as you would want to express.

If you understand well what is being said, you will realize the basis of anger and disease, particularly of many mental conditions. Meanings attempted to be expressed that are not create an energy that, if not integrated into the being, accumulates and can make the physical body sick because it has separated itself from the reality of being.

Remember that anger, disease, and any other condition contrary to fullness is a vital force separated from being. So, bringing these forces together with the essence of who you are, that is, taking them back home, is the means for healing and restoring humanity. While this truth is simple, as always happens with what comes from God, it has been overlooked by non-acceptance of the mystery of life.

Life is mystery, and it will be so forever. This is not because there is a part of it immersed in unfathomable chasms, as if some of life were hiding from you. If you remember that life and love are the same, and that you are love and nothing but love, you will understand why you have had so much conflict with life, love, and yourself. That conflict arose from trying to know what cannot be known, trying to put into words what is beyond words. This attempt is a clear sign of the non-acceptance of mystery.

You have been fearing the mystical aspect of your reality. In truth, there is still a very small trace of that fear, or rather the memory of that fear. Today is the day you will leave it aside forever, because you have been willing to become aware of it and in doing so have reintegrated it into the love of your heart. This fear usually manifests itself as fear of the future, or of rising to such heights that you fear a fall.

Once you join me, you reintegrate into the reality of love and in doing so you remain one with the truth about who you are which, in turn, unites you to the mystery of God—a reality so immense that compared to it, the physical universe is a grain of sand in the palm of your hand. In our union you experience that vastness of the being that you are, which is literally unattainable. While knowing yourself within the unfathomable reality of truth makes you jump for joy because of its degree of freedom and breadth, at the same time the mind tends to retreat to the small cave of personality, where one day it felt safe, even though it obviously was not.

“Do not rise so much,” is the litany of the ego, something like a last scream from the little mouse of the separated self to the unfathomable ocean of wisdom and perfect love. Without doubt your ego is no longer active. And without doubt the thought pattern of having to strive to be so human that you cannot be divine will vanish as soon as you recognize it and decide to leave that pattern behind.

You are as mystical as the greatest mystic in history. You are as divine as God Herself. You have everything that the Creator of eternal life and love is. Is to accept this to rise so much as to be dangerously elevated? Will others seek to knock you down from the heights? Are you afraid of falling? Wouldn’t it be safer to stay on level ground? History is full of tragic heroes, both those who sought to exalt their ego, and those who wholeheartedly sought to share their elevated being so that others would dare to fly.

III. We Are the Ineffable

As if you had been sailing for years through stormy seas, you have arrived here alone but with a voice in the background that sounded like the wind and crashing waves saying repeatedly, “You can’t. Don’t even try to get to Heaven now. Leave that for the saints.” It should not be surprising that although you have reached this blessed port full of light and truth, and you know that you are already in Heaven, that you also have a habit of thinking about yourself as insignificant.

Be glad for this. Give thanks to your mind, body, and spirit for those panic attacks or feelings of vertigo, episodes of disorientation, painfulness in the neck, head, and back, and the ailments that prevent you from walking easily and moving gracefully. All this is part of the fading of the final pattern of thought and emotional response to times of struggle. It is a blessed manifestation of the awareness of posttraumatic shock being healed. Worry not, for it will soon be forgotten forever.

You were created with wings. You have often been told this. Now it is time to accept this truth. The wings with which angels have often been represented attempt to show this true quality of your being. Only those with wings can rise above the Earth and walk on high, yet without leaving the reality of the universe in which they fly. In other words, it is up to you to live on high as do the eagles. Become aware that your thoughts can—and indeed should—be as high as those of Christ, because your true mind is that of God. Remember that God is the mind in which you really think. The other is not thought at all. Therefore, increas- ingly raising your gaze without fear that your wings will melt for coming too close to the sun, is the kind of spiritual attitude that you are invited to master.

Do not settle for little when you have been given so much in
which to rejoice.
Do not feel satisfied with the low when you have been
created to live in the heights.
Do not accept compromise, for your being will not feel
comfortable with it.
Be sure to unravel the eternal mysteries of love, because
otherwise your heart will suffer.
Elevate your flight to the ends of eternity.
Push yourself more and more towards the high peaks of
perfect knowledge.
Allow the magnificence of your flight be seen in all its
beauty, so that whoever looks at you is encouraged to
undertake flight.

My child, soul in love, see that your flight, unlike the eagles who can tire, is like the flight of the wind that always blows and can never be stopped, a wind that brings life yet from whence it comes and where it goes nobody knows, whose movement is a holiness that purifies and refreshes, a bliss that cleanses and renews, a power of movement, a miracle of the Creator.

Be not afraid of heights. Be not afraid of falling, for you cannot. What you are now cannot be pulled down by gravity. What you are encompasses the reality of creation, just as God encompasses you. You are the embrace of life, a perfect extension of limitless love. You are unlimited consciousness, a purity that manifests as life. You are love without beginning or end.

There is no place where you are not.
No time when you are not.
No water that does not know you.
No bird that does not sing to you.
No sweetness not one with you.
No beauty that does not belong to you.
No holiness alien to you.

Where the wind flies, there you and I are.
Where stillness envelops everything, there you and I dwell.
Where the light of our glory shines, there you and I dance.
Where tenderness dwells, there our voices sing.
Where the horizon joins the infinite, there you and I live
forever embraced.

In the waters of life, we are the joy of love.
In the light of Heaven, we are the voice of truth.
In the wind of spirit, we are eternity.
In the history of humankind, we are the face of love.
In the song of birds, we are the eternal beauty.
In the lilies of the field, we are the wisdom of creation.
In the union of our hearts, we are the light of the world.
United we are the reality of love.

IV. Forever Extension

One reason it has been so hard to arrive at the point where you finally know who you are, including your unfathomable mystery, is because you are an extension.

You were created in the likeness of God. God, being love, is eternal extension. The same is true for you. What extends forever cannot be static. You are a being eternally extending; that is the reality of your identity.

Integrating manifested with unmanifested reality is to return to unity. This applies also to your sisters and brothers, as well as to creation, the world, and God. Remember: attributeless love manifests by being known and shared.

Sharing your being does not mean losing it by giving it to another. Your being cannot be used, it can only serve. Therefore, to share is to serve love. Service is the highest aspect you can reach in your flight, because it is in itself the reality of God. The Creator serves creation, as much as creation serves the Creator.

In what sense do the Creator and the created serve each other in a continuous reciprocal flow of love and truth? In the sense that if the Creator did not create, there would be nothing, and if creation did not have a Creator, it would be a creation without cause and therefore without meaning. Both give meaning to each other. Since love is the source of meaning, and both provide love reciprocally, the being you are is a meaningful being. You have purpose which you literally feel.

God creates beings with meaning. Lack of purpose is so alien to the truth that the mere idea of a meaningless life engenders fear. As we said, the basic fear from which other fears arose was the fear of yourself; and joined with the fact that you are also a mystery, what is revealed is a relationship between knowing that your life has a transcendent purpose and the reality of love.

Love is felt as much as reason, for they are a unit. Love not only gives meaning to life but is in itself the purpose and reason for existence. Love, reason, and meaning are a unity. Therefore, if you want your life to have real purpose, you must live it in the reality of love. This is why, despite everything, love still reigns in hearts. There is nothing that can remove love. Fear cannot usurp the throne of love because fear is meaningless, which is why we have treated it as madness. As already said, what does not belong to reason cannot be real because it has no purpose. Without purpose, there is no reason for it to be created.

Love and reason go together.

From now on you will become increasingly aware of the meaning of your existence. You exist, not only because you make sense of God, but because you are His purpose. You are, literally, the reason for your divinity. If you did not exist, the purpose of the Creator would be truncated. It is as simple as that.

God, being perfect knowledge, extended to you as an act of sharing what is in order to know Himself. You need to do the same in order to be complete. There is no other way to do so than to remain in union with the love that I am, since only I can make us extend together forever. I am not only your identity, in the sense that I am what you are, but I am the power of love. I am what you are, and the force that exists in your being to be as God created you to be. This is why within our union lies the capacity and the accomplishment that the will of God be fully realized. Put simply, I am the fullness of love.

To be full is the proper nature of being, as is abundance and the wisdom of God. So when you extend, what you are doing is knowing your fullness. To give yourself entirely does not entail sacrifice or the performance of monumental works. It is not your function to determine how you extend, for the extension of love is not something you do; it is your reality.

Just as we had to travel a path before you could accept that not only did you want to love and be loved, but also you are the love that your heart longed for and the truth that your mind was looking for, now we come to the moment when you accept that you are an eternal extension of love, always in movement, always alive, always new.

Extending eternally what you are means that you cannot limit the purpose of your existence. This is the same as saying that every day you are reborn in the reality of love. Therefore, the expression of your being will be something so broad, so novel, so clad in mystery, and at the same time so concrete and real, that it will be in itself the manifestation of the union of Heaven and Earth. A manifestation of both what is mystery in you and what is knowable in you. This is how you bring love to the world, holiness to the body, and truth to the mind.

When you feel that you have reached a port where you wish to remain as a place of final arrival, start preparing to leave it and to embark on a new journey. Life does not have a final arrival point. Love has no end because it has no beginning. The beautiful flow of love that your heart longs to follow and your mind implores to accompany cannot be stuck in a particular form of expression.

Your dreams of greatness are justified. Your desire for elevation makes sense because it comes from the force of truth. Your desire to create a happy world, to live a life in ever-increasing plenitude where you experience the joy of being alive and increasing bliss, is in perfect harmony with the will of God. It is what your being is.

Always keep your head up. Look at the light beyond the sun. Contemplate the beauty beyond the moon and stars. Extend your thoughts to the mind of God. Stretch your imagination towards the unimaginable. Always create new realities of love without limits, without structures. Do it with love only for the sake of love. Thus you will become one with the extension of my divine being, the power of the expression of love.

Join the movement of my spirit. Let us spread truth together. My spirit is like the wind that always blows. My spirit is a breath of living love which goes where it wants freely. It comes from where no one can know because it is eternity, traveling the roads of the world, sowing peace and love. It is the wind of life renewing the face of the Earth. In its softness lies its truth. In its strength is love. The heart that receives it sings a new song. The mind that joins it becomes truth and holiness.

Stay in me. I am the extension of triune love.

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