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Love and I Are One

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Free From All Guilt

Forgiveness of yourself, others, or the world for you not being who you are, is necessary. Without it your reconciliation with the life you have lived so far, which led to discord and a lack of harmony, is incomplete.

This new perspective of forgiveness, which allows you to understand that the central cause of human pain arises from not being, will permit the last vestiges of limiting mental patterns to fade forever, replaced with a clear sky full of light and truth.

Often in life you acted on the basis of what you thought you should be rather than on what you wanted to express. Every soul that walks the Earth knows of this. Not a heart beating in this world does not cry or mourn at the perceived impossibility of being.

Not being is the drama of humankind. We are bringing awareness to this truth so that you can free yourself forever from everything that may be an obstacle to the living expression of your reality of pure holy love. Previously you searched for teachers, for your chosen guides in the world. Some you chose consciously; most you did not. They helped you in one way or another, for everything serves the spirit of wisdom. But none of them took you to your true being, the only spiritual goal worthy of achievement.

Those who do not know cannot tell you what you are. Those who do not know what you are, are incapable of showing you the way of being. Everyone has their ego, so cannot show another the truth. This is why you have felt let down so many times. But that disappointment, if examined calmly, is not anchored in truth.

Disappointments arise from a deception powerful enough to subvert your understanding. But this is not the case. The disappointments you experienced in your life arose from a false expectation of others and the world which you yourself forged. You expected something from what cannot give you anything. It was never their function to do so. Again, the world is neutral. Creation is neutral.

Every disappointment has its origin in illusion. This can be easily understood now that you know who you are. The illusions you conceived led to false expectations of yourself, and with that, of the world. What do we mean by this? Please listen carefully.

What you could not be was not the truth about you, but an illusion. When identified with the ego, you forged an ideal self. An ideal self is an alternative to being. By denying your being, as we have already said, you denied your true identity shared with Christ. But since you had to be something, or someone, you created a false idea of yourself. Consequently, and without much thought, you then dedicated yourself to trying to achieve that ideal self, shaped by what others told you, by what you observed in the world, and by your decision to “be someone.”

That false identity was built by a collective consciousness linked in a constant feedback system to your unique consciousness. That constant feedback system operates in both the dimension of the separate mind and in the truth of the One Mind. There is no such thing as separation—not even in the sphere of self-centeredness. Recognizing this as true will set you free.

You were never autonomous. You were never separate. That body you thought was linked to an individual personality disconnected from others and from everything, never was and could not be. Seeking to differentiate by means of autonomy is impossible. That is why the frustration you felt when you perceived that you could not be yourself is as false as the illusion of an ideal self.

Cease to remain angry with the world that until now disallowed you to be who you really are. When you felt you could not be yourself, in reality what happened was that you felt you could not be your ideal self. But an ideal self was never your true identity. It was never a Christ that ceased to be. Regardless of how conscious or unconscious you have been, the will of God has been fulfilled fully in you forever.

To be angry about what others, the world, or your disabilities have done to prevent you from being yourself, is as absurd as believing that God has ceased to be because of a social mandate. Be glad to know that there are no mandates, human laws, or beliefs that can determine what God is. In Her perfect immutability resides the certainty that your being has never ceased to be holy and never will cease to be so.

Be glad to have reached the point where you can openly acknowledge that human laws are not the laws of God, and that only divine law governs who you are—the law of love.

Child full of light and purity! Never did a single wound reach your being. Not a single sin can stain the innocence of your heart as a child of God. No mandate of the world can make a dent in who you are. Nothing and nobody can touch that center of your being where God arranged for you to be forever, a reality as out of reach of illusions as the farthest star in the universe.

Anger over not having been or not being arises from an ego pattern—a capricious mechanism whereby a false self obstinately wants to be something it can never be.

It is a childish mechanism reflecting immaturity of consciousness, a capriciousness that can be seen in children. It does not lead to anything holy, beautiful, or perfect because it comes from a lack of love for truth. It can now be left behind. There is no wound that cannot be left behind. There is no mistake that cannot be given to love to correct and cancel its consequences. There is no illusion that I cannot dissolve.

Those situations in which you felt unable to express or act as you wished should not be used as ammunition for a new war of revenge on your past. To do so would be to think, “Now that I am free, and I know myself enough to express myself in the truth of my being, I will do everything I wanted to do but never could before.” That is being stuck in ego patterns, and not the path offered here.

II. The Path Is Completed As You Tread It

The way of being is the way of the new. In the new, the past does not exist at all. The way of being has no anchor in the old. It does not use the past to project an unknown tomorrow. It does not use experiences as a frame of reference, as if the years could offer wisdom. It is a path of truth that comes from Christ. This path is one of eternal novelty. Its expressions of love have no beginning and no end. Its source is God. It is the beautiful, spotless extension of the living Christ in you—living life as you really are according to God’s knowledge of you.

We could say that there is no such thing as a path. We use this allegory because it serves our purpose. However, it is important that you do not think of it as a literal path, for to believe that, you might stop walking. After all, walking can be very cheerful, relaxing, and healing, but sooner or later you get tired. To think of an endless path would sooner or later leave you exhausted.

You have nowhere to go, for you are the way.

If we connect the dots once again, we can begin to see the new fabric we are knitting. There is no path. The way of walking is done. Every day, every moment, you are creating the way. Each step is the beginning and the end. Right now you are creating your tomorrow. By joining me in these dialogues, a new tomorrow, full of wisdom, love, and truth is manifesting through you. You are joining more and more in divine essence. You are becoming more and more yourself. You immerse yourself more and more in the depths of beautiful love. You discover a new reality within the only eternal reality that encompasses everything. You are creating new life.

Even the way of being is not a way, but a state of being in which you are fully aware of your unity with love. From that state of consciousness, or reality, you radiate your Christ being. Since manifested consciousness is all that exists, what will now manifest is the union between your human consciousness and divine consciousness, which have merged to become a single unified consciousness. This new consciousness is called the consciousness of the god-human. That is, this path which is not a path creates an inseparable unity, the manifestation of the being that arises from the will of God to reunite human and divine natures.

Since your logical mind can yet remain a little active, and it is not necessary to deny or turn it off, we can provide the food it needs, leading it to live in the truth just as does the rest of mind. I want to make it clear that there is no longer any reason to fight the mind. Even the limited thinking systems of “if this, then that” have been reintegrated into being in such a way that they will be very useful for the way of being, as is the body. We no longer need abandon or separate ourselves from logic. Now logic will be one with Christ. This will lead you to accept with joy the truth that “God is logical. Love is right.”

The way that comes closest to what arises from being yourself, as advocated in this work, is the exemplary lives of Jesus and Mary. Both have shown precisely what is being presented here. They have shaped the way of being what God’s will had arranged for them to be. They remain the beacon that illuminates minds thirsty for truth. Their love attracts hearts in love with Christ. I am not saying that you should be like them in form. We have passed that stage.

Now that you can see beyond the surface and go to the depths of meaning, you will know how to be authentically yourself and simultaneously one with Christ. You will know how to express love itself in your own way, without pretending to perform or imitate that which cannot be imitated.

To believe that what you really are can be altered by any human experience is to misunderstand. You do not stop being yourself because one day you went on a trip and wandered through foreign lands. Nor can the passing of years make a dent in who you are. Time cannot alter eternity. Your true Christ identity, a reality of pure eternal love, is as immutable as God. It cannot be stained; it is forever immaculate.

When it is said that the way of being is not a way, that means that in the state of being in which you have arrived, you have become aware of the eternal reality being lived in you and that flows through you. You became aware that God’s will for you has always been accomplished; only you were not be previously aware of it.

III. Pierced by Love

In the Kingdom of Heaven the life of God lives you. What does that mean? It means that you return to the truth, and that love is your reality because life is God, and therefore the source of creation. From God emerges all vital flow. When you say you are alive, you are really saying, “Life flows through me.” This is so whether you live a true or illusory life. No one lives life; life is lived through you. You are a channel, an extender of love. Love and life, being God, are one and the same, so what really happens is that God is living in you. That is why you can be personified holiness, or the face of human love, as well as another Christ on Earth.

What life you let flow through you, whether it be the ego’s or God’s, is your business. It is the result of your free will. But it is impossible to change the fact that you are the effect of life, not its cause. Only God can be considered life. Only God can create life. Only with God can you live and give life, like a light bulb that can illumine when it receives energy from a source beyond itself. This is the same as saying:

Let yourself be loved.
Let yourself be filled with eternal life.
Let the vital breath breathe into your being.
Become nothing in love.
Focus on me.

That you think you could define yourself is the same as pretending that you are capable of making life and everything that exists in it, and for it to be sustained eternally thanks to your own strength. This is absurd, but it is what the world believes.

We are talking about allowing the life of the being that God is to be consciously lived in you. Put simply, the way of being leads us to consciously live the truth that “I no longer live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”

Letting yourself live for God is what you decided when you made the choice for love. It is the only necessary choice. When you were in conflict with yourself—that is, when you created a state in which you could believe that there could be a conflict between opposites—you were actually trying to obstruct the flow of divine essence in your soul. From that arose great wear and tear, like trying to stop the wind with your hands.

God’s plan is to live His life in you. This is the same as saying that His will is that you participate in His life. There is no other way to do it but to allow the flow of the power of love that God is to be received, accepted, and to pass through.

To be pierced by love is to allow your being to be that for which you were created—being what God is. Life created you to live, and the only life that really exists is the life of God.

For the life of God to flow through you, it is necessary to have no idols before Him. It is not a matter of God’s self-centered jealousy but His gift of free will. For when you have other idols, no matter how you may conceive of them, you are asking them to live their love in you. And since God always respects your freedom, He steps aside. But when you have even a small dose of good will to live in the truth and immerse yourself in the depths of the merciful love of the Father—that is, every time you extend love and truth—you are asking Christ to live in you. And He does, by reason of His free will.

Why, as we approach the end of this work, do we now take up this topic of idols and situations in which you thought you were not yourself? Because I love you. And I can’t allow you to take unnecessary risks. I remind you that the ideal self is the source of all idolatry. Ideas of an ideal self arise from madness, an estrangement from truth. They are an attack on being, a denial of holiness.

If I did not provide you with this caution that every idol is born from the desire to be special, which is apart from the truth of your being as God created you, you could fall into the error of believing that the call being made here is for you to be a certain kind of human being with certain personality traits, or that you must perform wonderful works so that you feel happier with yourself. You would be trying to silence a deep sense of disability. Such is not part of this call.

There is no space here for specialness or for anything ideal. There is space only to be yourself, just as you are now and always will be.

This call fills you with love. It is a call to live life as never before. It is living in the way of Christ. It is living in fullness. It is living by loving yourself with perfect love. It is living such that your life is a song of truth, a perfect praise to the sanctity of your being, a hymn of gratitude to God for having created you perfect in His love. It is being present every moment with all your soul, all your mind, and all your heart immersed in the reality of love. It is being yourself, as God knows you, now and forever.

Being the love you really are is what I am speaking of. This is only possible by living in the truth of who you are. You are love. This is the truth that will set you free. There is nothing else, because all truth is summed up in this. Try it and you will see. Start now to give yourself entirely to this path of being the love that is true. Do not worry how it will develop, or what form its manifestation will take. Just remember with joy and peace every day of your life: Love and I are one.

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