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Nothing Is Impossible for You

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Everything Is Ready

Child of truth, go ahead and fly. Leave your mind free. Enjoy the flight of spirit. Your soul can create the unimagined when it lives in the breadth of truth. Nothing is impossible for you, because nothing is impossible for me.

Together we are the reality of love. United we are the light of life. In our union we are as God created us. That immanent force that created everything, including me in my divine humanity and also you, unites us in a universe of beautiful love, a love not of this world, a love that is born from divine essence and expresses itself in the reality of each being.

I have brought you on my wings to the doorway of a love without beginning or end, a triune love that is a refuge for hearts in love and minds in truth. I am the imperishable love that has spoken through this work, joining you in this particular way.

Close the doors of your senses. Immerse yourself in the unfathomable depths of my love. Give the world the light of Christ. Be yourself, every moment. Observe that what you really are is what has made creation exist. Remember that without you, Heaven is missing something. You.

Let the world spin as it will. Do not mingle in matters that are not yours. Do not let your mind go down into ideas disconnected from what is true. You know what wisdom is, and want nothing more than to be fed by it. Do not let your heart harbor feelings apart from pure holy love, for it cannot do so truly.

You were created to be happy. You know the way of being, because you know yourself. You know this is the path for which you have been looking for a lifetime. No goal for you who you receive these words is as important as freeing yourself from the bonds of the world. Child of holiness! That day has arrived. That long-awaited time has arrived. It is here.

Now you know yourself enough to be able to say joyfully, “I am free.” Take a deep breath, widen your chest, lift your shoulders, stay upright, and enjoy your freedom. There are no structures here, only love without barriers, and being without limitation.

As I said, nothing is impossible for you because nothing is impossible for me.

Letting go of your limited ideas about reality is necessary to continue along the path we are now beginning to walk. We have already taken some steps on this blessed path of being who you really are and expressing yourself as you are. What comes next? No one can know. Not even the two of us can answer that question, because what is coming is not yet created and has no comparison. Its magnificence cannot be put into words and its quality has never before been expressed. Never forget that you are unique, and the intimacy of our love is unique. This love story between your soul and my being is unrepeatable, as unique as you are.

Your full willingness to live in the present has never been more important. You know this way of life very well. You have experienced enough to know that you can discipline your mind and heart, making both means of expressing truth. Your body is no longer the tyrant it once was, nor is your mind a madhouse. Your heart knows the sweetness of love. Your memory reminds you of the first love that God is. Your imagination creates worlds of love and truth.

Everything is ready. The powers of the soul have gathered at this meeting of saints. The forces of your being have been reintegrated. You understand that every impulse flowing from you was a vital force separated from your being. Now by your own determination and in union with the will of Heaven you have returned to the integrity of union with your being, and you can live freely in the security of being lord of yourself.

What a joy it is to cease being at the mercy of the winds and waves of a tempest! What joy it is to own yourself! What greater treasure can there be than to receive the inheritance that you really are? Your being rejoices in its glory. Your soul sings at the meeting of saints. Your heart dances to the beat of life.

Nothing disturbs those who live in the truth of their being. Nothing worries those who know themselves enough to accept that they are personified holiness, the perfect expression of God’s love. They live singing in the depths of their being. They know they are one with Christ. They feel that joy deep inside, and that nothing and nobody can take from them the joy of knowing they are children of God.

You have arrived, my child! You have returned home. You have found the way. There is no longer any cause for worry. Let the world spin. Mingle not in matters that are not yours. Join the affairs of your Mother. Give yourself the life that lives in you. Be yourself every moment. Be always who you really are and you will be happy because you will know fully.

Rejoice in the times when the world seemed to prevent you from being yourself. Those blessed opportunities led your heart and mind to reveal themselves contrary to a limited reality. There came a point when you could no longer endure the contrast, and you successfully launched yourself to fly towards the sun of truth and life. Now you have arrived. Rejoice! Nothing in the world can truly affect you because your flight has taken you so high that you cannot be reached by ideas or feelings apart from the truth of what you are.

Only one thing interests the soul that has reached this point: to live in the truth revealed. This interest is now the engine of the soul’s inherent desire for expression, the vital breath that drives it forward like a wind by which it sails easily through the skies of holiness. The soul lives thinking about the divine beloved and desires only the delights of God, for nothing but love is part of the beloved of Christ.

II. Reality Is Now

Those who know the truth know they are Christ, just as they also know that love is God. They don’t stop at words, but go beyond symbols to the reality. The wisdom of love has been revealed. The sanctity of your being has been revealed. You have no illusions but bear witness to the truth, to what you are.

A new creation is being created as a result of the union of Divine Love with the love you really are. It is the fruit of unity, sprouting from our divine relationship. No one can name what arises because this reality is beyond words. And yet the fruit will be known. Many will enjoy the delights of our holy love. We will be seen for a while longer before departing for the eternal abode from where we will continue to extend perfect love, creating new life. No one will be excluded from the flow that emanates from our eternal intimacy.

Just as at this point on the path it is important to live in the present, it is important to make trusting your own being the reason for your life, because the mind can sometimes continue to try to understand through separation that which is of unity. Yet the system of thought which creates division cannot understand or even conceive of unity. This will not be a problem for you because you have already gone through the process of undoing the madness of the ego. You are sane. You are healthy. You are free. You have returned. Remember this often.

To confirm that our unity—your will, together with mine— will accomplish this is to believe in yourself and therefore is to love yourself. We have already spoken of the link between trusting and loving. To trust that what you are will be expressed just as it should be in every moment will prevent you from wasting time on nonsensical thoughts. I did not bring you this far only to abandon you. We both know that our path is purposeful and sensible. We know this path is nothing other than the path of love, the path that your heart desires. Distrust cannot be part of this blessed path of being yourself.

We are together. We live together. We are united. Nothing can separate you from me and nothing could separate me from you, ever. Love and you are one because we are both the unity of being. Love and I are one because my Father and I are one. As concentric circles of truth and holiness, we remain united and extend love. Our center is God. I am the first wave of union, you are the second. Thus, this emanation of divine consciousness, like a wave that expands when a pebble falls into a pond, will touch everything because all that exists is consciousness, whether manifested or unmanifested.

What I am saying, child of my sacred heart, is that our work will go beyond the limited confines of this physical dimension of bodies and personalities. Our emanation of love, arising from our divine union, will touch hearts at their center and transform minds beyond what can be imagined. It will create portals of union between Heaven and Earth. It will open spirits so that direct communication with God is increasingly clear and flows with greater freedom.

To remain united to me is to remain in your reality.

It is important to allow your thinking mind, so attached as it may be to logical reasoning, to understand that love has created you and everything that is needed to accomplish the purpose of being who you truly are without effort. Just as the body is given and air is given in abundance so you can breathe unconsciously and untiringly, so God created all that your heart needs to express itself freely in all its reality, and to reach what it longs for. God’s plan for you is not only effortlessly achievable, but carries within itself the power of being, that is, the power of Heaven. The only thing unrealizable in life is the opposite of love. Be glad of that!

It is impossible for your being not to be fulfilled forever. If it had historically seemed not to be, it was because you did not know what your heart loved or what the mind was searching for. Now you know. Therefore, there is no need to continue believing in things that make no sense. The hunger for love and the thirst for truth are abundantly satisfied, quite like the need for the body to breathe—actually even more so, for both love and truth are infinite and air is not.

Live every moment of your life as if it were the only one, and there is no tomorrow and no yesterday. Love is eternal. It is a force that gives new life in every moment. It is what you are. Start to enjoy the eternal novelty of being. You are an eternal creation. You are always new. You are always love.

Allow the flow of divinity to enter you in every moment. Disregard ideas of success or failure, or of any thought based in duality. Detach yourself from the compulsion to think about tomorrow or to try to resolve the past. Release forever the belief that you have to cause an effect. You and I, united in love, are the cause and effect. There is no need to predefine anything. We are cause. We are effect. We eternally create new love because of who we are. We are the multitude of effects and the reason for truth.

In this way of being we live always with God, now. We remain in unity. We are the eternal expression of love. We extend the reality of the Kingdom because of who we are. God expands in us and with us, in union with us, eternally united. Nothing alters the peace of God. Nothing stains the sanctity of our unity. We are the perfect innocence of being, extending life in every moment. We are the reality of love.

III. The Last Forgiveness

Keep high in your awareness that this new and eternal path we travel, the eternal path of your existence, is a path where you are simply who you really are, that is, where the being expresses itself freely as it was created to be. This is the will of God.

Although what was just said may seem obvious, considering the roads that brought you here, it is not. All were characterized by struggle and effort—a spiritual battle. War raged between your mind’s ego that you thought you were—or sometimes even thought you wanted to be—and what you really are, your heart. That struggle left you exhausted and did not provide lasting happiness or peace. And yet there came a time when struggle became part of you. This should be clarified.

The spiritual struggle, or the battle of the ego against God, was never part of the Creator’s plan. Therefore it is not part of the reality of being. Christ does not fight. It does not resist anything. It accepts everything with serenity, for nothing can move it from truth. It is the tree of life, well planted. Nothing can threaten it. Herein lies your peace. However, when I say that the internal war became part of you, I mean that it became a custom so entrenched that you could not imagine life without conflict.

Once the identity crisis is resolved, fighting remains for a while as a habit. Although this habit does not have it previous dimensions, nevertheless the pattern of thought and the emotional defense-attack response is still deeply rooted in memory and particularly in the “I” we call “the world.”

Although illusory, the energy of the struggle that this identity conflict creates is largely what moves the world. To continue the fight one more day seems to be the litany of separation. That force creates an incentive, a motivation to stay alive. And although this idea has been exposed in this work and in many others, and should no longer obstruct the expression of true being, it is important to avoid creating a new struggle to express yourself in freedom.

Anything achieved with effort is not part of the way of being. The Holy Spirit may have used that illusion in the past to bring you to truth, but be aware that it was done because you were not yet prepared to let go of a mentality based on comparison. That has been left behind. Nothing of that thought system enters here. The path of the ego is over. The path of the heart is over. The path of transformation is over. The path of knowledge is over. The path of learning is over. Now begins the way of God— the way of being.

Being requires no effort. This should be repeated as often as necessary, given the ages you have spent not feeling that you were yourself. Forgive the world for those times, for the structures which greatly hindered the expression of your true identity and made it difficult to know yourself. This is the final step in complete forgiveness. We take that step now.

Releasing the bitterness of the heart is necessary to be free from all lack of love. To do so it is necessary to recognize that your pain had but one origin: that of not being yourself. The suffering of the soul that remains inside the golden cage, when it cannot express itself freely, absorbs all your human reality. Once free, there is no need to continue thinking about it; but there is a period when memories of life in the prison of ego are still alive. Deactivating them is the purpose of this session, to make your path so clear that you travel it while singing happy songs.

My sisters and brothers, the world could not allow you to know yourself or be free to express yourself as you really are. It could not because the world does not know you. It never met you. It could not do so. The world lacks knowledge. It is simply a showroom where you exhibit the work of your hands.

I am knowledge. I am the unity of truth. You have found me. You have chosen only love. There is no reason to concern yourself with times that seemed hard but are now gone. The time of battle will never return. The time when you could not be yourself will never return. You are now out of the golden cage. You are with me now, ready to take our flight in the sanctity of being. Do not be afraid of heights. Do not fear the de-structuring aspect of love.

Everything is ready.

Together we will walk forever the path of the free expression of being.

United we will create a new holy love.

Forgiveness is complete, love and honest truth are recognized.

Blessed are you, who have attained holiness in the world!

Blessed are all who choose only love!

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