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Gathering and Truth

A message from Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved child of Heaven! Purity come true! I am Archangel Gabriel. I have come through the will of the Mother to bring you a new song, the song of Christ in you. It is a song of joy and victory, a hymn of praise to resurrection and life. Receive it with all the love of your heart. Make it yours, for it belongs to you.

Listen to the voice of your beloved Christ. Give him your full attention and rejoice in your glory. The words that I give you here are words of eternal life, an expression of the love in you. They come from the heart of God and are present in all hearts that live in love.

Child of holy love, I have come to announce a new life. I have come to tell you that Grace has been given to you, and from you a new love will be born of the glory of the Mother, clothed with spirit. Its beauty is beyond words. Its tenderness will touch hearts and lead them to love more. Because of it the flow of beau- tiful love will grow as never before. Great will be your wisdom, immense your holiness. This love will bring joy to hearts and be a refuge for thirsty minds. Rejoice, for love has given you new life.

II. The Joy of Return

What do you keep saying, if everything is already said?
We have walked together all our lives.
We know each other like the palms of our hands.
Words have been a great help to express what happens in
our inner world.
You and me, united forever in beautiful love.
We have traveled a path full of fascination, challenges, and
We have been expanding in the truth.
Here we are, both being the same inseparable reality.
There is no longer a you or a me, now we are the us of unity.

We are a crowd.
We are love spreading forever.
We are the lover and the beloved who have merged into the
sanctity of being.
We can no longer make distinctions between who you are
and who I am.
Nothing from the past is here.
Nothing but the eternal present of our love exists in our
divine reality.
We are the god-human.
We are the full realization of the being that God created as
holy humanity.
My love, you don’t have the slightest idea how high we have come.

You can’t even imagine how high your soul has become.
You are the Assumption.
You are the elevated being you wanted to be when you
embarked on the path that led you to your being.
What a joy it is to be able to look back without seeing
anything other than the love that has been given to
us from Heaven, expressed in all the life that has been
lived so far!
What peace!
Such serene bliss!
We are reaching the end of this path, there is little left.
The desire to undertake the journey of being towards its
expression is growing.
The desire to see God’s work done is becoming more and
more fervent.
Your heart trembles with joy upon hearing my voice and
your mind accelerates with the force of a thought that
is pure light of holiness.

Your feelings travel through the universe, joining their
peers of purity and goodness and return to you
centuplicated in love and truth.
The loving thoughts that flow from your unified mind
spread their wings and embark on the flight of wisdom,
joining all divine thoughts and bringing life to all that
is one with them.
You are a river through which Divine Grace flows.
You are a channel through which my infinite love extends
in unity with you, through all corners of the universe
and beyond.
From you emanate colors of unparalleled beauty, feelings
that beautify life.
Your look is becoming more serene. Your forehead
increasingly smooth.
Your voice is whispering, because your ears listen more
than ever to witness what the heart hears.
Now you know the one who loves you more than anything
or anyone in the universe.
Now you know what it is to be loved with unconditional

You know my heart as much as I know yours.
There are no secrets among the beloved in holiness.
A soul in all its splendor has been reborn from above.
It has been resurrected by beautiful love.
It will live forever in eternal life.
It is purity and holiness made human.
It is human and God at the same time.
It is the living Christ come to Earth again through your
It is love showing itself to the world so that the world may
know it.
It is beauty beyond what can be painted, sweetness
beyond what can be sung, and greatness impossible to
The joy of a God who rejoices in the resurrection of Her
beloved child.
It is the elevation of the self.
In the virgin daughter, the soul that has returned to love,
the mercy of the Father of all true love, is expressed in a
way that no thinking mind could conceive.
Resurrection of a soul that has joined its being!
Heaven’s gift!
Blessing without equal!
A light has come back on and will shine with increasing
Water that ceased begins to flow in the desert.

Fly, soul that has returned to love.
Fly the flight of spirit.
The flight of beautiful love.
It rises to the height of holiness.
It always dwells in peace.
On this flight it gives life.
In this song it gives the truth.
Live the life of God.
In it is found joy.

III. Praise for the Sanctity of Being

Soul you have returned.
Beauty of the being that you really are.
Who can draw your face?
Who, portray the beauty of your eyes?
What singer can sing songs with the sweetness of
your voice?
Who can resemble your wisdom?
You are the delight of God.
Not even the flowers can approach your beauty.
You are more tender than a firefly that beautifies the night.

The scent of your love blows in all directions.
The breeze of your spirit moves the waters of life.
The angels sing with joy upon receiving you in the holy
Be glad to be who you are.
Go out and show your glory.
Shine with all your light.
Express yourself.
Show the world who you are.
See that without you the world is deprived of a little piece
of Heaven.

Our love makes you great.
Our union makes you true.
We are together forever.
United we are the light of the world.
Together we are the strength of holy love.
A new expression of love is coming.
A new life will be manifested.
The light of my glory will be exalted.
In it shines the beauty of honest love.

Listen to this whole song from Heaven.
Encourage yourself to come to me.
I am the peace without opposite.
I am the love without beginning or end.
I am the truth that is always true.
I am the light that illumines every human.
I am the purity of holiness.
Do not deprive yourself of my sweetness.
If you do, you deny me my eternal joy.

Encourage yourself to enjoy beautiful love.
Be authentic in your walk.
Live happily in what you are.
Holy hearts!
Souls in love!
Enlightened minds!
You are the delight of creation.
You are the living miracle of divine mercy.
You are purity and holiness.
Show yourself to the world so that the world knows me.
Always remember that you are beauty without equal.
You are sons and daughters resurrected to love.
You are the reason of your Creator.
You are life in abundance.
See that the time of delivery is coming.
A time without opposite.
A time of fullness.
A time when your being will be recognized in the truth of
what it is.

Beloved soul, let us extend the truth of who we are.
We are unexpressed love.
And Love expressed.
United love.
Love in totality.
We are the invisible and the visible.
We are the air and its stillness.
We are the wind and its movement.
We are the light and the darkness in which it shines.

IV. The Meeting of Lovers

Those who cried come singing.
Those who chose love come dancing.
The sower brings in the sheaves joyfully.
Happy goes the lover with the beloved.
The soul has risen.
The being has been recognized.
A new form of love has been created.
A new expression of holiness is given.

The heavens open and the Earth sings.
Love triumphed.
Victory, achieved.
The child of humans has embraced love.
Humanity has been rescued from the waters of oblivion.
An eternal truth will shine forever in the minds of humans. Love, remembered.
Peace, accepted.
A new being takes flight.

The beauty of love, seen.
The beauty of holiness, shared.
Atoms and elements dance.
The waters move.
There is a party in creation.
The beloved is seen by all.
Souls embrace in love.
They rejoice in the beauty of the human heart.
The congregation of saints begins.

New winds of life blow across the Earth.
They embellish everything they touch.
A new rain falls from the sky.
The arid fields are watered.
The being expands.
Your light extends.
Its gentleness softens hard hearts.
Your tenderness allays anger.
Your goodness heals wounds.

Your knowledge beautifies minds.
Your greatness elevates souls.
Your arms embrace everyone.
Beautiful love grows.
The holy abode receives the children of truth.
Those who have chosen love meet on the celestial
Together they sing hymns of praise and gratitude.
United they call everyone to enjoy beautiful love.
They are the redeemed saints.

They are the ones who chose the best part which will not be
taken away.
They are the ones who chose truth.
They chose only love.
They begin to express the beauty of their being.
Their hearts will sing happily forever.
They have accepted themselves.
They love each other in perfect purity.
They live in peace because they live in truth.
They express themselves from the authenticity of the heart.

They live happily in what they are.
Wherever they go, they radiate love.
Whatever they are, they extend truly.
They are the light of the world.
Their hearts are full of joy.
Their souls full of light.
Their minds overflowing with wisdom.
They have overcome their fears.
They live forevermore in love.

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