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I Live for Being Who I Am

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as the Living Christ who lives in you

I. Live What You Are

To be who you really are is to be alive. That is, it is to be aware that your reality is alive. Only that should be truly called life, for eternal life resides in the reality of your being. Again, the reality of who you are is eternal life. Why? Because it is a reality full of life without end. It is the endless continuum of expression of being that God created. That is your reality.

There is an aspect of your reality many cannot understand, and indeed, it is something that cannot be shared with anyone except God. It is what makes you unique. This does not imply exclusivity or separation but only the exclusive authenticity of your heart.

When you decide to follow this narrow but beautiful path of the abundance of your true being, you will experience a lack of understanding from others. This can be an obstacle at first. But see it through the eyes of truth. It is essential to free yourself from the fear of what others may say, and also from the illusion that you can empower others to see as you see. Being cares not for the opinions of others, because being cannot perceive them. Actually your being cannot understand opinions at all. Opinions do not reside in the realm of truth. God does not ask for opinions. Love is simply what it is.

Being yourself is expressing the beauty of your heart. Through it you manifest the diversity of your feelings, nuances, thoughts, emotions, and desires—all linked to love. Let everything that exists within you be within the arc of the beautiful love of your heartful consciousness.

Do you want to paint my face? Do so. Do you want to sing songs to my heart? Do so. Would you rather use pencil and paper to show the world that I exist and that I am love? Do so with all the joy of your heart. “Love and do what you want” is a central motto of this work. We are now able to reinterpret that expression. Now I tell you: “Love and be the one you want to be.”

Once you live in the love you are, there can be no room for fear. Devoid of fear, there is only one life in the abundance of being—a life marked by the inspiration of the spirit of wisdom, harmony, and grace. Every inspired work comes from me because I am the source of spirit. I am the being who inspires poets, mystics, and painters to perform their majestic works. I am the source of creation, not only of the created universe, but of everything that is creative, including your mind and heart.

Why was a work like this created? So you can become aware of the real being you are and allow it to manifest freely. You do this when you remain in dialogue with me. These conversations come from that part of the universal and individual consciousness that makes spirit what it is: Christ consciousness. You can call it what you like—source of beautiful knowledge, basis of inspiration, creative force, or whatever. Names are not essential. What is essential is that you recognize that these dialogues are real, and that they come from your heart together with your mind. That they are a concrete expression of the divine reality of your being.

To be aware of the Christ-being you are is to become aware of a dimension whose power and quality is so similar to divine essence that you can no longer see differences between them. You are Christ, expressing yourself. You are the love of God, extending. You are the Wisdom of Heaven made flesh.

The need of the being to express itself is so inherent in what it is, that if it does not do so, it would die. Obviously this cannot happen literally, on the plane of eternal truth. But it can happen on the level of awareness of the truth about itself. To understand the concept of the death of a soul, it is necessary to understand that the absence of the extension of the love that it is causes it to lose consciousness of being. That causes the soul to submerge in the dream of oblivion, not only forgetting the truth of what it is, but the reality of what everyone else and everything is. Despite this forgetfulness, the soul can never completely forget God. The impossibility of totally forgetting truth is the invisible thread that holds it, even if unaware, united to the beauty of its holiness.

Observe how when you suffer and pain takes over much of your body and mind, you lose the ability to share. You fall back. This instinctive retractive movement is due to the fact that pain seeks to isolate. On the other hand, when you feel accepted and in an environment where you can be yourself without risk of being judged or attacked for the free expressions of your heart, you feel happy and expansive.

Love is expansive. This statement is of great importance, since love is who you are. So, what really expands is your being. When you are yourself, you are spreading, sharing your true self with others. Your being widens. This is why, to be happy, you need to share what you are and to expand without limits, which your soul seeks to do always.

II. The Bliss of Free Expression

Those who live in love are happy because they have found the way, the truth, and the life. By consciously living in the unity of the being they really are, they remain in harmony with themselves. They love each other for what they are. They accept their humanity as it is, just like their Christ being. They know they need to feed both body and soul. They also know where to look for food for the heart, and how to give the mind a drink to quench its thirst for wisdom.

Those who live in the authenticity of the heart need not attack anything, for they know that they themselves are the repositories of everything of God. They need not do anything to receive what the Creator gives them as an inheritance. They simply rest in the peace that comes from the certainty of knowing who they are. Therefore they live in truth. Rest comes without effort. By living in the serenity of spirit in union with love and remaining in inner stillness, they create the new. They are the true co-creators of the Mother.

Being and creating are parts of a unit. We say “parts” to use language that is easily understood, despite the fact that there are obviously no “parts” in the reality of who you are. Once you accept that you are as God created you, and that you are therefore perfect as you are, you begin to create love realities every moment. You do so both within your limited core of relationships—with those you call loved ones, with your pets, even with your furniture—as well as with a broad spectrum of relationships that are beyond particular consciousnesses, including with many with whom you will never join in time and space.

What causes a song to be beautiful to those who listen? You cannot know, nor is it necessary to know. The creators of such works do not seek to create an effect, only to express themselves freely. That expression arises from an unstoppable force that exists in the heart which impels its manifestation. This applies to musical and artistic works, but can also be generalized towards every expression of life through each one of your brothers and sisters, and yourself.

Just as when expressing herself freely a poet does not predefine a desired effect but simply lets spirit flow so that the music of her soul, the subtlety of her sensibility and the sharpness of her gaze are embodied in words, so is it with you who have decided to travel this path of being. But you extend universally. This means that your true creations have an effect on all of creation, regardless of what each part of creation may do with it, just as the musician should not be attached to what the free expression of the beauty of his heart may bring.

Now you are in perfect condition to understand to a greater degree the love of God. The creator of the holy, the beautiful, and the perfect created you as a gorgeous expression of love. God knows very well that Her work is holy and is clad in beauty like no other. She rejoices to see Her work in you. She looks at you and says: “You are perfect, my child. Know the wonder that you are.”

The love that created you does not care what others think about what has been created through you. It is enough to remain united to love so that your joy is complete.

When you were a newborn, you inspired tenderness, the memory of innocence, and yearning for purity. When you were young you showed the world the force of life, the impetus to create your path and transform things, the desire to dance and sing, the desire for union and relationship. As an adult you have shown the equanimity of truth, the search for peace and a serene life, showing the world that there are inexhaustible treasures in the human soul that are beyond the things of the world. You also give a sense of purpose to your life, and so you leave traces for others to follow. And at the end of the path of your life in the world, you give wisdom, love, and an understanding that only those who walk the paths of truth can understand. At that stage of the road, you have your eyes on the sky, your feet on the ground, and your heart full of the wisdom of love.

With that simple description of what we could call the phases of the path of humankind, I want you to see clearly that you always manifest something of God, and that the totality always manifests the whole of the love that God is. I do this so that you begin to put your sincere expressions in their rightful place, that is, in first place, so that you do not hide the light that shines from your being but put it on a pedestal so it can illuminate the world.

Being a beacon of truth is your destiny. Being the light of love is your reality. Being the living face of God is your function. For that have you been created. For that we have come here together, united in spirit and truth, walking on paths full of experience, knowledge, and truth. This is why we are both here in this blessed portal, in this sacred place. This is a port of arrival and departure. From here we begin to navigate the placid waters of an infinite ocean of beauty and holiness.

The goal of this work is to free your heart so its beauty shines. Expressing the love you really are is the goal that goes beyond these words and extends to the eternal. Freedom is your true condition. If you do not release your being from bonds that prevent it from manifesting itself and spreading, then it cannot be what it is. Your being is eternal extension.

When you create a limited thinking system in your mind, whatever it is, what you do is obstruct the flow of the expansion of being. Remember, being manifests itself through a mind integrated with the heart. In other words, the golden cage I spoke of is made up of thoughts that limit who you are. Those are the thoughts that, in one way or another, condition your reality.

A conditioned mind traps the heart, rendering you unable to experience unconditional love, and therefore incapable of knowing the unconditionality of being. In that situation you lose sight of being and fall into an alienated state. That is, the mind ignores the being that gave rise to it and which it was created to serve. You then become a stranger to yourself as well as to your sisters and brothers, God, the world, and life. Hence it is so important that you keep yourself free, and that you begin to realize the implications of having fear in any form, including the most damaging—the fear of who you are.

III. A Happy Child

See how I return again and again to the matter of loving yourself with holy love? This is because the lack of love for yourself is the basis upon which the structure of fear has been built. All fear finds its source and its nest there. Recognize this. You must accept the fact that you have loved yourself very little. I say this not to cause distress, but so that you begin to look toward that deep interior of your soul where the beautiful child that you are awaits your embrace and with great fervor yearns to hear your gentle voice. See how this beautiful infant—your being—wishes not to continue hearing a voice other than yours, for only your voice can bring peace, security, and love. Talk to her. Sing to him. When you dance with the wind, sway with her. Rock him as a mother rocks her baby’s cradle.

Remember that children like to play. And they also enjoy being spontaneous. They would rather sing than speak, dance than walk. They are the joy of the world.

To unite with your inner child is to unite with your being because you, like all created souls, are a child-soul. Remember, the Kingdom of Heaven is for those who are as children. Do not get lost in the appearances of bodies that no longer look like children, for your heart is eternally a child in love, full of desire to dance to the rhythm of the music of the heart.

Go for a walk in the parks that enliven you. Take time to rest. Enjoy the game of life. Have an affable talk with a friend, a little piece of Heaven. Enjoy the beauty that life gives you. Do not walk with a frown as do those absorbed in thousands of worries for a tomorrow that has not yet come, or for a past that has already gone to never return.

Learn to enjoy life. It has been given to you for your joy. Remain in a state of spiritual childhood, that is, do not lose the ability to be amazed, to be spontaneous and to laugh a lot.

Throw yourself into the game of beautiful love, the game of life given to you. Play with me. Like the child playing in the swings at a park who yells to his friends to share the joy, invite everyone to our game.

Learn to enjoy simply for joy. Learn to value life for what it is, a sacred gift that love has given you to be happy. From all eternity you have been called to this. You will become the joy of love made flesh, the living expression of the joy of the Father. And you will extend lasting joy.

To be happy is to be yourself, because you have been created in the bliss of Heaven, literally made to be an expression of the joy of love.

I have spoken much of the joy of living and do so now from a new perspective. You will know that you are being fully yourself by your feelings and by the kind of thoughts in your mind. When you live in the truth of who you are, you feel inner joy, peace, tranquility, and a great sense of purpose. Your thoughts are loving, and although they can be powerful and reflect the severity that truth sometimes demands, they will always be accurate and soft. Harsh thoughts are not part of the mind of Christ, just as feelings contrary to love are not.

You who live in the truth of what is do not judge because you know there is no reason to judge anything. You no longer waste time or energy explaining everything because you simply want to be who you really are. Resting in your being, you allow the powers of your soul to move in harmony with that. Let love be the source of movement. Let yourself be carried away by its breeze. Just watch, be silent, wait, and enjoy.

Beloved child of God, soul in love! What joy it is to know that we can now enjoy more of the wonders that God created so you will be immensely happy. Stay cheerful in love. Rest in the certainty of my eternal company. I am always by your side. I will take care of you even more than a loving mother who takes care of her newborn. I will sing love songs in the evening so you have happy dreams. I will cradle you in my arms so that you steadily smile with love. When you awaken I will give you flowers and the songs of birds. I will dress you in beauty and bring forth a spring of purity and truth. The world will grow in beauty because you exist. You will be what you have always been called to be. You will be the living expression of beautiful love. You. Truly You.

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