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The Golden Cages

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as the Living Christ who lives in you

I. Let the Nightingale Sing

Beloved child, today I have come once again, full of tenderness, joy, and holiness. I make myself present in your reality as you are now, to join those who yearn to live the love they really are.

I have said that I am the truth, the way, and the life. Now I will speak of the dimension of truth, that part of the triune reality that is my being and all being. Let those who can understand, understand. Those who do not, let them hold my hand and become one with the confidence of perfect certainty that surpasses all worldly logic, the confidence of the Supreme Being who created everything and in whose wisdom all life is subject to the laws of a love without opposite. Herein is a trust that knows that if God has placed in your heart that which you so long for, it is because God created in advance everything necessary for that yearning to be fully fulfilled.

It is impossible for love to call you and then abandon you. In fact, love does not abandon even those who turn their backs.

These words, spoken with love and simplicity, are addressed to those who have made the decision to be themselves authentically, faithfully following the call of being, the call of the heart, to live as the real being.

Soul in love! Child of holiness! How many times have you felt that stab in your heart, wanting to be yourself and not been able to? How many social mandates have imprisoned the nightingale? How many golden cages exist! Their bars are built of fear. How many tears have been shed for not being able to be true? Oh beloved child, now that you have been released from the cage of fear, you can gently understand what is being said here.

A great temptation for those who sincerely seek to follow the way of being—which is but the way of authenticity of the heart— is the belief that security must be obtained in the manner of the world. I will explain.

The world is a great thinking system designed by the mind, and it includes a subsystem of thought whose aim is to create a sense of security. Its foundation is fear. I repeat, fear is the cornerstone of expressions that seek security. This must be fully understood.

Those who have not yet freed themselves from the golden cage built by the world that imprisons their minds and hearts, and have not yet realized how much limitation and suffering this brings, and cannot accept those who live in freedom. It has always been this way. It is part of a misguided longing that exists in the hearts of slaves. Those still dominated by others and who cannot exercise their freedom, long for the breadth of those who fly freely through the wide sky. That longing can turn into an anger of such magnitude that they may seek to cancel the nightingale.

The desire to be free exists in every heart. Even if you try to deny it, your being will impel your soul to fly the flight of spirit into the arms of its beloved truth. The mind will not rest in peace until it lives in truth; the heart will not be in peace until it rests in the arms of love. Why? Because in truth and love the mind and heart are reintegrated into being and thus the being can be full.

Think, child of my heart, and try to conceive a being without a mind or heart. If it were possible, it would be incomplete, mutilated, like a beautiful bird without wings. How much sadness afflicts the heart even to contemplate such a vision! However, my beloved, the nightingale can always fly, for a being cannot lose its wings.

Two thousand years ago I came to open the doors of every cage that imprisons hearts. The prison door is now open, ready for everyone to go out and enjoy the majestic flight of freedom of expression. There are no longer reasons to strive to be free, for you are already free. And now you know the way because you know your heart. You know what your heart would like to do in your life, here and now. You know what you want even though that desire may not yet have a completely defined form.

II. Fear of Flying

The cage door is open. The nightingale will never again return to it to drink the stagnant water or to eat the stale food. Now she will be fed by love, and will drink from the crystalline waters of truth until her thirst for wisdom and being is quenched forever.

Those who have not yet stripped away enough of their fear cannot fully remember the joy of freedom. They still feel safe with their life structures which have been created and recreated for centuries to provide a sense of security. They cling to them as a castaway in stormy waters clings to the twig of a weak reed even though these structures have nothing to do with truth. These brothers and sisters, like you once upon a time, need help to abandon fear and choose only love. How that will be accomplished is not your business, but is the business of God and of each soul.

What I most desire in this session is that you become aware that the path of being has its difficulties, difficulties that cease to exist as you move through them. I do not say this to discourage you, but so that, when they arise, you remember my words of love and truth. Do not worry about them. They also have a purpose— to reaffirm your path.

Those who have been locked up in golden cages for so long cannot fully remember the joy of flying freely in the vastness of a limitless universe. They fear the breadth of being. This fear is really the fear of heights of which we have already spoken. Some deny this fear and dare not to look up at the sky to see the beauty of birds of flight.

There are also hearts that, having headed towards this path of being, have seen the birds fly high in the flight of beautiful love without the mandates or laws that imprison, but who begin to feel a vertigo—and this can be very literal—that causes them to lose stability. They are not yet ready to fly. They must be willing to walk for a while until love itself teaches them to spread their wings of freedom. My beloved, I assure you that those hearts too will fly in due time, as do the nightingale’s little chicks once they learn to launch themselves. They will become big hearts full of beauty and holiness. They will be lights that illumine the world. They will be living expressions of God’s love.

As long as the world continues to exist as a system of thought, there will continue to be temptations to leave the narrow path— the path of being yourself, guided by the dictates of your heart rather than external mandates or the fear of not having enough.

Being has no structure. Neither has love. Herein lies the greatest difficulty for many. There is no recipe for this path, no structure, no preordained plans. The old default is not the truth of creation, and the future does not exist except in one’s imagination. The future is about to be created. Every day you create anew.

The future can seem scary when seen through the eyes of the fearful thought system. Many see only death and annihilation. From the perspective of illusion the future is uncertain, insecure, a reason to panic. Many people live in such fear.

Once you decide to travel the path of being, you must be steadfast in the truth of who you are rather than listening to what others dictate. Your desire to be will now become the incentive of your life, the fuel that keeps the fire of love for who you are burning. You will want to shout to the world, “I exist and I am love”!

III. What Bliss Is Certainty

Your only certainty is the certainty of who you really are. Nothing else can be certain because all the rest is pure illusion. The only thing true for you, and for every living being, is who you really are.

Once you know who you are, you know what you want and live in the security of being. In that certainty of true identity resides all security for mind and heart. Those who have arrived here no longer seek certainty in external things, such as money, relationships, material goods, or recognition—things that do not come from within.

Once you love yourself you begin to realize that you are not a dreamer disconnected from reality, and that your dreams of freedom, love, and joy are fulfilled here, now, and forever. You are a free soul. You know you have the ability to bring love to the world—to make a whole heaven. You know it because you have discovered Heaven in your heart.

Minds not freed from fear will tell you that you are naive, even a little crazy, and do not know what life is about. They may do so very roughly. Minds separated from being cannot understand the beauty of being, or how much joy the heart feels in love.

Souls that hear the voice of the divine beloved jump, sing, and vibrate. They feel a peace that nothing in the world can offer. She knows she is loved like nothing and no one else can ever love her. She is free. A soul that has found love has found everything. Souls that express the truth of what they are glorify God. They are the delight of creation, God’s greatest work.

The soul that has found itself in love and truth knows that everything said here is true. They need not be told; they experience it, they know it, they are it. They are happy to live in the truth of what they are. Search and you will find, because the path is yourself. You recognize the truth, the way, and the life— eternal life, an endless expression of what is. You have reached the truth. You are free.

For the heart that has discovered the truth about itself there are no limitations because it is one with spirit and truth. Therefore nothing is impossible. It is endowed with the power of Heaven and Earth. It is embedded in truth, the source of all certainty.

You who have come here, allow me to take you with sweetness and love towards a reality that you have known through revelation, even if you have not always put it in clear words, so that it passes into your conscious understanding in a way that the mind can understand.

You know, because you have experienced it yourself, that there is food for the body and other food for the soul. The heart is thirsty for love; the mind is hungry; the body needs bread. This is why every so often it is as if you cannot stop reading the words of wisdom that come, either from a spiritual master, or from someone who conveys a knowledge that you know is true. This is also why you cannot stop listening to some music, or enjoying artistic expression.

You have already realized that this is what makes millions of sisters and brothers across the Earth search for the joy of seeing works of art or spiritual expression, whether religious or otherwise. All this points to the non-bodily part of your being.

I intend to help you see clearly that the world has overly concentrated on bodily food, often neglecting matters of the heart. This has led humanity to see itself as incomplete. If you only dedicate your efforts to nourish and dress the body, heedless of what happens with the mind, heart, and spirit, you will be unable to live fully. You are not just a body. You are much more. That “more” you are is the immortal soul, that immaterial part of you that makes you who you really are. You know this well, but what you do not usually keep in mind is that you, yourself, are called to be food for others.

IV. Feed the Hungry

Ihave said that whoever ate of my flesh and drank of my blood would inherit eternal life. I also said, “take my body, take my blood.” Now you can understand to a greater degree what I gave humanity two thousand years ago, for love and in truth.

When you behold a beautiful sculpture and let yourself be immersed in the beauty expressed by the sculptor, your heart is ecstatic and comes close to the ecstasy of the mystics. This occurs similarly when you listen to certain music, or when you read what you recognize as wisdom not of the world.

That feeling is of the heart finding love. It is a feeling of not being in the world, but a flight of the soul towards the heaven of union. It is a feeling of fullness, of perfect unity, both heady and loving, a state you wish never to leave. “Here I want to stay,” says a heart in love with love and a mind ecstatic with truth. The senses are also affected. That is why when you contemplate such a work of art or listen to a song that touched your heart, your attention is rapt. You could spend hours attending to what so captivated your attention. Why?

Try to remember times when this has happened to you. You may not have had such ecstasy when contemplating art or music, but certainly you have had it, perhaps when you were recognizing love in a brother or sister, or at the birth of a child that filled you with tenderness and amazement at the miracle of life. Perhaps you were speechless with the magnificence of nature, or the moral nobility of someone whose spirit snatched your soul and left you wrapped in the desire to elevate yourself to that sacred place.

All such experiences are mystical, times when you joined your true self. By joining who you are, you felt the joy of the unity of being and annulled any feeling of separation.

The mind, the heart, the memory, the understanding, the imagination, the will, the heart—that is, all aspects of spirit that together we call the soul—need to be fed, just as the body needs food. Not to feed the soul of your sisters and brothers is to let them starve, literally. Without love and truth, the soul faints. One simply cannot live without love, nor without truth.

Could a world without love in which there is only deception and in which the truth is entirely absent still exist? Obviously not. It would extinguish itself for lack of love. It could not work because laws not based on truth are those of chaos. Nothing can sustain in chaos. Truly I tell you that the world exists because love and truth came to it and will remain in it forever. Otherwise it would have long since annihilated itself.

You are food for souls. That is your function. Providing food for the body is the role for some. You who are treading this Earth need to ponder this message calmly. Meditate on it with your heart united to reason, so that love and truth shine in your consciousness in all their glory. Without the expressions of love, wisdom, and truth that flow from you, the world would be deprived of an essential food, regardless of whether or not this is consciously recognized by the guests invited to the banquet of life.

If spirituality were removed from the world’s art, if music and dance were extinguished, cathedrals and songs of praise to the creator exterminated from the lovers who pray to bring Heaven to Earth, if God’s masterpieces of the lilies of the field, the exuberance of the rose, and the harmonies of water and other expressions of the Creator’s love were gone, what would you have? Hell.

Can you begin to glimpse the importance of the path of being yourself?

My beloved, beauty of my heart! Through your expressions of truth based on who you are, you not only illuminate the world, but you feed souls hungry for beauty, harmony, love, and heavenly wisdom. This is how you become another self, how you become one with me. Now you are true sustenance, for whoever comes to eat and drink from you inherits eternal life.

With joy and in truth I tell you: whoever eats of you, eats of me, and whoever eats of me will have the life of my Father in Heaven and will enjoy eternity in our company.

My beloved, you who have chosen only love are prepared to be on the path of being. Feed hearts hungry for love, minds thirsty for truth. Announce peace. Radiate beauty, holiness, and fulfillment. Be happy being who you really are. Recognize in yourself the beauty of God. Call on everyone to sing, dance, and praise life.

Let the world know you, so that it knows me.

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