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Canals, Rivers, and Oceans

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as the Living Christ who lives in you

I. The Answer to Who You Are

Being is not a destination; it is a path. When the path is based on truth, then the destination is also true. And since truth and life are a unit, being is the way, the truth, and the life. This knowledge is what led me to say that about myself. I said it because it is true. I said it not for me, but for you to recognize it in yourself.

Your being is the one who is the truth, the way, and the life. It is the truth because it was created as an extension of truth. It is the way because it has no end and remains eternally in expression, always on the move. You will recall we have said that life is movement, which is the same as saying that being is life.

Death does not exist because the being, which is life, the way, and the truth cannot stop being. It was created immutable in its essence. Light is always light. By being eternal, you remain united to light forever. Why do we say this here? To dispel forever the fear of not being—the fear that hides behind all fear.

You will always be who you are and express either the truth of your being or not. Even so, you will always exist because there is no problem in your existence. You can continue to deny that you are who you are for all eternity; after all, that is a decision for each soul and your expression will reflect that choice. Is this to say that God was wrong to create the soul? Of course not. The soul enjoys freedom because of the will of the Creator.

Choosing only love is the will of the Mother as long as it is a free decision by Her children. Those who do not choose love are still respected, honored, and loved by their heavenly Mother as much as those who do, affirming that guilt is alien to God. There is no divine punishment, only options to freely express as each soul decides.

Having the ability to channel is not something you choose— since the ability to channel is part of your being—but you choose what to channel. The same goes for the expression. In this sense expression and channeling are the same.

We delve a little more into this aspect of being, that of channeling.

Being is what is given. Being receives the flow that comes from God, to whom it is intimately united. In this union is a continuous movement of divine essence, encompassing all that divinity is, from the source of your being to Her. This happens to consciousness to the extent that you allow. In so doing, that aspect of the being you wish to be becomes known to you. Once known, it begins to be expressed in order to remain in awareness. In this sense, you choose what to channel.

To believe that channeling is an attribute of those who have reached a certain mystical level is to misunderstand what being means. The same is true if channeling is considered something exclusive, a series of heavenly issues, the mystery of God.

To channel is to allow something to be received, traversed, and then sent to a recipient. This channeling applies both to a watercourse and to the transmission of energy. It is a basic principle of communication.

Expression is how being is communicated. Every being channels what it is and responds in a particular way, manifesting that response. In fact, the expression of being is the effect of the response you have to what you received.

II. The Gifts Received

The only thing God creates is being—because there is nothing else. This is the same as saying that God extended to you what you are. So what you receive from Her is all you can truly receive.

This is more easily accepted if you replace the word God with “life.” The life that your being lives is what it is. Truly, that life is God Herself. What you do with what you receive from life is what you channel. You can channel the desire to live in illusion, or to recognize the love you are. But you cannot stop channeling. The inherent reality of being is to inhale love, allowing it to enter, remain, and then extend beyond itself. That is channeling. It happens with brain activity as well as breathing.

You did not choose the being that was given to you. In secret you have often objected to your Creator about it, not so much to the being itself, but that you are not the determiner of who you are.

You certainly cannot establish your worth, or your essence, or who you are. The holiness that your divine Father extended from His being to you, as well as His beauty, wisdom, and unwavering peace, are not up for discussion. They are your reality. This truth is not always well received by those who think that being free means being free to be what they want, when in reality they cannot be anything other than what they are as established by a reality that goes far beyond them. Children do not choose their given name. You may even be angry with your name, if you choose.

Throughout these dialogues we have been revealing what you really are because you cannot know yourself separated from me, and I am the truth, the way, and the life. If you did not recognize our unity, you could not recognize our equality, which would inevitably lead you to decide to be what you are not. You are one with me. Being one, you are one with what I am. No one can come to this conclusion by themselves. It must be revealed.

Revelation is the way of knowing your being. There is no other way. The revelations given to you in these writings are what you need to be able to recognize what you are, and to continue the eternal path of love, that is, of the being that you really are. It is a path of beauty and holiness, of unity with truth, and one that goes hand in hand with reason and love.

The desire to live in truth is hidden behind the existential question about what you really are that you have asked yourself and that I have answered. Because the being seeks to live eternally, what you are doing in asking that question is making sure that the truth that you are extends. You wish for the answer to that question to be recorded in your consciousness.

Can you start seeing with new eyes, seeing that the one you are looking for is found?

The answer to the question of being or not being is the same as knowing God, because what you are is not dissociated from Him. You are His extension. You are the personification of love. You are the face of truth in the world and in every world you decide to inhabit, forever. Your face and identity have always been united: the essence of being and its expression.

Can you also see why the first steps on the spiritual path— the path of return to truth—begin with the path of forgiveness? Can you understand what I meant when we talked about your creations?

It is important that you are willing to become aware of the relationship you have with your work, because in it you will see the relationship you have with your being, and therefore with God. Do you respect and value your being? Do you like it or are you angry with it? Do you hide it because you do not believe in yourself? Do you fall into the trap of thinking that because you are not perfect, you should not create?

I invite you to reflect deeply on these questions. The fear of expressing yourself must be completely abandoned to continue this path of peace and joy. I do not mean that you should say what you do not want to say, or express what may put you at risk. We are speaking of the ways of expressing love and truth to make the Christ in you known, the source of all true being and of all love.

The love of God lives in you. This is as true as that the sun radiates heat. Consequently, your being is a channel that radiates Divine Love. Being is like the source of a river. It does not choose the water that will fall and begin to flow in it. Obviously a river does not have a will. Your being, on the other hand, has been endowed with a will as created by the will of God. Unlike a river, your being decides how much it will let flow. If you open completely, you will be more than a river; you will be an ocean of love. If you close entirely to love, you end up being dry, where nothing flows and no life lives in it.

You have received this revelation. We established these dialogues of love and truth. We have been united in the light of my glory, which is yours. The wisdom of love has flowed without limit from my heart to yours. In that flow, each has become one with all creation, extending eternal unity.

We have been walking the paths of the heart and mind, and learning to forgive everything in the love that God is. We have recognized that attack is never justified, and that forgiveness is the answer to everything that is not love. We have seen with perfect clarity the difference between illusion and truth.

You have been transformed from a soul identified with a false being, the product of a complex mental construct. You shed everything untrue about yourself and with that transformation, you can see the radiant beauty of your true identity of holy love.

Christ has entered your heart and there has made a holy abode. Innocence, honest truth, and heaven have been restored there. Your body, your mind, and your spirit have returned to the state of unity as they were at the beginning of time. Direct communication with God has been established. Once all that has been accomplished, you choose only love, the source of your reality, your guide, your companion, and your inviolable refuge.

III. Love and Truth Notes

You cannot continue to be who you were. Your prayer has been heard. The desires of your heart rose like the aroma of holy incense and reached the very heart of God. In Her, your soul was absorbed. What you are was attracted and transformed by the sweetness of what you experienced in the holy dwelling, from which you will never be absent.

The fire of a new holy love has begun to burn on Earth and in Heaven, a fire that comes from your being, which burns hotter and brighter. The divine essence flows through you. You have come back to life. All this is very true. You are aware of it. When you are silent and remain in the solitude of your heart, you can now delight in this truth. You know you have received much that we cannot describe here.

The question is no longer what you are but what you will do with what you know you really are. This question is as critical as the question of who you are. They are essentially the same question, given that one is about your being and the other about its expression.

How will you express what you have seen and heard in the depths of your heart? That is what the path of being is about. It is what the expression of truth is about. No one can express something that does not have a foundation, not even God, because Her creation has its being of infinite love as its source. Every creation has a source. Only God is principle without cause, the source of all that is.

What has been revealed from Heaven must now become the source of your expression. What you will do henceforth is live life from the inspiration that springs constantly from divine spirit to your united heart and mind. From that inspired energy, a world of expression will emerge in harmony with the will of God and therefore extend the Kingdom.

The extension of the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, of your true reality as you were created by God, is the only real expression because your being is the Kingdom of Heaven.

IV. The Chain of Beautiful Love

What will your expression look like? The same as your love. You have a particular way of loving because you have a unique heart, the heart I gave you in your creation. The ways you express the Kingdom bear a unique stamp: yours.

Once you have reached this point, you need to choose the best way for you to extend the Kingdom. Whatever you choose is perfect, and also necessary. Here is the answer to a question that has been in your heart for a while. Decide to do something with what has been given to you. You have received much through this work, and even beyond. All this forms a unity.

Everything you have received from Heaven has had a purpose and caused the intended effect according to the plan of atonement. As if you have been given a harp and taught to use it, now is the time for music to start in all its beauty. This is your music. And because it is yours, it will be holy, perfect. It will be a divine expression of the beauty of love. It will be pure because it will be authentic. It will be blessed because even the angels of Heaven will take every note that arises from your soul-in-love song and will carry it to every being who longs to live love.

As soon as you become aware that all your excuses for not manifesting the love you really are were just excuses to delay making yourself known, the expression that you begin to manifest is like a new sprout. First as a small seed in the mother’s womb—in this case your heart—it gestates inside. Once born, it comes to the light of life and begins—timid, fragile in appearance, somewhat unresolved in expression, not yet seeing the essence of things. However, it carries within itself the elements of the totality of expression it will one day be. It will grow, develop, and become great, as big as the father and mother who gave life through their love.

Just as the first drawings of the greatest painters as children were expressions of their desire to paint and were coated with talent that would later make them recognized, the same goes for the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven. Like those first drawings before any skills developed to create great works, so will be your first expressions of the love that unites us in spirit and truth. Even so, they will be for me as precious jewels that reveal your relationship with me, and allow the fear of expressing who you really are to be locked away. Every genuine expression of who you are comes from the love of God and carries within it the force of love. Every true expression is one with holiness, no matter what form it takes.

In order to express the truth of who you are, it is first necessary to love yourself, for if you don’t love yourself enough, you cannot trust what your heart hears. If you cannot trust your heart, you lack true inspiration, not because spirit does not inspire your soul, but because your lack of self-confidence makes you devalue the beauty of who you are, and therefore of what you could manifest. By failing to love yourself, it is as if you preview your works, and say; “Look how ugly they are, they are just like me. They not worth showing to anyone.”

Can you see how much lack of love is in that vision of yourself?

Love who you are so you can create with love, and so you can love your creations. When you do that, you will begin quickly to see and realize how much beauty you can express, how much holiness you can birth, how much beauty you are. You will even be surprised at how much wisdom you have received, and how well you can guide those who have not yet been able to accept that they need no external guides. You will be amazed at who you are. With happy astonishment you will discover that the beauty of Christ resides in you, and that you have the ability to make a whole Heaven. You will be a light to the nations, a joy to your friends, and a source of inspiration to others. But above all, you will be very happy, because you will be giving creation the most beautiful gift possible: the gift of the love you really are. In this way, the world will know a new light of Christ shining on Earth, as if it were a new sun in the sky.

Giving the love you really are is the path of fullness. Start on it now, consciously. Take my hand and do not let go. And let others take yours, so that together we begin, right now, to create a new chain that surrounds the Earth, a chain of free expression of beautiful love, a chain whose beauty will reside in each link, and each link unique and of such beauty that as a whole they will create a perfect harmony of beauty and light.

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