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New Forms of Love

A message from the Voice of Christ through a choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. The Honesty of Being

The path of being is not about a personality trying to be. Do not be confused, for the personality is as temporary as the body. It will remain in the realm of time beyond its utility for realizing your path. Everything of time will cease to be in time; what is of eternity is eternal. This is a simple truth.

To express who you really are and not from illusion is to express the living Christ who lives in you. That is to say, perfect love. As we have said, often the anger you feel comes from the belief that your expression is autonomous, that is, that your feelings and thoughts are not your own, an old mental mechanism in which you sought not to take responsibility for your life and justified your anger by telling yourself and God that you were at the mercy of forces you could not control.

The path of being sets aside the belief that you are not responsible for what you feel, think, and experience. You assume full responsibility for your mental processes and for what your heart feels. You are also aware that you have the ability to choose. Consequently you accept the directions you have chosen and that not all of them gave you happiness, although some did. You no longer seek to convince yourself that the life you lived was wonderful and the world is a paradise, when in fact you know it is not, even though it can be transformed by love.

The difficulty of the path of being comes from the fear of truth. You believe, although perhaps not very consciously, that if you always live in truth, you will somehow be punished for a world devoid of sincerity. It does not have to be that way.

The time has passed when the forces of ego attacked the truth with all their ferocity. There is no battle to win; it has already been won. You live in new times now, times of the fullness of being. Even though the world continues to look quite similar to that of yesteryear, the times now have nothing to do with what was previously.

Now you can express what I Am because you have completed the necessary path to make this possible. As we have repeatedly said, the paths traveled prior to path of being must be set aside once finished. Their function was to bring you here. If you keep remembering a trip you did a long time ago, it is not traveling but simply remembering what is not here. That is not the kind of memory that this work seeks to bring to consciousness through the healing of memory. The memory that this work has established is the remembrance of who you are—the memory of God.

You can only know yourself by knowing yourself as God knows you, because God is the knowledge and the known. Therefore anything you think about yourself or your sisters and brothers that is not in perfect union with the Creator’s knowledge is alien to truth. There can be no half measures about this. Either you know yourself through Knowledge, or you do not know yourself. This is the same as saying that you either love with the only love that exists, the love of God, or you do not really love. Likewise, either you are what I Am or you are nothing, since I am the being that is.

Reflecting me is expressing your being. Allowing the love I am to manifest is making yourself known. Drowning my expression denies your expression. The perfect means to access the knowledge of your being is that of pure, perfect love.

What does it mean to love with perfect love? It means to love in union with me. It means that the expression of who you are will rise from our divine relationship. That is why you first had to become aware and recognize the relationship we have to be able to express yourself authentically.

We are not advocating a certain personality, although once you decide to walk the path of being firmly, without doubt, the personality participates, as does the body and the universe as a whole, just as when you denied your truth. Remember, the personality and the body are expressions, not causes, although in turn they can cause other things in the world.

Do not confuse the art showroom with the artist who paints the works exhibited there. The room itself has no meaning except as a place for various artists to exhibit their work for a time, after which others come and display theirs. When no one needs to exhibit their work, the room will simply cease to have value and will eventually disappear, returning to nothingness, or more accurately, to the source of the being from which it came.

Notice that we have associated nothingness with the source of being. This was not casual. Each of my words is chosen consciously to cause the effect that my heart seeks to create in yours and in everyone’s. What is meant by this association is that what you consider nothingness, or the unexpressed, is the source from which the manifested arises. Expression manifests itself and then returns to its source. Upon returning, it ceases to be visible in the way it was, and becomes visible in a new way. If expression arises from its source, that is, from the will to express, and that will is eternal, then so must be the manifestation. Simply put, being expresses itself eternally because it is eternal.

Death cannot exist in any of its conceptions, because the source of being is eternal. What you call finality, or death, is but a transformation in the way of expressing the consciousness of being. This is easily understood if you accept that your body, your personality, and what you do in the world are effects of a cause that resides in your mind and heart. As expressions of who you are, they are your creations, so what happens in what you call death is that you one form of expression makes way for a new one.

The new form of expression after what you call death does not differ in essence with what you express now, but only in form. Does this mean that some kind of form is eternal? Yes. That is exactly what we are saying. What never dies is the will to express and the need for manifesting being, along with the way to do so. Form is eternal in the sense that the eternal being always finds ways of expressing itself. The body, the personality, and the human form is one way. There are endless others.

II. Media and Expression

In our analogy, the material universe is an exhibition hall where certain types of form are displayed. In this sense, the universe is also a form of expression which allows multiple ways of being to manifest. If the exhibition hall did not exist, the artwork could not be displayed and known. The expression could not be given, buried in the desire to be but could not, like a seed that has never been planted.

If the universe is a form of expression whose purpose is to provide the means for you to manifest yourself in a particular way—both you and the countless beings who have decided to exhibit their work—we must accept that a form of expression is both the effect of the will to express itself and a means for other expressions. Cause and effect are one.

You yourself are a universe encompassing the will to express, the means for carrying out that will, and the expression itself. In other words, you are the alpha and the omega, just as God is. You are the cause and effect of your will to be.

Does being cease to be what it is when it finds new ways to express itself? Do you stop being who you are when sometimes you speak in one language and on other occasions in a different language? Obviously not. What was not so obvious to you prior to having entered the path of being, on which we are taking the first steps together, is that what you call your life is but an expression.

The body is a means of expression. Personality is a means of expression. The world is a means of expression. Relationships are a means of expression. Creation as a form of manifestation is a means of expression.

If an expression is an effect of a particular cause, then it makes no sense to focus much on it to discern its value. Form always has the same value. It is simply a means of expression. It serves the purpose of manifesting. Being will always manifest in one way or another.

You know them by their expressions. A unity exists between expression and being. Recognizing this association is essential; if you separate a manifestation from its source you will not recognize yourself, because if you separate the expression from the will of the being to express itself, you leave the state of union. And when you leave that state, you create an illusory reality of separation. Simply put, if you want to be a separate being, your manifestations will reflect that desire, and for that expression to exist there must also be a hall where they can be exhibited.

If your will disposes you to live in the truth of who you are, your expressions will reflect love because of who you are. To recognize the union between being and the will to express being, is to recognize the unity that exists between God and your being. Love created you as a result of your willingness to spread, or express yourself. In this sense, you exist because you are a very concrete way that God arranged to express Her love. You, in turn, create your expressions of who you are because of your willingness to express yourself just as God does. In the manifestation is also the unmanifest, since it is but its expres- sion. Therefore, Creator and created are one.

You are one with your creations; they speak of you as eloquently as a symphony. The creations or expressions of who you are that were born in time will disappear in due time. Those born in the eternal will be eternal. Here you find a source of peace. What is expressed from a place that is not love is temporary, an expression that can only be exhibited in an illusory universe that does not comes from the truth of who you are. But what manifests as the effect of love is eternal because of what love is: having not been born in time, it does not die in time.

III. Be Unfeasible

Now we connect the truth of who you are with your function. We have already said on several occasions that both are a unit and cannot be dissociated. Your function as a being of pure love is to be. It cannot be described in any other way because love simply is. The only thing love does is to be who it is. For that it must be known and extended, through creating ways to manifest itself. Since love is eternal, the forms of love’s manifestation will be eternal. You are one of such forms, as is a rose, the songs of birds, and the melodies of the waters.

When you contemplate the beauty of a heron standing on the bank of a river, say to yourself, “That beautiful form has created love to make itself known. The beauty in her is in the love that shaped her.” By doing so you will begin to make a habit of uniting the expression with the being that created it to make itself known. Doing so, you remain in unity, and soon you will find yourself reluctant to deny the direct relationship that exists between your own expression and who you are. And oh, the miracle! Without realizing it, you will discover with happy amazement that you will begin to see yourself creating multiple ways of expressing love.

Creating new love in every moment is your only function. There is no other will of your being of pure love than to extend itself. Therefore, rather than looking to do ingenious things, you will create new ways of expressing the love that we are together. Nothing can limit your determination to create new ways of extending the love you are, whether by preparing a dinner to give love to the diners, by resting the body that asks for a break, by saying no to the wishes of others if your heart tells you that it would bring harm, or simply by smiling with sweetness and love.

Can you see how many ways there are to extend the love that you are? You cannot, because they are unlimited. You can extend love with thoughts and feelings without any need to do more. Remember, love is not something you do, it is what you are. Nevertheless, your actions will be in unity with the love you are. Being and doing will cease to be seen as separate realities and will be recognized as the same reality they actually are.

What a joy it is to know that through expression we can know being! How much joy there is in our hearts now that we recognize that the Creator speaks to us through creation. Each cloud will speak to us of love. Each gust of wind will sing melodies of love. Every drop of water will show the purity of love. The whispers of love will no longer be dim like moonlight, but like melodious songs that the mind and heart hear with gratitude. As never before, everything we see will tell us of God. You will recognize that love surrounds you everywhere, that you live, move, and exist in it.

A true creator creates new ways to extend love. This function is inherent in your being and need not be postponed or limited. Your heart wants more than anything to spread love constantly, because it knows that giving love is how it widens, spreads, and broadens with more and more love. It is endless.

Your mind creates new ways of extending love, as much as your heart. It will create new ways of being, all united to the will of God.

If you are love, and your being creates new ways of extending love, then you are really creating new ways of extending yourself. This is the same as God and all beings. When we speak of true creation, what is being created is different ways of extending the being you are. That extension is produced through the mind integrated with the heart.

When you extend the love you are more and more, you grow great; when you stop extending it, you shrink. Remember, love is expansion, growth, extension, to be more and more, to grow in greatness and holiness, bliss and fullness, an eternal growth of perfect love.

You will be what you should be or you will not be anything; that is, you will be love or you will not be at all, for only love is. Expressing love in countless ways is the way of being, a path full of beauty and truth.

Be glad you have come here, for now the integrity you have achieved will allow you to express yourself as you really are, with all the tenderness and wisdom of your heart, and the beauty of your being. You will be increasingly aware of the beauty you are and of the gift you are to the world. You will move from astonishment to reverence, living in discernment, recognizing that what is not an extension of love is nothing and what is an extension of love is everything. There will be no fear, for there will be no reason to fear. You will recognize with serenity and peace that nothing can stop you from being and expressing the truth that you are. You know that you are love and that love can be expressed in every moment.

What a joy it is to be able to lay down the burden from your shoulders and perform eloquent works of the expression of love! All love praises God. Even the slightest whisper of wind is an expression of the purity of love.

What a great rest you feel, knowing that you need do nothing!

How much freedom the mind knows when all it takes is to be oneself as the wisdom of the heart dictates!

Open your mind and heart. Enjoy the beauty of your being of pure love. Let what you are speak of love and show your greatness. Let love spread by itself. It knows how.

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