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The Testimony of the Truth

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as the Living Christ who lives in you

I. The Mirror of the Creator

The path of being is one of immense responsibility in which you commit yourself to follow forever what your being dictates through your heart and mind united in holiness. This responsibility demands no effort, nor is it a burden. What is necessary is to assume the responsibility of respecting, honoring, and showering yourself with love, and above all taking care of that very pure child given to you, the treasure of pure love that you really are.

For as long as you walked the path of life you have been vacillating between your wishes and needs, your thoughts and feelings, doing what others told you to do and what you wanted to do, and both options ended up being pretty much more of the same. None of this is what we speak of now, for to guide your life on the basis of desires that come from an emotional-mental construct, formed by the family, societal, or cultural mandates of the world, is to follow what has nothing in spirit and truth to do with your being.

It is important to recognize that your being never was nor will be part of anything alien to truth, the purpose of its existence. God created your being, and did not do so for passing or insignificant matters. He created you to be the perfect manifestation of the light of His glory, and thus literally to know Himself.

Creation reflects its Creator, and your works reflect you. Creations are the mirror of their creator. Thus they see themselves reflected and know each other. By their fruits are they known.

Look at your world—not another’s, yours. Observe calmly. Contemplate it through the eyes of love. What have you done with your life? I refer not to the events themselves, but to your response to events. What emerged reflects the options you exercised in every moment.

You may still feel you don’t like things in your life, wish things were different, or wish you hadn’t existed at all. I know every movement of your heart even feelings that are now a distant memory, almost nonexistent. Because this is true, I can use them for my purpose now.

I know very well that the past has no power over you, and that you have already accepted this eternal truth. The past happened. What a joy now to live in the eternal present of love. Therefore it is unnecessary to become entangled in analysis. I do not advocate the thinking mind as a source of wisdom; that stage has been left behind.

What I am speaking of now is the way of being and its expression. Everyone has a feeling about things they don’t like in some aspect of their lives, or in the world. That feeling is simply an interpretation of specific elements of life, those elements that arouse anger, without considering the whole. If you could accept them simply as expressions of what you thought you were rather than as expressions of your true self, you would begin to forgive your manifestations and cease to feel angry. This is really forgiving yourself, loving yourself sincerely.

II. Love Your Expressions

In actuality you did not blame the world for your supposedly unfortunate life or for its cruelty. You blamed yourself. That was the basis of the heartbreak and anger you felt. If you do not like the work you have hung in the exhibition, it is because you have judged it instead of understanding it for what it is: a manifestation that serves you to know yourself which will lead you serenely along the path of life.

You have been told that life is created in every moment. It is not static. Therefore you are reborn with each day break, and again with each sunset, and continue being reborn each night surrounded by stars and sacred silence. No moment is the same as any another. Therefore if you do not like the expressions that emerge from your life you now can use discernment differently than you could previously.

Discernment was not given for you to be a ruthless or reckless judge. Its purpose is for you to see clearly what expresses love and what does not, so you can consciously choose what you want.

With true discernment you could never do anything contrary to love; you would know what love is and that only love can make you happy and allow you to live in the fullness of being. Only love is holiness. Only love is truth. Only love is union. You know all this because you know yourself perfectly well. In the past you may have used childish methods to try to convince yourself, the world, and God that you didn’t know your true self. That attempt may have become an obsession. You may have been convinced it was true. Now, however, you are beyond the stage of immature denial, or a consciousness other than of the greatness of your being. You have been released from all that hindered the glow of truth in your mind.

Your greatness is far above anything that can be weighed, valued, imagined, or defined. Your greatness was eternally decreed by your Creator from the very moment of your creation.

If you do not like your expressions, change your mentality. Observe your heart and discard from it whatever is not love. You will see how your new expressions change. Your heart will rejoice and your mind will rest in peace. You are an eternal creator extending in every moment. Every word you utter arises from your heart. Every thought you think comes from your mind. Every decision you make is based on what you believe and what you think you are. We reiterate this because of its importance.

One reason there may have been a time in the past when you were not responsible for your actions or your expressions is that you perceived them as being automatic. The true importance of this must be explained.

Please lovingly consider the following. If you are with someone and you start to say things you did not intend to say, or fall into unexplainable exaggerations or otherwise are in situations in which you do things without knowing why you did them—then in a moment of reflection, you wonder, how could I have said or done such a thing? And you have the feeling that it was not really you who did that, or maybe you are not who you thought you were, since who you had thought you were could not have done or said those things. Although such experiences are not powerful any longer, if the old impulsivity is still there, we will now remove it.

When your expressions do not faithfully reflect your real feelings or thoughts, you are expressing unconsciousness. Only in that sense are those expressions yours. Either you consciously or unconsciously express the truth of who you are. Now you have true discernment about who you are, and therefore who your brother or sister is as well. To disconnect from the truth of who you are is to disconnect from your true feelings and thoughts, which are always loving and truthful. Every true expression is an expression of love.

III. The Prayer of Expression

We are speaking of the way of being. Therefore we will refer everything to the reality of the being you really are. Remember, because you exist you cannot stop expressing yourself; and everything that exists mani- fests in one way or another. This is the same as saying that you always communicate, and cannot not communicate. Expression of being is communication. Expression is a message you launch into the world that says:

Brothers and sisters, look at me; this is what I think I am.

This prayer that you release to the universe through the expression of your being must be understood in both of its two parts. First you say, “Look at me.” That is, you seek to be known and not ignored. In this there is no conflict. It arises from the desire to know that you exist and to be known. Upon realizing your existence in creation, you can know that you exist, otherwise you would live in ignorance of yourself.

The second part of the prayer says, “This is what I think I am.” The second aspect is the problem that you have had so far concerning what you manifest, for to express yourself from a place where you “think” you are this or that is to derive the power of expression from an illusory source. If you manifest yourself according to beliefs, you are not expressing yourself in truth. This is essential to understand in order to continue weaving the new fabric of freedom.

In the realm of beliefs there is always room for conflict. Although beliefs may point to truth, truth cannot be present in beliefs. Beliefs are a signpost showing the direction of the destination, but are not the destination itself. Such simple truth this is. To cling to beliefs is but to cling to a signpost. Hugging the post prevents you from moving forward.

You can see how this matter of clinging to the signpost of beliefs is not only contrary to the truth, but is a danger. If traveling on a road you see a sign telling you to turn lest you go over a cliff, and you just stare at the signpost, the consequences may be unfortunate.

Signposts are loving messengers that make your path safe and peaceful.

You have always been, and therefore you have always expressed yourself. However, you have not always expressed yourself from this truth. In this sense we could say that if you manifest yourself from the basis of the truth of yourself, then you are being; otherwise you are nothing, since beyond truth is nothing. This is what was meant when it was said that you either are, or you are not.

You cannot stop being. However, you can express yourself either from truth or illusion. That does not change your being, but it changes your expression, and with that, the awareness you have of yourself and that others have of you. Expressing from illusion creates a flow of giving and receiving within the illusion, rather than in truth and love. In order that you can be faithful to who you really are, and have a mechanism that allows you to remain in truthful expression, God placed in your heart a feeling that makes you uncomfortable when you betray yourself. We call that feeling “the cry of being.”

When you express yourself from what you think you are supposed to be, you are trying to manifest an ideal self. It brings unhappiness because it is not real. It is not what you are. Your uneasiness bears witness to it. That feeling must be honored. Listen to this inner teacher of the truth of your being.

Until you joined this path you could never manifest who you really are because of the nature of your beliefs.

It is essential to be absolutely committed to truth in order to follow the path of being, which joins the path of the heart. These paths join because the heart and the being are truly united. Together you become integrated, and from that integrity you act with true honesty.

Can you start to see how insincere it is to express yourself from what you really are not? Can you see why it is impossible to be happy if you are not really yourself every moment of your life? Can you begin to glimpse what the will of God means?

You were created to be who you really are and nothing less. When you act, feel, or think in a certain way because “others” say that things should be a certain way, and follow as others say you should be without personal reflection, you are going against the will of God.

Can you begin to realize what the world exists for? It exists for you to learn to express yourself as you really are, to learn to be yourself. That is being love.

IV. A New Holy Prayer

We said we would show you a new meaning for what you call prayer. If what you expressed before was a belief based on a worldly mental construct that could never be the truth of who you are, you now need to express yourself from the truth of being.

In your being lies the wisdom of God. Therefore, you already know what you are and how to manifest. When your being was created, it was also endowed with the innate ability to do so without effort, just as the sun makes no effort to shine.

We are talking about moving from, “This is what I think I am,” to “This is what I am.” In order to make this movement, it is necessary to pass through the path of knowledge, which could not be traveled before completing the path of transformation, which is integral to the path of the heart.

Only I can tell you what you really are, because I am your true being. Only in union with me can you express the love you really are because I am the love you are in spirit and truth. Consider this statement in silence. Read it again. Take it into the depths of your heart and stay with it. Make it yours. Start feeling what these words bring up in you.

Who is the one speaking these words? Who is the one receiving them? Who is replying?

If I am your being—and I assure you that I am—who are you who hears my voice?

In the answer to this question lies the essence of your true identity, and the gateway to the true expression of your being.

I am your being, I am Christ. Therefore I am you. What hears my voice is your awareness. What observes how my being is absorbed by your consciousness is the part of your mind that has the ability to be an impartial observer. It is what makes you attentive.

This is easy to understand if you look at your body. Take some distance from it now. Watch the fingers move. Is what you observe something separate from you? Those fingers that make coordinated movements with the hand and the rest of the body, are they not yours? Of course they are. Therefore what you observe, in this case your fingers and your hands, is part of you. This means that you can observe yourself totally or partially. For that to be possible, you have to have a consciousness that allows you to see what you observe. What is observed, the observer, and the consciousness that allows the observer to be aware of observing, are part of the same reality of being. Observed, observer, and awareness of observing are different aspects of the same reality.

I am, in such a way that I am what gives existence to your being. I am the creative force of life. I am the element that constitutes your being and all being. Your ability to observe me without judgment is part of you as much as your being of which I am the source and the life. The awareness that allows you to realize that you listen to me, observe, and sustain a relationship of intimate love with me, is as much yours as your being and I are.

I am the source of your being, that which makes your being what it is. I am the vital breath of your spirit, or if you prefer, your Creator. Nothing and no one can tell you what you are other than me. This is because what my divine will provides is only revealed to each particular spirit. I am not telling everyone what only you need to know. What my will provides and what your being is, are one and the same.

The relationship of intimate love between you and me, between who you are and your source, is an inviolable space. Therefore, remaining attached to me is how you really are. We are now able to reframe the prayer and replace it with a new holy prayer, united to the truth, by saying:

I am Christ, I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth. I am the way, the truth, and the life.

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