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Divine Whispers

A message from Mother Marry

I. The Treasure of Creating Love

My child,
Listen to the voice of the beloved of your soul.
Stay in the sweetness of its song.
Immerse yourself in the depths of its beauty.
Think, soul in love: What will the flowers hear so that they
open in gratitude and beautify life?
What do the waters listen to so that they begin to dance
with joy?
What does love whisper to the human heart so that it can
love even God?
Every morning life is reborn.
Every moment, the whisper of love is heard in the creatures.
Everyone has a heart.
The melodies of creation are awakened.
Everything sings happily. Created beings rise to bear
witness to love.
Each day corresponds to its melody, a melody of love
and truth.
Listen to the music of your heart. Watch how everything praises love.
Colors beautify the gardens.
The saints of holiness express their joy and give thanks for
having been called to life.
The banquet is served.
The beloved calls everyone to sit at the table, to enjoy the
delights of creating the holy, the beautiful, the perfect.
Rejoice in your glory. It is the glory of the Mother.

With these plain words of love and sweetness I give you your treasure. In it resides the blessed gift of eternal life. Receive it. I give it to you with all my love. I give it to you with my immaculate hands, full of purity and holiness. It is the treasure that remained hidden in the depths of the heart of God, so that it may be given to you on the day it was written. Divine custody has kept it for you.

Child of truth, beauty of God, I give you my love, I give you my being, I give it to be yours forever.

Now your consciousness will accept in a greater and joyful degree the reality of our union, the truth of your holy being. Remember that my being belongs to you, just as you belong to me.

Receive the present of your inheritance. Receive the gift of your being. It is God’s present for you.

My love, child of my bosom, joy of the Mother of the living! A love that is not of the world is given you. A truth that comes from Heaven is revealed. New life is born in you. You are new, forever renewed in the spirit of God.

Let us sing new songs together. Let us dance as did King David, but with the beauty of our uniqueness.

Rise up, beloved of God! Move with the dance of life! Look, many are coming. They are our beloved brothers and sisters who come to hear the melodies that flow from our union. Together the beloveds are a refuge of holy love, the abode where others will come to drink the waters of life. They are unity expressed on Earth.

The Earth has heard the truth. Pure spirits move upon hearing the voice of our union. Enlightened souls sing along with those who seek the light. Hearts vibrate in love.

New flowers are born every day. The sun always shines. The trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, cheerfully dancing to the song of beautiful love.

The beloved whispers to the always-loved ones of the Creator. Rejoicing in life, She expresses Her love in an explosion of endless diversity. It is the response of the created to the Creator. It is an undulating movement of giving and receiving lived in an ecstasy of love.

Blessed soul! Your being has been protected for so long! God kept it inviolable. For all eternity you remained in God, waiting for the perfect moment when your conscious acceptance made it possible to be given and received jubilantly.

You already know the whisper of love which sweetly calls to your ear every night and every morning. You know what the voice says: it calls you to the bed of love and truth.

II. A New Revelation

Loving heart! Let the song of the birds fill the abode of your being. Become one with the wind. Rest in the grace of contemplation. Rest in the benevolence of the universe.

Life flows in abundance where you are, because you are life in fullness. The river of the abundance of your being overflows, and in its vital exuberance creates new life. Create love wherever you are. Where sweetness dwells, there dwells your truth. Where the waters are born, there you are, and where they flow is eternity.

We are the source of eternal life. We are the unity of being. We are the concord of the world. Holy creation, blessed love, sweetness of the aromas of the most exquisite spring flowers, happiness of living, bliss of being, our song is our gift to our Beloved. It is the response of our love to the One who gives life. We open our arms to embrace the world. We welcome all who wish to sing a new song, the song of beautiful love. We call everyone to our union. We bless who we are. We sanctify what joins our being of pure holiness. United we are the immaculate conception, extending without limit. We are the perfect expression of God’s love.

A new melody is heard and resonates in your heart, the song of Mary, a song that the Mother sings with her child, a hymn as melodious as the most beautiful symphonies of the angels of Heaven. In this orchestra of full life—the creation of the three times holy—we are a harp with sustained notes of love and truth, sounds of beauty and holiness.

Our singing will be heard to the ends of the Earth. The stars will shine brighter because of it. The sun will shine with greater clarity and benevolence on the meadows. Marigolds will greet this love with bright, new, serene colors. New lives will be created in union with this song of the soul in love, a new song of love and truth, the song of life.

Roses open to receive the sun of love. Winds move to give life to everything. Everything is in perfect cadence with divine music. All dance to the rhythm of truth.

Today is the day of days, the perfect moment in which you receive your being. Accept it with joy and serenity.

Child of light, I reveal to you a great truth. Please listen.

When you were created, you were called to exercise your free will. In your essence there is the cry of freedom. Your Creator always knew that, first of all, He should create a reality where freedom exists. So He guarded your holy being until you could make the choice for love. It was buried like a seed in damp soil, waiting for the perfect time to germinate. That moment has arrived. That moment is now.

Your being was locked securely within the heart of Christ, to be given to you when you yourself claimed your inheritance. That treasure is literally God’s plan for you. It is the divine will come true for your being. It could not be delivered before this moment; you were not ready. But now you are, and so I give it to you. Love placed it in my immaculate hands and honored me with the gift of giving it to you, and with it, new life.

All beings called into existence receive the gift of life arising from the pure love that God is. But not everyone receives the treasure I speak of here. This blessed treasure, which with love I give you today, is the treasure of being a reliable expression of God’s love in a degree of union between the Creator and the created. Not all beings can receive; not all have been created for it, although all beings are complete to the degree that they can accept.

In a sense, each heart is like a beautiful goblet. Each is a different size, which love calls to fill with its waters. The hearts are not filled arbitrarily, even if they are thirsty. To be filled, they must want to be filled. Longing is always fulfilled. Love always recognizes the voice of the beloved and responds to the call of the heart. Divine Love never lacks reciprocity.

God Herself conceived the human spirit and imbued it with the ability to absorb divinity. Humans were given the power to be the children of the Highest. Power is not given to all beings, nor is it necessary. God loves diversity.

What is happening today, here and now, is that the treasure of being a conscious expression of God’s love is given to you forever, and with it, union with God. You had not received it before but now you have. It is here. It is yours. Honor it. You asked. Heaven answered.

The treasure is not itself an identity, although it cannot be active without one. Nor is it unity itself. The union of human nature with the divine is a prerequisite. Nor is it about remaining in unity with God, since everything that exists lives in God. For the treasure to be, there must be something new in the human spirit. That “something” is what makes the spirit’s existence meaningful.

Every being exists for a reason. This treasure makes sense of your creation. It is the purpose of your reality. What is this that I call the “treasure of your being”? What is it that you receive today with all my love?

It is the ability to participate in the glory of the Mother in all Her extensions, length, and breadth without limits of any kind and thus to be aware of all that God is aware of. It enables you to look at everything through the eyes of Christ, to participate fully in the processes of love.

Through this “ability” to merge with the divine essence, to be God in God, you are unique in all creation. In short, this treasure is the divine uniqueness that you are. You might argue that all beings are unique, and in that you are correct. That the human being is different from all other beings is beyond question. Just by comparing humanity to other creations that inhabit the Earth, it is clear that there is something in humanity that is not in the others. There is a reason why Christ made himself present as a man and not another creature.

Here I am not comparing differences in form, but those at a deeper level. For example, if you look at animals, you will see that each is similar to the other in their nature. The same is true with plants. All are born, grow, some multiply, and then their bodies cease to be in time and space as they had been. Their existence is based exclusively on survival. In this there is no difference between any living being on Earth except humankind.

Humankind creates culture, sings songs, conceives complex societies, shapes the Earth, brings together the elements in multiple ways, and gives rise to new constellations of reality, as with technology, laws, or forms of government. All this is not always associated with mere survival.

Humankind is the only species on Earth who can build majestic cathedrals, or paint works of art that connect memories of beauty and the sublime. Only humankind is capable of building health centers to heal bodies and minds. Humanity carries the seed of solidarity and love of neighbor, as no other earthly being can. Humankind has the ability to raise thoughts and feelings to such high levels that there is no difference between their way of being and that of the Creator. Humankind is aware of love and being, and is touched by the love of God as no other being can be: responding to love as only humanity can.

III. Always Create a New Love

What is it about human beings who have fallen in love with God? What has love whispered to the human heart that, when accepted, allows it to become God in God? What does the divine heart hold for the joy of humanity? What is the Creator’s plan?

Here, in a way that has not been done before, we are approaching the essence of the truth of your being, the treasure of your existence. Start feeling into these questions. Become aware of what they mean. Feel the answer without trying to put it into words. Just observe what surrounds you without judging anything, and think with me once more: what makes humankind like this?

Accept the beauty of human nature. Let yourself be dazzled by the thresholds of knowledge which humanity is capable of reaching. Marvel at the greatness of that being that God loves so much, and in whom God has put all Her predilection.

Beloved children! Blessed humanity! You are being given a great revelation which shows that your spirits carry within them the seeds of the divine beyond that of any other created being. You, in union, can access the greatest degree that can be achieved, since you can truly join your source consciously; and through that capacity eternally create new expressions of love. No other creature can do so, even though they are all extensions of divine beauty.

God loves all creations. However, not all merge in Her. Only those that have been destined for it from all eternity can do so in the perfect wisdom of the Creator. You are among them, particularly you who receive these words full of the power of Heaven.

That to which you are always called by the will of God contains the treasure now being given. You were created to be the conscious light of love’s glory. You were created to merge in God. To become nothing in Divine Love. No separated mind can understand the greatness of this gift. But the heart in love understands and is open to this gift even when it greatly exceeds all that the beloved could imagine or desire.

God’s design for you is great, as big as the universe and greater. Let yourself be carried away by its greatness. Do not fear the height of holiness. Remember, you are never more than when you merge in love.

What God whispered to your heart at the moment of your creation, and continues to whisper in every moment, is something that no one and nothing can know until you manifest it yourself. That whisper of beautiful love you will now begin to extend without limit with your expression of its voice, its content, and its quality.

Creation now asks you, who have chosen only love: What has love whispered to you? Tell all. The universe implores you, lovingly, out of the sanctity of the Creator’s being. Everyone wants to hear. Tell of the delights of beautiful love that only the beloved can give.

Share, beloved of Christ, the melodies that your divine beloved sings to you, for if you withhold, a star goes out and a nightingale stops singing. Let everyone know the beauty of the divine whisper, the tenderness of love without beginning or end that caresses your soul like nothing else.

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