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The Wind Blows

A message from the Archangel Raphael

I. Profit Comes From Giving

What could be the cause of your not loving the expression of who you are but your decision not to love yourself? A being who does not love herself is in conflict with what she is, and therefore in conflict with everything, for if you disagree with who you are, you project that anger towards everything in one way or another. When not loving yourself, you try to get rid of who you are, which is impossible. Given that impossibility, once you reject who you really are—which is in itself a lack of love—you create situa-tions in which you to deny yourself; you cannot delete yourself but you can deny it. And so, closing your eyes to your being, you are like children who hope that when they close their eyes the danger disappears, or at least that by not seeing it, the other does not see them. You either look the other way, or fear the look of love.

When speaking of the mechanism of denial, remember the childish idea that what eyes do not see, the heart does not feel. This part of the mind is afraid of the holiness of your own being. However, you have reached maturity of consciousness and no longer think or feel like a child—although you will always be like a child in the arms of love. We recall this again to become aware that the only reason for such responses is fear of the power of the expression of being.

What other reason could there be to fear the power that mani- fests your being? Consider this carefully, for in your answer lies either your complete liberation or your captivity in non-expres-sion. Be silent for a moment. Let the wisdom of being give you the answer. Let love prepare you for revelation.

You fear the power of the expression of love because you believe that the manifestation of your being could somehow destroy, or invoke an attack. You have so much love for your true being that you have tried to hide it from the eyes of others, hide it from the world. And so you would protect it as you would a priceless treasure which you are unwilling to risk. That was how you historically responded to love.

How you respond to who you are is directly related to your idea of yourself. For you to consider yourself unworthy, you had to have seen within yourself something that, according to your interpretation, was not loving or not worthy of being loved. That was the problem. While no longer the case, we still must openly acknowledge that when you denied your being, you denied your expression.

A mind reconciled with itself and a heart living in peace are the twin pillars upon which the abode of the light that you really are is built, and within which love expresses itself in all its beauty. Every being expresses through the mere fact of its existence, so when you reconcile with what you are, you extend peace. And where peace is, there love is also.

It is insufficient merely to recognize that you are perfect love, or that your being lives in peace within the embrace of holiness. Rather it is necessary that this reality be manifested, for being and the expression of being are undivided. Indeed, separation itself was nothing more than a disunity between being and its expression.

That you have always been and will be holy is beyond question. Your being was created by God, who only creates holiness, beauty, and perfection. But that you have consciously expressed that truth in the world is not so obvious to you, although it is for God. I will clarify.

You thought it possible to express either love or its opposite, but you did not stop to think about how impossible such a belief is. Within the reality of being there are no such distinctions. Either you are or you are not. There is no third option. And because, once created, you are eternal and cannot stop being what you are, you have always been extending the being you really are. Always. You have always been extending love.

You have extended yourself as much as God has, for you are God’s extension. No expression of Divine Love can stop creating new love. And as an extension of the being that God is, you have created love in union with Christ. Be aware of this; recognize this truth, for it is one thing to realize something, and another thing altogether to recognize that what you realize is part of you. To recognize the love you have extended from your true being is to recognize the truth about yourself. It is to recognize your holy, perfect, beautiful creations. They are the creations that God constantly births through your being. They are part of you as much as you are part of God. To accept them as well-loved children, born from the center of your heart in love, in perfect union with Christ, is to love yourself in the expression of who you really are.

II. Life and Expression

The full picture can now be seen. If you cancel the expression of what you are, you cancel the true being from which it emerges. Obviously this does not mean that the being ceases to exist, but that its lack of expression prevents your consciousness from noticing its existence. This prevents you from being able to meet yourself. And if you don’t fully meet yourself, you cannot live in the fullness of being— which is the same as saying you are not. Remember, being expresses itself to make itself known. This is how it participates in existence, or knowledge, for knowing and being are linked.

The expression of being is its creation. In fact, God’s creations, among which you find yourself, are God’s expressions. Divine creations cannot be sinful, imperfect, or horrifying; if they were, God would have to be that way. Expression is to being as breath is to the life of the body.

A writer improves continuously as she reads and writes. Sometimes she can later incorporate something that she has read as part of her writing, be it the tone or content. As she writes, she becomes more skillful. The same goes for a painter or a musician. They grow in their capacity to the extent that they put their art into practice and observe similar artistic expressions.

In the case of the writer, the relationship that exists between what she reads and what she writes is one of receiving and giving, an inseparable continuum if the author wishes to grow and discover new, increasingly subtle and exquisite ways of expressing what she wishes with words. Writing and reading are part of a whole. The same goes for being and expression; they are an inseparable part of your wholeness, your totality.

When you express who you really are, you grow. By joining others who express what they really are, you also grow, just as a writer grows by reading new works and continuing to write. Just as you grow in the knowledge of your being by expressing yourself, and you receive inspiration from other expressions of truth, the same goes for your sisters and brothers in relation to you.

When you extend the love you are, others who also seek to express the truth of their being join you. From this union they get the strength to be more authentic in their expressions. Thus you act as a source of inspiration for others to dare to fly. When you see them, fly to them and to others who are undertaking the flight of spirit. In this way you encourage yourself to fly higher and higher. This flow of inspiration, received and given, constitutes a force of union in holiness, true communion in eternal extension, always growing, always new.

Both being and its expression are eternal. The need for expression of being is limitless. You will always find new ways to manifest, to make yourself known. As you absorb inspiration from the expressions of other similar beings, you grow in your ability to express. In this way being widens more and more in a movement of endless expansion.

Can you glimpse the relationship that exists between freedom of expression and limitless being? When we spoke of the unconditionality of love, we were speaking of the unconditionality of being. This does not mean you must love everyone without limit; if you feel that you do not love or like someone, you need not pretend. This unconditionality does not concern the limits of the body, or anything related to time or space. When we talked about unconditional being, we spoke of being without limit to its expression. This is what you have always been. You have no limits. Nothing and no one can limit your expression— not even you. You are always manifesting in one way or another.

Only in love can you express who you really are, because your being is one of pure love, and outside of love is nothing. In nothing there is no expression. We can now understand the significance of everything from the perspective of being.

We said that sin is a lack of love. We can understand now that it is a lack of expression of being. In other words, sin is the deliberate decision to prevent love from expressing itself. This deliberate decision is a determination not to share the being you are. The negation of an expression of love is the essence of selfishness. To withhold an expression of the love you really are is to shortchange yourself.

When you skimp on the expression of your true being, you skimp on love, and your consciousness is clouded. That was why you once plunged into fear—a fear of expressing yourself, a fear of extending the love of your being. That fear arose from the decision not to give of yourself. By doing that, you lost sight of the fullness of your being, which is attained by giving yourself.

III. Give Yourself the Fullness of Being

It was said that the seal of the way of being would be giving. Giving is what a being needs to do because a being who does not give himself cannot live fully, for he is not full. A decision not to share the your authentic being leads to a loss of the awareness of your fullness. And since what exists in consciousness is all that is true, if the fullness of your being is not in your consciousness, you will feel less than full and will live as such. That will create an inner state of great tension. Being will prod you to let itself be.

You have often prevented your freedom of expression. I am not referring to times when you decided, in union with love and reason, not to manifest something that you felt or thought. Nor am I referring to the times when you were silent for love. I am referring to your inner world, the times when you did not allow yourself to feel what you felt or think what you thought. And you censored others, silently or out loud.

With this observation we are not bringing the past to the present, for doing so makes no sense. Trying to bring illusion to reality is no longer an active mental mechanism for you. What we are doing is removing past emotions so you can integrate all experience in the reality of love.

Censorship is as foreign to love as illusion is to truth. God does not censor or limit expression. Everyone has the right to think as they want to think and feel as they want to feel. Like a wise Father, God shows the law of cause and effect, so through reason you can discern, either in advance or through experience. However you access the truth, you know it exists and that it is one with your being.

The ability to discern is an inherent characteristic of the human spirit, an ability given at creation. Everyone knows there is a good that is always good, a truth that is always true, a love that is true love. You were born with that knowledge as part of your essence. Your feelings testify that this is true. With a given action, you feel either peaceful or restless.

The range of emotions from one extreme to the other form an authentic color palette that tells you how close you are to love, or how far away, in different gradations.

Remember that the life of your soul is characterized by a simple truth: you are within the heart of God. The question is how united to love you live. It is all about union. Either you are completely united to Christ or not. Either you maintain a relationship with love in which it is everything to you, or in which it is nothing to you, with endless options, grades, or nuances in between.

A reconciled being is the necessary condition for you to be able to join love, to freely be the love you are without creating a substitute identity.

Let us play the game of beautiful truth a little. Imagine your soul as if it were located on a straight line. In the center of the line is the zero point. If you move to the right, you are getting closer and closer to love. Going to the left moves farther away from it. The zero point is where we are now, the gateway to this path of being. It is the point to which perfect forgiveness has taken you—a point in which the mind has reconciled with what it is, and therefore has been stripped of guilt.

The mind has been freed from fear, and having been freed, it flew to the truth, making it one with the heart. By joining with the heart, the mind is reinstated to reason. With that, your being recognizes itself for what it is: reconciled. Not because it needs to reconcile with anything or anyone, because it was never in conflict, but because the mind has seen everything through the eyes of truth. Once united with the heart, the mind looks upon all through the eyes of love. With this soul vision, what you are shines with the glory of perfect innocence. Your being has recovered its two wings, so to speak: love and reason. Now your true being begins to fly.

From this moment on you no longer walk, but fly. Your expressions will flow as freely as the wind. Increasingly you will witness the speed of mind and heart. You will move faster than lightning—that is how free your mind will be. Such will be the force of inspiration which arises from spirit and manifests itself through thought. In other words, you will no longer think anything. You will simply enjoy being. You will simply flow and be carried in a firm, accurate, sweet way by the swell formed by the force that arises from the union of truth and love, the union of your thoughts and feelings.

Your imagination will activate as never before. You will see new images. New ideas will be born in your mind from which light, certainty, and beauty emanate. You will see new universes full of love. Creativity will express as beautifully as a flower and as tenderly as a firefly. It will have the force of water, which, while soft and harmless, is also capable of shaping everything in its path. This will be your expression from now on: the pure movement of love and freedom.

You will sing new songs. You will create a space in which the being can expand to its full breadth. You will experience the long-awaited freedom to be who you really are. Because of your union with the love you are, liberty will be born in you. New worlds will arise from within—the truth will be evident in each petal of every flower, in each wing of every bird in the sky, in each star, and also in each of your sisters and brothers who, moved by their desire to respond to the call of love, will join us in spirit and truth. Together, they, we, Christ, and you, fused in the same love, will create a kingdom within the Kingdom of Heaven.

United, perfection will extend to include everyone. No one will be excluded. The wind of our spirit of love and truth will blow and move consciousness toward love. Not everyone will join our flight. But those who do will find in our creations an unknown “something” that calls them to join. They will be blessed by the divine relationship that our union manifests. And it will fly, moved by the breath of purity and holiness that emanates from the love in our hearts. Together we will continue to spread beautiful love for all eternity, living forever in the solace of God’s peace.

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