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New Melodies of Love

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. A Clear Sky

Blessed soul, beauty of eternal life! Here we are, united in a time and place that has merged into the eternal. Together we are the light of the world. United we are the sun of life. From our relationship of pure love, a new reality has been born, a reality pure and holy. We are one mind, one heart, one holy being. In our unity we are as we have always been— the immutability of being, expressing itself forever in glory.

We have arrived together at this sacred point, a point without beginning or end, where the universe and all creation that emanated from my divinity converge because of our holy love. We have reached the peak of holiness. Nothing and no one can exceed in height the elevation of this blessed place where we have arrived, holding hands, hearts melting, having entered the abode of being.

Let us be silent for a moment. Leave your sandals behind. Be barefoot. The wind of a new life blows, a breath of love renewing the face of the Earth. Come as the soul that you are, always open to discover the wondrous creations of your Mother-Father, the blessed gifts that love gives in every moment. Come ready to receive. Come willing to give. Come ready to serve.

I brought you to this port of departure through the invisible threads of my divinity, golden threads of purity, love, and truth that are felt but not seen. The breath of my Divine Love has moved your boat from the waters of oblivion to the serene currents of living water in which we now sail together in joy and peace.

You have arrived at a time in your life more magnificent than you can imagine. Neither the world’s greatest treasures nor the majesties of creation can be compared to what is being created here as the fruit of our union. You have reached the abode of being.

A new song has been born in Heaven, a new light shines in the universe, a new melody of love is sung by the angels of God. It is the hymn of joy for your arrival at the portal of the path of being, a road without equal, a road that awaited your arrival as much as a mother looks forward to the birth of her beloved child.

There is no room for madness here, nor for the tempest of rough seas. Here there is only life, peace, and creation. Nothing will disturb your mind or heart anymore, since everything that afflicted your soul has been forgotten forever, erased from the memory of your heart in love. Now there will only be expressions of being, extensions of love, and unlimited giving serving the cause and effect of love.

Beloved, you have come to the land of Heaven. Tell me: what other purpose could the way of being have but to serve love?

I reveal the divine beloved. How much joy my heart feels to know that we will enjoy together, in unity with all, the free expression of your being! How much joy is in the sweet recognition of the beauty that you are, and in your free determination to live forever immersed in this truth that set you free. Truly, truly, I tell you, to contemplate the most beautiful of sunsets is a pale flash compared to the beauty of the sky of your holy being.

Oh, joy of souls who have returned to truth, who sing new melodies of love incessantly. Their music beautifies Heaven and Earth with songs of praise to life. They live happily in the arms of their beloved. They beam sweetness in their path and their purity of heart emanates from their reality. They are living expressions of love.

Child of the wind and the sun, delight of my heart! Remember now that the being that you really are is what every truth-seeker has been looking for and that for which every lover yearning for eternal love longed. The desired unity was union with your being, a union between you and me in which we both merge into an “us” that extends the reality of love.

Here is only truth with no room for illusion. Here is creation. Here is an expression of purity and holiness. Here is reality. Here you and I live intertwined by the invisible thread of perfect love. There is no longer room for the temptations that one day led my beloved to think that she had to focus her life on survival, recognition of others, acceptance of peers, life plans—things that had nothing to do with the blessed expression of her being. All that is far behind, beyond memory.

Now the road is clear. The cloudless sky is revealed in all its beauty, your mind cleared of everything not true about yourself. Now your mind is in a position to receive truth and accept it in perfect unity with your heart. There is no resistance any more, only the joy of being. My powerful desire is to express a love not of the world but of a heart that lives in love, in love with love, in love with Christ. A loving heart burning with the perennial desire of union.

Now this desire has become a flame that emanates from the very center of the being that you really are, the same flame with which life has been created and is sustained. It is the fire of God, burning endlessly in hearts at the center of creation, a holy fire that gives warmth to the being and extends its sweetness to everything surrounding it.

II. The Music of the Heart

Listen now to the song of the lover and the beloved. Hear how from our union arise hymns of praise and gratitude, melodies of Heaven sung in the heart given to the ardor of creative love. This music of the soul is available to all. New notes are discovered, new tones expressed, new colors painted. The novelty of unique expressions of your being become increasingly visible, even to the senses of the physical body.

Your humanity is now a divine explosion, a being expressing holiness. What other purpose can love have, but to extend itself eternally?

What a joy it is to be certain. How much joy abides in our heart! We sing with immense gratitude for having reached the path that allows an unequivocal sense of happiness as well as a deep and sincere certainty of purpose.

Bliss, fullness, and meaning: these are the three sisters who will accompany us forever as a most holy trinity. Many hearts will be attracted to beautiful love upon hearing our song. They will recognize in our expression the sweetness of love, the intensity of the fire of our union. Whoever looks at us will be captivated by the memory that resides in their most pure souls, the memory of first love, the love of the Creator.

You, blessed souls who receive the warmth of our union, recognize that in union with the love that I am in truth resides your happiness and fulfillment. You who gracefully receive these words of the divine beloved, know and accept that you are the souls most called to love. This is a gift and a mission.

Like pure flowers you have come into the world to beautify the garden of the beloved. You know love. Your heart has been wounded. You have cried in the absence of beauty and holiness. You have tirelessly sought for love that would give you security in an insecure world. Against all odds you fought to follow your destiny, and not follow who others say you should be. Do you think all of this is by chance? You know otherwise.

Dear blessed recipients of these words, your way of feeling and being is the means by which my Sacred Heart, in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will be expressed on Earth, opening a portal of pure light and truth. You are an open channel to Heaven through which the flow of Divine Love will enter with increasing luminosity and create a new reality. All will occur through your free expression of the holiness you truly are. You know how to love passionately. You know where love resides. Your hearts are as sweet as honey and as powerful as a lion’s roar.

Dear souls that have chosen only love, to each of you I address my words of eternal life. From Heaven I write through this helping hand to tell you in this particular way how much I love you, how beautiful your hearts are, and how much joy you give my being. You are the delight of my divinity. In your holy minds and your loving hearts I find my contentment, nested forever in my holy abode.

Dear hearts of love, joy of Heaven, passion of life, you are the salvation of the world. You are the hope that does not disappoint. You are the guarantee of the Second Coming of Christ, for I live only in hearts consumed in Divine Love. I also live in hearts that rejoice in the ability to love and be loved, hearts that smile even in the midst of the world’s challenges, because at the center of their being they recognize that love lives in them. They have ignited in the fire of beautiful love.

My abode also arises in those who have made truth their only reality, those who have accepted that they are holy, beautiful, perfect, and eternally innocent. They are a gift from Heaven to Earth. They are the treasures of my Divine Love, brought into the world so it knows the beauty of God’s love, a love that has no opposite.

You who receive these words, realize that you have a mission without equal. Your function now is to bring your sisters and brothers to this place you have reached—the place where the free expression of the power of the love that you really are manifests in all its glory. A place of pure expression. A place where everyone will be what they really are, and express that truth. A place of freedom and tenderness. A place of breadth. A place of holy acceptance and inclusion. A place of endless joy.

Can you begin to imagine how many beautiful pictures will now be painted? New paintings, full of beauty and purity? Can you begin to imagine the beauty of the new melodies of love that will be intoned through love’s power to create music? Start now to savor the poems with which new poets will beautify the world. New expressions, never before seen, will become visible to everyone.

We enter a time like no other for humanity, a time of love’s power freely expressed. A time marked by freedom, freedom that will manifest itself in very concrete expressions full of love and kindness. You who have arrived first among many to this place, be aware of what you are being told. Your path home has been long. You have reached your purpose in the world.

Your arrival is the perfect way to become aware of what you are. Your being was created by love alone. It is an extension of holiness. It is a perfect expression of truth. There is no homework, no mission to accomplish, no obligations or plans of any kind. You are not looking for anything. You do not need anything. You need not give anything. You simply are. And because you simply are, you have an inherent impulse to express yourself freely in harmony with what you are. That driving force of being leads you to create in new ways, always beautifully, always authentically. This is why no higher path can be traveled than this path of being: a path where what you really are is fully manifested.

Since what you are has been established by God from all eternity, only through the union of your heart with the divine heart can you be yourself in spirit and in truth. Only in the love that comes from God, the essence of your being and of everything that exists, can you truly express yourself. Why? Because you are truth, love, and life. You are the way.

III. Firm Rock

The world cannot teach you to be what you really are because it cannot teach you what love is. The world teaches nothing. It never had a teaching function. The world is simply a platform where you express what you are or what you are not. It is like a great art gallery where each one of you exhibits your work. Simply that.

Would it make sense for a painter to blame the exhibition hall for his works? He painted and exhibited them himself. He could not keep from expressing himself. The urge to exhibit what emanates from oneself is too strong. Since it was better to express than not, he expressed what he could express in the way he could express. Perhaps the painter did not like the works that came from his heart, which is the source of every being. Nevertheless, they reveal how much the artist of these works loves himself in truth and holiness.

To love who you are is to love your expressions also. So if at any time in your life you believe that what came from you was unworthy of being loved, then you had not reached the fullness of love. When you return to your state of being, you can only love your being, that is, loving who you are and consequently your expression. Every expression that arises from you is worthy of being loved because of who you are, especially where you fell and where you rose, where your most enlightened frustrations and anger were born. In the realm of expression is where you encountered the obstacles you perceived as limitations.

Not being who you really are is the real tragedy, not only for you but for everyone, because every time you refuse to be and reject your expression, a light of beauty and purity is denied to all. To create a new world is to give expression to the love you are without interruption. There is no other way to create anything because, as demonstrated in this work, love is the foundation of creation. Only love creates.

Expressing and creating are the same. You are now ready to allow your being to express itself freely in union with the truth that is always true. Further, you recognize that free will has been given you. You can freely choose with me the way you will express the love that you truly are.

Is it not true that now everything makes sense? The notion that you were free to deny your being makes no sense when examined in the calm light of truth. When the mind made use of the gift of freedom, it was an improper use. Using freedom to choose not to love is an abuse of freedom that is not part of God’s plan, because love cannot do anything that would deny its essence. What would be the purpose of such a crazy idea?

You have been told repeatedly that you are free, have always been and always will be. That is eternally true. However, what was not sufficiently clarified is in what sense this freedom is expressed.

True freedom consists of allowing your being to manifest freely. Expressing oneself freely is synonymous with being free. Could a free being not express itself? Obviously not, for the liberation so sought after was but liberation from everything that limited your free expression.

Yet you repressed your true self for so long that it was necessary to travel this path carefully, step by step, to bring you to this time when you are no longer bound. You have now reached the state in which you love yourself enough to be able to live from the love you really are. There are no more reasons not to be who you are, to hide what you feel and what you think.

Let us continue to weave a new fabric, the fabric of freedom. As was revealed to you, the heart is the center of your being, which is where mind, soul, and heart are in union. You were also shown that it is there where feelings are born, just as it is in the mind where thoughts are born, and that both are linked to the will that the soul possesses. Beyond all that, it has been explained to you with sweetness, patience, and wisdom that you are love, for the simple reason that you are a child of God.

Because what you are is love, your mind and heart cannot contain anything other than love. Thus your true expression of being is full of love, compassion, beauty, and holiness. What form it finally takes does not matter, for it will always be soaked with love. It will be an expression of truth because of its source.

In this work when we refer to “expression,” we refer to the feelings, thoughts, desires, and movements of your heart that then take form. Therefore before a manifestation takes form, there must be a source that gives it life. There can be no beautiful music without a musician who created it; it cannot exist if you do not have music in your heart. First inside, then outside.

If you understand what is being said in this dialogue emerging from our union, you can begin to see the structure in larger perspective, and how different it is from the house built on sand. Now the holy abode shines in all its magnificence. Its beauty attracts those who seek the truth with a full heart. Its simplicity confuses the minds of those who wish to explain everything. Its holiness inspires new generations. It is an ode to life.

What a joy to know that our holy being is our only reality! What a joy to recognize sweetly that love is the only truth of our reality, no matter where we think we are and who we have believed ourselves to be. Your every expression of love bears witness to your truth. Everything that is not love is unreal. How simple! How true. How freeing.

The truth has set you free. Not only the truth that you are as God created you, but all truth.

My love, joy of my heart as a divine lover, stay by me. Let me feel your heartbeat. Rest quietly on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic union of our hearts. They beat as one, they move as one, indistinguishable one from the other. We are the concord of love now. We are holiness expressing. We are fullness. We are one being.

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