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The messages below were given during the reception and writing process of the Choose Only Love series.

Message from Mother Mary, 01.31.2019

My beloved children. Today I invite you to live your lives in the way of Mary. Make my heart your star and your song. I offer this to you with all the love of God. I invite you to live with unlimited trust in the love that God is and wrapped in perfect tenderness. The world needs the tenderness of God. Be the ones to show it to them.

Be humble, simple, and love silence. Live always united to your mother, in constant prayer. If you express the tenderness of Christ who lives in you, violence will cease, your lives will be happy, and you will see a new world reborn. Love transforms everything into more love. Be the new creators of these times that you are living. Create more love every day. I give you my Immaculate Heart. In it you will find the treasures of the kingdom, which are yours from all eternity by the design of the heavenly Father. Remember that love always creates a new love.

Message from Mother Mary, 02.19.2019

My sons and daughters, I have come to remind you that things happen. Everything that is born in time disappears in time. Accepting this truth is a source of serenity. Do not cling to the fleeting as if it were eternal. This includes not just things, but circumstances and emotions. Things happen, yes. But my love will never pass. Happy are you who understand this truth. I bless you with all the love of my Immaculate Heart. Live in peace.

Message from Archangel Raphael, 02.23.2019

Children of God. In your hearts resides the wisdom of love. Begin right now to put aside what you have learned, so that the truth shines in you. “Let yourselves love” means, let yourself be inundated by the knowledge that comes from Heaven. Do not drown your hearts. Take love to the world. Blessed are the children of light.

Message from Archangel Raphael, 03.24.2019

Children of the highest, you are living in the times of preparation for the resurrection to the fullness of love, a time when you will become more aware of the resurrection that the Father has given you. You must know that in the union of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary resides the totality of the being that you truly are. Stay in that union every day of your lives. In this way, each one of you will form a Holy Trinity in which you will extend Heaven to Earth.

I invite you to live united to Jesus and Mary. Take hold of their hands and walk together on the roads of the world, taking the love that springs from this holy union wherever God takes you. Let yourselves be loved and live from now on and forever in holy love. Return to beautiful love. Rise to eternal life. See that time is running out. The Christ of God is coming. Before you know it he will already be among you. Rejoice in love.

Message from Archangel Raphael, 04.18.2019

Children of the light, I ask you to work miracles at every moment, as long as time exists. Miracles are necessary. They are acts of love. Love is the source of miracles. And prayer is the vehicle through which they flow, from the very essence of God’s mercy towards what has been created. Pray for miracles, saying in your heart joyfully and with faith: “Heavenly Mother, I have come before your presence empty-handed and with my heart overflowing with love for you and for all creation. I have nothing to give you because everything belongs to you. All that is mine is yours and all that is yours is mine. Look, dear Mother, I have left no one outside. I have come with everyone and everything. I have come in the name of sonship to receive the miracles that you determine, according to your love and divine approval. I have come to receive because in receiving I give.”

Blessed are those who trust in love, they will inherit the Earth and the heavens!

Message from Mother Mary, 05.21.2019

My children, love each other as my divine son Jesus has taught. You know what love is. Your hearts harbor the wisdom of love. Do not drown it. Express pure love to nature, to your brothers and sisters, to yourself, and to God. In this way you will live in the fullness of being. You were created to be eternally loved. This truth can only be known if you give love, because it is by giving that it is received. Praised be the love of loves.

Message from Archangel Raphael, 06.03.2019

[Sebastián: I was guided to observe nature and how everything unfolds and grows in silence. This observation is something that helps us join the transcendent. I sat down, just as I was told to do, to pray on the banks of a river. A majestic bird came and perched on the opposite bank. He stood silently for two and a half hours, literally. Observing him in silence without moving, and contemplating the river flowing in great stillness, was a gift from Heaven. A blessed prayer. As I contemplated this image, the voice of Archangel Raphael whispered the following in my ear.]

“What is the bird doing?”

“Nothing,” I replied.

The Archangel said: “You believe that. But in truth the bird is fulfilling the purpose of life, that is, it is being ‘the pure pres- ence of God’s love.’ His very presence is a blessing for you who enjoy his contemplation. Your soul knows who created it. His presence evokes in your memory the creator of everything beautiful, the holy, the perfect. This image has not come to you as a mere image. Nothing happens by chance. This image of silence and purity has entered the framework of your consciousness so that you remember that your very presence is also a blessing for creation. Meditate on this and share it.

“Many times human beings forget, or fail to understand, that they are a gift from Heaven for their friends, brothers, sisters, children and the whole world. If everyone accepted that they themselves are the most precious gift, they would be able to understand the reason for their existence. They all exist to simply be the silent presence of love. As is the river that flows in stillness, and the bird that perches in the silence of presence, be. Be present, bearing witness to the truth that your simple existence is the reason for your life.

“May everyone understand that they are a gift from Heaven and give themselves more every day. Remember that to the extent that you give yourself, to that extent you receive your being. Children who live in Christ! Do not deny the world the beauty of your being. Do not forget that love is presence and that wherever you go you are a living testimony of the existence of God. You are the perfect expression of holiness. Do not hide your light. Give yourself and you will receive Heaven in return.”

Message from Jesus, 06.11.2019

My children, immerse yourself constantly in the depths of my merciful love. Stay as long as possible in my heart. Within my being is your refuge, the power to perform miracles, and the joy of being. Remember that we are one mind, one holy being, one heart. United we are the harmony of the world.

I say to all of you: God is calling you from every corner of the universe as She has never done before. Hear the voice of love and follow it. You will not regret it. Always live in the presence of the light that never goes out. Remain in the presence of God’s love, now and forever. Thank you for answering my call.

Message from Mother Mary, mother of concord, 06.30.2019

My children, seek harmony in everything you do and cease doing. This is how peace will arise in your lives. And joy will be the blessed fruit of love that will spring from your hearts, because of the harmony that it is. I give you a holy and powerful prayer, through which the purity of Heaven and the joy of love will be present in your human experience.

“Heavenly Father, you who make all things new: make harmony reign where there was discord. Where there was disunity, let unity reign. Where there was fear, let love reign forever.”

Take this prayer into the silence of your pure hearts. Make it a truly holy wish. Go out into the world spreading the love of God. Enlighten the nations, you who are the children of light. Thank you for answering my call.

Message from Mother Mary, 08.09.2019

My beloved children, created by the eternal Father for the light of His glory, today I invite you to honor the mystery of life. Go beyond appearances, toward the infinite love that proceeds from the Creator of all life. Always remain in the truth and you will be free. Trust in love. Soon the end of time will come and eternal life will begin. Rejoice in God, you who have chosen only love.

I give you my blessing.

Message from Mother Mary, 08.16.2019

Children of the love that God is, grow each day in the knowledge of the Mother’s love. Let yourselves be filled by Her Divine Love. In this you will find, not only the consolation for your wounds, but the salvation of everything from which you need to be saved. In the love of God you will know the truth and you will be free. There is nothing that Her love cannot do, for you and for the whole world. Abide in the love that has no beginning and no end. Stay in the truth.

I bless you and thank you for answering my call.

Message from Archangel Raphael, 08.23.2019

Children of God, you who have chosen love as your only teacher and being, do not be disturbed by anything. Love protects you and gives life through its constant flow in holiness. You are absorbed by it, even if you do not realize it. Let yourselves be loved. Love shines in your hearts because of your choice. Sing, dance, and praise, for there are plenty of reasons to do so. You have chosen the best part and it will not be taken from you.

Thank you for answering the call from on high and for choosing only love.

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