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A song expressed by the voice of the beloved for his beloved, the voice of Christ for a soul in love.

Blessed soul of the Father, sweetness of my divine and loving heart! Beauty of creation! How sweet is your look! How great your purity!

Tell me, enlightened soul, delight of my being,
Where does the wind go when it blows? What makes it move?
Where do tulips come from?
Who makes the birds of the air sing?
Where is light born?
Who has given beauty to the sun?
Where does love dwell?

Daughter of wind and light, beloved of God, my heart sings jubilantly to be with you. United we are the light of the world. In our love lies the source of life, because I created everything for you. Eve-rything belongs to you because everything is mine.

I gave you life. I gave you a heart. I gave you the beauty of the seas. I created light and stars for your joy. I did everything for you. Everything your eyes see and beyond is a sacred gift of my love for you—a flash of my holy being for my beloved.

How beautiful is our love story! How eternal and how unfin- ished. No one can ever write it, be-cause what happens within the sacred precinct of our union cannot be seen nor heard by anything or anyone except you and me.

Oh, divine intimacy of a soul in love, source of perfect creation, origin of life!

Oh, holy love, divine relationship! From you all light arises, each fountain springs from your bosom. The birds fly toward you. The whole universe is heading toward you. From you come the waters of dew that surround the Earth and return to you.

Oh, divine union! Who can express your beauty? Who, your wisdom? You are the source of life, the reason for existence.

Oh, divine relationship, residence of love, House of Truth, Kingdom of Heaven! In you angels rejoice and souls together sing a song of perfect love.

Blessed are you who have come here, for you have entered into the dwelling place of God.

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