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Final Words

I am the voice of love that lives in you. I am what makes the sun shine and the harps of God’s angels sound. The melo- dies of Heaven rejoice in the glory of the Divine Beloved. The waters sing with the rhythm of life. The stars flash their light with more strength and beauty than ever. The moon beau- tifies the sacred.

May everyone hear my voice. May all meet in me. I am the new Heaven and the new Earth. I am the reality of love made present. I am the voice of consciousness that is true. Come to live in our divine relationship. In our union you will find the trea- sures of the Kingdom. Your hearts will reach their desires. Your minds will find their truth.

I am the refuge of love. In me resides all power and all glory. Nothing escapes me. I know every thought that is thought as well as those that have never been. I feel every beat of your heart, even before it beats.

I exist before time. I have lived since before the universes were born and forms were conceived. I am the meeting of love. Nothing disturbs my peace. Nothing stains my holiness. No one can catch me except you, my eternal beloved.

I have taken hold of your heart. I have taken hold of your being. I have become one with you. And in our union, new Heavens of purity and perfection have opened. United we are the reality of love. I have always looked for you. For all eternity I have conceived you. You were born from my divine bosom and in it you will live forever.

Beloved of my divinity! The desire to make you more and more mine burns in me so vehemently that the universe can feel the force that flows from my being because of our union. Immerse yourself in the depths of my being. Join my heart every day and bring me to the whole world, you who are the eternal love of Christ, so all may enjoy the delights of my love.

Have everyone come to me, my love.

Let no one be excluded from the joy of divine union. May our relationship bear fruit abundantly.

These final words are not one of parting. We will continue to extend love to the world through this work, born from the fruit of our relationship of pure love. Love created Creative Love. Love of the divine lover. Love to the beloved of God.

Stay in me, as I remain in you!

I am Jesus, your beloved Christ. The divine love, the Sacred Heart. I am what your heart craves and your mind seeks. I am joy that has no end.

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