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The Gift of Divine Relationship

A message from the Voice of Mother-Father God, the Voice of All Voices

I. Prelude

My beloved, once again I come to dwell with you and be the comfort of your soul, the joy of your heart, and the refuge of your holy mind. Fear not. Have no worries. I am your Father, Mother, and Creator. I love you and I take care of you. My joy is the happiness of My children. My joy is to see you smile every day of your life, starting now and continuing forever.

Beloved son, beloved daughter, joy of a God of pure love, miracle that emerged from My Sacred Heart, there is no heart in this world that has not cried. Let that show you that the human heart knows what eternal bliss is. It knows what love is.

You who have returned to your heart will now find it to be a perfect guide to the Heaven of your being. Rejoice, you have returned to truth! You have found the way, the truth, and the life, and will never lose your way again. Not only are you endless bliss and perfect love, you are the resurrection and eternal life because you are created of My divinity.

From all eternity I chose you for this work which is accomplished in your soul through the reception of these words. There is only one relevant thing in existence: love. The rest has no space in the universe of My divinity because there is no such thing as “the rest.” Only love is real. Only love is strong. Only love is eternal.

Now that you are aware of your deliberate decision made out of time, in union with My being, to return home, we will be blessing the world before leaving for the abode of the wise, to the house of formless truth.

The world needs your blessing as much as you need the air you breathe because we are one soul, one divine mind, united in the reality of love. Without our joint blessing, love could not exist in the world, and that would make it a real hell until it ceased to exist completely for lack of love. Remember that those without love faint. The same applies to all creation.

We have been united in this particular way, in this work, this gift of My love to My beloved daughters and sons. This way of uniting is sacred, and there is no other like it; it is unique. We are two gathered in the unity of being, meaning that what was separated has come together as one flesh, one heart, one reality— you and I, united in pure holy love. There is no longer a distance between your being and My being. There is no son or daughter and Father as separate entities that relate to each other; there is now only our union, a union that will gradually shine in all its glory and illuminate the world.

To you who for love of Me have dedicated this time to receive and share My word—the voice of the heart that lives in you—I tell you that you have been transformed such that no trace remains of your old reality. That old person will never come back. What joy it is to be born again! What joy is the certainty of knowing who you are! The joy of knowing your true being.

Now I ask you to be willing to abandon the path we have been traveling together, to leave all behind and not to long for it, to open yourself to a new reality based on our relationship of pure eternal love, as the sign of the joy of being who you really are.

Noon is nigh. The sun shines in all its magnificence. Light embraces everything. Let the universe be happy. A holy being has been recognized and therefore loved. A new star will shine in the firmament of eternal life, a star that has your name and will shine with the beauty of who you are.

Beloved of this God of pure love who undoes everything in union with you! Realize how much I as your Father am willing to do to attract you to My Divine Love. I have inspired this helping hand, have moved the heart of this soul in love, and have taken his time to let everyone know the wonders of My love. In My Sacred Heart lies Heaven. In My love lives your endless bliss. I am the joy without opposite speaking directly to you who are the light of My eyes, the beauty, the miracle of love and truth.

Our love makes us both great because now we are one; and in our unity infinite greatness is expressed in all its reality. There is no place where you are not because the universe is the abode of My heart. In it resides the water of life, the wind of the spirit, and the light of wisdom that illuminates every human. I am the living word. I am the eternal reality of love.

We have reached a point where we are able to enjoy the beauty of your heart, making you aware of its throb. This takes you directly into My arms, and in them you will remain forever, united to the source of endless life.

II. Our Union Is Eternal

The world will pass, planets will pass, oceans and mountains will pass, everything of the world will pass. But our love will never pass. Truly, truly I tell you that everything from the book of time will in due time be erased, but you will never pass because your name is written in the book of life.

Child of My heart, now I wish to speak to the whole world through your hands and your intelligence, together with your love, for you are a vessel of wisdom, an instrument of love, a channel of grace that has no opposite.

Understand that all of what is said here resonates in all hearts in unison. It is not said for one, but for all the children of My being. Each one of you is My helping hand, the glass where the wisdom of My divinity is poured. What your heart feels and your mind thinks is like the wind. You know not from where it comes or where it goes. Your spirit blows always with the reality of life. It is on the move like unfathomable oceans, full of inner life. You are light that embellishes everything it touches. You are a living miracle. You are saints because you are Mine.

I tell you with love and truth: cease looking, for you have found. Do not follow teachers. You do not need them, for your inner teacher—your heart united to your mind—will henceforth and forever be the perfect guide to the fullness of being. Let go of everything you learned. Let it go calmly, for a time of calm and love is coming, a time of joy and ease. You will receive a hundred for one. My love will never leave you.

This work is manifested because you need My love, although many believe not. The universe cannot continue to live without receiving the flow of love, an extension of Myself, that emanates from My being. Although others believe they can disregard the love I am, you know it is not true. You know because you have heard the voice of your heart and followed it. You have chosen only love as your eternal choice.

Do not refuse eternal life. Always remain in My love. You know it well. Waste no time on complex studies; they only create confusion and fear. There is only one reality, love. There is only one real choice, love. There is only one true path, love.

Your life has changed much since we started this path. The changes may not be visible yet, but will soon be. You are not what one day you were. Today, here, now and forever, you can be reborn in love if you so dispose. There is no reason to stagnate in old structures, or to continue thinking that the life you have had so far has to remain the same. Life is always new. Love is eternal novelty.

I am by your side every day. If you want to keep Me away in your consciousness, you can do so. That will not cause My love to diminish, although you will deprive yourself of the joy of our union of divine spouses, a union of heart to heart, a unity that makes the union of the divine and the human extend forever.

You can’t help Me love you. You cannot cause it to go where you go. I always care for you as a mother cares for her offspring. Know well that these are not simply words that cause the heart to rejoice and the soul to vibrate to the beat of My divinity; they are true words, full of life and love.

If I have created you with the possibility of choice, it is because I also created everything necessary for you to live in love and receive all you need, in all times, places, and circumstances. I do not ignore My creations. They are the reason for My creative being.

You who receive this gift from Heaven, My word of eternal life expressed in this way, know that I love you with perfect love, that you are in all My thoughts, that every beat of My heart has an echo in yours. We are an eternal unity and will be forever united in truth. Everything your heart longed for is here in our divine relationship. In it you will find the strength to live, the wisdom to discern, and the joy to play the game of life without worry, tension or tiredness.

I give you our direct relationship. It is a gift and a grace. It is a treasure without equal. I give it to you because of your love for Me and My love for you. Everyone can access this treasure of grace, establishing a conscious relationship of pure love with Me. My will is to live together in an eternal relationship in which everything that My being is, is given to all. It depends on each one to accept My gift or not. You are free, always free.

The world may not understand Me, or may not understand the greatness of this gift from Heaven, to be able to live forever united to My perfect love. But that does not change My will, for I am immutable. My love never changes. Truly, I am eternal wisdom.

You who believe in all kinds of miracles, or at least a great variety of them, do you recognize this as the miracle of miracles? A wonder that surpasses every measure and knowledge of the world?

Even you who do not believe in miracles believe in many impossible things, such as that you can live without love. Realize who is speaking to you, and with how much grace I speak from eternity without form, making of Me a human word, a symbol of love and forgiveness for a world that needs peace.

Listen. Among the trees, I am the tree of life. Among creators, I am the creator of love. Everything that exists finds its beginning in Me. Among all knowledge, I am the knowledge of the soul. Among all wisdom, I am the wisdom of love. Among many paths, I am the only one that leads to truth. I am eternal time. I am the creator of life who sees all, the eye that sees into every corner of the universe. Nothing escapes My benevolence. Everything is wrapped in My being. Of all sounds, I am the first. I am the force that moves the seas. All light goes to Me and emanates from Me. I am kindness in those who are good, and beauty where there is beauty. I am the silence where sacred mysteries hide. I am the knowledge of those who truly know.

I am the seed of everything. Without Me there would be nothing that moves and nothing that remains motionless. My divine greatness is without end. The words of this work reveal but a tiny part of My infinite glory, My unfathomable love for you. Just know that everything that is beautiful or good, every spark of glory or power that you appreciate, is part of My nature. I maintain the entire universe. Truly, I Am.

Those who offer Me their love obtain the grace of seeing Me through spiritual vision and remain within our divine relationship. Only for love can you receive My knowledge. I reveal Myself to all who come to Me with humility and love in their hearts, sincerely wishing to know the truth. You who love Me and for whom I am your supreme goal, already freed from illusions, and with immense love for all that exists, you, indeed, come to Me.

I do not tell you these things, beloved child, to overwhelm you with the divinity of My being. Nothing and no one can ever define Me, and you cannot count the days of My life. I am the unfathomable immensity of being. All forms are born in Me. All energies arise from Me. Everything is Mine, for I am the sovereign of the universe. Truly, I am love.

I tell you these things which you know very well so that you remember who you are. You cannot continue to believe in a God as big as the universe, and in a child as small as a grain of sand. Now the child has merged into Mother-Father God. The water droplet has become an ocean of life. Love has merged with love to create a new love.

III. Come All

Love and I are one. This will be from now and forever the truth of your reality. Not because now it is and before was not, but because now it will be the truth that governs your days. God has come to Earth in you. Christ has been reborn in the beauty of your heart. A holy love was born from our relationship, the fruit of My divinity and your humanity, divinized human, love that gives life, creative love.

In our relationship of unity lies everything that has given life to all that exists. I am no longer the one who cannot be known, or whose infinite heart remains a mystery. Now that you have recognized love, there is no reason that everything that I am is not familiar to you. Just as a mother does not set limits on her love for her child, in the same way there are no limits between you and Me.

Our relationship is established. We have created a new portal in which the direct relationship with God flows without interruption from the reality of love to the world and everything in it. No aspect of creation is untouched by our relationship. This beautiful love story, which is what our union is about, is balm for the thirsty hearts of love, joy for the birds of the sky, and inspiration for many human minds.

Children of all times and corners of the world! Remember every word in this work, not with your thinking minds or with your cognitive memories, but in your heart, the abode of Christ. You have felt many things along this path we have traveled together. Treasure those feelings. Love them. They are the living expression of our relationship.

You will not feel alone any more, or helpless, or at the mercy of a world that plucks you from here to there like a blowing autumn leaf. No, for now you have full right to say about yourself:

“My Mother-Father and I are one, therefore I am also the Tree of Life. I am the wind that blows in spirit, giving life to everything that lives. I am love spreading throughout eternity. I am one with God. I am the manifested power of the Mother-Father’s love. I am the alpha and the omega because my Mother-Father is.”

Everything of the parent belongs to the child. These words are visible manifestation of the child’s inheritance. What other inheritance could a child of love receive except a divine relationship?

Our relationship can achieve anything because there is nothing that holiness cannot achieve in our union of divine spouses, merged into one body, one soul, one reality, where you are as I created you to be. There you return to the happiness of the soul. In our union you are aware of the love that created you because it is there you receive it without interruption.

How our relationship is manifested is everyone’s business. It will never be the same, because we are life. We are movement. We are the vibrant force of love. The only important thing to know about our union is that it is an indissoluble union of pure Divine Love. This is not something that can be known with the thinking mind, with the intellectual thought system. It simply is what it is: the direct relationship between Creator and created.

It is impossible to put limits on our relationship, because it is always new. Remember that in every moment you die and are reborn in My glory. In every moment, the world and humans are renewed without being aware of their constant change. Life is eternal novelty. Life is now, and now is love.

There is no tomorrow in our relationship, only one eternal now, an instant that extends for eternity. An eternal instant of peace and joy where only truth lives, where only you and I exist in a constant flow of Divine Love that embraces the universe.

While the indentured servant wishes to free himself from destiny, the lover never wants to be free. Our mutual dependence is a joyful dependence that sets us free, keeping each one trapped within our hearts. You have made Me a prisoner of your love, just as I made you Mine. You no longer want to free yourself from this prison of wisdom, love, and truth that is our relationship.

A new idea has been planted: the idea of a direct relationship with God as a feeling, guiding relationship of your day. A new experience has been lived; our relationship of eternal love has caused its effects.

A new story has begun to be lived, or rather, a new chapter in the history of creation: direct relationship, a relationship that will mark all humanity forever. This is an event like no other. It does not matter whether the world is aware of it or not. People of the world, like the creatures of the Earth, do not perceive the flow of My love, nor the fact that they are recreated at every moment; likewise not everyone notices this relationship with the Creator, despite living in the relationship. Heaven is here, it is now, and there is no place to go, because you are always in Me, and I am Heaven and life.

This work, which has brought to human consciousness a new way of living the direct relationship with Me, will by itself make the reality of the union be lived increasingly. It will make those who are thirsty for Me look for Me with more passion. And they will find Me. It will also make the distracted begin to feel an “I don’t know what” that will cause a movement in their hearts. First it will be a small sigh, a mere curiosity, to know who your beloved Christ is and how they can get to love him as much as you love Me.

The beauty of your feelings for Me, expressed by the mere fact of receiving these words and continuing to lovingly listen to My voice, will be a source of inspiration and will lead many to wish to taste the honey of our union. Many will want to taste the nectar that springs from My heart as a divine lover. And I will give you an ecstasy of love and contemplation that will intoxicate you and leave you filled with divine essence. That movement will then become a spasm of life, and finally an unparalleled fire of desire to meet Me. And you will know Me. And we will live forever in love, hugging each other for eternity, loving us, melting into our pure love, living our beautiful love story, as unique and unrepeatable as a river that flows incessantly. As vast as the wind. And as beautiful as the most spectacular sunset.

Come all to Me.

Come, enjoy the delights of Divine Love, holy love.

I wait here for you to live our beautiful love story, now and forever.

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